Blue and White

White jeans are a year-round staple for me, but I never wear them when there is a threat of precipitation. White ankle-length jeans are my first choice for much of the spring and summer. Blue and white will always be a favorite color combination.

I’m showing you examples of how I like to style white jeans in slightly elevated ways in the current series of posts. Denim is always my first choice in pants for several reasons. The right type and fit of denim can smooth our silhouette like no other material. Beware of too much stretch in the fabric. When they lose their shape, jeans no longer work to our advantage. These jeans aren’t yet on the company’s website, but I’ll let you know as soon as they debut.

My blue and white stripe blouse is here. This is the same cross pendant I showed you in the post here.

The Infinity watch is here. Mention the code, Susan, to get 20% off. I am wearing the same pearl bracelet from the earlier post here, but I layered it with the watch. Since the necklaces make a bold statement, I didn’t want the look to be too cluttered. I also switched to simple pearl studs. The dome ring is a few years old. Similar ring here. Similar pearl studs here.

The orange bag and the sandals are from a couple of summers ago. I found a current similar bag here. Similar block heel sandals are here.

This look will be perfect for having lunch with friends or an afternoon date with Mr. Mickey later when it is safe to go out again.

  1. Susan
    Beautiful clothes and ideas
    Looking forward to summer in Ireland
    Have you ever visited my country
    Take care

  2. Love that small stripe. So difficult to find stripes that run horizontal! Please keep up updated on Mr. Mickey’s progress. Still in my prayers.

  3. Your cross necklace is gorgeous with the longer one. It turned out perfect. Due to knee issues, I cannot wear skinnies any more, but still love the look of white pants/jeans. Spring will arrive here soon and we can get out of the messy stage. On another note, do you wear flats or heals around the house most days? Or maybe both to keep feet in shape.

  4. What kind of seasoning do you use on your sweet potatoes and beans? How long do you keep your sweet potatoes in the refrigerator? I have never had kippers which I saw on one of your posts. How do you eat them?I am planning on buying some balsamic vinegar and olive oil from the store you have recommended but would like to know what products you think I should start with? I live in Oklahoma City so I will have to have it shipped. Thank you for all great information on food and fashion you share with your readers.

    1. Hi Gigi. I use a variety of spices on sweet potatoes before I serve them. If I have them at breakfast, I will add cinnamon, ginger, and blackstrap molasses. If I have them for lunch, I will use more savory spices such as curry, turmeric, or cumin, and pour a bit of aged balsamic vinegar over them. I bake the sweet potatoes at 375 degrees, let them cool covered in the oven. When they are cooled enough to handle, I pull off the skins with my fingers and place the potatoes in a storage container with an airtight lid.
      A kipper is a herring, a small, oily fish, that has been split in a butterfly fashion from tail to head along the dorsal ridge, gutted, salted or pickled, and cold-smoked over smoldering woodchips (typically oak). They are similar to sardines. They don’t smell as strongly, and they have a milder flavor. I sometimes add stone ground mustard, capers, or olive oil to them. Open the can, rinse, pat dry with a paper towel, and put them on the plate. They are ready to eat.
      Start with the products you know you like when you order from the olive oil store. I get the healthy olive oil with nothing infused in it. You have the Oil Tree in Oklahoma City. You might be able to order similar items to pick up by the curb there, or they might ship to you. When you can go to the store, I’m sure they offer tastings like they do in my local store.

  5. Blue and white stripes always says summer to me and is such a pretty combination. Adding a few accessories takes the outfit to a new level. Have you styled masks yet lol! I have sent for some fat quarters to make more masks. Why I think I need to be coordinated to go to the grocery store is beyond me. Stay safe!

  6. Susan, Love the outfit; it’s perfect for the coming weeks. Hoping that Mr. Mickey is doing well. On another note, there was a comment on your Instagram post that is a scam. It is in reference to the man who won $276 million. Scammers are posting these in an attempt to get people’s personal information. He did win the money, but he is not giving away money to random people

  7. What a lovely and cool/chic outfit! I especially love the cross necklace you made.
    Praying Mr. Mickey is recovering well!

  8. What a pretty outfit! You look fresh and youthful. The jewellery and sandals definitely take it up a notch.
    Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey as he continues to heal and as we all look forward to a more normal life again.
    It seems like it might still be a while before that begins to happen.

  9. Very nice and crisp! Let me know when those jeans are for sale. I am in the market for some white jeans. How do you take your pictures for your blog?
    I hope that Mr. Mickey is doing well. I am sure that you miss him.

    1. He is healing, and his rehab is going well. I use a tripod and the timer on my camera to take my pictures. I think you will enjoy these jeans. The quality is excellent, and the fit is very comfortable. If you don’t have thick legs like me, they will have more of a straight leg fit.

  10. Your look today is crisp and fresh. Plus your cross necklace looks good with the French Kande necklace. They take your outfit up to the next level. I learn so much from you. I’m getting more and more curious about those jeans. Thank you for all of your work you put into these blogs.

  11. You look so attractive in this outfit. I love your short hairstyle. Can I ask, I’ve noticed your white jeans all bunch at the knee. Is it because you pull them up to make them ankle length? Or is it the style to not have them lay smooth on your legs? Thank you. Love the pearl bracelet. Hope Mr. Mickey continues to do well.

  12. I love white jeans too. You look so nice with everything and then the POP of color from your clutch. I wouldn’t wear that color next to my face but it makes sense to have a purse that color. Just makes everything look brighter.

    Thanks for the post today. Hope that Mr. Mickey is making a quick recovery.

  13. Susan, how do you decide the best dress length to wear? I ordered the black 3/4 sleeve dress you featured in several ways recently. It it a lovely garment, but better on a hanger than on me. The length just seemed awkward to me. I loved all the other features, though. I think my best length is knee length, or full length. Regretfully, it went back.
    Thank you for the inspiration. I feel new and improved when I am able to incorporate some of your ideas. Thank you for everything.

    1. It is essential to work with the best scale and proportion for your body. Dresses that end at the knee are not flattering on me unless I wear very high heels. The best length for my shape is mid-thigh. That isn’t going to happen anymore, so I go with a few inches above the ankle when I wear a dress.

  14. Good Afternoon,

    I always look forward to your posts. It is so classic and age appropriate. I would love to see a video on how your hair is cut, styled and how you maintain it on a daily basis, please?

    I love what you share with us.

    Please stay healthy.
    From South Africa,

    Anne-Mari Smit

  15. This is my absolute favorite, so far. I have to say I love it and plan to copy as much of it as I can.

    Give my best to Mr. Mickey. Thinking of him always.

  16. I love wearing white pants all year long too!
    Thank you for showing us how to wear them successfully in good shape

    Have a nice weekend !

  17. So pretty and fresh on you. I’m a warm blonde and think I could do this with the right accessories. I love whitish silver and bought a lot of it in my 40s (remember Silpada) but from reading your posts I realize that gold works much better for me. This outfit reminds me of your blue and white striped vacation dress, another gorgeous look!

  18. You are looking thinner, younger and more beautiful than ever! This is a great look for summer. I tend to wear a lot of blue and white in summer too. I love the pop of the orange purse. Here’s hoping you get to wear this on a date soon with Mr Mickey.

  19. Thank you so much for helping us dress. I’m trying to pull my wardrobe together and your posts have certainly helped.
    This outfit looks great on you. Thank you for providing links. I can’t wait until you can let us know the name of the jeans because they look fabulous on you.

  20. Beautiful outfit. I love anything blue and white. It always looks so crisp and clean. BTW, your hair has never looked better!

  21. Best wishes to you and Mr Mickey. It is so hard right now, not being able to visit in person.

    On a lighter note, those white jeans look fantastic. I can’t wait to hear more about them. I live in Toronto Canada and despite the fact we have snowy winters, love wearing white jeans all year round. A creamier winter white (tucked into riding boots if I am going outside) for winter and white white for spring and summer.

    I also tried the shapeez bras you suggested and they are fantastic. I wear a lot of knit tops (easier to fit over smaller shoulders and larger breasts, plus comfy!) I have always hated the back bulges from regular style bras which rely on hooks and eyes in the back.

    Thx so much for all of your good tips. Wishing you (and all your readers- I always enjoy reading the comments) are able to stay safe!

  22. I think, of the outfits you featured, this one is the most youthful. They are all classy and pretty, though.

  23. I think you would look better and legs look better in a little straighter leg than the tight skinny leg pants. Skinny jeans, pants emphasize the shape and not so nicely on some. Just my opinion. Sorry.

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