Dressed For The Day

Staying home was the best option this weekend due to cold rainy weather as well as the rules. To keep warm and peace of mind, I layered a lightweight knit jacket over a polka dot shirt and donned my most comfortable jeans and loafers.

ShirtJacketBeltJeansLoafersThe best No-Show Socks

I have purchased a couple of crisp new white items, so I will share all the details as soon as the sunshine returns to improve the lighting.

Do you have a hobby to enjoy when the weather is too unpleasant to go outside? I recently made a pendant using items from Vintage Jewelry Supplies.

I saw a lovely cross pendant necklace for more than $400 that was very tempting, but I remembered elements from the company I once owned. I assembled two pendants and the bail and added it to a chain I’ve had for a long time but rarely wear. For less than $10, I have created something that represents the style of the dramatic necklace I saw at a much higher price.

Inspiration, creativity, and focused shopping methods can allow us to capture the essence of what caught our eye without breaking the bank.

Please keep Mr. Mickey in your thoughts today. He will have surgery to pin and plate a broken leg resulting from a bad fall he took on Saturday.

All of my items are from last year, so I’ll share highlighted links to similar current items. Shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. I’m a long time reader of your blog but I don’t usually comment. I enjoy seeing the adventures you have with Mr Mickey. I hope he is ok, it must be very worrying for you both. I hope you are able to visit him. Take good care of yourselves and both of you stay safe.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. These are challenging times to say the least. While he will have some difficult days ahead, he is blessed to have you to help in his recovery.

  3. Mr. Mickey!!! Thinking of you both and hope his surgery and recovery is completely successful. Sending positive energy your way.

  4. Sending love and positive thoughts to Mr Mickey and you.
    Take care of you Susan, then you will be able to care for him.

  5. Sending my prayers and best wishes for Mr Mickey’s successful surgery and complete, rapid recovery.

  6. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s accident. Sending prayers for his surgery and recovery. Stay safe Susan.

  7. Lovely pictures. Would love to see a close up of your polka dot shirt when your lighting is improved for photo shoots. What a wonderful grouping of pictures on your wall! The necklace is such a striking statement piece.
    Thank you for sharing about Mr. Mickey’s misfortune and for giving others the opportunity to pray for his speedy recovery. Will pray for you as well Susan. This must be weighing so heavy on your mind!! No visitors too

  8. Dear Susan, I will be praying for Mr. Mickey! How awful for him, and for you!
    You must be very sad to think of him with a broken leg, and that he has to be alone.
    I will pray that he’s able to heal fully, and speedily, and that you’ll be able to wait out this long trial with hope for better days to come!

    Thank you for keeping us posted, I do think of you as a friend! Mr. Mickey will be prayed for, and I’ll pray for you too!

  9. Susan, Mr. Mickey will certainly be in our prayers today. So sorry about his terrible accident.

  10. Sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey, praying all goes well. I have surgery tomorrow for a torn meniscus that has my knee locked and the storms last night toppled two trees, one is on my house and deck and one on my house and car. Aghhh!

  11. Oh no, so sorry to read about Mr. Mickey injury. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Susan your blog today was another helpful, positive start to my day.
    Both of you take care and stay safe.

  12. What troubled times. Thinking every morning about how best to comfort myself by what I wear. The nurses will be adding extra TLC of Mr Mickey in the absence of his loved one. May his surgery and rehab be uncomplicated and your mind at peace

  13. Mr. Mickey will be covered in prayer for as long as necessary. I have wrapped him and surrounded him within a bubble to protect and keep harm from him while he has surgery and recuperates fully during this time. What a dreadful thing to happen especially during this pandemic time.

    Now I would like you to take a very deep breath, hold it for 10 seconds and then let it out slowly. Do this several times to relax your body. Now after you do this, please wrap your arms around yourself, squeeze real tight and that is a hug from me to you as you probably need it more than Mr. Mickey….wink!

    Thank you for doing your blog. It probably keeps you busy right now but it also tells a lot about you to make the time to reach out to your followers on your blog at a time that must be difficult for you.

    Clara from Iowa

  14. Hello Susan, so sorry to hear about Mr Mickey’s fall. Wishing him a speedy recovery. I hope you are well.

  15. Oh Susan! How worrying for you and how painful and difficult for him. I will pray for your both. Please share with him the outpouring of support and prayer he is receiving from all of us. I know he is a huge part of this blog and we are grateful for all he does to help you bring joy, encouragement, and great advice to so many.

  16. Prayers for Mr M. He is such a sweetheart! I am sure he will come through with flying colors. Please keep us updated on his progress. Prayers for you too Susan as all this is just a lot to be burdened with – storms, surgery, virus will not win!

      1. That’s great news Susan. I have followed your blog faithfully for a few years now and look forward to your posts. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and Mr. Mickey.

  17. Prayers for Mr. Mickey’s successful surgery and smooth recovery. And prayers for you and all his caregivers. Please let us all know how he is doing!

  18. Susan, Prayers for Mr. Mickey’s successful surgery and recovery. Hospitalization during these trying times is especially difficult.

  19. Sending prayers for Mr. Mickey’s surgery and recovery. That’s a lovely cross pendant you put together.

  20. Hope Mr. Mickey makes a quick recovery…..best wishes for him and you as well! I am sure having a loved one go through this during these trying times is especially stressful…..

  21. Prayers for Mr. Mickey! Please keep us updated on his condition. I’ll hold you both in my thoughts and .

  22. Prayers being lifted for Mr. Mickey. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. A difficult time to be in a hospital for sure. To both of you, take care.

  23. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey and sorry you are unable to be there with and for him.


    I eagerly await my beautiful Chunky Chain Bracelet.

  24. I will hold Mr. Mickey in my thoughts today. This is a hard time to be in the hospital without visitors. May he have a speedy and complete recovery!

  25. I am so sorry to hear of Mr Mickey’s injury. Prayers for a speedy recovery and wishing you both the very best of health.

  26. Sending prayers for Mr. Mickey, his surgical team and to you, Susan. Stay safe and be well !

  27. Prayers for you and for Mr. Mickey for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Hopefully the time will come soon when you can keep each other company again.

  28. Your cross is stunning; you have had the opportunity to partake in you creative talents. I am glad your hands allowed it to be. So very sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s tumble. Hopefully he will be healed, rehabbed and the professionals will find a way to control Covid-19 and you two can attend some of the car shows I know you enjoy each year. God bless & hugs.

  29. Oh, Susan! We just nev know what’s around the corner. I’m certain that your whole community of readers is praying for both of you and holding you in their hearts. We are all sending love and warm thoughts to a precious woman who lifts our spirits every week. Hopefully we are lifting yours now.

  30. Thank you for your post-you look great. Special thoughts and prayers to Mr Mickey for a speedy recovery.

  31. Prayer for Mr Mickey today and for a speedy recovery. Love the look but am sorry to see the tucked in look is coming back.

  32. Wishing Mr Mickey a safe and speedy recovery. Many thanks for taking the time to post your blogs I always look forward to them and enjoy reading them.

  33. Praying for Mr. Mickey, you and all his family during this difficult time.
    What a blessing to receive all these prayers and encouraging words from your readers. We all love you and appreciate all you do. Take care.

  34. Beautiful necklace! I think the things we can make are often better than what we can buy. Glad Mr. Mickey is on the road to recovery. I pray it is quick and relatively painless

  35. Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey as he had surgery and rehsb. Know that you will be a great comfort to him. Love the outfit, by the way.

  36. Dear Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear the news about Mr. Mickey, a true gentleman and so supportive to you and the blog. We will never meet with the ocean in between, but I feel somewhat familiar with you, Mr. Mickey, and the beautiful surroundings of Tennessee. I wish from heart that Mr. Mickey will recover very soon. Take care of you during these difficult times.
    Deep sympathy and best wishes from Munich!

  37. Poor Mr Mickey, it sounds like a really bad accident. I will certainly send him good thoughts from across the Atlantic – I live in Cheshire in the UK. I am new to your site and am loving reading about and seeing the outfits you put together. I think you look beautiful, elegant and polished. I am 63, but only 5 ft tall with a small frame, UK size 8, which I think is US size 4 or 6, so I often feel I don’t have the height to look elegant. I always make sure my tops are not too long so my legs don’t look even shorter. You have inspired me to go through my wardrobe with a more critical eye and to let go of things that no longer serve me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, aspects of your life and home. I’ve enjoyed seeing the places you have visited whilst I’m isolating at home. It feels like you are a generous friend even though we have never met. Stay safe and well during these difficult times and may Mr Mickey have a speedy recovery.

  38. Susan,
    My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mickey and you. You two are a charming couple who share time together and with us. It’s interesting to see your adventures together. Do keep your readers posted on his progress. Such a dapper, young-at-heart gentleman. Blessings to both of you.

  39. Thinking of Mr. Mickey today and hoping his surgery and recovery go well. So sorry you both need to deal with this at this already stressful time.

  40. New haircut? I’ve missed if you commented on it. I’d like to see more close up pictures of it because I’m really wanting to cut mine shorter! Looks great on you!

  41. Perfect stay at home outfit.

    Saying a prayer for Mr. Mickey that God will guide the hands of the surgeons and for a quick recovery.

  42. Susan, I know this is hard for you not being able to be there to support him. And, equally hard for him not having you there to encourage him. I know he misses your sweet smile.

    Prayers for you both!

  43. Wishing Mr Mickey a speedy and painless recovery.
    Susan, sending you lots of support during this trying time. You look so smart in today’s outfit.
    Keep well.

  44. Thinking of you both during this time of trouble and challenge. Praying for complete recovery for Mr. Mickey and strength to you both.
    I like the combination you have styled for today. It is casual, but polished.

  45. It was so sad to hear that Mr. Mickey fell. I hope the surgery on his leg and his healing process go smoothly. He will be in my prayers.

  46. So very sorry for Mr. Mickey. Glad the surgery went well and hoping his recovery is quick and pain free. Saying a prayer for both of you today. Hugs.
    Love this look! ❤

  47. Prayers for Mr. Mickey and for all the healthcare heroes who are soldiering on.
    Take care of yourself, Susan.

  48. I’m so very sorry to read about Mr. Mickey’s misfortune! But, glad to read that surgery went well. Such a scary time to be in a hospital, I will continue to pray for easy recovery.

    My DH and I do not reside in NC but own a second home just east of Asheville (so a bit south/east of you). I really enjoy reading about your trips in the area and get ideas of places to visit and eat. We originally came down for a couple of weeks to escape the virus but today is 4 weeks with no end in sight. We’ve never been here this time of year and have been awed by the beauty of the redbuds, dogwoods, and other trees and plants. We also feel fortunate that our development is a few hundred acres with only about 15 homes built and only a handful of residents here now. We have paths and trails to walk daily without seeing another human. I’m fortunate to have my sewing machine here and have been making facemasks for the local hospital and to mail to family. That helps me feel like I’m doing something to help.

    I love that even in isolation you dress up, even if it is in your most comfortable jeans. I’m afraid that after staying up most of the night monitoring the storms that rolled through, the best I will do today is jeans and a t-shirt!

  49. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey. Not being able to visit with him is so disheartening.

    I do enjoy your adventures with him. Both of you always look so smart. I don’t usually comment but I love to read your blog and enjoy all your fashion news.

  50. I’m praying that Mr. Mickey’s surgery goes well and he will have a speedy and complete recovery. The necklace you made is stunning! I so enjoy your blogs and appreciate that you make them easy to retrieve on Facebook. Thank you for the time and effort that you spend each week sharing them.

  51. Im glad to hear Mr. Mickey made it through surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And best wishes for you, too. You must have been worried.

  52. So sorry to hear about Mr Mickey. Glad that surgery went well, But doubly hard on all since no visitors allowed. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  53. I am so glad Mr Mickey has made it through surgery! My prayers are with both of you, both of your families and his medical staff. Wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Please keep us informed, Susan. Your healthy mental and physical lifestyle will serve you well during this hard time.

  54. Hi Susan, sending thoughts to you and Mr. Mickey. I hope his surgery goes well and that he has a speedy recovery.

  55. Susan, thank you for your wonderful posts which I always look forward to reading. I think I have learned so much from you. Wanted to let you know I will keep Mr. Mickey in my thoughts and prayers. Stay well — Lauren

  56. Have been a reader of your site for many years but rarely comment but felt I had to today. Sending my best wishes to Mr Mickey for a speedy recovery and to you also as it must be very stressful to not be able to visit because of the pandemic.

  57. Please let Mr. Mickey know we are thinking of him.
    I love the interior of your home. It’s my style. Maybe someday you could give us a brief tour?
    Best wishes

  58. Hello Susan,
    On Friday, my husband and I went to our community bank to sign the papers for the PPP loan. We were so happy that we received the assistance for our small business. I decided to dress up a little. I wore my black jeans, my grey and black vest from Talbots that you have. I finished the look with one of your special scarves. I could have dressed more simple, but I asked myself when choosing my wardrobe for the excursion, “What would Susan wear?” I received several compliments for how nicely I was dressed. Thank you so much with your friendship over the internet. I am praying for you and Mr. Mickey that the days ahead will improve and you will be together soon.

  59. So sorry to hear about Mr Mickey’s accident. Prayers ascending for a successful surgery and rapid recovery.

  60. Glad to hear the surgery for Mr. Mickey went well! Sending healing light his way for a smooth recovery. Stay well Susan!

  61. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. I hope everything goes well and he has a speedy recovery. Sending healing Hughes. Stay well

  62. I am a long time reader but not a commenter. Nonetheless, I love your blog and love reading about the trips you and Mr. Mickey take. Prayers that his surgery goes well and that his recovery is speedy. Please let him know how loved he is. May you both be blessed!

  63. So sorry to hear of Mr Mickey’s injury. Will say a prayer.
    and way less important…I have a doll collection which is quite fun.

  64. Prayers for Mr. Mickey’s surgery and recovery and for you, Susan. Being unable to be with him has to be very stressful.

  65. Oh Dear! Good Vibrations from Southern California for the both of you … Glad surgery was successful! Recovery may take awhile (I have just been through this with my 89 year old father, who has relatively good health, last year). You are both Gems! Lots of Empathy, Strength and Best Wishes to Johnson City!

  66. I will be praying for Mr. Mickey. I feel so bad. I will pray for successful surgery and a full recovery. I will be praying for you too. Thanks for your Blog. You are an inspiration.

  67. I am happy to offer prayers for Mr Mickey for a successful surgery. You are both shining inspirations for me.

  68. Adding Mr Mickey to my prayer list. It’s getting longer and longer ! But I still have faith that all will be well in a few months time.

    PS: I love to take old things and make them ‘new’ again, too ! Especially jewelry. I usually wear fine jewelry, but like pieces that I can wear multiple ways.

  69. My prayers for Mr. Mickey!! I fell about 3 years ago and severely shattered my humerus. I thought I was doomed. I was operated on, did 6 months of 3x a week therapy and I have full use of my arm and regained all my strength. Yes it was extremely painful, but after a few weeks each day with therapy got a little bette. He will be fine … physical therapy is key!!

    Elizabeth N.

  70. Sorry to hear about Mr. Mickie wish him well and a speedy recovery. Wah wee are crying Sandra Almy

  71. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for all your posts and giving us good suggestions on how to stay healthy and looking our best. This is especially true now when we are at home
    looking for ways to brighten our days. Flowers and the trees budding and blooming bring hope for a beautiful summer.

    Best wishes to Mr. Mickey with his planned surgery. We wish him good results and a quick recovery.

    Jean Holmes

  72. Praying that all goes very, very well for Mr. Mickey, and that you both soon have his steady improvements to celebrate.

  73. Praying for Mr Mickey and his surgery and rehab. Sure you’ll help him regain his strength and return to fun times with you.

  74. Dearest Susan:
    Was so sorry to hear that Mr. Mickey took a tumble! I will keep him in my thoughts and am sending positive healing energy his way! Please do take extra good care of yourself too.

  75. Prayers for Mr. Mickey. Hope he heals quickly and is home and up and about soon. Even if he has to stay home.

  76. Oh, no. So sorry to hear. Prayers for both of you and his family.

    Thank you for continuing to provide your many followers with advice, pictures if tasty looking food and beautiful scenery

  77. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey. Good thoughts and prayers are be sent his way for a speedy recovery. I feel I know you and Mr. Mickey through your post. Please stay safe and well.
    Sincerely, Jo-Ann

  78. Prayers for Mr. Mickey and you. Being apart has to be hard for you, too. So glad to hear the surgery went well.

  79. I am sorry to hear of Mr Mickey’s fall. I hope he has a speedy recovery. Hopefully the two of you will be sharing your adventures with us soon.

  80. Hope the surgery went well for Mr. Mickey and he makes a quick recovery! I enjoy your posts now more than ever, and hope that you and Mr. Mickey will be enjoying some nice dinners out sometime very soon! Stay safe and well!

  81. Hi Susan,

    So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. I will keep him in my daily prayers until all is well again.

    Katie Thomas
    (One of your many ‘T’ girl fans)

  82. Falls can be frightening and make you feel fragile … and sometimes angry with yourself. Sigh. I am sure they will want him out of the hospital as soon as it is medically advisable due to current conditions. The next steps in recovery will be challenging but he has a strong support in you, Susan. Once healing has begun and discussions about physical therapy begin, it will feel like you are heading back to “normal.” Planning that first drive and adventure will be a wonderful part of recovery. All the best to Mr. Mickey and you, and abundant prayers as well.

    1. I would like to keep the chain, but I’ll be happy to sell the pendant. It is a bit more than three inches tall and the bail adds another three-quarters of an inch.

  83. Since I last visited your site you have a new hair style. Very stylish and chic! I’m considering not coloring my hair any longer and go gray. I’m 65 and went completely gray at 38!! However, I’ve colored my hair all these years. I’m thinking it’s time to give my hair a rest from all the coloring. Your color and hair style gives me encouragement for looking stylish and chic, too!

    So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s bad fall. I feel for him as I fell in late November 2018, broke it in five places, and had surgery to have two plates screwed in. I was in therapy for 10 months due to some complications. I’ll pray for a quick and full recovery!

    Stay safe and healthy.

    Michelle Hamric

  84. Wishing you all the very best from Australia, these are difficult times for sure, but stay safe and well

  85. Susan, you’re so beautiful and elegant but, please, for those of us who might not have your determination…show us a picture of one day in which you just chose to stay in your pj

  86. Hi Susan,
    Wishing Mr. Mickey a speedy recovery! I have a similar necklace I bought on Esty for about $10.00. It’s a great place to find vintage jewelry. If just have to watch several vendors sell the same item at different prices. You can also ask them if they will take less or reduce shipment cost.

    Live you blog post and your relax look today. I find getting dress everyday helps my mood during SIP.

  87. Hi Susan. I love how you used elements from different necklaces to create something similar to what you had your eye
    on, saving yourself hundreds of dollars. I’ve done this in the past too! Your look today is casual, yet somehow looks “dressed up”! I’m very sorry to hear of Mr. Mickey’s fall. I will include him in my prayers. Be well!

  88. Prayers for Mr. Mickey. I so enjoy seeing the posts that include your outings together. You are both an inspiration and I hope for a speedy recovery so we can see you together again.

  89. Prayers for a fast and uneventful recovery for Mr. Mickey. I hope it will soon be safe for you to resume your adventures together.

  90. Dear Susan
    First of all, your cross is beautiful. Secondly, thank you for telling us about Mr. Mickey. You and he will be in my prayers.

  91. Wishing Mr. Mickey a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Thank you for your uplifting messages and always interesting blog. I look forward to your posts and especially now in theses days of “shelter in place”. Hopefully Mr Mickey will be well soon, the pandemic will be done and you and he can get out and about and on to your next adventure.

  92. I’m so sorry to read of Mr. Mickey’s fall and surgery. Please let him know I have prayed for both him and you. Peace of mind and complete healing.

  93. I’m so sorry to hear of Mr. Mickey’s fall. Hoping he has a speedy recovery. I will keep him in my prayers.

  94. Praying for a successful surgery and healing for your Mr Mickey and for God’s peace to surround both of you.

  95. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey. Will keep him in my prayers. Thank you for keeping your information out there for everyone. I look forward to it every week.

  96. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. You and Mr. Mickey are in my thoughts for healing and peace.

  97. Dear Susan,
    So sorry to hear about Mr Mickey’s fall and surgery… I will be saying a prayer for him tonight.
    Blessings to you both.

  98. So sorry to hear of Mr Mickey’s accident. Sending all good wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Take care and stay safe

  99. Very sorry to hear that news. I’m hoping he will be home soon and on his way to a full recovery. Please don’t let the media find out that Santa has broken a leg. The stock market is in enough trouble already.

  100. Sorry to learn of Mr. Mickey’s accident.
    Glad his surgery went well, and he is already beginning rehabilitation. I went thru something similar- having broken my femur and requiring surgery and rehab. It was hard at first, but the rehab was the key.
    Prayers that he’ll be back taking your photos before you know it 🙂

  101. Saying a prayer for Mr Mickey and for you! He seems like a spirited man who will hopefully soon put this behind him. I’m sure he will be so relieved when he is able to be released to home care, and can see you again. Tell him he will look even more distinguished with the cane he will probably need for recovery.

  102. Susan, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. I hope his surgery went well to day. I will keep him
    in my thoughts and prayers. I have often thought that he is your best accessory. Nancy

  103. Oh, no…so sorry to hear of Mr. Mickey. I hope by now he is resting well, after his surgery today. To aid…in feeling better about his situation: our 92 y/old neighbor fell 2 weeks ago, in her home and fractured her hip. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, all by herself. No family, no visitors, as in the case for Mr. Mickey. She had surgery and was moved 4 days later to a rehab facility…still, experiencing all by herself. She is doing quite well. Sounds very positive. She said everyone has been amazing in their care. Because of her case, I think Mr. Mickey will do as well. He looks as if he is in good shape and being “Santa Claus”, for so many, sure he is in the right frame of mind. Blessings of good healing and peace be with all…

  104. Oh MY! We so hate to hear that about sweet Mr. Mickey! Please do tell him that we’re praying for him…. for the effectiveness of the surgery and for the recuperation and then the rehabilitation. A journey ahead, no doubt. Take good care of him…. and yourself!

  105. Praying for a quick recovery for Mr Mickey. Your necklace is breathtaking, I too have been looking for a similar style with a long large cross. You are very talented and wise. God bless

  106. Susan ~ I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey and am thinking about the both of you during these difficult times. It would be nice to see how you style your beautiful cross. Cyber hug ~

  107. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickeys fall. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  108. All the best to Mr Mickey. He will need lots of love and support to regain his strength and confidence after a fall. Take care.

  109. I’m so sorry about Mr Mickey. I know with all the stress we all are under that more just seems like too much. I’ll keep both of you in my prayers.
    I love a comfortable, casual look like this. I could live in loafers and jeans. The necklace turned out georgeous! I have turned to quilling, an old craft love if mine, to while away the time. It is so much fun to be doing this again.

  110. Prayers for Mr Mickey! I can’t imagine your posts without him as your silent-behind-the-scenes partner. Together you two are a perfectly functioning unit, completely complimenting each other. My prayers are that the world is soon able to return to the “normal” as we know it, enabling you both to continue taking those fabulous road trips to share with your many devoted followers. God bless you both!

  111. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey, prayers and well wishes to him! I have spent my last 2 weeks making cloth masks for healthcare and first responders in our community, nursing home, assisted living and the senior citizens in our church. This past week I created a photo book online from our recent trip to Australia that was cut short 6 days when our 2nd cruise was cancelled due to Covid19. It was a good reminder of the great trip despite being cut short! Back to making masks tomorrow! We keep getting orders and sadly it may go on for a few more weeks! I just don’t have a desire to dress up for home past my jeans and flannel shirt! I have a friend that puts on something fun to wear every day and posts a picture on FB. It may be a blingy necklace or earrings, or pretty scarf, sparkly shoe, anything to keep the day from being boring! Love her spirit!

  112. Praying that his surgery goes well! I can relate. I missed a stair in London breaking my ankle. This was third day of a fourteen day trip. This was March 6th before the seriousness of coved 19 was known. An orthopedic surgeon at St Mary’s Hospital said surgery was required. Flew back to the states, had surgery and three casts later hope to have it removed tomorrow. The last store I shopped in was Harrods!

  113. Oh Susan, am so sorry to hear about Mr Mickey, I do hope that all goes well with his surgery, am not sure if your rules hospital visiting would be allowed or not but I hope so. Please update on your blog about his progress, sending you both best wishes from here in the UK
    P.S please keep blog going as look forward to it very much

  114. Oh no! Best wishes to Mr. Mickey for a very quick recovery. It’s no fun to fall at any age. It simply hurts. Very sorry he fell.

  115. The pendant necklace you made is beautiful. You are talented at jewelry making, and I found your example quite inspiring. Especially at this time – when I have the time to “dust off” quilting and knitting projects set aside for a myriad of reasons. I’ll either make them new again or move them on. Keeping you and Mr. Mickey in my thoughts.

  116. Mr. Mickey will be in my prayers and, of course, I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for your inspirational photos and ideas.


  117. Like many others here today…I don’t normally comment x but it seems love and prayers from All over the world need to be sent to you and Mr Mikey ….I always adore your stories and little date driving adventures x take care x

  118. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and Mr Mickey. There is a saying in our beautiful Maori language here in New Zealand – Kia kaha – Stay strong

  119. Hello Susan, from Australia.

    Sorry to hear about Mr Mickey, and hope the surgery went well, will keep him in prayer.

    What size is the jacket you have on?

    We are same size, as I fitted into the one I brought from your site last year, or maybe the year before.

    It’s very interesting times we are living in, and thank you for your past, to give us inspiration to look and feel better.

    Stay safe,
    Judy Kelly

  120. Very sorry to read of Mr. Mickey’s fall and operation. Hope he is feeling more comfortable and soon will be back home. Thoughts and prayers with you both.

  121. Dear Susan,
    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and really appreciate the thought and effort you put into each of your posts. Your suggestions of ways to combine a few items to get a variety of looks always give me new ideas to try. I live in Thailand were the climate goes from hot to hotter with 95% humidity, so now that you are beginning to include examples of summer wear, I’m really excited. Looking forward to more as the weather gets warmer where you are.

    Mr. Mickey! I must tell you that he stole my heart last November when he grew his own beard to play Santa Claus for National Adoption Day. How many men would do that? I was so sorry to read about his accident and will certainly keep him in my thoughts. I hope you will have good news to share soon.

    Take care,

  122. Hi Susan,

    So sorry about Mr. Mickey’s accident. I will keep him and you in my prayers. Take care Susan!

  123. Sending Mr Mickey good wishes from the UK.
    So pleased the op went well and he is making progress.
    Also think of you too Susan, it must be very upsetting not being able to visit.

  124. Loved the outfits thanks for the post. Oh my gosh a fall and now surgery. Mr. Mickey you are in my prayers as I send this reply. Susan I hope you are able to visit him after he is recuperating. I know a lot of hospitals are only allowing one visitor and I hope you can visit him. Also hope he can be released quickly.

    Prayers being sent. Take care both of you.

  125. Oh Susan,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Mr Mickey. You must be very worried about him. I am unsure if it is the same in the States, but in Australia, we can’t visit patients at the moment.
    I hope his surgery is successful and that it will not be long before he is back on track.
    Kind regards,
    Halina Hassard

  126. Although I love your blog I don’t usually comment. But yes, Mr Mickey is in my prayers and I wish him a speedy recovery.
    Meanwhile, everybody stay safe!
    Cascais – Portugal

  127. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about Mr Mickey and send my love and healing thoughts to both of you from the UK. I will light a candle for him tonight xx

  128. OH, NO! I hope Mr. Mickey’s surgery went well and that he is comfortable. He is so lucky to have you as his love and caregiver. My hearts go out to both of you. Please keep us updated.


  129. Oh, no!! I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey!! I hope his surgery goes well and he’s back in his usual handsome form soon.

  130. Praying for Mr. Mickey, I am recovering from a broken patella that required surgery so I understand what he is going through. This too shall pass.

  131. Good morning Susan,

    I was very sorry to read about Mr. Mickey’s fall, resulting in his having to have surgery. I pray the surgeons will be successful in placing the pin in his leg and he will have a successful recovery. I pray that God will watch over you both and keep you safe.


  132. I’m sorry to hear of Mr. Micky’s broken leg. I will keep you both in my prayers!
    Gina Goodman

  133. Please know we are thinking of Mr. Mickey and praying for a speedy recovery. Falls are one of the most prevalent problems for seniors and it’s a constant challenge. When I worked for a retirement home I saw how quickly someone could go from being very active to having a broken limb, facing many weeks of recovery and physical therapy. So sorry to hear this happened to your special guy!

  134. So Sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. Not easy at our age. Last summer I tripped on an object in the street and fell and broke both my arms (radial head fractures). Thank goodness no surgery, both not easy doing anything without arms! Wishing him a good surgery and quick healing. And thanks for keeping us all well informed on style and places to go!
    Stay safe….M.J.

  135. Susan,
    So sorry to hear about Mr.Mickey! My prayers and thoughts
    are with you and the Dapper, Mr. Mickey.

  136. As I write this, there are 254 comments already posted, a testament to the care and respect your readers have for you and Mr. Mickey. I have read them all. He should consider every one of them to be a Get Well card! I add my sincere hopes for his successful rehab. And to you, please accept my very best wishes. There would never be a good time for for this, but this time is terrible.

  137. So sorry about Mickey, hope all goes well and he has a quick recovery.
    Thank you for all your wonderful advice, love your blogs.

  138. My thoughts and prayers are with the two of you today in this challenging time from a reader in Ontario, Canada

  139. Prayers for Mr Mickey as he undergoes surgery. Peace for you in these difficult times. Lovely necklace you created. Blessings for you and yours…

  140. Hi Susan,

    I have Mr. Mickey in my thoughts and prayers today, that his surgery to repair his broken leg will be highly successful. I am so very sorry to hear of his accident. How disappointing. I am sure you will be present to nurse him back to excellent health.

    I just also want to compliment you on creating such beautiful pendants into this beautiful necklace. I too like creating things from the crafts I enjoy. I find it to be relaxing, and therapeutic.

    Blessings and smiles,
    in Arizona

  141. Dear Susan, I’m sorry to hear about Mr Mickey needing surgery. Pls extend my best regards to him for a speedy recovery Judy

  142. Hi Susan, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you. It must be scary to be in the hospital at this time, and awful for you not to be able to be by his side. Thank you for taking the time to post for us, and letting us know. My routine of reading your post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, brings a little bit of comforting normalcy, to an otherwise chaotic time. Bless you both.

  143. I have nothing new to add here but please know that we all enjoy Mr. Mickey so much and pray that he will recover as soon as possible.

  144. Love your look today, but in a previous post you said you didn’t like knit jackets because they lose their shape. Still true?

  145. Certainly praying for Mr. Mickey…..are you allowed to be with him at the hospital at all? Such a hard time for so many.

  146. You are an incredible lady Susan, still keeping your blog going through very difficult times. I have followed your blog for many many years, it always portrays a mature sensible approach to life and also with humour too.
    I have commented in the past lots of times but today I wanted to tell you stay safe, stay strong and healthy for yourself and Mr Mickey.
    It must be so hard for you both and for his children that visiting is forbidden for loved ones.
    So many people all over the world will be rooting for Mr Mickey , so come on Mickey stay positive and soon you will be out of Hospital..
    Susan please keep up the blog just think how happy you make thousands of women all over the world, what an achievement and an accomplishment to have achieved in life.
    Live and best wishes to you and your loved ones .
    Pamela Wales UK xxx

  147. Thank you for continuing your warm, inspiring posts during this difficult time. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey and all best wishes for his speedy and complete recovery.

  148. Your cross is absolutely gorgeous! I will keep Mr. Mickey in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Stay safe!

  149. So sorry to hear of Mr. Mickey’s accident. I am sure he will be well taken care of during his convalescence. I will keep him in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your style and expertise with us!

  150. I hope Mr. Mickey has come through his surgery well, wishing him a strong, healthy and speedy recovery.

  151. just popping in to see how Mr Mickey is after the surgery. A big op at any age. Thanks for all you do at this time as well

  152. Will keep Mr. Mickey in my prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery. Sorry that you and he are having to go through this especially at this time.

    Love the look you model today, by the way.

  153. Hi Susan as I write this you have 320 comments, hope you print this, lots of love to you and Mr Mickey, praying he recovers quickly from his nasty fall.

  154. My thoughts and prayers for both you and Mr. Mickey. Recovery and PT is long and hard but well worth it.

  155. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s fall. We are praying for a successful surgery. Pam Artzner

  156. That’s terrible news to hear about Mr Mickey’s fall. Will be keeping him (and you) in my thoughts and prayers.

  157. Hi Susan,
    Thinking of Mr Mickey with his surgery. With a SUSAN looking after him – he can only get better quickly!!

    Thanks for all your interesting pics and suggestions. Appreciate them and think you ALWAYS dress extremely well. It makes being over 60 EXCITING!!

    Have a great day.

    NATALIE HOBBS – all the way from the Cape, South Africa

  158. Best of luck to Mr Mickey,so sorry to hear of his fall. I’m sure knowing you are close by will bring him a lot of comfort during his recovery.
    I know your posts bring me comfort during this difficult time. Stay safe and well.

  159. Susan,
    My brother, 65 years old, just had a similar fall and break. It was very painful and I know Mr. Mickey must be suffering too. Be sure and get a good, aggressive, physical therapist to help Mr. Mickey with rehab. I own a senior care company and I know if he will put in the very hard and painful work to rehab he can regain what he had before the break. It seems mean but pushing the rehab will make him so much happier when it’s done. Prayers for both of you. I love getting your emails and ideas for outfits. It has stepped up my style game. Warm regards, Mella Glenn

  160. Hi Susan, I love this look so much, I bought a similar navy military sweater. I have the same shoes, I bought after seeing them on your blog. I’m channeling your look – Lol! You are an inspiration to us all! Love the silver cross necklace you made too! Prayers for Mr. Mickey. Take care and stay healthy!

  161. like to wish good health and smooth recovery
    you are very fortunate to have Sue to be with you during this difficult
    Best Wishes
    stay safe

  162. Susan, Because you look so adorable in your white jeans I have purchased my first pair in more years than I can remember. I feel so fortunate to have found you, thank you for all your inspiration.
    I hope your husband is feeling better everyday. Take care and stay well.
    Best Wishes

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