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A few years ago, we discovered a delightful little shop that had just opened for business. An artist was selling the items she and her very creative family made. I fell in love with the color of this one-of-a-kind silk ruana that I’ve been wearing every summer since. It is the perfect summer topper over a silk camisole and comfortable, loose-fitting pants.

You can connect with Sibel, the artist and owner of Cybele Boutique here.

I added these earrings to my collection this summer, but I’ve already worn them several times. They are very lightweight and the perfect touch with sandals and a straw bag. Several rattan earrings styles are here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

The bracelet and ring have been in my collection for more than a decade. Similar bracelet here. Similar ring here. The bag is the same one I’ve been carrying for about three years. I tucked the strap inside to carry it as a clutch. Similar bag here. The sandals are by Sam Edelman from last year. Similar sandals here. The camisole is here. The white pants are here.

Mr. Mickey and I were on our way to Gourmet and Company to enjoy another delightful dinner, including his favorite deviled eggs and an excellent pasta and mushroom dish. His look also includes classic basics. Similar items are linked. BlazerShirtPantsShoes.

The items I show are rarely new, so I share links to similar current items. Some of the shopping links on my site may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. Gorgeous!!!! Both of you, love Mr Mickey’s shoes, so classy.

    I just received the pearl wishbone earrings from Beauty In Stone on your site, they are beautiful! My ear lobes are dropping???? I don’t need heavy earrings but like them to at least show up on my ears. They are so perfect, lightweight and can barely tell I’m wearing them. The rattan pair in today’s post look awesome for summer! Thanks for your discount Susan!!!

  2. I love how you show how accessories can be used to elevate very basic clothing items. I am glad to see Mr. Mickey is looking so well.

  3. Love seeing you and Mr. Mickey out on the town. You both look so elegant. And thank you for wearing things you already have in your closet, that ruana is absolutely beautiful, why would you want to buy something new?

  4. Beautiful, you look like a perfect summer sky!

    Link is for the Cybele Boutique Facebook page. Do they have an actual website, showing items and prices?

  5. I agree with Kathy, Mr. M’s shoes are so classy! The ruana is lovely and so is the red one in a previous post. I follow Sibel on Facebook, a very unique boutique. Today I placed my order for a second pair of the rattan earrings from Beauty in Stone. Thank you for the discount!

  6. Hi Susan, As we made our twice annual pass from South to North, I always wave to you as we pass the Johnson City exit. One day we’re stopping for lunch at Gourmet and Co…but our dog prevents us!
    I would like to order those earrings and a bracelet, but you have pieced ears? As you told us several years ago..As you age..cover that you get pierced or clip on? I kinda hate clip on, but hopefully these, if pierced style are light? And thanks for the discount! 52 degrees in NH this AM…Hope you are staying cool..checking out the ruins as well. Love your advice!
    Holly Rigby

  7. Lovely post as usual, Susan! That ruana is an heirloom piece and I’m in the Mr Mickey shoe fan club also. These are very cool and my favorites are his two-tome saddle oxfords!
    May I ask what the deviled eggs are garnished with?

  8. The color of that ruana is stunning and gorgeous! You always look so polished and at ease. Having some high-quality basics that can be paired with such gorgeous pieces is such a great strategy. I have a beautiful kimono jacket that I can pair with a column of black, navy, brown, or white. It is one of my favorite pieces. I love all the looks you create with white jeans or slacks – it is such a fresh look. I have adopted it as my spring/summer uniform. Thank you for your inspiring looks and advice!

  9. I recently received my rattan earrings from Beauty in Stone and I love them! The mix of textures as shown is great fun to mix with my summer clothes. Thank you for sharing your talented source.

  10. You look gorgeous! Love the beautiful ruana… turquoise, being one of my favorite color. I would like to know what type of bra you are wearing with the camisole. Thank you!

  11. Hi Susan,

    Oh, I love that vibrant aqua color on you with your silver hair and against the greenery it’s a stunning photo. I see the cute boutique where you bought your ruana is in Lewisburg, WV. If you have not already been there, my husband and I stayed at the General Lewis Inn there probably 30 years ago and their current website shows the inn has been “luxuried up” now which it was not at the time we stayed there–the draw was more history at the time and the inn was more charming than luxe. By the current pix it looks like an elegant place now that you and Mr. Mickey would love! Here’s the link and enjoy!

    Have a lovely day and thanks for all the fashion tips. I’m going to try those invisible sock-things you suggested since I wear flats all the time.

    Kathryn 🙂

  12. This is as beautiful as it gets! Love everything about this look.

    You and Mr. Mickey are both so darn good-looking! And elegant. What a beautiful couple.

  13. You always look lovely. The ruana is a beautiful color on you.
    You and Mr. Mickey are model-worthy.

  14. Susaan,

    Thank you for making my weekend. You are stunningly exquisite, as you always are, in your summer attire. Thank you for sharing your adventures, your grace, and beauty with us. I send you best wishes.

  15. I enjoy reading your entries every week. Your style is so classic and timeless. I love the trips thru the nearby mountains and towns. Thank you for sharing your expertise and adventures with us!

  16. The duster that you wore in the picture is just beautiful it complements your hair beautifully. I’ve been looking for a duster in a solid color but I tend to be drawn to the prince. But I won’t buy them because that’s not what I want. Thank you so much enjoyed.

  17. Beautiful color on you! I would have grabbed that too! It says summer to me. Paired with the white it’s absolutely stunning. The raffia earrings are very unique too. Happy Summer Susan!

  18. Hi Susan,
    You look so pretty in this color, the ruana looks so beautiful on you. I just want you to know I really think your hair looks so nice, the shape in the back is perfect. I know it was a shock seeing the front locks fall into your lap. The saving grace is your hair always (usually) grows back.
    Sending you a joyful day,

  19. Turquoise is the perfect colour on you, Susan. It makes you sparkle!
    Your last post on make-up was informative. I really learned a lot from a make-up video you did in the last year or so. (do you have the link?). Do you still use a bronzer as blush? My skin is so pale with pink undertones and regular blushes always seem too strong. So I bought a very light coloured powder bronzer and used it as a blush. It was perfect with just a hint of healthy colour.

  20. Hi Susan,

    You look beautiful and Mr. Mickey is very handsome. Thank you for sharing your outings with us.

    Love the turquoise color.

  21. Lovely outfit, looks great. Turquoise is a color I wear often in the summer as I enjoy wearing my tourquise jewelry from New Mexico with it. Susan, if I purchase a shapez bra in a store about an hour from me and mention you and your site, will you still get the credit? I want to be fitted properly and prefer trying the item on, (if the store allows it, ) but I also want you to receive credit.

    1. Thank you for thinking of me, but I never earn a commission on Shapeez bras. I share the source because they truly are the most comfortable and supportive bras I’ve ever found.

  22. Love this look on you, Susan! Very inspiring for us readers!

    Question: When you are wearing a spaghetti strap camisole, what kind of bra do you wear or do you wear your Shapeez undergarment? I love camisoles, but am puzzled with the lingerie underneath, in case I have to remove my outer jacket/sweater/ruana/etc.

    Thanks. I really enjoy your blog!

  23. A different kind of question: I was going through some of your posts and was drawn to pictures showing the plants along the walkway to your front door. I recognize the fern but am at a loss for the others. Can you be kind enough to share the names of the plants. Thank you.

    1. Over the past seven years, I have planted a variety of shade-loving plants by the front door. There are hostas, coral bells, lily of the valley, seven different ferns, creeping jenny, and many indigenous plants. When I go to the garden center, I shop in the section for shade perennials. I look for low-maintenance plants that return each year without becoming invasive.

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