The Pantsuit (Not a political post.)

We often get dressed up to go out to dinner and then attend a live performance. Bluegrass made our area famous, but we also have very talented classical, jazz, blues, or rock performers.


Several pieces have been added to my wardrobe, which allows me to get dressed for an evening out with little effort. My workdays typically begin at four in the morning or even earlier. By the time I need to start getting ready for the evening, my decision-making ability has begun to wear thin. I certainly don’t want the added stress of finding something to wear, so a pantsuit is a perfect solution.


I rarely wear a dress for the same reason that a famous Presidental candidate so rarely wears one. Cankles. That’s when your short, stout calves sort of blend in with your foot with nary a delicate slim ankle insight.



You may have noticed that one of my favorite lines is Clara Sunwoo. These wash and wear pieces can be dressed up or worn with jeans, and they pack like a dream. The flattering fabric of these tops always works for me, and the pants match so well they look like a suit. Add some zingy accessories and a cool pair of shoes, and I am out the door in fifteen minutes. I always get my Clara Sunwoo pieces from because I know and trust the owners.


The top and pants are by Clara Sunwoo via The navy suede shoes are old by 9WLoveInStyle. The necklace is old from S.M.Bradford & Co., located in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The bag is old from T.J.Maxx.

  1. You always look lovely, but this is a particularly lovely one. The color absolutely makes you glow and the long dark blue line up your body slims you even more and moves the eye up to that gorgeous necklace. Well and beautifully done!

  2. Susan,
    This is one of the prettiest outfits that I have seen you wear on the blog.
    The color is perfect.
    Love it on you!

  3. I don’t wear black anywhere on top due to my fair coloring. Always glad to see you wear a beautiful blue as it is my favorite and one of my most flattering colors. LOVE those shoes! Blue shoes are a challenge to find!

  4. Love the single color outfit. So slimming and elegant. I have begun to add items to my wardrobe to make several outfits to do just that. I have decided for short people as myself, 5’1″ if I don’t slouch!, the single column of color as you describe it is perfect for me. And the added benefit is that it is so easy to choose what to wear. Thanks again for sharing your great fashion sense!!! Oh, another benefit I have discovered is that when shopping for single color outfits such as yours, I stay very focused on what my fashion needs are as opposed to impulse buying.

  5. That made me laugh! -cankles gosh I have them too .I cannot wear boots either even
    made for wide calves they do not feel comfortable on me.
    Love the outfit.

  6. I like the dark blue. It is so pretty with your hair and skin coloring. I’d like to add a small bag to my wardrobe that could go with dressy pants and dresses. Do you have a suggestion?

  7. Love the look. Clara Sunwoo is also a favorite
    of mine. What do you add over all when it’s chilly
    in the evening? A wrap, coat or a jacket? I know it’s a matter of preference. Would like to know how you would put it together. Especially with the cold shoulder look that I love. Hetty

  8. Beautiful!. Just bought my first Clara Sunwoo piece – the leather-type jacket in brown – and excited to find a pair of slacks and top to wear with it.

  9. What would you add if you needed another layer on top for warmth? Would love to see options for cooler evenings or venues with your posts,

    1. I have a faux fur jacket and a vest which I often wear for dressier evenings. I have several jackets and coats in classic swing styles and dark colors. A black trench coat is always appropriate.

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