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Many of you have asked me about my exercise routine and what I eat on an average day. My diet includes mostly vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and fresh fruits. I always try to buy seasonal organic produce and consume it in the most natural state. I avoid dairy products or eggs and do not eat meat.

Below is a picture of the old me on the left before I took control of my life and closet. On the right is a more recent picture of me after simplifying my wardrobe and life. I let go of the grief and hurt of my past and started living in the present.

I drink filtered water with fresh lemon or lime daily, two cups of black coffee (no sweeteners), and an occasional glass of wine with dinner.

I go for a brisk three-mile walk in my neighborhood when the weather allows. I always move as much as possible during the day. For two examples, I park far away from the store I am visiting and go to the bathroom upstairs instead of the one right outside my office door.

Below is a list of links to the recipes for what I eat almost every day at each meal. These are all posts I have shared with you here on the old blog and also on Facebook.

What I eat on most days is shown here: Eat Well, Be Well

Susan’s Power Porridge

Lunch and or Dinner
Jazz Up Your Salads

Susan’s Meatless Chili

  1. Hi, Susan. Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Furhman and Eat To Live. I’ve been following his eating plan (mostly!) since April and have lost 15 pounds, but more importantly, feel fabulous. My life has changed for the better. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I just recently started following your blogs, and until today hadn’t seen the above before/ after photo. Wow – you underwent quite a transformation! You truly did go from frumpy to amazing! Not just your weight, but your whole look! I turned 58 this year and this has really bothered me for some reason. Your blog is helping to confirm that just because a person ages, they don’t have to cave and look like an old lady! Thank you. I needed that. You are an inspiration. There are so many jokes on the internet that bash older people, it’s pretty discouraging. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. You look awesome! I have been wanting to start a health program for myself, exercise and eat healthier. I have let myself go past few years.. So I’m excited…

  4. I respect your diet and how it has improved your health. For me personally, incorporating some animal protein (eggs, chicken, seafood) into most meals works better for me. I stay fuller longer,sleep better, have less cravings and maintain my weight. I think I might shoot myself if I had to eat porridge for breakfast every day. Food is a great source of joy in our lives, all things in moderation.

  5. I love your new blog, but I loved your old blog too. I have learned so much from you about how to take care of myself, what to wear, and the beautiful North Carolina that I live in. Don’t change much, I look so forward to your updates. Thank you Susan for everything.

  6. Having recently had the privilege of hearing Dr. Fuhrman speak and as a nutritionist myself who is fast approaching 60 (57 this June) I was so pleased to click here and see that your diet seems very similar to what I also prefer which is mostly plants 🙂

  7. It’s hard to believe that these pictures are of the same person! It’s not just the weight; your clothing and more modern hairstyle also contribute to the more beautiful you! You were a very old looking 53 and a very young looking 58. It’s amazing!

  8. Your 53 year old self looks like she is the mother of your 58 year old self. I can’t stop staring at those pictures in unbelief.
    Whatever you’re doing, you’ve found the fountain of youth. Your transformation is amazing!

  9. Hi Susan, I want to share your blog with a friend interested in your eating habits. I can easily find your recipe for your power porridge but you also had an extensive post on the grains and how you stored them….maybe it was a video. I have typed in everything I can think of in the search box to no avail. please tell me how to locate it.

    1. This is the link to the video I did about my pantry. Add to the list sweet potatoes and frozen organic green peas. You can always make a meal from just those two items in a pinch. Sweet potatoes are always in a wire basket on my counter now.

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