Buy What You Love

Seasonal fashion launches include specific colors and sometimes new trends. Use this to your advantage. Buy what you love and what suits you while it is available. If a trend appeals to you, embrace it. For the most part, I ignore fads, but I do look for my best colors in winter and late summer. Fashion is fleeting; Style is timeless.

You may have met with frustration when looking for a new coat in October, only to find the remaining selection very sparse. Colors are also released in seasons, for example, clear blue-reds. If you look for a red blazer in the springtime, you will usually come home empty-handed.

I’ve learned to search for red items when the holiday/resort collections launch in late October. If you wear golden-hued browns, warm greens, orange-reds, and camel colors, you will find a much better selection when the fall collections launch in July. Delicate spring colors and pastels may start to show up in stores as early as January.

A collection – wardrobe – closet, whatever you wish to call it, should include mostly high-quality solid color pieces that flatter your shape, your coloring, and your taste. Buy what you love so that you will always have something to wear that reflects your personality. If the item is appropriate for the event and the weather, you will always look your best when you wear it.

Some of my classic accessories and handbags have been in my collection for years, if not decades. I still get compliments and always feel well-dressed each time I wear them.

I don’t feel dressed without a watch, earrings, and a ring. Depending on the event, I may also layer necklaces or add a stack of bracelets. It’s great fun to get creative with accessories.

I am teaming up with Nordgreen to give away THREE watches this week. Visit the site for Nordgreen here and pick out the watch you would like to win, and then tell me your choice in the comments below. I will randomly choose three names and announce the winners in the blog post on Friday. Good luck!

It was fifty degrees and raining the day that I wore this look.

Links for similar (if not the same) items follow. SweaterShirtPantsBootsNecklaceBagBraceletEarringsRingNative Watch (Mention the code, Susan, to get 20% off.)

  1. I’ve been looking at the watches for a few weeks. I love the Infinity 32 silver one. Maybe I’ll be lucky and win. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. The Infinity -gold is beautiful and classic. Although anything during this time would be an instant pick me up. Thank you for your blog, I look forward to it especially during these trying times. Now is the time for me to up my style game. I hope Mr. Mickey is on the mend.

  3. I love thePhilosopher in silver gray with the gray mesh band watch in the 40mm size. Your posts offer so much for so many people and this is a lovely offer. Thank you,

  4. Hi Susan, I recently bought a Nordgreen watch and am very impressed with it. I would love to add to my collection and would love a Philosopher, 40, with a white dial and a navy strap.
    Thank you for the opportunity
    Best regards

  5. Love a watch as a finishing touch. Infinity with the white face and silver mesh band will work with my wardrobe so well. Have a great week!

  6. I especially like the Infinity Rose Gold. Like you, I enjoy wearing a watch, and don’t feel properly dressed without one.

  7. This is fun Susan! I would choose the Native watch with Silver case, White dial and Black strap. Thank you!

  8. Hi, Susan – I love your classic, timeless style. My choice is the Infinity white dial 32m in silver. I used to wear gold but found that since I’ve aged, silver, white gold, or platinum is a good choice for me.

  9. My favorite is the Infinity mesh silver. So classic. I look forward to your posts, especially during this time. Praying that Mr Mickey is getting better every day.

  10. Susan, I like the silver watch with the brown, black, and mesh bands.
    Thanks! I love reading your blog!
    Suzette Richardson

  11. I would love the Native watch with silver mesh band. Thank you for this opportunity. Your posts are truly a bright spot during this challenging time.

  12. Susan, all the watches are beautiful, but I think the Infinity Silver is my favorite. Take care, Martha.

  13. Hi Susan, what a lovely giveaway! The Philosopher watch in rose gold is beautiful. Thanks for your posts, so inspiring during these trying times.

  14. I would love the philosopher Bindle with the interchangeable bands or the Infinity Mesh watch. Like you, I always wear a watch, earrings and ring. Thank you.

  15. I love the infinity watch in silver. I feel it is a classic watch that will go with everything.
    I really enjoy your blog and never miss a post!

  16. I love the native silver, gunmetal or bundle. Thank you for sharing your fashion expertise Susan,

  17. Native-Rose Gold-White Dial is pretty. I only wear gold (no silver) due to being a warm – reddish hair, green eyes, and olive skin. That color would match!

  18. Good morning, Susan!

    I like the Native style with white dial, in gold.

    You have offered many wonderful opportunities in your giveaways! These beautiful watches look classic, yet fresh!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. I just love the Infinity Bundle – Rose Gold/Dark Brown/Black/Navy Straps – thank you for doing this and stay safe.

  20. Hi Susan, you always look so polished. I would love to have the infinity watch, white, 32 mm with the white, navy, and mesh bands. I would also be interested in seeing your bag/purse collection (or maybe the top 5 or 10?) and having you talk about why it is a favorite and why it works for you (size, shape, color, pockets, texture, etc?). Regards, Jo

  21. Susan what a kind and generous thing to do for your readers! I would be blessed to win any of the watches but I love the Silver Infinity in Silver mesh.

  22. I love the bundle of brown/black and silver straps so versatile with whatever you are wearing.

  23. Susan, thank you for this opportunity! I like the Philosopher with the white face and silver mesh band. Best wishes as you take care of your adventure partner!

  24. Hello Susan!
    I love all of the watches but the Infinity White leather would be my ideal watch. It would look light on my way pale skin. It would also match everything . It appears to be a soft not bright color.
    I love seeing your posts and I hope you pick my name!
    Holly Miller

  25. Good morning! Love reading your blog! I think the Native – white dial- silver -36mm watch is beautiful.

    Kim Jones
    York, SC

  26. I would consider myself blessed if I were chosen. I love the infinity white faced silver (either 32 or 40) with mesh strap!
    Thank you I so enjoy your posts and style!

  27. If you should choose me , I would appreciate the Native BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold Mesh/Brown Leatger Strap, please .Thank you so much

  28. I love LOVE the Native Navy Dial Silver Mesh in 32MM. I’m a new follower. Found you when I searched for what to wear with red pants! You are truly a classy lady. This 56 year old Arkansas woman hopes to learn from you!

  29. Infinity Rose gold bundle – rose gold, white and navy straps. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Good Morning. I love the Native with white dial and black band. Also love what you are wearing. I think those slacks are Timeless.. Have a nice day. Rita

  31. Native white dial silver 32mm please for me! Love these giveaways; it’s like buying a lotto ticket–fun even if I don’t win 🙂 thanks Susan.

  32. Great perspective on fashion and finding what you love, not just what’s on trend. The watches are gorgeous! I’d love to wear the Philospher with a 40mm dial in silver or gunmetal with a brown leather strap. They are all timeless pieces so I’d be happy with any of them!

  33. Susan, Wise advice in your post today. I love the Infinity Bundle – Silver White/Navy/Mesh straps

  34. Susan: I love the Native Bundle- white face, black, brown, silver bands. Very versatile and classic. Fits my wardrobe very well!

  35. I love the Native. White just looks like summer accessory to me. In joy your classic style.

  36. Hi Susan
    I keep looking at the Native rose bundle with the mesh and brown straps. I can’t afford to purchase it right now, I would be thrilled to win it!

    Thank you for always giving us such great tips.

    Good luck to everyone!


  37. Hi Susan, Love the blog! I like the Nordgreen Native watch in Silver. Hope I am one of the lucky ones!

  38. I love your post and love the hair cut. I would like that Infinity – Silver 32mm white dial of I should be so lucky to win. Thank you.

  39. Good morning Susan. The infinity 32 inch silver watch with silver mesh wrist band is my choice should I be chosen. Lovely watch and can go with everything I wear.Thank you Susan for sponsoring this promotion. You look lovely as always in today’s photo.

  40. Happy Monday (or at least I think it’s Monday)! The native with the navy blue dial is beautiful.

  41. All the Nordgreen watches are so elegant and classic.
    I’ve always liked a black on black look, so if I was lucky enough to win, I would select the Native | Black Dial – Black Mesh Silver in the 36mm.
    Thank you for another great giveaway.

  42. Good Morning,

    I would like win the Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  43. Susan, I so enjoy reading your posts and getting classic style tips! I love the Native, white dial, rose gold. Thank you and stay safe!

  44. Hi Susan! All of the watches are beautiful but I like the clean lines of the Native~white dial~ silver mesh band. Thank you for this opportunity once again!

  45. Susan, I so enjoy reading your posts and getting classic style tips! I love the Native, white dial, rose gold.

  46. Thanks for the giveaway…. I would be thrilled with any of the watches, but my preference is the Infinity in silver with the mesh band. thanks!

  47. They are all beautiful, but I especially like the Native, white dial, silver mesh band. This is very generous of you and Nordgreen to provide this opportunity. I hope you are doing well and Mr. Mickey continues to improve. I always appreciate your insights Susan. Have a great day!

  48. My favorite of the day is the Philosopher – BUNDLE Gun Metal | Mesh / Brown Leather Strap …. has two straps so I can wear with any color.

  49. I’d love to win the watch (Native with silver band & white face)….it’s beautiful!

  50. Like so many others, I never miss reading your blog. I enjoy and embrace a “classic” look that has grown more casual at my age, 70. The Nordgren watches are a classic match. My favorite is Native, white dial, silver.

  51. Good morning Susan. I would love to have the Silver Infinity, 32 mm with black strap.
    Thank you for your doing this, I really like your blog and never miss your posts.
    Best regards,

  52. I would love the Native watch you’re wearing with the gray band. I normally wear gold, but your silver looks so fresh.

  53. This is my favorite although they’re all quite pretty. Thank you, Susan!
    I hope Mickey is recovering quickly! Infinity – silver -mesh -grey

  54. Native with white dial in silver is my favorite. So classy and elegant — just like you! Thanks

  55. Hi Susan, it would be assume to win the native with black face and silver, navy, black straps bundle. So hard to choose!

  56. I would wear any of these lovely classic watches. I do like the Native with the silver band the best. Thank you!

  57. Susan, another classic outfit with pieces that can be worn so many ways. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a lovely watch. If I’m lucky enough to be selected, I would love the Infinity Silver Watch.

  58. Dear Susan
    I would be so happy to win any of the Nordgreen watches as they are all beautiful, timeless elegance. Thank you

  59. I love your make-up, it’s why I began following you!
    I truly like the Infinity watch w/ white band!

  60. Good Morning and thank you for
    Another opportunity to win this classy watch. My absolute favorite is the Native Black Dial Bundle with Silver Mesh, Olive, & black band. This would be the best Mother’s Day surprise!

  61. I love reading your blogs, lots of very useful tips. My watch stopped working this morning so would love to win. I chose the Native model white dial brown leather. Many thanks.

  62. Many thanks for your blog and this lovely contest! The Native White Dial Silver Mesh strap watch looks beautiful to me!

  63. Thanks so much Susan…I love your posts and appreciate you giving us opportunities to win!
    Hard to choose a favorite watch, but today I think my favorite is the Philosopher 36mm in gunmetal.
    Thanks again and have a Wonderful Week!

  64. Good Morning, because I still work at this wonderful age of ”after 60” I especially enjoy your tips and tricks. Sometimes getting going takes a little extra motivation and your suggestions have made the process easier. I have admired your exact watch for some time now and would love a chance at the same style… Native in silver. Thank you for the opportunity and you blog!

  65. Love your styling today…so similar to one of my go-to looks. I love the Infinity silver mesh model…

  66. I love the Nordgreen Philosopher watch, for the date and a second hand. It must be the retired nurse in me!

  67. I like the infinity with silver mesh band. All are beautiful! And so are you!! Happy Monday!!

  68. Nordgreen Philosopher, silver with silver mesh band – I neglected to add that detail when I first submitted!

  69. I love the Native in gold with mesh band. Very elegant! Hope you have a blessed Mother’s day with your mother.

  70. First, and most important is your outfit. I love it! Funny, because I have the same items in my closet and have not yet put them together, as you have. Especially love the pants! I purchased the same pair last month and can’t wait to wear them. Enjoy your day and time with Mr. Mickey. I hope he is doing well! I am interested in the Infinity – Navy Blue Leather watch.

  71. I love the Native in gold with mesh band. Very elegant! Hope you have a blessed Mother’s day with your mother.

  72. Hi Susan! The infinity silver 32mm with grey leather band would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe. I just love your blog and the beautiful outifts you show.

  73. I have been thinking about a watch lately. For the past few years i have relied on my computer or phone for that purpose. Perhaps it is time to go back to the classics! i would love an Infinity gold with black leather.

  74. Would love the Infinity Rose Gold. I’m retiring in late June after 42 years of nursing and public service and this would be perfect to celebrate this special milestone! Right now, am essential, but still helping others. Hope all is well and everyone stay safe!

  75. Infinity gold! How classic! It reminds me of something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Thank you for providing so much inspiration!

  76. I would love to win the Infinity 32 inch silver watch with silver mesh wrist band. So generous of you to do this. Thanks

  77. I love the Native, white dial, silver mesh band! I need a new watch and this would exceed all my expectations! Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Good morning! Great way to start the week with a give away! Philosopher,black band and gun metal frame. Fingers crossed!

  79. I would love to have the Native watch in gold. I learned a long time ago to buy clothing in the fall when my best colors are available. My problem has always been finding warm weather clothes in my best colors. Brown sweaters are easy to locate but not brown tank tops. Summer clothes are by far my biggest challenge.

  80. The Infinity Bundle with the silver mesh, navy and white bands are my favorite Nordgreen item. It has been on my wish list for quite a while. Thank you for the opportunity of winning it.

  81. Thank you for another give away! I would love to wear the Infinity Bundle silver mesh/gray leather. Thank you again. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  82. Enjoyed seeing your outfit as an example today. Spring can be quite chilly in North Dakota. I really need to look for spring sweaters earlier in the year. Infinity 32 with the silver/white/navy combination would be my choice.

  83. The Nordgreen Native Bundle Rose Gold would compliment my skin and go nicely with my cherished Kate Spade bangle. Rules Girls wear big watches, that exude confidence.

  84. Love your style – and your watch
    I would choose the native in silver with a navy leather band

  85. If I won a watch, my pick would be the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Rose Gold Mesh/Brown Leather Strap.

  86. I love this style & those jeans are so classic & elegant! I hope Mr.Mickey is on the mend . You have taught me so much about dressing in my 60’s, especially with scarves! I would like to be included in your drawing, the watch I’ve chose is the native/white dial with brown leather band. This is a classic style that I have always loved.

  87. I would love the Infinity silver with black band! Such a classic timeless style. I don’t have a watch at the moment but would love this one to wear.

  88. I would be thrilled to win the Native/ silver with white dial with the grey or navy band. Simply elegant and beautiful! Thank you for the chance to perhaps win something, especially during these unusual times. Today is a day for a good day!

  89. Oh my. The watches are beautiful. I love the Native White Dial Silver. I gravitate towards silver because I’m more of a winter, so silver looks best on me, especially with gray hair.

  90. I love your colour combinations. You’ve really made me think of my wardrobe, now reduced to interchangeable items in the grey/white/navy palette with occasional light blue and red for accents. Much easier to choose what to wear, and everything stays much better organised.
    I love the Native silver with white dial and the vegan dove grey strap. Love that Nordgreen cater for us vegans.

    I hope both you and Mr Mickey are remaining well.

  91. Infinity Bundle -silver/white/navy
    What a fabulous give-away! I’m new to you blog and loving it! Thanks for the inspiration, especially during this extended time at home.

  92. A watch is also one of my go to accessories! I love the Infinity, rose gold,white,navy. Wishing myself good luck!

  93. Native – white dial – silver – 40
    I am delighted to have stumbled upon your blog. Trying to keep my fashion stride in my mid-60’s has been challenging with wrong color choices or off design choices – all because my coloring has changed or my body has shifted. I appreciate your approach and look forward to your blogs. Thank you so much.

  94. Susan, I would love to win the Native/ white dial in silver. They are all lovely but the silver goes with most of what I wear. I admire them each time you wear one on your blog.

    Hope Mr. Mickey continues to improve. I miss seeing him in your pictures during your excursions.

    Have a blessed day.

  95. Susan,

    I love your posts and admire your wardrobe selections.

    The Nordgreen watch I like best is the Native with the white dial and silver band.

    Keep on posting!

    Thank you.

    Mary Boyd

  96. Another great give-away! I love the Infinity bundle, silver with white, navy and mesh bands! The pairing of your watch with a diamond bracelet is beautiful! I have a similar bracelet with crystals that I will now pair with a watch! Take care, stay safe!

  97. Hi Susan. This is so exciting. I have been quietly following you for several years. We are the same age. I love the Native/white dial-rose gold. So very very sorry to learn of Mr. Mickey’s recent fall. I have been a care giver to both of my parents and can honestly say caregiving is no joke, but it can also be a blessing. Prayers for full and complete healing with no complications.

  98. Hello! The Infinity, Silver – 40mm is at the top of my wish list! Thank you, Jeanne T

  99. Love you blog and love the Nordgreen watches. My favorite is the native with white dial and either silver or gun metal band, so classic. Thanks for chance to win one.

  100. Thank you Susan! I enjoy your posts. All the watches are beautiful. I love the Native white dial in gun metal. (32) have a wonderful day.

  101. I love the Infinity Bundle – silver/white/navy. What a fabulous give-away! I’m new to your blog and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration, especially during this extended time at home.

  102. All the watches are beautiful. I really like the Infinity -Gold with Dark Brown Leather band. Thank you.

  103. Hi Susan, would love to be considered for the Infinity Silver. It’s beautiful.
    Like you, I’m a Susan, but Susan after seventy. I enjoy your posts and often follow your advice. I hadn’t thought about when to shop for favorite colors as you describe here. You have brought elegance and joy to me these past couple of months while in lock down. Thank you, Sue

  104. I would be delighted to win any watch but if I had a choice Native White dial silver 36mm. Thank you Susan for the great blogs during this lockdown, I look forward to reading them everyday.

  105. Good Morning Susan,
    I would like to win the Infinity Bundle – Silver/Brown/Black. Thank you and have a great day.

  106. These watches are simply beautiful. So sleek and stylish! I would love to have the Native White Dial in silver! Like you, I always feel like I need my watch on. Thanks for all the wonderful advice you give us to be our best!

  107. I like the Infinity watch set. And I love your rainy day look, Susan. The photo reminds me of something you taught me quite a while ago, structure to handbags. I think of you always when I shop for a .

  108. Good Morning Love your style I like the rose gold watches. Thanks Please tell me what to wear for heavy set \Brenda Lambert

  109. Hi Susan, your blog has been an inspiration to me for years and continues to be a bright spot in my day through this stressful time. Thank you for that! All of the Nordgreen watches are beautiful and I would be so thrilled to win any of them. Upon visiting the site I am especially drawn to the Infinity – Navy Blue Leather. It’s simple, beautiful and with a touch of my favorite color, blue. It is simply gorgeous. Take care and give my best to Mr. Mickey, hope he’ll be feeling good as new very soon.

  110. Hello Susan,
    You look great, as usual. I hope you are doing fine. So sorry about Mr. Mickey’s health. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    My choice of watch is: Infinity-brown leather. I think, it is very simple and elegant.
    Thanks Susan. Have a wonderful day !
    María T Campoverde

  111. I all of them, but the Infinity Silver strap was my favorite. Thanks so much for your posts and giveaways!

  112. Susan, how kind of you and Nordgreen to have this giveaway! I would love the 36mm Native in silver with white face and the mesh band. I don’t know if they are offering the bundles, but if so, I’d like a black band. Thank you for the opportunity, AND for introducing us to so many great products!

  113. Susan they are all beautiful ❤️, I really like the Native bundle white face. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have one♥️♥️

  114. Hi Susan,
    I would love to win the Philospher Bundle Gun metal/brown/black!!! I love your style and recently started following your philosophy for buying clothes. Thanks for all your help with my wardrobe.

  115. I love the look of the Infinity-White Dial-Gold. I wear a watch daily as I usually have my phone turned off and in my handbag. Enjoy your blog and also prefer a no fuss, classic style. Thanks for helping us navigate through this difficult time.

  116. #stylegoals Every time I see one of your posts, I unfailingly think “I want to have that sort of presence”. Amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Nordgreen watch. I like the Infinity in silver mesh. I like that I could then buy more bands to coordinate with different outfits/looks.

  117. Susan, thank you for your blog that brightens my day! I’m grateful to have the opportunity to win the the “Native” women’s watch from Nordgreen.

  118. Native, White Dial Brown Leather. This watch is so timeless. Have never owned a classy high end watch, have always purchased very inexpensive watches when I shop for one. Look forward to your blog, you always look so put together with your outfits, not trendy.

  119. Black and gray looks so nice together. I picture you wearing this fashion to a lovely lunch with Mr. Mickey. So pretty! I hope he is doing well. Native white dial definitely suits my personality! Thank you for entering me. Enjoy your weekend. ❤

  120. I love the Infinity Silver Bundle. Thanks for teaming up with Nordgreen to give away more of these beautiful watches.

  121. Good morning Susan, another enjoyable post! All the watches are so stylish, but prefer the Infinity with silver band. A great week to you and Mr. Mickey.

  122. I am a retired teacher and have always been on a schedule. I wear a watch every day to keep me focused on my activities. I would like to win the Philosopher watch with the bundle of silver/brown/mesh straps. It would allow me to change the look with different outfits I wear. Time is precious, and I value a good watch!

  123. Native, black dial face, gun metal mesh in 36mm would be my top pick. I love these watches, and keep hoping for a “win” when they are offered this way. What a treat this beautiful piece would be!

  124. Good morning Susan!!!! Happy Monday!!!

    I love the Bundle Silver – I would be able to wear it with everything – just change the strap!!!

    Enjoy your day!!!

  125. Thank you so much for this opportunity! My favorite is the Native, white dial, silver with a silver mesh band. My coloring is very much like yours so your color choices always suit me perfectly!

  126. Thank you for such a nice giveaway! I like the women’s “Native” watch in gold with a white dial and brown leather watchband.

  127. I love the Native/white dial – silver. So simple and yet quite elegant. This is truly a wonderful give-away.

  128. Love, love the navy dial with gray leather band!!
    I’m old-timey and love a watch too

  129. Good morning Susan. Really enjoy reading and rereading your blog. When ordering on line, how do you judge the quality of the item? The Infinity Bundle silver-white/navy/mesh straps would be exciting to win.

    1. There are certain brand names and retailers that I have learned fit me well and consistently offer the best quality I can afford. I remain loyal to them.

  130. Love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win Philosopher, silver, white dial, 36 mm

  131. I’ve recently discovered your blog. Very inspiring!

    I love Native in rose gold…that’s my color!

  132. Hi Susan,
    You look great, as usual. Hope you are doing fine. So sorry about Mr Mickey’s health. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    My choice of watch is Infinity- brown leather
    Thanks Susan. Have a wonderful day !
    María T Campoverde

  133. Wow! Three chances! I love the Native white dial with brown leather strap. It would go with every thing I wear – autumn colors year round. Thanks so much for the opportunity to possibly win such a beautiful watch!

  134. I look forward to reading your blog. I love the Native watch with the white dial and grey watchband.

  135. Hello Susan – I thoroughly enjoy your blog. The style comments are truly helpful for a style challenged person like me. I appreciate the information for individuals who are not the same coloring as you. I would enjoy wearing the Native-Bundle White Dial Rose Gold/Mesh/Brown Leather Strap. Stay well and continue inspiring all your readers with your lovely blog. Helen

  136. What a great giveaway! I would pick the Native Watch with the Silver Mesh Band. Thank you for all the work you do to help your readers look their best.

  137. I am liking the
    Native | White Dial – Black Leather in silver for my husband. He needs a little boost during this time of quarantine. He gives to others but not to himself.


  138. Thank you, Susan, for always giving us elegant, sensible advice! If I were to win one of the watches, I would choose the Native, white dial with the silver band in 36 mm. native-white-dial-mesh

    It would be an elegant choice for dressy wear when I want to look polished for so many events. Thank you again!

  139. Good day and you look so spiffy and youthful and I am Your age and give me vim and vigour! Love the watches I currently wear my Fitbit and my Raymond Weil – recently my dad I died And I went to out a new battery in his and I Knew Then I wanted a new watch and my dad close.
    My favorite watch is…. the Infinity mesh band …it looks so much like my dad’s!

  140. Really loved your classic look today. I still love a white collared shirt with a popped collar. I too wear watch always and finding it strange during these times when we are housebound to be without! Love the thinness of the Nordgreen Native watch. Either the silver or rose gold would be my choice. Beautiful and classic styling!

  141. Thank you for introducing this watch brand to your readers. They are all really smart looking, but I would appreciate winning the Native white dial with the gold strap watch. Thank you Susan and Nordgreen, for this opportunity!

    Wishing Mr. Mickey a complete recovery.

  142. Love your look. Need to make some changes as I have too many pants that don’t fit right. I have no hips and mid rise pants always slip down and you have to be pulled up. Do you prefer high waist pants? If you pull my name for the watch I love the white band Infiniti watch. Always a nice idea to have white accessories in the summer.

  143. The classic look of these watches fits your style so well. I would choose the Native black dial with gunmetal band.

  144. I am really drawn to the Philosopher watch in rose gold with a black nylon band. I believe the rose gold would look best with my skin tone and the black nylon would be a nice summer weight band and very chic with so many outfits. Hard to choose because they all look like very nice quality products.

  145. Thank you for your generous offer to win a Nordgreen watch. I would love to wear the Native/White dial- Silver watch. Stay safe and healthy.

  146. I love the Infinity 32mm in white leather! It’s such a clean looks especially for summer. Leather band watches are best for me since I have a small wrist.
    Thank you!

  147. Please enter me in your contest for the watch. My choice is the Native white Rose Gold. Thank you! I really like what you said about a classic wardrobe and how to buy certain colors that look good for us to wear.

  148. I am a practicing registered nurse of 42 years and finally, I find a watch with a large face AND a second hand!!! I am in love with the Philosopher Gold Watch!!! ITS PERFECT! I am new to your site and I am loving your classy and timeless styles. Thank you for sharing this amazing offer. I would love to win! Good luck to all!

  149. Thanks so much for this generous offer. Beautiful watches! I would love to win the Infinity gold with Brown leather band. Best wishes and thanks again.

  150. Hello Susan! I also feel I am not totally dressed without a watch and ring. I would love to own the Native-Bundle white dial, silver mesh band, brown leather band.

  151. Would love the silver mesh infinity style. It would go with most everything I wear. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  152. I would choose the Philosopher Bundle silver/brown/black and mesh band bundle. These are very elegant and stylish watches and always look wonderful with any style that you are wearing!
    Thank you, Cheri Hanes

  153. Thank you for another giveaway. I enjoy your blog and your style and hope Mr. Mickey is back on his feet soon.
    The watch I would love to win is the Native.

  154. Wow, there are so many lovely watches to choose from. I would have to ponder for some time before choosing one, but I would definitely love a silver watch with a band of a cool color such as black or gray. I am a winter, so those colors work best with my wardrobe. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a quality, beautiful watch!

  155. I like the look of the Nordgreen watches. They are classic watches that can be worn everyday. I especially like the Infinity Bundle silver/brown/black mesh strap.

    It will feel so good to get out and mingle with people again. I didn’t realize how many things I took for granted until this pandemic happened. I will truly see thing differently from now on — appreciating more of the small things in life.

    I hope that Mr. Mickey continues to improve.

  156. Love these watches. My choice would be:
    Native – white dial – silver
    Thanks – Be Well

  157. Thank you Susan for your uplifting blog! I would choose the Infinity bundle with silver/white/navy.

  158. The Philosopher watch – silver with silver mesh band – 36mm – is perfection! Thank you, Susan! Lovely look today!

  159. Hi Susan! I love the 36 mm Native white face, silver tone with silver mesh strap. It has an elegant classic look that would go with everything! Thank you Nordgreen for the giveaways!

  160. Beautiful watches. I would pick philosopher brown leather if I should be so lucky to be chosen.

  161. Generous giveaway – 3 watches! I wear a watch every day (while I appreciate the decorative element I need it to be functional as well), my current favorite is a rose gold but my favorite in this collection is the Native with white dial and silver mesh band. Hope you and Mr Mickey are both having a good start to May

  162. This is fun. I had not heard of this brand until now. I’m glad you have introduced this.
    I would chose the native silver/white/ black leather 40mm
    Also, I enjoyed seeing the trouser look. And the encouragement to buy what you love! So simple, but so true! You would think I don’t need to be reminded to do that, but I do! The tips on shopping seasonal colors so helpful! Keep the great tips coming!

  163. Native-white dial Gold is my favorite!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Marilyn Pack

  164. Each time I am drawn to the Philosopher gun metal. I like the simple, yet classy look.
    Best wishes to Mr Mickey as he recovers.
    Take care of yourself & stay safe.
    Thank you.

  165. I love the Philosopher in silver. It’s contemporary, yet timeless. I feel that it will complement everything that I own.

  166. I love the native 32mm white dial gold. Such a beautiful watch. I’ve admired it on your wrist for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog and who doesn’t love a giveaway!!

  167. Selecting one Nordgreen watch was quite a challenge. There are so many beautiful color and style combinations to consider. Narrowing my selection down to one would be the Silver Infinity with a gray leather band. I feel this style and color would compliment so many of my daily outfits, from dressy to casual. Thank you for the offer and opportunity to wear a Nordgreen.

  168. The Nordgreen watches are lovely. Especially like the Infinity. I’ve followed your blog for many years and have adopted many of your style suggestions..

    During this time of quarantine, I continue to get up each morning, thank the Lord for keeping my family safe and dress as I normally would.
    I’m a very youthful 73 year old widow in perfect heath. But a cancer survivor!
    Life is good!

  169. Absolutely loving your look today. The polished denim pants are perfect. With your spot on advice to start with basics I have finally been able to dress with confidence! Thank you Susan for sharing your knowledge! The Philosopher 40 white dial and black strap would be a welcome addition to my accessory wardrobe. Thank you again.

  170. Good shopping tips! Love your watch and I’d choose the gunmetal Infinity with the mesh band. Just like yours

  171. They are all so pretty! Hard to choose just one! I think my favorite, though, is the Infinity bundle (silver/white/navy)
    Thanks so much!

  172. Brown band, gold, white dial

    Such fun! Thank you so much for the contest. The Corona virus is hard. The thoughts of possibly
    Winning something makes the day A little brighter.

    Dawn Larkins

  173. Thank you for this opportunity. I would choose the Philosopher, silver and 40mm. Love the sleekness of this brand.

  174. Good Morning Susan!

    I would like to win the native with black dial and black mesh.

    Good Luck To Me! Thanks for the chance!

    Cyndi Over 60

  175. I really love the Infinity silver, so very classic. I really enjoy your posts, thank you for all of the time you devote to the blog.

  176. I would love to win the Nature/white dial-Silver watch. Enjoy reading your blogs. Have used many of your hints. Thank you for giving your followers a chance to win one of the watches.

  177. I love the infinity bundle in gold – with the brown, black, and gold mesh bands. Stay safe, Susan.

  178. I really like the Philosopher with the leather bands. Thanks for giving us a chance to win this beautiful watch!

  179. Hello, I love your style!!! I like The Philosopher, white face with a silver band. Thank you.

  180. Hi SUsan! What a nice giveaway! I would love to win the Silver Infinity with a silver mesh band, size 40 mm! Thank you!

  181. Good morning from the Pacific Northwest! Please consider me for the “Native, Navy Dial, Navy Blue Vegan Leather” watch. Beautiful watches and I am glad to see them offered in vegan leather. Thank you!

  182. Thanks for another giveaway! I’d choose the rose gold 36mm Philosopher with the mesh band. I admire your positivity during these trying times. Please be careful and stay healthy.

  183. Hi Susan, I’ve been following you for forever. We were born on the same day in 1956 so I feel a sort of kinship. Would love to win the Native Silver White Dial in 40mm. These watches are so lovely with a classic design.

  184. Hi Susan! Always great to read your blog!
    I love the Infinity Bundle silver with mesh and grey leather strap.
    Good luck to me!

  185. I would choose the pioneer rose gold pioneerNordgreen watch. I like the simplicity and the unexpected rose gold finish.

  186. I absolutely love the Infinity Rose Gold. I haven’t worn a watch in few years there forth, at this time I sure could use a boost. What a thoughtful Giveaway!!

  187. Hello Susan, Your look today is very classic, and you look lovely. Thanks for offering another generous giveaway! If I am the lucky winner, I would love the 32mm infinity with the white face, silver color case, and white leather strap. It looks perfect for the summer!

  188. Thank you for the suggestions. Fashion has always been difficult for me. The Native White Dial Brown Leather watch would fit well into my wardrobe. I finally know that!

  189. Hi Susan. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous watches. I love them all however I love the Philosopher watch with the silver mesh band the most. Thanks

  190. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a beautiful watch! I choose Native Gold. I hope Mr Mickey is continuing to recover well!

  191. I REALLY like the Native style watch with the white dial and silver band. My parents gave me one very similar when I graduated from high school. Unfortunately, I lost it while canoeing. I should never have taken with me but it was the only watch I had and I needed to know what time it was.
    My parents are both gone now and it makes me sad that I Don have that keepsake. I would love to win this lovely timepiece.

  192. I would love the Native – White Dial – Silver. Such a classic, clean look! Thank you.

  193. I would love to try the Native/ white dial/gold/32 mm.

    I enjoy your blog and your timeless style. It’s also fun to see the diffeent places you visit in North Carolina!

    Choosing joy,
    Kim Wierson

  194. Native, White Dial, Silver
    Thank you so much for providing this drawing for your readers. What fun!

  195. I love the Philosopher Bundle Silver. I hope Mr. Mickey is continuing to recover well.
    Thank you!

  196. Hi Susan! I would love the Native | White Dial – Silver 32mm watch. It will be perfect for my next chapter. When this pandemic is over, we will be moving into retirement from Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach, SC. After 30+ years in the corporate world, I am clearing my closet of so much business attire and moving to more resort wear. This watch will be perfect for a casual lifestyle. I have followed your blog since Fifty not Frumpy. Thank you for your practical advice. I hope Mr. Mickey is healing and doing well.

  197. You are so great to do these giveaways!! I like the smaller white dial native in silver with the light gray band. Have a wonderful week!!

  198. Good morning. I would like to have the Native – Bundle White dial, silver/brown leather, black leather, navy leather strips.

  199. Hi Susan. I hope that you and your family are doing well. I’m sure that Mr. Mickey is looking forward to you both going on fun outings after his leg is healed.

    I love the Infinity Silver watch. I love the size and the mesh band a lot. Thank you for this opportunity. Take care!

  200. Hi Susan Great example of dressing appropriate for the weather and looking elegant! I have long been admiring your watch when you featured it in earlier posts and I think it may be time to upgrade my trusty Timex. What a great giveaway! I love the Nordgreen Infinity with white face, silver frame and silver mesh band (32mm). I hope Mr Mickey is continuing on with a speedy recovery. Best wishes to you both

  201. Hello Susan,
    I absolutely love the Native | White Dial – Brown Leather Watch. It is so versatile; it can be dressed up to wear in the office or paired with more casual attire on the weekend. Stay safe!

  202. I Love your style! I have been reading your posts for years and have learned so much!
    I would like to win The Native in Rose Gold.
    Thank you so much.

  203. The Native white dial, rose gold is a beautiful classic that would be wonderful in my wardrobe! As always, your posts bring a sense of “aha moments” when considering pieces to add in or to avoid. Wonderful blog!

  204. I would love to have the Native watch with blue dial and black vegan strap. Thank you for continuing the blog in such a stressful time.

    Loretta Harper

  205. I like the Native/ White Dial with the silver mesh bracelet. My coloring is very similar to yours. Thank you for this opportunity.

  206. Susan, I have enjoyed your blog immensely! I would be honored to win one of the fabulous Nordgreen watches! If so, my favorite would be the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap. Thanks so much!

  207. native -Bundle black dial silver/silver mesh/navy nylon/ black leather strap MY Favorite…thanks

  208. I would love to be one of the lucky winners of the Native / white dial-silver watch. I have been an admire of the jewelry you have worn since the first time I was introduced to your site. I have also gained so much useful information from you over the years…thank you so much for all you do. Mary

  209. Philosopher, white dial, 40 & navy strap, beautiful, practical & TIMELESS. They are all very nice! Thank you.

  210. I love the Native – Bundle white dial, silver, dark brown leather/black leather/Navy leather straps

  211. Because I have a hard time making a choice from so many lovely options, I’d be thrilled to win the Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps. So many great combos to complement many outfits! Thank you for offering a fun give away during these solemn days.

  212. I have had my eye on the Infinity Silver watch. Thank you for this generous give away Susan!

  213. Love these watches, particularly the Infinity white, silver with white face and white band.

  214. I like a classic look.They are all good looking but I choose the Philosopher 36 in silver.
    Thanks for opportunity to win.

  215. I love the Philosopher with brown leather band. It’s beautiful! I enjoy your website very much!

  216. I love the 32 mms infinity mesh model (would be thrilled to win this watch). I love your blog and have been a faithful reader for several years.

  217. Love the Philosopher watch in silver!
    I enjoy your blog, and your classic style, both in your wardrobe and your decor! Keep up the great work.

  218. The weather here in Saskatchewan, Canada today is similar – rain and 48 degrees. A good day for purging my closet. The Philosopher watch with white face and mesh band is the one that caught my eye. I would love one of these watches, for their elegant, timeless styling. I too don’t feel complete without wearing a watch every day. I never thought about pairing a watch with a simple bracelet, so I will be trying that out. Hope Mr. Mickey is well on his way in recovering from his unfortunate accident.

  219. Making a decision was exhausting for a Libra! They are all beautiful and classy. The Native| Black dial| Dove Grey Leather 32mm. Thank you for the opportunity!

  220. Happy Monday! I hope y’all are surviving this pandemic. I love these watches. I think my favorite is: the Native White Dial Silver, although I would be grateful for any one of them. Take care and thanks!

  221. I like them all but the infinity bundle with brown , black and silver would be my favorite! Wish me luck!

  222. I love your blog a look forward to reading it each week. I also love a good watch. The Native silver 32 with the mesh band caught my eye. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to more post. Linda

  223. I have been looking for the perfect watch for a long time; these watches are beautiful! Would love the Infinity Silver with the white/navy/mesh straps. Thank you for the opportunity for a lucky person to win a watch. Blessings to you & Mr. Mickey!

  224. Susan, i love the philosopher set. Dress it up or down.
    I haven’t worn a watch for so long. Couldn’t find what I like at the price i could afford,
    So I mostly wear brackets from Beauty in Stone, thanks to you.

  225. Philosopher – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. What a generous give-away!

  226. I love the Infinity watches . Silver or gold . They are stunning . I do enjoy your blog . Thank you !

  227. This is very classy look Susan. I’d love a Nordgreen watch and my choice would be Native, black dial, rose gold, brown leather strap. Thanks for the opportunity!

  228. I love the Native White Dial Gold with Gold Mesh strap. These are lovely watches . Thanks for all you do to inspire mature women! Stay healthy!

  229. Native white dial silver. I did not know you could change the bands so easily. I like the timeless look of this watch and would love to own one. Love your outfit today, too!

  230. Susan,

    I can’t believe you are giving away these watches!!! What a generous gift. My preference is the Native | Navy Dial – Navy Blue Vegan Leather, gold color with 32 mm band. I have looked at them many times but have not been able to afford one. Thank you for your generosity from whomever receives these watches!

    I like your short hair – makes you look sporty and classy. Love your looks!

  231. All of the watches are beautiful, but I like the clean lines of the Native~white dial~ silver mesh band. Thank you for this opportunity once again!

  232. Hi Susan! Love your blogs and look forward to all your posts. We so appreciate when we can gain advice and encouragement from other women as we age. If afforded the gift, I would chose the Philosopher watch with white dial in rose gold. Thanks for the opportunity. All the best to you!

  233. Hello Susan,
    What a lovely giveaway! I would choose the Philosopher watch with different straps. Thanks!!

  234. Hi Susan. Look forward everyday to reading your posts. Lots of good information and all the pictures are really helpful, I love the 32 mm silver infinity white face watch with navy leather strap. Thanks.

  235. Hi Susan – I’m so excited that you are giving away another set of watches – they are so beautiful and functional! My favorite is the Native Black Dial/Black Mesh. Really enjoy your posts and look forward to them!

  236. Hi Susan. Thank you for offering the give away watches. The Native bundle with black dial Rose Gold with black, brown, and mesh bands. Having said that, all of the watches are very nice. Thanks again for the fashion that you share.


  237. I love the Philosopher rose gold, green nylon, grey, white straps. I’m a warm in coloring and these straps would go with everything I wear. The watch face is beautiful.

    I wanted to tell you, you already knew the most important thing about care giving. Take care of yourself first. It’s not being selfish it’s being smart. Mr Mickey is so lucky to have you & his daughter. Praying for all.

  238. would love to be the winner of a watch from Nordgreen

    My choice is 36 mm Native/white dial & black leather band.

    Thank you. Love your classic style

  239. I love the philosopher in silver. I like that it has a second hand on the face. Thank you for sharing this with us! ❤️

  240. I would love to win the Native 32mm in Gunmetal. The watches are so superb. Thank you for the opportunity.

  241. I have loved the Philosopher in Silver since you began showing Nordgreen watches. It would be my pick if I were to win

  242. I LOVE all 3 styles of Nordgreen watches!!!
    If I had to choose, I’d go first for the Native 36 mm with white dial and silver mesh strap.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter a chance to win AND for your generosity in sponsoring giveaways!

  243. I love the Philosopher gunmetal watch from Nordgreen especially Ince my colouring is similar to yours.

  244. I would be thrilled to win the Native Bundle, black dial, silver mesh, navy nylon and black leather watch ensemble.

  245. I like the native bundle in the 32m size- the variety of straps make it very versatile.

  246. Susan, I like the Native White Dial Silver. Thanks for these opportunities to win these beautiful watches. I’m going to go along with you – I always want to wear a watch, earrings and a ring to feel completely put together. My mother loved watches and couldn’t really afford expensive ones. She had many inexpensive watches and when one didn’t work, she just pulled out another!

    Thanks for the photo of Mr. Mickey recovering! I’m sure many prayers were said for him…

  247. Thank you for your posts. I have been editing my closet and the posts helpful. I came across a pair of polished denim I forgot I had. Can’t wait to team them with black v neck. I like the Native watch with the white dial and gunmetal mesh band.

  248. Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | White / Navy / Mesh Straps

    As always you look stunning in your classics!
    Thank you.

  249. Susan, I would really like to win the Native with blue dial and vegan band. Thank you for continuing your blog in this extraordinary time.

    Loretta Harper

  250. The gold Philosopher is stunning. I have always preferred gold watches, as I find them to be easily both dressed up and dressed down, and there is no mistaking their classic appeal.

  251. I love the Native with the blue dial and silver mesh. The look you have on today is so classic and classy!

  252. I would love the Native Rose Gold with black dial. I really enjoy seeing how you put outfits together.

  253. Good afternoon, Susan! My dream is to win the Philospoher , 36mm, brown strap. This would go a long in alleviating the loss felt now. Having something lovely to anticipate is a great assist.

  254. The infinity bundle includes a white band similar to the one I see YOU wear! It looks lovely on you.

  255. Hi Susan,

    I forgot to mention one other item in caring for someone with mobility issues. If you secured a walker, I don’t know if it came with a basket that had a plastic liner on the bottom. If it did, that’s great and will solve many problems. If it didn’t, you can purchase a basket for about $25. If a basket isn’t what you’re looking for, secure a small sturdy bag to the frame. It’s nice to have something to hold a snack or the mail or some reading material.

    Hope Mr. Mickey is well on the mend and you are doing well, too.


  256. Love all the watches!
    Favorite is probably the Philosopher in gun metal.
    Hope all is well with you & Mr Mickey.

  257. Dear Susan,

    As always thanks for all of your great fashion ideas. And for the watch giveaway if I were selected, I would select the Native Dial/white dove gray vegan leather. But another similar style would be great too. I usually wear a lot of white, black, and gray.

    Have a great week!

    PS I just moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to Los Angeles so I am certainly having a challenge adapting all of my wardrobe for the weather here. I’ll keep incorporating your ideas!

  258. I would LOVE the Native watch in white so I wouldn’t have to put on my glasses to see what time it is!
    Stay safe!

  259. I love the Native, in silver and white face. I love your classic style and have dressed similarly all my life. I am a local Realtor in Pa and we are not permitted to show or list homes since March 15…. getting very antsy
    Would live to win this gorgeous watch!

  260. The Philosopher Bundle with the brown, black and silver straps is stunning. I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for your inspiration.


  261. I always enjoy your posts- your generous and kind spirit shines through. I love the classic look of the Nordgreen silver Philosopher style watch.

  262. Love your blog try to follow it daily, I chose the Philosapher Bundle gun metal , Brown, Black, mesh. think that these watches are very classic.

  263. Dove grey Vegan Leather is my favorite choice. Love this opportunity you give us to win a watch! I enjoy reading your posts all the time. So positive and uplifting.

  264. Hi Susan,
    I just love all your watches!!! My favorite is the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black leather/Navy leather straps with a 36 mm white face in sliver! They would go with all my outfits and the Navy and white will be very nice for summer!
    Please send my best to Mr. Mickey for a speedy recovery!
    Thank you Susan for your amazing Blog!
    Stay well, Linda

  265. I would love to win the Native, white dial, 32 mm, silver band! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  266. Susan, you look fabulous as always. I hope this finds Mr. Mickey getting stronger daily. Also, you, for being the caretaker, still holding up. If I was the lucky winner, I would like the Native with white face, and silver band. I got a set for my DIL last Christmas, and she loves it. Therefore, I haven’t gotten one for myself. Take care, and as always, I look forward to your posts. Pat

  267. I like the Infinity bundle with the silver, white and navy straps. If I don’t win this….I may have to buy it.

  268. Hi, Susan! What a fun giveaway! I like the Infinity 32 in silver. Thank you for all the good advice!

  269. When you buy a sweater that you will wear over a shirt, do you typically buy a larger size?
    Thanks for the advice.

    1. The sweater I am wearing is my usual size medium. I used this shirt because it is a size small. Layering works best when the first garment is slim fitting and made from soft fabric.

  270. Always love reading your blog with your wonderful styling advice and great photos. The silver Native watch with the white dial is my favorite. Thanks so much!

  271. So love your taste! My favorite watch is the Philosopher in gold. I wear only gold jewelry & most of it is family pieces I’ve inherited. Many thanks for your timely tips & tricks for us these days!

  272. Hi Susan – Hope Mr. Mickey is feeling better and stronger each day.

    Please enter me in the watch giveaway. I’d love the silver, white face Native watch with a brown leather band.

    Best Regards,

  273. Hi Susan! I love the native white with the silver mesh band. It looks so simplistic and stunning at the same time. I don’t get to wear jewelry very often because my hands are constantly in water; I’m the caretaker in my family. But when I do get to dress up and go out I always feel like a queen!!

  274. I recently discovered your blog – love your classic style! In keeping with that, I like the Infinity, Brown leather, 32mm in gold. How nice of you to offer this giveaway, during these difficult times.

  275. Love your look today. Its a combination I wear often. I think I like the Infinity Gold watch best!

  276. I would love the 36mm silver Philosopher Nordgreen watch! My wrist is the smallest part of me and the smaller size watches fit me best! The silver band would be awesome, but I would be excited with any of them! Thank you for continuing to give your followers these opportunities!

  277. I would love to wear the Native white dial gunmetal 36mm, but I had a hard time even choosing. What a lovely way to keep track of time!

  278. I love the Native watch. With the rose gold mesh band and brown band. I don’t have anything that looks like that – very classy!

    I love your outfit today – it looks so sophisticated. I have always loved a V-neck sweater with a nice, crisp shirt underneath. It looks fabulous on you, as usual.

    Glad to hear Mr. Mickey is doing well!

  279. My favorite Nordgreen’s watch is the Native | White Dial, silver. I love it’s simple elegance!

  280. Would love to have the Nordgreen Native watch with a white dial in silver, 32mm
    I have admired it for a long time!

  281. My choice is the Infinity watch in Rose gold with Navy blue leather band.

    Thank you.

  282. Hi Susan,
    How incredibly thoughtful of you to do this! At such a time as we’re experiencing now, this is a ray of sunshine!
    The Infinity Silver is my favorite. It has such a sleek and classic look.
    I’m sure missing seeing Mr Mickey in your pictures with you! Hoping his recovery is quick and uneventful.
    Blessings to both of you.

  283. It’s so sweet of you to do this! I’m 62 and love fashion! All the watches are beautiful, but I’m drawn to the Native 40mm in gold. Thank you again!

  284. I like the Philosopher watch in grey leather and silver. They are all lovely! What a nice idea to give some of these to your ardent followers–of which I am certainly one.

  285. Thank you, Susan, for all of your fashion advice. We have very similar taste! I enjoy your blog!
    Would love to win the Native/White Dial/Silver/36


  286. I love the Native White Dial Silver, 36 mm. I am 64 and feeling so frumpy. I love your style, I just don’t know how to replicate it. I hope this watch would get me started in the right direction, I think I’ve lost my self esteem. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy your outlook on life.

    1. Try putting some of the pieces you have together in new combinations. Practice with a different makeup technique. Get a new hairstyle. Have a little fun with style, and maybe it will put some joy back into the process of getting dressed each day. I’m cheering for you!

  287. All of the watches are very attractive. I like the Native gold with black dial and brown leather. Thank you for this opportunity.

  288. The Philosopher, white dial, brown leather watch caught my eye.
    But win or not win I loved you look today.
    Staying safe and isolated in Las Vegas Vegas.

  289. Your hands are flawless! My dermatologist says they are age spots. I’ve bought creams to try to bleach them out with no success. I’m wondering if they are heridatary. Do you have any suggestions?

  290. I love these watches, if I win one my favorite is the Native, Gold, Navy Dial, Mesh. But honestly, I’d love to own any of them! Hope Mr. Mickey is doing better.

  291. Hi Susan! I would like to enter to win the Philosopher watch in gunmetal. Many thanks!

  292. Like you, I do not feel dressed without a watch on. This watch designer is amazing but to chose just one I guess it would be the Infinity Bundle silver/brown/black/mesh. With this much diversity what outfit would that watch not go with? It is everything you could possibly ask for!

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter the drawing. ❤

  293. Hi Susan,
    I so enjoy your posts and have learned a great deal from you. My favorite of the Nordgreen watches is the 32 mm Native White Dial – Gold. I think it is extremely elegant looking and would blend wonderfully with my other accessories. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly own one of these beautiful time pieces.

  294. Susan, you are so right with “buy what you love”. I am guilty of having bought something a friend said looked great on me, but deep down, I knew the truth. So I prefer to shop by myself. Luckily my mother, in her 80s, still sews and taught me a lot about quality garments. Everything you model in your blogs exudes quality.
    Thank you for another generous watch prize. I adore the 36mm silver mesh strap Philosopher.
    You and Mr Mickey look absolutely smashing in your bio’s photos! Wishing you both the best and many happy & healthy days.

  295. I love the 32mm Native|White Dial with black leather strap. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  296. All of the watches are very attractive. I like the Native gold with black dial and brown leather. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  297. Thank you for your site! Thoroughly enjoy it!
    Infinity Black Leather – watch choice

  298. I would enjoy winning this stunning watch, Native, white dial, gun metal band, 36mm. Have learned so much from your blog, thank you.

  299. I am a nurse and am hard on watches! I love the brand but have never ventured to pay that much for a watch. I love the Philosopher style with the black mesh band. I feel naked without a watch on even with a cell phone so I wear one every day! Lovely collaborative for your blog!

  300. Susan if gifted my choice would be the Philosphers Gold watch, because it has a second hand, which I need. I always enjoy your blog, even though I don’t often comment. Best wishes to Mr. Mickey, hope he is doing well.
    Ann Lee Sweeten Vancouver Island, BC Canada

  301. Hello. Thanks for all the great tips and shopping locations I could never have found on my own (Shapeez and Covered Perfectly, in particular).
    I love the look of Rose Gold given my skin tone, hair color. I am drawn to the Native White Dial / brown leather. I can see how that would match up with my existing jewelry. Have a safe and happy week.

  302. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for this opportunity. I have admired your watch on many occasions. These watches are so classic and elegant. I would love to own a Gold Native white dial 36mm watch with a Navy strap. I wear a lot of Navy and this would really lift my outfits. Have a lovely day. Thanks again.

  303. Philosopher bundle watch, silver, black, brown, mesh.
    What a treat to be able to win this

    Karen Bosma

  304. I like Native with the white dial and silver band. I am a black, white, and silver person and that is why I like this style so much. This giveaway is so kind of you. Hope Mr. Mickey is recovering nicely.

  305. Hi Susan. I hope Mr. Mickey is on the mend. I can relate having sustained an injury this time last year. Thanks for another opportunity to win one of the beautiful watches. My choice, if chosen, would be the Native Bundle with black dial, rose gold and brown, black and rose gold straps.

  306. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE the Infinity Bundle Silver/Navy /White Mesh Strap. It is so classy and I wear a lot of navy and silver. Thanks for the opportunity.

  307. Thanks for the fun giveaways – since summers coming, Infinity with White Leather would be great.
    Glad Mr. Mickey is well and you stay safe!!!
    BTW- tried Sheecs and absolutely LOVE them. Gonna get some for all the shoes!!!

  308. Hi Susan,

    I love your blog! My favorite Nordgreen watch is the Infinity. Gold, Silver or Rose Gold are all beautiful!

  309. Hello Susan…..we had 81* here in NC today…..a Beautiful Day!

    I would love to own one of these beautiful watches, my first choice; Native | Navy Dial – Navy Blue Vegan Leather.

    Thank you for the entry…

  310. The Infinity bundle, silver, brown and black is very pretty. I’d love to win, thanks.

  311. I would love the Nordgreen Philosopher in gold.

    Hoping for a speedy, comfortable and complete recovery for Mr Mickey.

  312. I love the Native white dial, brown leather watch. Thank you so much! I love reading your posts and wish the best during these trying times for you and Mr. Mickey!

  313. Susan, I have followed your blog since Fifty not Frumpy and have learned much about shopping, style and fashion from you. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I look forward to seeing your blog every day.
    Remembering you and Mr. Mickey as he recuperates from his fall.
    My choice for a watch would be the Philosopher – Gold.

  314. My favorite watch is the Native White Dial in gunmetal. It was hard to choose from such a beautiful collection.

  315. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for your blog! I so look forward to reading it! I would love to win one of your watches! I am eyeing the 36mmNative | White Dial – Silver for $194.00! I love the classic look of their watches!

    I thank Nordgreen and you for your consideration.

    Warmest Regards,
    Nancy Toombs

  316. Another terrific offer! I’d love to have the Nordgreen Infinity Bundle silver/brown/black mesh strap. The watch is so classic!
    You always have a classy look. The contrast of the white shirt with darker pants and sweater is always good looking. The metallic purse makes it special.
    Thanks for continuing your posts. It’s nice to have some things in my routine remain the same.
    I hope Mr. Mickey is continuing to grow stronger
    and you are managing too.

  317. Dear Susan, thank you again for your sage fashion advice, especially when to look for certain colors and clothing items when they appear in the stores. It is true, waiting for sales usually means the best has been picked over and no longer available.
    Love your classy and quite flattering look on today’s post. You have truly been an inspiration in helping me redefine my look as someone who is also ‘after 60’.
    With gratitude, Leslee

  318. Thanks for the opportunity! Native, white dial, with gun metal band, 36mm would be my first choice. I appreciate your posts and fashion sense!

  319. Susan, Thank you so much for your sound advice and positive attitude during these surreal times. I always look forward to your posts! You have no idea how much your wardrobe thoughts and comments have been beneficial to me! I love your sense of style, your practicality, as well as your happy outlook on life! Thank you so much.

    I think the watch Philosopher (silver) is extremely versatile and classic. I love it! The design simplicity is elegant yet understated, two qualities I appreciate very much.

    Thank you for all that you do, and please be well and stay healthy!

    Warm regards,
    Kim Giancaspro

  320. Hi Susan,
    So nice of you to host this Nordgreen watch giveaway! I would love to receive the Native in gold with a white dial. Thank you!

  321. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into your blog posts! I would love the 32 Native with white dial and silver strap. Thanks again for your posts!

  322. I would love to win the Nordgreen Infinity Gold Watch, it would add some elegance to my everyday outfits.

  323. I would like very much the Infinity bundle,silver , brown black. Very cool.
    Thank you,
    Linda Stewart

  324. I would love to win the Native silver mesh with white dial Watch.

    Thank you so much for this chance. They are all beautiful watches, making it hard to choose.

  325. I think I’d have to go with the philosopher in rose gold. It’s hard to pick because they’re all so pretty

  326. Love the Infinity Silver watch – they’re all beautiful! Thanks for the emphasis on classics, always my choice!

  327. I absolutely love the Nordgreen Native/White dial-silver watch. It looks so comfortable . I like to wear a watch as an accessory as well as a time telling piece. I am a 64 year old who has learned so much about style from your blog. Thank you Susan!!

  328. Love this look on you in Buy What You Love!! So classy!! If I were to win one if the watches, my Choice would be the Infinity, white leather!!

  329. My favorite (although it is hard to choose when they all are so beautiful and such timeless designs) is the Native style in silver and I like many of the bands especially the silver mesh, white, navy and black bands. Time – measured so differently during these past months when the entire would has changed. Thank you for offering sifts to us that so enjoy and learn from your blog. When I visit your blog, almost every day now, I feel like I am connecting with a friend. During this time of social distancing and feelings of loneliness that connection is most appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Susan G.

  330. I love the classic look with the v-neck sweater!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us to assist with our transitions through these uncharted years!
    I would love to have the Infinity 32mm silver with silver mesh band.

  331. I love the look of these watches. They are all beautifully crafted. I especially love
    Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Silver Mesh Strap
    But I trust your choice would be equally nice. This would enhance any outfit.

  332. I like all of them! Native White Dial/Silver would probably be the most versatile for me.

    Thank you!

  333. Hi Susan,
    Living in the southwest, I love silver jewelry and would proudly wear the Native 32 mm silver mesh often!
    Thanks for bringing some fun to your many fans 🙂

  334. My choice would be The Native Bundle, it includes the romance of the rose gold mesh strap with the classic, everyday elegance of the brown leather strap. Both are timeless and beautiful accessories for all occasions.

  335. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely watch. My choice would be the Native with a white dial in the Gun Metal color. It looks stunning.
    I have white hair like yours and think I’d enjoy wearing that!

  336. It has been so great hearing about Mr. Mickey’s wonderful progress! Thank you for this opportunity to own this beautiful watch. The white Infinity with the silver mesh would be so helpful in keeping me on track as a teacher.

  337. Susan..your style is so classic! I like the bracelets you wear with the watch. The Native in silver with silver band seems to fit with any outfit. Thank you for offering us a chance to win this watch and for sharing your journey.

  338. Hello, Susan.
    I would enjoy wearing the Native-Black Dial- black mesh.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  339. Susan, thank you so much for your blog! I’m learning so much (and learning what I’ve been doing wrong in the past, ugh). I’m trying to be super-thoughtful about my purchases now — fewer, better things — rather than buying things on a whim or out of boredom. I’d love to be chosen to receive one of the Nordgreen watches – they are all beautiful, but I especially like the Philosopher in silver with the dove gray vegan leather. Classic (but not black – my “safe choice” in the past, even though I find that black looks harsh on me now).

  340. HI, Susan:
    I’ve also ordered Talbot’s Newport pants that you’re wearing. For my Nordgren watch, I choose: the Native/Vegan with a navy blue dial and navy leather band. I’m a Tennessee native from Memphis — would love to visit the Johnson City area. Continued best wishes to Mr. Mickey for a rapid and good recovery.

  341. Hello Susan,
    I was always impressed with your jewelry creations, and I am equally impressed with your sense of fashion. I try to emulate your style as best I can. I have looked over the watches on the Nordgreen site and each watch is classic and timeless. There isn’t one that wouldn’t be a delight to own, but the Native, white dial, black leather just speaks to me. Winning would be the bomb! I have enjoyed your articles, and style tips, and always look forward to the next one. Take care and stay safe.

  342. What a generous giveaway! I would certainly be happy with any of the watches but would probably choose the Philosophy Bundle.

  343. I love your posts Susan!! The tips you share are so practical and timeless. If you draw my name, I would love the Infinity 32mm watch with a white face and silver mesh band. It would go with so many things! Have a great day!!

  344. Susan, I love the Infinity 32 in silver. The Nordgreen watches are so classic! Would really enjoy wearing one. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you and stay safe.

  345. Susan, your style and grooming is impeccable.
    Such a classic style and such an I aspiration for other women.

    Native white dial with silver band.

    Thank you for all you do.
    Hope Mr. Mickey is healing nicely.
    Marcie Warnock

  346. I would love to own the Philosopher with silver mesh band. all the watches are just beautiful!

  347. Love your featured outfit. Looks very stylish as well as comfortable. Those two attributes are important while you are helping care for Mr Mickey. My sister and I recently do-cared for our mother. If you haven’t experienced this role, it is hard to explain, but yet so fulfilling and rewarding.
    Hope that Mr Mickey is continuing to improve..
    I would love to have one of the Nordgreen watches. I think the Philosopher in silver with a gray band would be my favorite although all of them are very attractive.

  348. I love the Infinity in silver 32mm I am petite, and a winter coloring – the silver is a perfect classic accent.

  349. I love the Infinity watch with the white face and Pink Leather.
    Love your blog, Susan! I’ve been a reader for years, and have learned so much.
    Thank you!

  350. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I really appreciate it. I would love this style watch by Nordgreen,
    Philosopher – Silver – Black Leather – 40 mm
    Stay safe and Be well!

  351. Susan, I would love the Infinity-black leather. I enjoy your blog . You never disappoint! Always inspiring …whether in fashion or health! Thank you!

  352. Thank you for the opportunity to win a watch. My favorite is the silver mesh Infinity watch. I wear a lot of silver—it goes well with my silver gray hair! I found your site a week or so ago and I have already read through most of your entries. I am retiring in two months, and you are helping me to define the style I want to have and how to dress appropriately for my age and lifestyle. Your style and wardrobe advice really resonate with me!

  353. I would be grateful if my name were chosen for the native-white dial-gun metal watch. They are so beautiful and I admire your style.

  354. I like the infinity gold watch. So many to pick from it was a difficult decision….who knows I might just win something this time!

    Thank you for reminding us to shop our closets!

  355. Thank you for your wonderful blog. The infinity silver would be my pick! Praying Mr. Mickey is getting better each day.

  356. Hi Susan – Philosopher Watch with Black Band and Gunmetal, if I was lucky enough to win. Hi tor Mickey – I hope that his recovery is coming along, well. Thank you!

  357. So hard to choose amongst all the beautiful watches, but I like the Philosopher in Rose Gold.

  358. I adore the Native Watch with the White Dial and Brown Leather straps. It is such a smart looking watch and would look great with my Reddish Brown hair.

  359. I appreciate your guidance!
    Carol Thomas

  360. Susan,
    The watch I prefer is the Native- Bundle with Black Dial Silver/ silver mesh / navy nylon/ black.
    This watch set has the correct color of metal and bands that look good with my skin tones.
    I haven’t worn a watch in years but I would start wearing this one with pleasure.
    Susan Kennedy

  361. What lovely watches! I wear a watch from morning to night. I love the Native White Dial Silver and woud wear it proudly!

  362. Susan,
    I prefer the Native bundle with black dial ,silver mesh, navy nylon, and black bands. Very sophisticated and the colors are right for my skin tones.
    Susan K

  363. I love the clean style of the Native watch with a gun metal strapo and white dial! It looks so sophisticated! Love your style too!

  364. I love the look of the Infinity in silver . I love your blog Susan, thanks for your great tips!

  365. Oh what fun. Although I look forward to each of your posts and save many going back several years, I’ve never entered a contest. So am keeping my fingers crossed, might even say a prayer or two. My pick of these beautiful watches is the INFINITY 40.

  366. Philosopher – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Green Nylon / Grey / White Straps

  367. Hi Susan, After going to the Norgren website, I decided I would love to win the Native, White Dial, Gold watch. It is a classic look, beautiful in its simplicity, and definitely a timepiece that will never go out of style.

  368. I love the infinity in 30mm silver mesh. Is very versatile and I like that it can have interchangeable watchbands. I don’t feel dressed without my watch! Beautiful watch!

  369. I know I have my phone to check time, as my daughter tells me, but I always rely on a watch. My Mother always said, “Time is fleeting.” I supposed that’s why I like to be on time or early. I would love to receive the Philosopher in rose gold. Thank you and Nordgreen for this opportunity!

  370. Hi Susan,
    What a great gift! for three lucky people!

    Here’s my choice:
    Infinity Silver with White/Navy leather Straps and Mesh Strap

  371. I would love to have the Native Lille in 32mm, white face with silver dial and silver mesh strap. These are beautiful watches!

  372. I love love love the Native mesh watch with the white face. It’s gorgeous and would look great with just about everything!

  373. So many pretty choices of Nordgreen watches but I would choose the Native 36mm White dial Silver.
    I think it would complement many of my accessories. Thank you for this give away and for your very helpful blog.

  374. Hello, Susan,

    I would enjoy wearing the Native-Black Dial-black mesh watch.
    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  375. The watch I am dreaming about is the Pioneer in gold, size 32mm, white face, brown leather band✨I visit the site often and keep choosing a different option✨and now I know this is my perfect combo – plann to get white band and the black nylon too
    So enjoy your Blog – inspiring and helpful⭐️❤️

  376. Silver watch with silver mesh my favorite! I love the classic look of these watches !!

  377. Hi Susan,

    I really love the Native – white dial – silver with the silver mesh band. It’s very stylish and will go with many of my outfits.

    Thank you for your generous give aways.


  378. You remind me of Mary Tyler Moore in this outfit, a true style icon.

    My favorite watch is Native White Dial – Brown Leather in silver. I would go with the medium dial size on my small wrist for this statement piece. Leather suits my active life.

  379. I am smitten with the Native white face, silver mesh. I love the leather bands too, but my favorite is the silver mesh! Everytime you mention your Nordgreen watch, I go straight to the Native! Thank you for sharing one of your favorite classics with us!

  380. Oh my! The Infinity Bundle! I’ve decided to let my hair go silver and would love to have a cool colored watch set!

  381. Gosh do I love this watch! I especially like that its a bundle so I could have one gorgeous watch with not one but three different ways to wear it and coordinate with ALL my outfits. So stylish. It’s the native bundle back dial…native-bundle-black-dial. Just love this!

  382. Would love to win a good watch! My pick would be the phylosopher in gold, should I win.

    I’m a fan of your blog, I think I ‘found’ you about 5 years ago. We’re the same age, but I’m older, my birthday is in January. I hope your love is healing well from his broken bone. I’ve sent prayers. Have a good week!

  383. Thanks to you and nordgreen for the opportunity to try and win the elegant Infinity 32mm silver mesh watch with a white face! I know every time I look at it, it would bring me joy and be the bright spot in my day during these trying times. I so appreciate your classic style with it’s contemporary twist, just like this beautiful time piece. Love your blog Susan. Stay well… blessing to Mr. Mickey.

  384. I love your “Susan After Sixty” bog! Thank you for doing it! For my watch preference I would choose the native/white face/ silver.

  385. I love the Nordgreen Native white dial with the silver watchband and would be thrilled to win it!

    Hope Mr. Mickey is recovering quickly. With luck he will be back to his normal life soon.

  386. Native, white dial, brown leather,
    32mm, yellow gold

    Your column is always the first email I read on the days you send it. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways and I have learned so much from you— thank you! Best to Mr. Mickey for a speedy and complete recovery.!

  387. Morning from sunny southern Ireland in lockdown i would love to win a Nordgreen Native white dial – in silver, to match my silver hair xx

  388. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for you sweet and generous offer. I would love the Native, white face with silver mesh.

  389. Hi Susan,

    Love your post. All the watches are beautiful, but I especially like the Infinity Mesh Silver. Thank you for this offer.
    Take care and be safe to you both.

  390. I look forward to your blog every morning…some days I reread the previous ones and always come away empowered. In this trying time it helps me cope by getting up and getting dressed when sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a reason to do so. Thanks for all the inspiration. God bless you!

    Patsy Ciavarro

  391. Susan, Love your blog and your great advice.
    Watches, I love the infinity-silver but would be happy with any one. Mary

  392. Thank you Susan and Nordgreen for this great opportunity. I would love to have the rose gold Infinity watch with the rose gold band if I am fortunate enough to be one of the winners. Nordgreen watches
    are beautiful and classic.

  393. Hi. Lots of good advice as usual Susan, hope Mr Mickey in good spirits.
    Love the Infinity Silver/Navy/White bundle. Just my colours! This is such a generous giveaway! Thank you and stay well. X

  394. Susan, I would love to win the Native White Dial Gold. You are always a fashion inspiration.

  395. It was difficult to chose, however, the watch I would love to win is the Nordgreen Philosopher with a silver mesh band. It is aesthetically very classy yet would grace a casual outfit as well. An important functiont in a watch, for me, is the ability to check the date as well as the time. It is the perfect watch.

  396. As a swede it has to be, Native with white dial, 32mm in Rose gold, a perfect accessory to summer dresses.

  397. You ve always got to be on the alert for the colours you want even in scotland. Sometimes you just have a feel for what will fit in with what you already have and love. I’d pick pioneer watch classic elegance , never goes wrong keep safe mama b

  398. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for offering this opportunity to win this watch. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like the Native White Dial Gold.
    All the best to you,
    Gina Goodman

  399. Hi Susan, what a nice gesture! I have been wearing a rose gold Apple Watch for years and a Brighton for dress up but would love the Infinity silver with mesh strap. Thank you for your blog. I love your classic look. Best wishes!

  400. I would love to win the Native, white dial, gun metal banded watch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  401. Thank you for the chance to win a Nordgreen watch. Here is the bundle I would like to win:

    Native – Bundle Black Dial Gun Metal/Brown Leather/ Black Leather/Gun Metal Mesh Strap

    Thank you and hope Mr. Mickey is doing well. Hope you are doing well with caregiving.

  402. Susan, Thank you for the chance to win one of the Nordgreen watches! My personal favorite is the Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Rose Gold | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Rose Gold Mesh Strap.

  403. I love your always classy look. I like the Infinity Bundle. Silver. The white face with silver rim is bright and looks dressy and casual with the changeable straps. The 32 mm size is just right, expecially for my older eyes. Thanks so much for being so generous.

  404. Here is the one I love! Native Bundle – White Dial / Silver / Brown / Black / Navy Leather Straps / 36 mm

  405. If I actually won , I’d love the Native silver mesh with 32 white face . Thank you for the fun give away.

  406. Love your style! I’m trying to look as pulled together as you are!
    Watch: Native Navy dial-navy vegan leather- would love any of them-so pretty.

  407. I would love the men’s philosopher bundle with the gun metal brown/black/mesh bands. Every single one of their watches are stunning but this seems the most versatile. Very classic, just like you….on trend.

  408. Wow! That is a great giveaway! I’m in love with the Native 40mm in rose gold with a navy dial and a navy leather strap. I think it would also look great with the rose gold mesh strap!

  409. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for the opportunity to own a fabulous Nordgreen watch!
    I’d love to own the Native- White dial, silver casing, silver mesh strap in the 36mm size.

  410. I like the native bundle with black face and brown, black, and silver mesh bands. I really enjoy your informative articles also, they are very helpful. Stay safe and well!

  411. I love the Philosopher watch with the silver band. Would enjoy wearing any of the bands but silver is a favorite! Thank you for all the excellent advice on style! Take care and be safe.

  412. Hello! This is Lisa from Lake Oconee in Greensboro, GA. I really enjoy your posts and love your tasteful, classic style. I am petite (and just turned 60) and struggle to find clothing that fits well and doesn’t make me look like I think I am still 20. I have gotten some great ideas from your blog and I appreciate the fashion inspiration. I love the Nordgreen Native silver watch. Thanks and enjoy your day!

  413. I love the watch! My pick for the classic, always in style look would be the Native White Dial. As an over 60 woman , I appreciate your simple, but elegant look .

  414. LOL! All these comments! This is a testament to Nordgreen I believe. ❤️ Thank you for this opportunity. To keep it simple, I love the Native with white face and silver band.

  415. Hi Susan, I love reading your blog posts everyday. I would love to win the Infinity watch with the grey leather band. I have just recently decided to embrace my gray hair and my whole colour palette has changed in makeup and clothing. You have been instrumental in helping me with this. Thanks and keep up the good work. Hugs

  416. Hi Susan! I enjoy reading all of your posts! You are lovely and your advice is stylish but practical! It is perfect for me, a retired teacher! I hope Mr. Mickey is getting stronger each day. Could certainly relate to your caregiver post as my mom is 93 and I have an adult son who lives with me. We are working to get him on his way to independence after some health issues. I would love to win the Infinity watch with the white leather band! It would be perfect for summer. Take good care of yourself, and thank you for your inspiration! Leslie Thaler

  417. Good morning Susan. I adore the Philosopher in Gun Metal. What a striking watch! I so enjoy your blog and it always brightens my day. I especially enjoyed the look that you have on in this post, very classic. Hope My Mickey is feeling better. Thank you!

  418. Hello, I like the watch with the black leather strap and larger face please. I work as a flight attendant and this watch would be perfect for my work. Thank you.

  419. philosopher-bundle-gun-metal-mesh-brown
    I would love to win the watch above. I enjoy your blogs and have gotten a lot of useful information.
    Thank you

  420. I like the black eather strap and larger face. I’m a flight attendant and the watch would be perfect

  421. Hello Susan,
    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway! I would love the Native silver watch with white dial.


  422. I love your sense of style and advice I struggle
    With determining my best colors for clothing and metals (gold/silver). It just isn’t obvious for me. How does one determine their best colors? I definitely know immediately if something doesn’t work. Years ago, Color Me Beautiful was big and even their person struggled With which season I looked best in. I wish I could remember what they finally decided. ThNk you again for sharing your invaluable wisdom.
    Wishing Mr. Mickey a speedy recovery.

  423. I love the Nordgreen Native | Navy Dial – Black Mesh size 36. What a workmanship they are.

  424. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy reading your blog, I would love the silver infinity watch.
    Hope you pick me!
    Stay safe!

  425. Thanks again for helping to lift us up in these crazy times! I’d like to win the PHILOSOPHER BUNDLE SILVER| BROWN/
    BLACK/MESH STRAPS. I like to have options and the brown strap ties in all of the outfits that I wouldn’t wear silver or black with. Thanks again. Sue Gainfort (also after 60) lol 🙂

  426. Love the Native Silver with Silver mesh band. Thank you for your elegant and timeless fashion and living advice. It has changed my choices so much. Thank you.

  427. I love the Native, white dial, black leather, 32 mm. And it would be fun with several different bands! Thank you!

  428. Dear Susan,
    I look forward to your emails and learning with each one an idea on how to enhance what I have or maybe look for something new! Your classic style is timeless and suits me perfectly.

    I would love to win the Native Watch (Dove Grey Leather) – a much needed lift after 7 weeks of being home. Thank God we are well and coping but this would be a wonderful surprise.

    Stay well, take care of Mr. Mickey, and keep sending us your beautiful smile.

    Regina Ralston

  429. Susan, thank you for all your ideas!
    I like the Native/white dial 36mm brown leather watch.
    Thank you again
    Jennie Pappas

  430. Susan, thank you for all your ideas! I look forward to your post.
    I like the Native/white dial 36mm brown leather watch, it would be perfect for work or play.


  431. What a generous giveaway. Thank you for doing this. I’d pick out the Native – BUNDLE White Dial | Gold | Dark Brown / Black / Navy Straps as a gift for my husband who is my best accessory!

  432. Hi Susan

    If I was lucky I would love the Native/navy dial/mesh Nordgreen watch, their watches always look so lovely on you.
    Take care in these unusual times, look forward to your blogs and send good wishes to Mr Mickey

    Best wishes

  433. I really like the rose gold watch. I have worn the same Wal Mart watch for the past 10+ years. As a retired educator of 40 years on a very limited budget, I cannot justify splurging on a new watch.

  434. I love Philosopher Gold … and I love your blog!! You are such a beautiful, classy lady!

  435. I would love the following: native-bundle-white-dial-rose-gold-brown-leather-black-leather-rose-gold-mesh-watch-strap.
    You do look more polished when you wear a watch.

  436. Susan, I look forward
    Your posts and timeless fashion advice! I absolutely love the native gold watch!

  437. I recently started following you Susan. I am in need of a more fashionable watch and viewed the Nordgreen site. The Philosopher gold watch caught my eye in the 32 mm sz. Classic and sleek to match my personal taste. There are many blogs out there for us mature ladies and I find that yours is my go to site now. My Southern roots are a good match. Looking forward to ending our shelter in place soon!

  438. Hi Susan,
    I love your site. So glad I found you. I would love the native, white dial, silver watch. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  439. The Infinity Mesh Silver is my favorite. Thanks Susan for a chance to win one of these great watches.

  440. Susan, i absolutely love the Native – BUNDLE White Dial | Gold | Brown / Black / Navy Straps. Thank you for offering this fantastic giveaway, and thank you for offering your advice, whimsy and wisdom on a daily basis.

  441. If I were to be so lucky to win I would love the “Native White Dial Silver” Nordgreen watch. Thanks so much for keeping us positive and connected during these challenging times. Please take care and stay healthy.

  442. Please enter me in the Watch giveaway. I like the Native White Dial with Gun Metal band
    Thank you Bonnie Boles.

  443. Hi Susan! I love following your life and style online. I live in Florida but can easily adopt all your style suggestions into my life to give myself a more polished look. As I age I want my style to stand out
    Thank you the watch giveaway! If chosen I’d love the Native White Gold. It’s gorgeous

    Thanks and keep on living the good life. It’s so much fun for us all to watch.

  444. I love the Nordgreen native white dial in silver. It looks like a classic piece that would go with everything.

    I can’t wait to get dressed up and go out again!

  445. I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while. I think your classic style with a kick is terrific! I would enjoy the Native with the white face and silver band. Such a nice idea to do this give away especially in these tough times in Connecticut!

  446. Hi Susan,
    Love the style you’re sporting in today’s blog. So classy and yet casual.
    I love the Native Infinity watch white face with rose gold band.
    Hope my name is selected!
    I’m a newcomer to your blog and really enjoying it and learning from your discussions.

  447. Susan – I’ve been coveting these watches since you’ve been featuring them. I’d like the Philosopher in gold, please!

  448. Hi – luv the infinity bundle as the white always looks great on you – I wear a lot of navy as well as silver toned jewellery

  449. The Nordgreen watch set that I really like is the “Native” set. The white dial, with straps in Dark Brown, Black Leather, and Navy Leather. I think it’s the navy that I really like best.

  450. infinity-silver-dark-brown-leather

    Good Morning Susan,
    Another great blog, thank you. Hope you and Mr. Mickey are doing well. I’d like to win the above watch from Norgreen’s.
    Are winners limited to Americans? I am Canadian living in the greater Toronto area.

    Have a great day and keep safe. Best wishes to Mr. Mickey. Tell him there will be better days ahead.

    Cheers, Pat

  451. I love all of the styles of the watches. So trying to pick one is hard for me. I would be so satisfy with a choice you would make for me. I love surprises, with no complaints.
    The reason I enjoy your blog and suggestions and style on your daily life is I am your height-weight-thick thighs-hair color, oh but have brown eyes and a bit older. I look for your e-mail/blog and learn every something new each time. One more thought, I purchased one a couple of your scarfs from you, and have received compliments.
    Thank you for your wisdom
    Joan Hooks

  452. Susan,
    The Infinity White Leather watch 32mm,
    Love it. I live in Florida so it will work with all my summer clothes.

  453. If I were to win a Nordgreen watch and could pick a particular model I would definitely choose the silver Infinity. The color is versatile and would compliment so many pieces in any wardrobe. I think that would be a good choice to start with.
    Thank you for all the tips and ideas you provide. I look forward to receiving your email every Tuesday morning. Continued good health to Mr. Mickey, stay safe and healthy!

  454. Thank you for offering the Nordgreen watch giveaway. I like the 32mm Infinity Women’s Watch in Gold.

  455. Hi Susan, I would choose Native, White Dial, Gun Metal. It would look great with the colors that I wear. Thank you for your helpful posts. Good luck to everyone.

  456. Hi Susan, as always, looking good. I would love to win the Infinity silver watch if I am lucky enough to be one of the winners. Fingers crossed!!

  457. Thank you, Susan, for this lovely offer. I am a gardener with a tough old watch which I wear all the time. How wonderful it would be to have a beautiful watch to wear when I am not in my gardens. I love the Infinity white dial, 32m, with the silver mesh band- what a change from my old black watch, which would become a strictly garden watch.! I love your column and have enjoyed the purchases I have made thanks to you!

  458. Hello Susan. Thank you for this chance and thank you for your blog. I don’t miss a post . I admire the Native white dial gold mesh in 40mm.

  459. Infinity in silver looks great. Your posts are so helpful in my trying to put together a wardrobe as I lose weight and age!

  460. Hi Susan. I love your blog. It’s the sunshine of my day. I would love to win the native silver white dial, 36 mm. Any band would be lovely. Thank you.

  461. I love the Native/White dial-Gold watch in 32mm.
    Your style of clothes is so classy and polished. I look forward to your posts each week.

  462. I look forward to reading your posts every week. Your style tips are extremely helpful and have helped me make some wise purchases this spring! I have been admiring the Nordgreen watches for some time now and would LOVE to win one! My favorite is the Native White Dial Silver in 36mm. I have my fingers crossed!
    Susan in MD