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Here in America, we are about to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, which is all about family, friends, and food. I am cooking a small, simple meal for my parents and Mr. Mickey this year. It will not be the usual turkey and dressing with all the trimmings because we had that meal when we celebrated with other family members earlier this month. I rarely cook, so wish me luck!


A Facebook follower asked me about the art of layering so that you don’t end up looking like a barrel. Today I am showing you how I use thin layers to keep warm without adding bulk. I enjoy still being able to move after I get all bundled up.


I like to wear close-fitting thin layers to keep the wind from whipping underneath. Depending upon how cold it is, I may start with a close-fitting camisole. Next, I will add a top such as this one by Clara Sunwoo from


I may also add a long thin cardigan over the tunic if it is a freezing cold day. The next layer might be a lined trench coat. Over that, I can add my faux leather-trimmed ruana from Carlisle. The scarf I am wearing here is the color Russo from White House|Black Market. I love to wear scarves and ruanas because they can easily be removed if I should get too warm. I wore Ralph Lauren crew length socks and tucked my pant legs into them before pulling on these over the knee boots by Vince Camuto. The only reason I can wear these boots is that the back panel is elastic. The fur-trimmed leather gloves were a long-ago gift from Mr. Mickey’s daughter. The bag is old from Saks Off 5th.


I wear scarves to stay warm, to add pattern or texture to my look, to soften lines and sagging skin, and to pull together the neutral separates I wear so often. There are little tricks that I always use to avoid visually adding bulk to the wrong areas. Note how I have wrapped and tied this oversized thin scarf so that all the volume is above my bustline. I never want to add even more bulk there or at my tummy.

  1. Grey is my new “black” and I just love the color esp on me lately. I LOVE this top you have on. Love the color, the flow, etc.

  2. I love how you photographed this. Each picture had a different layer added and the finale was a spectacular look. You have proven once again how to take jeans and a pullover to the next level. I need to get those boots!

  3. Love the flat boots on you ( and flats, in general, on you). Very appropriate. You still look edgy! Beautiful photography today — love the colors. You look amazing!

  4. I’ve been hoping you’d try some over the knee boots. I tried some on and thought I looked like a geriatric hooker, but knew that you would be able to do it with elegance. And so you did. *We* can wear those, if we like.

    Also loving the burgundy on you. Brings zest to your whole look!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! I love your layered looks. That was an interesting lesson on how different clothes can look by adding a layer. Good Luck with the cooking!

  6. Love your outfit! I too enjoy this look. Being 62 I try to soften lines and small rolls! LOL. Thank you for what you do to help us enjoy our life and looking the best we can.

  7. At a certain point on the minus side view of zero, I become content with the “Michelin Man” look of my down parka. When it gets that cold, everyone had the same look, so it’s all good!

  8. Love the post Susan. Well done! The options
    of layering are stunning! Thank you for sharing
    you insights over the years. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. my thanks to you…you have taught me alot about fashion and dressing an older (72) body. I enjoy your blog so much. and your travels with mr. micky. theresa.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Mickey and your family. Thanks Susan for a wonderful inspiring blog. I appreciate all you do to make this a fun and informative site to visit often.

  11. Thank YOU, Susan, for everything you share, and all the excellent photos and demonstrations you’ve provided. I have learned a lot from you in the past couple of years, and it’s always a pleasure to read your blog. Have a great holiday, and good luck with the cooking! 🙂

  12. Susan,
    You always look so elegant and I love all the tips you give. I was telling myself that I could not do the over the knee boots at 64 but you showed us all that we can! Thanks so much- I will be shopping for a pair this weekend. Love the gray top with that burgundy scarf- those are two of my favorites together. It looks so great with your hair color too! Many blessings to you and Mr. Mickey and I’ll bet that dinner you create will be awesome!

  13. Wow! Great look! Thanks for the wardrobe ideas. So inspirational!! Good luck with your cooking. I’m sure it will be great.

  14. The other day I saw a woman on another blog wearing virtually the same outfit–tunic top, over the knee boots, skinny pants. She looked amazing but also a little…trashy. My husband would love me in such an outfit, but I’ve never been comfortable with overt sexiness in clothing. I was surprised to see you wearing the same outfit yet managing to look classy and elegant. At first I couldn’t figure out how you did it, but then you answered it yourself in the comment above. The boots have a low heel instead of a high heel. It makes all the difference.

  15. Love the entire outfit! The pop of burgundy added a colorful touch. Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

  16. This is a great look! Helpful tips. I love the close up photos, too! Well done!

    Happy Thanksgiving, and thank YOU for all the work you do here and all the tips and encouragement you’ve given us.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Susan ! I am thankful for your blog. I’ve learned so much and it brings much joy to my day. Your outfit, as always is beautiful. The pop of color from the scarf is just perfect. I watched your video on how you apply your makeup the other day. I’ve used some of your makeup tips and have to say, it’s so much easier the way you do it and my makeup looks much better. So, thank you for the tips too.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. Enjoy your holiday with your parents and your an ole pro no worries about the cooking. You’ll be fine.


  19. You look great! I love your blog! I look forward to reading it and I have got some great ideas of dressing to look sharp and edgy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Love the clean lined look you showed on this page. And the splash of red.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love.
    How lucky you are to still have your parents.
    I miss mine

  21. Another excellent tutorial, Susan! I agree with Joyce, above, that you’ve done a great job with the step by step photos. I always appreciate the detail you go into in explaining how you put together a look.

    Also, I received the three scarves I ordered from your shop. How happy I am that I splurged on all three as they are even more lovely in person than I was expecting (and I was expecting LOVELY)!

    So, thanks to YOU for all you do for your readers. I hope you, Mr. Mickey and your parents have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

    Warmest regards, Gail

  22. Another great post! One of the many things for which I’m thankful is finding your blog. As usual, the outfit you’ve chosen is beautiful and elegant. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. I enjoy your emails even though we are in opposite seasons over here in Australia. Always get ideas but will never be able to wear the high heels

  24. Hi Miss Susan:

    I’m an avid follower of your blog. You have inspired me to lose weight and get healthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a beautiful woman and a beautiful person and I love reading about you and Mr. Mickey’s adventures. You have such a wonderful life and I’m thrilled for you.

    I haven’t purchased anything from you yet but once I lose weight I plan on following your style and ordering some things. I love how you are open about your makeup, hair, closet, food pantry, etc. I love your style and can’t think of anything you’ve modeled that I don’t like.

    Please continue teaching us how to bring out the best in how we look and live. I know how you’ve touched me and can’t imagine how many other women you have helped. You are kind and gracious and it’s a joy to follow you.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your parents and Mr. Mickey.

    Linda ♥

  25. Thank you for explaining this look all the way through. The look is very attractive looking. I love how you have such a gentle manner about you and are very poised. Good luck with cooking and Happy Thanksgiving, Susan.

  26. No thank you. You have inspired me. I am 71 and became lazy about myself. You have showed me how to take my wardrobe and create outfits that fit my style and in which I am very comfortable. It is working because I am getting a lot of compliments on how I look which makes me very happy. Happy Thanksgiving

  27. Hi Susan, Greetings from Cyprus! Thank you for your ideas on moving from one stage of our lives to another. I have the same taste in clothing as you and my new man keeps complementing me on that and I have introduced him to your site. He feels that ALL women should indulge themselves at our stage in life and NEVER give up on on looking the best that they possibly can and you are our inspiration!

  28. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thank you for sharing all your clothes and how to layer and mix and match different things! I am 58 and with all sharing on how to layer I have been able to put things together better! And to also look at clothes differently as I shop! Thanks so much!

  29. Love the scarf! You always look so put together – I want to be you when I grow up! LOL even though I’m actually a few years older than you! Glad I found your blog! Happy Thanksgiving

  30. You always look fantastic and make me feel like I could look good too by following your style. I am 70 but look like I am 50 so wearing styles like yours makes me look younger.

  31. Susan, how do you store your shoes ? How do you store your scarves ? I like to be able to ‘see’ all my shoes and scarves so I can ‘make’ a new outfit. Any suggestions ? Connie Briggs

    1. I like to see my items too. I forget I have them when they are out of sight. I am lucky in that I have a finished room over the garage that I can use for storage and displaying my shoes on racks. I hang my scarves on felted hangers and put them on a rolling rack. You can read that post here. I bought the rolling racks at Bed Bath & Beyond. The shoe racks are not shown in that post, but I bought those at Bed Bath & Beyond too. Shoe racks here.

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