Summer White

Nothing represents summer better than a little white dress or white pants and a white top. I don’t have a white dress at the moment, but I do have many white tops and several styles of white pants and jeans. I wear white on sunny days all year, but much more often in summer.

White comes in many shades, but pure stark white is my best option. If you find the right tone, you can wear any color successfully. There are always combos that will be more flattering for you than others.

For example, if you have a pear shape, navy pants and a slim-fitting white top will be more flattering for you than white pants and a long navy top. Light colors advance, and dark colors recede.

I have just acquired an excellent quality pair of white slim fitting ankle jeans, so I want to show you how I plan to style them this summer. It is always important to balance proportions. I’ll tell you where to get the jeans as soon as they debut. I have lots more ideas to share with you.

The sunglasses are here. My white popover top is here. I bought it in a size medium. It will look equally good with black leggings, a moto jacket, and tall boots in fall. My Ralph Lauren shoes are from a couple of summers ago. I found a similar pair here. My summer tote has sold out now, but I found an adorable one here.

I absolutely love pearls of all shapes. I bought this stunning bracelet here. The simple and elegant earrings are here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item)

Thank you for your kind messages for Mr. Mickey. He was moved from the hospital to a rehab center and is doing very well. Because of the virus, not even his daughters can visit him. We are speaking with him by phone and facetime often. He is determined to heal sufficiently to celebrate when it is safe to go out again.

  1. So glad to hear Mr Mickey is doing well. It must be so miserable to be in hospital with no visitors, it must be frightening as well. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Love your blog…..Love your style & suggestions. Can’t wait to order the top! Prayers for Mr. Mickey!

  3. I totally agree with you. White and more white always spells summer to me. Look forward to seeing you in more white clothing, maybe even a linen dress !!! So happy that Mr. Mickey is in rehab and doing well.

  4. Love the white popover but it has poor reviews on the Talbot’s website. Does the shoulder seam come down to mid bicep and past the shoulder? Some also complained of wrinkles that would not come out. I am looking for a new white shirt and was considering this one, but not sure about those shoulder seams.

    1. It is a relaxed fit, and the fabric is 100% cotton, so there will be creases and wrinkles. I don’t mind ironing, and accept the wrinkles that come with wearing comfortable natural fabrics. I give the top high marks for comfort and style. I rarely pay any attention to reviews, but I do look carefully at the photos and read the descriptions for the details.

  5. Wonderful news about Mr. Mickey!! Continued best wishes for a speedy recovery. I look forward to warmer weather when we can wear our summer clothes. Thank you for your insights Susan. Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Great summer look! I love monochromatic outfits. Best wishes for a complete recovery for Mr. Mickey.

  7. SOOOOOOO glad to hear Mr. Mickey is doing well. A big relief to both of you as well as for his daughter. Tough times these days in more ways than one. At least perhaps, Mr. Mickey will have the incentive to get well faster, just to see you gals in person……

    Take care, stay healthy!

    Clara from Iowa

  8. So glad to hear that Mr. Mickey is in a rehab center where they will make sure he is healing properly. We can be thankful that there is technology that enables us to actually see our loved ones when we are not allowed to be close. That is a gorgeous bracelet. I have one from years ago that is freshwater pearls and blue topaz that I just love. Also many styles of pearl rings collected from travels. You will find that new one goes with everything. Love the all white looks on you.

  9. I love the way you have popped the collar of this shirt to give it more balance with the ankle length pants.

    BTW, I tried this shirt on in February and even the clerk at Talbot’s said, “That’s not for you.” The dropped, rounded shoulders did nothing for me but you look super in it. It goes to show that not everything works for every body.

    We are still remembering Mr. Mickey and all who are in the hospital during this time. Being separated from loved ones is so sad.

  10. Such good news for Mr. Mickey! I am sending him healing thoughts. Regarding your top, I love it and it’s on my list of tops for summer from Talbots!

  11. So glad Mr. Mickey is doing well. He’s in my prayers. I love an all white outfit but white is not one of my best colors. I do wear white jeans with a more flattering color near my face. But I do love the crisp white monochromatic look.

  12. You look stunning as always Susan.

    Glad to hear Mr. Mickey is on the mend. I miss him in your pics.

  13. Glad to hear Mr. Mackey is doing well and adjusting in rehab. It is a different time one we will not forget.

  14. Good wishes to Mr. Mickey. With all that’s going on right now, it sure adds to the stress of an unexpected accident.

    I really enjoyed seeing your summer outfit today especially. Here in Chicago, we have measurable snow. I can’t believe it, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Be well everyone.

  15. Susan, you sparkle in white! If I wore this lovely outfit outside today (it would suit me too) I’d disappear in the snowstorm! The pearl jewelry is gorgeous and timeless.
    So pleased to hear that Mr Mickey is on the mend.
    And, a big hug to the medical and front line workers! Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seen to be enough.

  16. Fabulous outfit. Really shows how stunning the top and trousers are. Many thanks for your update about Mr Mickey, sending him all our good wishes and prayers for his safe recovery.

  17. You look so put together, as always. I love how an upturned collar frames the face. Because of my career and my age, I cannot wear all white without feeling like a nurse or medical professional. I do love white shirts and white jeans, but worn separately. And because of my career and in the absence of his loved ones, I know Mr Mickey’s caregivers are adding a big dose of TLC to his care plan.

  18. The top has terrible reviews on the Talbots web page….seems to run large, been thin material and overall not a good fit. Not worth the price according to the reviews.

      1. I’m very familiar with cotton as I wear it quite a lot…I also looked carefully at the fabric, however, based on numerous bad reviews this would not be a good value for me.

  19. Sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. Wishing him a speedy recovery and will keep him my prayers.
    Take care

  20. This outfit is flattering on you, Susan. I love dropped shoulders in tops. I have slopped shoulders so always wear shoulder pads to make a good “frame”, otherwise it’s not a good look at all for me. Do you have any suggestions where to purchase shoulder pads?? Especially good are the kind that attach over bra straps. Mine need replaced and with my pear/slopped shoulder shape I consider them necessary!
    So happy to hear Mr Mickey is recovering well. I continue to pray for both of you. ❤

  21. Good news Mr. Mickey is on the mend, but sorry to hear he is unable to have visitors. It is best during these infectious times. I’m sure it is challenging.
    You look wonderful! I love the all white look. I rarely wear white pants. I am such a klutz, I always manage to brush against something or drop something on my whites. They are not all that popular here in the Pacific Northwest, probably because of our wet weather. I also think your most recent cut is very flattering and looks easy to care for.

  22. Susan, I notice you eat avocados. Can you tell me how you keep them from turning brown after you cut them? I’m having a hard time with that. I’ve used lemon juice to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I place the half I am going to save for tomorrow, cut side down with the pit in place, and place it in a sandwich bag before putting it in the fridge. I know that the brown is superficial and only on the surface, so I just ignore it.

  23. Good news on Mr. Mickey! I have been drinking my morning coffee with your blog for several years. I love your style!

  24. Love the all white look. Do you think a popped color is attractive on a short woman with a short neck?

    A short woman with a short neck

    1. Try it with a V-neckline, and a smaller collar popped up. It frames your face, so you may find that it is very flattering. Just be sure the neckline is open.

  25. Thanks for Mr Mickey update………….I’m so glad he is doing well. Hopefully he will be out of rehab in no time !

  26. Hi Susan,
    So happy to hear Mr. Mickey healing well , thanks for keeping us updated.
    You look amazing as usually love your outfit!! Waiting patiently to learn where we can order the jeans.
    Look forward to seeing your post hit my inbox,

  27. Hi Susan ~ Continued healing thoughts & blessings for Mr. Mickey’s recovery. We love you two together & enjoy your weekly adventures. Thanks for your dedicated style & self-care posts. They add a bright spot to challenging times. You look gorgeous every day. Happy spring!

  28. Great to hear Mr. Mickey is recovering…Also, you look absolutely stunning in that white outfit. Can’t wait to hear where to get the white slacks.

  29. Susan,
    I did not know about Mr. Mickey’s surgery; I am so glad he is recovering nicely. These are difficult times for one to be hospitalized what with the coronavirus and no physical contact with family allowed. I read your posts often but seldom comment; I felt compelled to reply after hearing about Mr. Mickey.

  30. You look good in the all white outfit. I have admired the pearl bracelet but when I go to the website, the picture doesn’t look like the larger circles are silver. They look almost brown like an enamel. Is it picture just off or are there two different bracelets offered. Thank you for clarifying this for me.
    Glad to hear Mr. Mickey is on the mend.

  31. Best wishes for Mr Mickey. You look lovely as usual Susan. Can’t wait to see where to find your white jeans. They look perfect

  32. I would love to find a pair of White pants that are straight leg and don’t show your underwear through them. I don’t feel I can wear pants that fit tight on the legs as I see lots of cellulite bumps and lumps through them. I also would like them to feel stretchy and light weight for summer comfort. Normal jeans are just so hot in summer. I do have linen (gauze type) pull on loose style pants, but I don’t like them with the jean and moto jackets that I’d like to pair with them. So I guess it needs to be sort of like a jean or a white slack, but not your grandma elastic waist polyester type.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  33. Continued best wishes for Mr. Mickey as he recuperates . .. and for you as well, Miss Susan. I’m a Misplaced Memphian now living in Michigan and I enjoy your blog because you are so practical and down-to-earth! Cynthia Baine De Maagd

  34. Love the all-white outfit!
    My best to Mr. Micky—I hope he gets better soon so you two can have fun again!! I love to see the pictures of the wonderful meals you share!
    Stay safe!

  35. Please let him know he has all of your “friends” rooting for a speedy, easy, and full recovery!


  36. Susan,
    This post really hit home with me. White on white is my uniform in the heat of summer. With my white hair, I get compliments, but i wear it because it is cool. It looks great on you too! I have the popover top from Talbots. I wanted to ask you on the pearl lariat necklace, are you wearing the tan or ivory? Sorry to hear of Mr. Mickey’s accident, tho i’m happy to hear he is recovering. Stay safe.

  37. Love the white pieces. So fresh and clean. The popover top looks like it would not gap at the bust which is my biggest problem. Glad to hear Mr Mickey is doing well! Take care of yourself!

  38. Susan,
    I am praying for Mr.Mickey. A lady from my church fell down the steps this week, broke her hip, is now in rehab, and her family is calling and using FaceTime also. These things happen so quick. I wish Mr. Mickey a speedy recovery and fast healing. Prayers are sent his way.

    I LOVE your site and have taken much of your advice.

    Kathy Darr

  39. Love the all white look both elegant and casual at the same time
    Delighted to hear Mr Mickey is on the road to recovery I will remember him in my prayers
    We are living in scary times. Please do stay safe and well

  40. Love the white! I would have blended in yesterday with the outside if I wore all white – it snowed in our area. I look forward to wearing white and going out soon.

    Sending a prayer for Mr. Mickey when I send this reply. Hope he is doing well and will return home soon. Take care Susan and thank you for the ideas on outfits.

  41. Very glad to hear that Mr Mickey is on the mend. I hope you get to see him properly soon, ready to plan your next adventures together.

  42. Hi Susan,
    2 questions Regarding white.
    1. White always seems to show through, such as a white top over navy slacks. Suggestions ?
    2: I think I read that you never wear white shoes. Other than taupe or beige tones, would you wear a colored shoe such as pink, navy , or red?
    I love your blog. You are elegant and inspiring.

    1. I always wear a nude (never white) bra with white shirts. I sometimes wear a camisole under some of my white shirts that are somewhat sheer. I never wear white sandals or shoes other than sneakers. Pink/nude, navy, and red are all in my shoe collection. Thank you for your kind words.

  43. Great news about Mr. Mickey, although it must be hard for him to be on his own….
    I wish him a speedy recovery so that when this is all over you will be able to enjoy your time together and show us all those beautiful moments you are kind enough to share with us.
    All of you, protect yourselves and your families, stay safe!
    Beatriz Empis
    Cascais – Portugal

  44. Hi Susan,

    What great news that Mickey has had a successful surgery and has been moved to rehab center. It sounds like he has a up-beat positive attitude. Thank goodness for phones and facetime. It sure helps when he has his daughters and you for support.

    in Arizona

  45. I’ll bet the nurses will miss Mr Mickey when he goes home. I love the all white look but sometimes it’s hard to buy white online. I get everything from ivory to winter white but they call it white. I just don’t try to match whites. I just wear the piece with other pants that I wanted for my jeans and try again. I rarely return anything if it fits. I can always make it work with a scarf but I hate when that happens. What’s your solution?

  46. good to hear that Mr. Mickey is doing well and has a positive attitude toward rehab! I am a returning fan! I lost you some how!! I just retired after 45 years of Nursing! Looking forward to many fun years ahead!

  47. I am very surprised by some of the comments here about the shirt and the comments on the Talbots site. I always read comments but take them with a “grain of salt”because they are often made by people who had expectations that are not in keeping with what the garment is.
    I would have expected more basic knowledge given the age demographic that Susan is writing for. Did everyone forget their basics from Home Economics? I know it is not a course in schools much now but it sure was back “a bit”. Cotton loves water and must be ironed damp….cotton clothing would be rolled after washing to keep it damp as the person ironing got through a whole pile of cottons to iron. Sometimes there would be bits that got too dry…..this is why your Grandmother had a bottle of water with a shaker style top so she could shake a touch of water where she needed it as she ironed…today we have spray bottles.
    As for the structure of the garment this one has what is currently called a drop shoulder….and yes that means the sleeve attaches to the body of the garment at a seem that falls below the shoulder….gives it more of a tunic look. It is an extremely old way of making a shirt….look at peasant blouses or shirts typically worn by shepherds, trades, etc. a few hundred years ago. If you want a seam at the shoulder look for a “set in” sleeve… fits tighter in the “arms eye” and will be a narrower sleeve in circumference.
    It is a style of shirt that either looks fabulous on you or is just all wrong for your body type…..but don’t make the shirt wrong for what it was never meant to be!

    1. Wow that is an extensive lesson in ironing! As to product reviews, I DO read them as I feel like they are honest reflections both good and critical. Just sayin’!

  48. You’re white look is so refreshing and classy! You look lovely. Continued prayers for Mr. Mickey.

  49. All the best for your husband and you!
    I enjoy your comments and advice very much.
    Love from Athens, Greece

    Katerina Andreou

  50. So glad to hear Mr Mickey is recovering from this horrible virus. My daughter in Colorado is also recovering. Fortunately she wasn’t hospitalized but she was one sick girl.
    Stay safe Susan!

  51. He broke his leg, right? Why a rehab center? I would suggest to not stay there and well, maybe stay with his daughters or you? Not to be offensive, I am just concerned!

    1. We are not able to lift him or do what a trained staff can do. The rehab facility is taking care of him and teaching him to maneuver with the cast and more carefully in the future.

  52. You look stunning in this white outfit!!! I love white for summer! I’m anxious to hear more about the white pants and where we can purchase. I really love the classic, timeless, pearl bracelet. I must purchase, Thank you for all that you share and everything that you do! Wishing you a wonderful day! Also, wishing Mr. Mickey a speedy recovery.

  53. Glad to hear Mr Mickey is doing well. Best wishes for his speedy recovery. Thank you for your fashion tips, I love them!
    I’m in Toronto where it’s cold today. Can’t wait for the warmer weather and this covid crisis to be over !

  54. Just found your website, and I love it! If that is your home, where did your firescreen come from?
    Susan, too

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