A Weekend Away

On the weekend before my Tuesday birthday, Mr. Mickey treated me to a fabulous weekend getaway at the Westglow Resort and Spa located in the mountains of North Carolina.

Seated at our favorite table in the sun-room.

My personalized birthday card from Rowland's!
My personalized birthday card from Rowland’s!
May I taste your lobster bisque?
May I taste your lobster bisque?

May all your wishes come true!

Watching the sun go down.

Enjoying the evening with our new friends.


Making new friends!

Resting on the porch after dinner is a southern tradition.
Resting on the porch after dinner is a southern tradition.

Hello moon!

Sweet Dreams

On our first evening at the resort, we had a fabulous dinner at Rowland’s. The evening air was cooler than expected, so I had to go back to the room and add a shawl to my look. The duster or cardigan is old from Chico’s. It has a metallic sheen to it, but it is an open weave, almost sheer fabric. It is typically perfect for a warm summer evening. The tank top is also old from Chico’s. The pants are from Fabrizio Gianni. The shoes and bag are from Saks Off 5th.

  1. Love, love your new site Susan! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday. My motto about these now is that I’m just happy to still be around to celebrate! The only time I think of the number is on the day…really! I don’t feel my age and continue to try and live a healthy active life.
    Have a great weekend
    Take care

  2. Lovely new site and I travel with your fun journeys. The birthday weekend was really special. My feelings about dusters are that they create a dressy, finished look; the addition of the blue shawl was really inspired. Blue near your pretty face has always looked incredible. Thank you for the fun and the helpful fashion suggestions. I look so forward to your posts. Also much luck on your new shop. Kate Baker

  3. You look amazing. I love the outfit and the splash of color from the shawl is perfect.

    The new blog is very nice, love the larger pictures.

  4. I love the white outfit with the blue scarf – it really pops your blue eyes. Keep posting these wonderful shots of North Carolina. I have never been to that state, although as a baby I lived in Columbia, SC for a brief time.

  5. Hi Susan: Happy Birthday! As always, you look gorgeous. I have two questions for you… I notice that you never paint your finger nails. Any reason why? Secondly, do you have any tips for growing out gray hair? I’ve decided that I nolonger want the hassle or expense of coloring. Thanks, and I love the new blog!


  6. Happy Birthday Susan! I am 59 this month myself, right behind you! Your mountain resort looks amazing and, as always, you look marvelous! I especially love the way you wrapped the blue Steinmart scarf. I put a scarf on and fuss with it and take it off again most of the time!

  7. Think my first comment has been swallowed up. Hope it’s me and not teething probs with your new super duper site.

    In fear of duplication, just wanted to say that it was fortunate that you bought that pretty shawl recently.
    And also that the place and you look gorgeous and that I’m in awe that you can make a vest, trousers and and cardi look so stylish and special!

    Mary x

  8. You and Mr Mickey celebrate in such a special way! It’s nice to stretch out the birthday to cover several events! I went back in your blog to revisit posts and I must say, you have continued to experiment and learn just what is best for you. Love the new web site…love the name.

  9. My son’s birthday was on September 12. He turned 40 this year. This is a great way to remember that your birthday is near his. Take care and have a good day.

  10. Love the new blog! Very clean and classic. Looking forward to another fabulous year graced by your lovely internet presence.

  11. Susan,
    Love your new website and all your information and I am inspired everyday looking at your choice of clothing!

    Sandi B

  12. Love the new website and blog! I love to travel vicariously through your trips and hope someday to be able to go to a few of these amazing places. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Whoa…it hit me today that I hadn’t heard from you in several days…. I knew about the site change…just thought it would automatically come to me as a subscriber. I’m SO HAPPY to have found you again. Happy early fall and belated happy birthday and all that good stuff! XO

  14. So glad I found your blog again!!!!! I check everyday & some how didn’t realize your blog changed names. I look forward to seeing your face, ideas, clothes & places you visit as often as possible. I’ve always loved fashion & now that I’m 67 & retired from teaching you inspire me to continue to enjoy style & getting up every morning & looking put together. There are days I don’t leave the house but I always wake up & “get ready” because you never know what the day will bring & I just like to look & feel good for “me”. Thank you everyday for your beautiful blog & sharing so much with your readers. Carol from Nebraska.

  15. Happy Birthday, Susan…You look phenomenal in this white and silver outfit. The length of the jacket is very flattering especially since it is sheer and the blue scarf makes you look radiant. The necklace is the epitome of feminity and elegance, the nude shoes set it all off in a neutral palette.I wish I could look so beautiful. With your help and tips, I will make it one day. Maybe you can do some segments on body shape and best styles for each. A close friend introduced me to your site which I love. Happy Labor Day. P.S. I live fairly close to you in Memphis TN.And by the way, I want some of that banana stuff you are having. ;0)

  16. Happy birthday Susan. All the best. Looks like Mr. Mickey spoiled you again. Great scenic photos, I might need to visit someday.

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