A Summer Look

It would have been lovely to attend a cookout or sit by a pool and enjoy time with friends and family for the 4th. Perhaps next year, we can safely enjoy summer gatherings again.

Getting dressed each day is a small ritual that helps me feel more positive, even though I remain isolated from others. Wearing fragrance (here) is now a pure delight. While I was ill, I lost all sense of smell and taste. Going for a whole day without having to take naps is another thing I’ll never take for granted again.

I wore very lightweight fabrics on one particularly hot day this week. Sitting in the sun for a few minutes on my deck may be all I have planned, but I still make an effort to get dressed each day. The light and breezy lace top is perfect for a hot, humid day. The camel color pants are also lightweight with a smooth waistband. I purchased the basket bag at TJ Maxx about four years ago. I would have carried it if I had been going out. The shoes are by Sam Edleman.

One of the bracelets is here; another is here, a similar silver bracelet is here. A similar ring is here and here. Pearl stud earrings are here.

Similar tops are here, here and here. The camel pants are here. Similar bags are here, here and here. Similar sandals are here, here and here.

I take these photos using the timer on my Sony Alpha a5100 Camera (here) and a tripod.

My strength is slowly returning, and my symptoms are less severe each new day. I shared my experiences to allow you to have a first-hand account of the effects of the unconfirmed type of virus I have. I remain in quarantine, according to the advice of my health care providers.

Thank you for your kind comments and good wishes; they have been an emotional lifeline for me during this very frightening and challenging time. Mr. Mickey and my family remain in good health.

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  1. Hi dearest you are such an inspiration for me…stay strong and get well soon…God bless you and keep you..love you lots❤❤❤

  2. My darling husband on seeing your picture : cette dame a de l’allure. Elle a une classe indiscutable. Best wishes for a continued improvement of your health. Vicky

  3. It’s good to hear you’re on the road to recovery. Considering how dreadfully some people are affected ( we hear of people 90 days in ITU, ventilated) you must be relieved you had a mild case, though that is bad enough.
    I think your healthy lifestyle of nutrition and exercise paid dividends in this.
    Don’t overdo things now you have some of your energy back.

  4. Dear Susan, You look great.Just like a model.I wish you quick recovery!!!Love, ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Susan,
    Good to see the update this morning. So many of your readers care about you and are pulling for you, I am one of them.

  6. Glad to know you’re continuing to improve. Sitting in the sun for a few minutes each day to improve/increase Vitamin D is probably a very good idea. I’ve seen it recommended online. May I ask if you wear polish on your tips and toes? Love this outfit.

  7. You have truly been missed Susan. It’s good to hear you are on the road to recovering from this awful virus. You are a real inspiration. Hugs.

  8. So glad you are beginning to feel better. Your account of the illness was so helpful and a stern reminder to us all to take no chances .Thank you.

  9. Take care Susan, I know how you feel. I finished 2 1/2 years of cancer treatment last November and still get the fatigue and need to have naps but I am managing to have days without them now more often I feel it’s our body’s response to fighting an illness. So listen to your body and good luck I hope you have a diagnosis soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
    From Moorebank NSW Australia

  10. Good morning! Hope you have a good day, one more day to complete recovery.
    I love the top. Is it true to size? I have a problem with tops, since I have narrow shoulders but a large bust. If it fits in the bust, it’s usually too large in the neckline. If it’s a nice piece, I don’t mind having it altered, but some things aren’t really worth the expense. I do love this one and it fits you perfectly.

    1. I bought the top a few months ago at Nordstrom (Puff Sleeve Lace Top by HALOGEN®). It has sold out now in white. It fits well, so I didn’t have to alter it.

  11. Back to your regular LOVELY self, I see! You are a bright spot that I know we all look forward to for inspiration. Nothing like a little dress-up to improve the mood! I find myself taking lots of showers and baths these days, sometimes just to feel better, do my hair, a little make-up etc. even if I am going nowhere.

  12. Susan, I’m so glad that you’re feeling a bit better each day. I’ve missed your blog with all of your tips, ideas, and inspiration. Thank you for your honesty, and for sharing your life experiences, including the progression of your recent viral illness. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery!

  13. Glad you’re regaining your strength. That sounds like a scary ordeal. You didn’t need to lose any weight. In my prayers for a full recovery.

  14. I join all your followers in wishing you the best in your recovery. I am sure it will take some time to regain strength and eventually you may even become impatient with its pace. Give yourself this time and know that even though you are alone there are many of us thinking of you every day. I take much delight and comfort in daily use of fragrance. I know it’s a difficult subject for many people. Now that we are home and not mingling, we can indulge to our heart’s content. I have worn the same for most of my adult life, Azurée by Estée Lauder. I do have a “vacation” fragrance, saved only for travel as a symbol to me of a time to relax. Perhaps it’s time to try out a new one, Pandemic Perfume. It’s hard to order without trying it on though! Is there a site that describes the readily available fragrances, their notes and characteristics?

  15. You look happy to be back. It’s good to hear you’re feeling better every day. It’s kind for you to share your experience. It gives me a warning to always have my guard up.

  16. So glad you are recovering well. As someone who is staying close to home, I would be interested in knowing about your self-care now. I have paid great attention to your blogs on diet and healthy eating. Are you using a home delivery service or having friends deliver your groceries? Now especially I know you are paying attention to nutrition. Are you back to exercising? Thank you for your thoughts. They help all of us.
    Susan in San Diego

    1. Mr. Mickey and my sister have deposited fresh fruit and chicken soup on my porch for me. My parents have sent fresh vegetables from their garden. I will share more about this next week.

  17. It is so good to hear that you are improving! I think your over-all healthy lifestyle has helped decrease the severity and length of the virus. We will continue to pray for your complete recovery. So happy Mr Mickey and none of your family have been affected.

  18. So glad that you are improving each day, Susan. Considering what you have been through you look amazing. Another lovely outfit that looks so cool and fresh. Wishing you continued improvement.

  19. So happy to hear that you are feeling better each day! As ever, you are an inspirational example of grace…even during your illness. Thank you for that…

  20. Think was so nice of you to write about what you have gone through. I forwarded your column to several of my friends. None of us have been sick yet and we all wondered exactly what would be involved. We realize it could be different for everyone but just wanted you to know we appreciated your column.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Very few people give details which are helpful to know. I am so glad you are recovering and hope you continue to do so. I’ve been following your for years and love your blog!

  22. Susan
    I am so glad you are recovering from your illness. I can tell by your picture that you have lost weight.
    I am praying for your full recovery.

  23. You look greAt. Take care of you. Thank you for letting us hear. I know others were as concerned as I.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing the details of your experience with Covid-19. It helped me understand how people are affected by this terrible virus. Your experience reaffirmed to me the importance of wearing masks. I hope you continue regaining your strength and will soon be fully recovered.

  25. So thankful God was listening to our prayers and you look amazingly stunning for all you have been through.
    Love your look again today. I always question my look to wear watch and bracelets on only one arm. Now I see on you it looks perfect! So appreciate your advice! Thank you

  26. I’m so glad to see you in this post! You look lovely. So glad you’re feeling stronger each day. Praying for continued healing for both you and Mr. Mickey.

  27. Good to hear you are getting better each day. Also good that your family members do not have it. It is such a scary time. I live in Canada where our numbers are very low. However, I still keep close to home and haven’t ventured out much at all since March and when I do I wear a mask! Take care

  28. Happy to hear your recovery continues. You look great in the outfit. I especially love the lace top. Chicken soup and fresh produce from loved ones, a recipe for recovery.

  29. Sending you good wishes as you continue to recover. This virus is so scary! God bless you each day with renewed strength!

  30. Love the tips and ideas for light summer outfits. Glad you are feeling better!! I am not sure how long my jackets need to be. I’m shrinking and now at barely 5’4 1/2 inches ( was 5’6″)You look so nice in the length of jackets. I’m sure you are taller than I. Do you have a rule of thumb? I am thinking I need a shorter-cut jacket? I love your idea of wearing them to updress or add a certain look. Can’t wait to visit Stein Mart to choose a couple but wanted to check with you about guidelines for shorter people. I’m 140 lbs too. Thank you!

  31. May I ask why in this post you say “ unconfirmed type of virus”? You did say you had a Covid test done correct?

    1. I say “unconfirmed” because the first test came back negative. I have had another test and await the results. My health care professional is monitoring me as a COVID-19 patient. All the symptoms I have are the same as the patients she has had who are positive.

  32. Great to hear you are improving Susan! I love that outfit and the colors! Vitamin D is a huge healing factor for all of us and SUNSHINE delivers it the best way.

  33. With all that you have been through, you still look so lovely. I am glad you are getting better and hope you will fully recover soon. Thank you for bringing beauty into our lives.

  34. Perfect outfit for a summer day! You look lovely and I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  35. Susan, you are such an inspiration……beautiful, practical, genuine. You have a positive attitude, accepting the situation, and taking pleasure in the small things of life. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery and that your precious loved ones remain healthy and safe.

  36. Love those shoes. I have a similar pair of Cole Haans they are my favorite, go to, can wear with almost anything shoes.

  37. Glad you’re getting stronger every day! That’s good news. I was gifted with Jo Malone hand creme at Christmas last year. It is wonderful. Very pricey. Something I would never allow myself to purchase, but is moisturizing and soothes the skin especially during lots of hand washing these days.

    Btw, the OttLight makeup mirror arrived the other day. Love it! First thing I saw was a huge long black hair on my chin that I didn’t know was there! Yikes!!!

  38. I’m so glad to see you up and feeling better. It’s a long slow process from what I have been seeing. I appreciate your honest treatment of this virus because I’m sure that’s what you’ve had. Testing isn’t always perfect. It gives me hope that I can fight through it all as it creeps closer into my community. I think your positive attitude is a beacon for all of us in this uncertain time.

  39. I so appreciate you sharing your experiences. I read every word although it was incredibly frightening hearing this first hand from someone like you who is strong and determined. I am thrilled that you continue to improve. What a harrowing journey. If anyone ever doubted that this virus is real, they need to think again.

    Thank you for sharing all of this. I hope it inspires others to stay safe and please wear a mask and observe social distancing.

  40. So very thankful you are gaining your strength back! What a scare you had and thank you for sharing your story. I really like the top you are wearing and am on my way to investigates the links. Stay healthy.

  41. The white and brown combination is lovely! I’m so glad you are back and feeling a bit better every day. This virus is not to be taken lightly! Every time I feel like shopping or visiting with friends I think of your experience and think better of it. Stay home and socially distance and wear my mask has got to be the way I live my life for now. Take care!

  42. I’m glad you are feeling better! You look fantastic as usual! Take care and one moment at a time is all you have to do.
    Best regards!

  43. So glad you are feeling better! I will be so happy when we can finally resume our life and people can once again go out and enjoy each other. Take care and thanks for the pictures. Very lovely!

  44. Thank you so very much for sharing your Covid-19 experience. Here in Ontario,Canada, things are slowly returning towards normal. I shared your experiences with my friends, as a reminder that we, just like you, continue to need to be careful.
    I’m so glad you are on the mend.
    I enjoy your blog, your sense of style, and great advice towards fashion for those of us at a certain age.
    Thank you again. Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  45. I am so glad to read that you are feeling better and are recovering! You look beautiful as ever. Your story is a good reminder that this vicious virus can hit any one of us and to not let our guard down. Take care of yourself! And thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  46. Blessings for a continued recovery, Susan. I faced a life-threatening illness a number of years ago with a year-long recovery. I am very well now, thank God! Celebrate the small victories and learn to savor every pleasing thing! peace and blessings, Lori

  47. Dear Susan,
    Happy to hear you are slowly regaining your strength.
    I had a strange flu in February of this year before the Covid announcement.
    It took weeks to recover but I did and so will you.
    Your good health practices served you well in blunting the effects of this nasty virus.
    God Bless you and wishes for a complete recovery .

  48. Thanks for sharing your “real life” experience! We’ve been in lockdown since early March since we are 80 and 81….and our son in law is a doctor:) So far we are well…but read a lot of experiences and your story helps us stay put! Thanks. Gwynne Johnson

  49. Hi Susan,
    I’m so happy to read your health is improving daily, also that Mr Mickey and your family have remained healthy.
    Your blog remains an inspiration for me and something I look forward to reading each week. Thank you for all your hard work in generating your blog.

    Wishing you, Mr Mickey and your family continued good health.


  50. Susan, so wonderful to see you looking well and hear that you are improving! I’ve told your story a few times as we continue to hunker down here in NH. The importance of mask wearing cannot be stressed enough, in my opinion. Thank you for bravely sharing your experience. Blessings to you my dear friend!

  51. Yay, Susan! I haven’t even read the article yet. Just saw you were back. I prayed for you that you would heal quickly. Blessings and take care!
    Now, back to read your article!!

  52. Susan, you would look great wearing a paper bag. Your confidence and sense of self shine in every photo.

    I try to pull myself together each morning. I am successful more often than “before Susan Street” so a great big thank you for that.

    Being so ill is a humbling experience; I know you will recover in time. Thank you for your openness in sharing this challenging time

  53. So happy to hear you’re recovering in style. How frightening to have that diagnosis, but thanks for sharing it with us. You are the first person I know who’s experienced this, which really brings the possibility close to home.

    Your healthy lifestyle must have helped you get through the toughest part at home rather than in a hospital. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

    Best wishes for a total recovery, you are an inspiration to all of your followers.

  54. You’re an amazing woman. Can’t believe you’re up and dressed and looking great – AND TAKING PICTURES! I’ve been praying for you a great deal. So glad to “see” you. Sending love & prayers.

  55. I love the white lace top! It is so feminine and glamourous.

    I hope that you are feeling better. You look stunning.

  56. So happy to see you feeling better. You are looking gorgeous as always. I think I had covid way back in January and my 25 year old daughter is getting over it now. – she tested positive for it. You, she and I had almost identical symptoms. The tests are not always accurate. It took me almost 2 months to get my full energy back. I would feel good for days and then just going up a flight of stairs or vacuuming a room would leave me feeling exhausted. My friend who is a nurse suggested either Pedialyte or Gatorade to replace electrolytes lost. It certainly helped me get my strength back. Hang in there. This was a nightmare unlike anything I every experienced illness wise. Glad all your loved ones remain healthy.

  57. Susan, I am so glad to see your smiling face and hear that you are recovering. I love hearing your adventures around Western North Carolina.

  58. “I live in Michigan. We have been living as “Masked Bandits” since March 13. We believe that my husband had the Cvirus also in March. He made a trip to a ( he is an engineer) food plant in Memphis . Went through Detroit Airport twice. Take care of yourself and go forth Masked!

  59. Well, this is frightening. Although I have got to say you look like a million dollars, and that new dress gorgeous. Let’s hope you can get out and wear them soon! You are an inspiration to us all. Hope everyday brings you better health. We passed by Johnson City last week on our way north. Our doctor told us to get the hell out of Texas. It was an agonizing drive… and we are in a 14 day quarantine here, but hopefully we can see our grandchildren. I admire you going through this by yourself. You are a woman of substance and strength.

  60. Just to share with you on how truly relatable your writing is: after reading you were sick, I stopped for a split second and thought “I was with her just last week maybe I need to be concerned!” Then of course immediately I remembered I read your blog I wasn’t actually with you. Love seeing your posts they are so helpful. Grateful Mr.Mickey continues to be well although I’m sure you both are concerned. Your post on what you went thru was very eye opening. You are both in my prayers.

  61. So glad you are feeling better. I agree when I have been under the weather just taking a shower, fixing my hair , getting dressed I and getting outside in the fresh air makes everything soooo much better. You are a true fighter! This mess soon will just be another bump in the road before you know it! And in my opinion y’all have had yalls share of bumps in the road this year!! Prayers for a long smooth road ahead for y’all! Karen

  62. So glad to hear and see that you are feeling better. My niece in Alabama has the virus along with her boyfriend. They were to be retested today, but last I heard they couldn’t find a place to do it today. Continue to get stronger and well.

  63. So glad that you are feeling better. As so many others have said, you are an inspiration. When it is so tempting to dress ‘down‘ on these very quiet days, I believe it really does make us feel better to dress ‘up’ a little bit. Your blog helps us to remember that. Hope you continue to improve each day.

  64. Hello Susan,

    It’s so good to see you up and around. Your great smile says it all!
    Keep taking good care of yourself because there’s only one wonderful you!
    Blessings always.

  65. I am so very relieved that you are recovering and that Mr. Mickey and your family are well. Al always, you look lovely.
    But your “unconfirmed type of virus I have” make me concerned that no test for COVID-19 was given to you…I would want to know for sure. Blessings to you.

    1. I did have two tests, and the first test came back negative. I have been very ill for more than sixteen days. The results of the second test will not arrive until next week. My health care professional is monitoring me as a COVID-19 patient because I have the same symptoms as all her patients who have had COVID-19.

      My advice to everyone is to stay at home and isolate yourself from others if you are sick. Call your doctor and tell them exactly what your symptoms are and then follow their directions.

  66. So glad you are feeling stronger. You are amazing! You continue to send us interesting information while not being well! Please take care of yourself! So glad you are better and on the mend.

  67. Your bravery and establishing a ritual are inspiring. I’m not ill, but still on furlough regarding my job , with no end in sight. I find it a challenge just to get out of bed and out of my pajamas and robe. I learned quickly that I do much better when I have folks to cook for, care for, and interactive with!

  68. Hi Susan,
    You are looking better each day and such an inspiration.
    The white lace top looks so nice on you.
    Take care.
    New Zealand

  69. I’m so glad to know you are getting your strength back more and more every day. I feel this will be a long process but we are all so glad you are on the road to recovery. You look amazing especially after all you have been through.

  70. So glad to see you back and posting! I pray that your healing continues and that you will invest the time to nourish yourself , replenish physically & emotionally & spiritually.

  71. You wouldn’t know how sick you have been to look at you. You look wonderful. I love this lace top and although I couldn’t wear the pants, I prefer straight leg or flared a little, I do love the color. I love the jewelry. I’ll have to check out that bracelet. My prayer for you is to keep on improving and feeling better.

  72. Yes, isolation is a hard thing to cope with all the time. Visits to the grocery store help a bit with that feeling.
    Hope you are well again and your husband is staying well.

    Love the lace top, the sleeve length is perfect as well as the neckline.

  73. Lovely to see you again….and the camel pants are a nice change from the white. I really like the lacy top and wonder if you wear an undershirt or camisole with it as it looks a bit see-through. Light weight whites can be that way, too, so I wear a skin colored or beige cami-undershirt under them.
    Sure hope you feel 100% soon. You do look slimmer! And glad to hear Mr. Mickey and family are doing well.

  74. Dear Susan,
    I am so happy to hear you are feeling stronger. We care about you and will continue to pray for your full recovery. Now more then ever, we need bright light that you bring to so many! Hope Mr. Mikey is also better.

  75. You are amazing and you look terrific. Thank you for thinking of us and still communicating when you have been so weak, what a star! Xx

  76. So pleased you are recovering. Take it slowly and rest regularly even if you don’t feel tired.
    Thank you for writing about your experience with this horrible virus. A reminder to everybody to be sensible and look after ourselves. A healthy diet and exercise are essential.

    Over here In the UK there have been reports about strange test results. Does make you wonder how accurate the tests actually are.

    Good to see you back looking as great as ever.
    Sue B

  77. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you continued good health in these unsettling days ahead. Stay strong!

  78. I am surely among many who appreciate the sharing of your story. We’re also grateful that you are improving every day and that no one around you has gotten ill. That’s a real blessing.
    I, too, have discovered that getting dressed and ready to go out (even if you can’t) starts your day with a lift. It’s tempting to stay in your jammies if you have nothing planned, but the days you do that just seem to drag you down. None of us needs that! Particularly now.
    Was pleased to see your message pop into my mailbox so early—was awakened by a text at 4:42 and can’t get back to sleep.
    Can’t wait to get back to work and a little bit of normal.
    Thanks for adding your style know-how to my life!

  79. So glad you are on the mend. I truly enjoy your style and it motivates me to “up my game”.

  80. Susan, thank you so much for inspiring each of us and sharing your story during this stressful time. It would have been so easy to abandon the blog, but you kept us informed and all of your fans deeply appreciate you!
    Stay strong, and remember to rest so you can fully regain your stamina. We’re thinking of you and want to say a huge thank you!

  81. Susan, so glad you are recovering and able to enjoy your daily routine again. Your description of your illness was so compelling. When someone as health-conscious as you can be vulnerable, then it says we all need to keep up our guard. Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes for a full recovery.

  82. Stay positive, Susan. You will improve a bit each day. I enjoy your blog and your fashion insights. Thank you.

  83. As with other life experiences you have shared, your account of your illness has been open and supremely enlightening! You refer to your illness as unconfirmed. Does this mean you have not yet received test results, or that results were inconclusive? Your loss of taste and smell certainly point to COVID. Your story is a vivid reminder that this situation is far from over. I think this will permanently change things in ways similar to 9-11- we will all need to exercise new levels of caution in public health.

    1. I have had two nasal swab tests, and the first came back negative. The results of the second test will not arrive until next week. My health care professional is monitoring me as a COVID-19 patient because I have the same symptoms as all her patients with confirmed cases.
      I have been very ill for more than sixteen days. My advice to everyone is to stay at home and isolate yourself from others if you are sick. Call your doctor and tell them exactly what your symptoms are and then follow their directions.

  84. Hello Susan,

    So glad that day by day you are getting well. Thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. Stay safe and look after yourself.


  85. I am very thankful that you are better and appreciate giving us insight to the effects of this virus, making me more aware of wearing my mask.

  86. Bless you and best to you on your continued recovery! You have such a great outlook. You truly are an inspiration!

  87. Susan, so glad you are on the road to recovery. I commend you to be able to get up and get dressed and photo it. You”ve got this girl!!! Virus-0 Susan-1

  88. Susan you look terrific and I am so happy you are on the mend. Sharing your story is a real service to your readers and their circle of contacts. Many people base their beliefs about the virus on whether they know someone who has had it. Because we feel we “know” you, your story is powerful. It puts us all on high alert. Thank you.

  89. I am so glad you are beginning to feel a bit recovered. I was so sorry to hear, belatedly that you have been so terribly ill. This is a really wicked virus and I fear we are a long way from being back to what remotely resembles “normal”

    Thank you so much for all you have and are contributing to many of us renewing a way of thinking about our existing wardrobes and how to make them more updated without huge expense or effort. I especially appreciate it as I have your similar coloring with grey/white hair. I’m shorter than you are and in my early 80s but blessedly fit and healthy because of wise eating and exercising…grateful for both especially these days. Your advice is timely and very much appreciated

    Wishing you continued healing in the days ahead. Nancy

  90. I am new to your site. So sorry to read of your illness, but so happy to learn you are well.

    I look forward to your next post and seeing your beautiful knack for style!!

    Cyndee Jones
    Tulsa, OK

  91. Hi Susan,
    I just wrote you a reply and I think it just disappeared. 🙁

    Wanted to say it’s so good to see you up and all dressed up. Know this has been a slow process, I like your attitude that you get out of your night clothes and get into your day clothes. There is something to be said when we do that. You look so good considering what you have been through. Taking care of yourself and living all alone is not easy.

    I will share my signature fragrance with you, Boucheron Eau De Parfume, I have been using this for 35 years or so, I also use Coco Mademoislle Eau Parfume. Years after I started wearing Boucheron I learned that Princess Diana that was her signature fragrance. Next time I go to Nordstrom I will have to try on Jo Malone’s Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense. I know Jo Malone has beautiful fragrances as well.

    Such good news that Mr. Mickey and your family is well.

    You take care of your sweet dear self. We only have one Susan Street.

    Katherine, In Arizona

  92. Glad you are feel better, prayers for complete healing in your body. glad you feel like working on your blog. Missed it for a few days

  93. Even though our body shapes and style choices are complete opposites, (I’m tall, thin, and flat chested and always wear collared shirts/dresses) yours is the first blog I read every day. So glad you’re healing.

  94. Really glad to hear that your health is improving!
    Take care and look after yourself
    Beatriz from Portugal

  95. So glad you are better. You look wonderful but I can tell you lost more weight than you needed to. You were already trim and fit looking. Keep up your positive attitude and keep getting better.. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  96. You look so lovely in this outfit! I read with alarm about your viral symptoms and am glad that you are recovering well. Be careful, and don’t push yourself. Our health is so precious. Too often we take it for granted until something like this happens.

  97. So glad you are getting stronger each day. Continuing prayers for you and others with this dreadful illness. So glad Mr. Mickey and your family are well.

  98. So very happy that you are feeling better each day and that Mr. Mickey and your family are all well. This is a scary time for everyone and your blog helps me “get away from it all” for a little while. Thank you as well for all your efforts to share your life and philosophy on your blog, even when you don’t feel A-1 yet. I copy your photos and keep them in a file for easy reference. Your ideas are an inspiration to us “older” ladies who appreciate your style. You have inspired me to make an effort each day to look put together, even though there is no one but me to see it!!

  99. Dear Susan,

    I very much enjoy your blog and positive attitude. I am a 60 year old Canadian woman who, like you, loves fashion and re-styling the clothes that I have in my wardrobe.

    I was very concerned about you contracting COVID, and am happy to read that you are improving and that your family, including Mr. Mickey are well. Thank you for sharing your struggles – it takes courage to do that. I have shared your experience with my friends, as a reminder that our guard should not come down.

    In my community, we have only experienced 3 cases of COVID – so we thought we were safe. This week, 30+ people were diagnosed and they are all part of an Old Colony Mennonite church. The outbreak occurred because they were attending a funeral for one of their members (1 of the 3), and this person sadly died from COVID. It was most unexpected to hear about this news for a community group that already self-isolates. It shows the need to continue to take pre-cautions due to the level of contagions.

    I do hope that you continue to recover well. I admire your strength to continue with your blog, even if you are not 100%
    Best wishes for a speedy, continuing recovery!

  100. Susan, I am so happy that you are on the mend. Thank you for sharing this challenging journey because it may convince the doubters in both of our countries that Covid is real and has severe affects on all ages. Since early March, have worn a mask and gloves every time I go out. Made my first visit for a hair cut this week & wore the mask and gloves, as did my hairdresser ( they also took my temperature before I entered the salon). When I get home, I sanitize my shoes, purse, inside of car and change my clothes. I survived a terrible bout of C-difficile a few years ago & learned to sanitize faithfully during that time. You look terrific in the outfits in these last 2 posts. Keep well and rest, rest, rest.

  101. Hugs to you and so happy you’re feeling better. We so often take our good health for granted along with many other blessings!

    Take care of yourself. So glad Me. Mickey and family are well.

    Vikki Andrews

  102. I’m very much in awe of your strength and resilience during your battle with Covid. Sounds like you were one sick lady. Praise God He didn’t take you but that’s selfish. I’ve battled my own hip demons for 18 months and four surgeries. Came home last Thursday to Daytona Beach from south Florida. God surely has our lives planned as my hospital had to quit surgeries again in south Florida. He scheduled my surgery a thousand years ago. Praise God for Dr. Aldo Riesgo at Cleveland Clinic in west palm beach. I just feel I should praise God for his devotion to operating on me and finally getting it right. Thanks for letting me do that here. Heal and get your life back as you have so much to live for, especially Mr. Mickey. Thanks again

  103. Thank goodness you are feeling better! I’m still sending you love and prayers. I hope Mr Mickey is healed too. I enjoy your blog and your style very much!

  104. Prezada Susan:
    Espero que tenha uma pronta recuperação! Seja forte!
    Esperamos que muito em breve esteja fazendo seus passeios com Sr Mickey em lugares tão belos e que você compartilha conosco.
    Um grande abraço

  105. Susan
    You so lucky to have your sister parents and mr mickey to drop food to you
    Your are doing well and trying to keep yourself busy
    Greetings from Ireand

  106. Our county here in coastal SC has been spiking in cases after being relatively calm. Now we’re up to 1,800 cases with 22 deaths. We, too, are being ever so careful in all the recommended ways. I so appreciated your sharing details like you did, Susan, because we just don’t hear much detail on what it feels like for a “mild” case like yours.
    I am wondering why you don’t have a thermometer—not that it would have made a difference in this particular incident—are you anti-thermometer? Hahaha. 🙂

  107. You look wonderful! Thanks again for sharing your experience. I look forward to each of your posts and I am so glad that you are getting back your strength.

  108. Susan, Enjoy your blog and sorry about your illness. You may be interested in a similar story by a doctor who was on NBC a dozen times detailing his battle with the virus. Except he did not have the virus, only the symptons.
    Dr. Joseph Fair
    Jul 7, 2020
    My undiagnosed/suspected COVID illness from nearly 2 months ago remains an undiagnosed mystery as a recent antibody test was negative. I had myriad COVID symptoms, was hospitalized in a COVID ward & treated for COVID-related co-morbidities, despite testing negative by nasal swab.
    Dr. Joseph Fair
    I was severely ill for 2 weeks, 4 days of it in critical condition, resulting in pneumonia, diffuse lung injury & 18lbs of weight loss. My path forward is a 2nd AB test, & follow-up with a pulmonologist & tropical medicine specialist in an effort to diagnose what made me so ill.
    12:33 PM · Jul 7, 2020

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I have read many accounts of people who have tested negative while being extremely ill with all the COVID-19 symptoms. Thankfully my doctor has been monitoring me as if I was positive to make sure I don’t develop pneumonia or further breathing problems.

  109. Glad you are feeling a little better Susan. It must be terrible for you. Keep up thee good work and hurry up back to us – we, your fans, depend on you. Getting dressed into something nice makes you feel better, even if you are staying in on your own. Looking forward to seeing your next blog [is that the word?]. from Marilyn Lea, Rhydymwyn, Wales,UK.

  110. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for sharing your Covid-19 Story. So thankful that your strength is returning and each day you’re feeling better.

    Take care, and thank you for sharing your “Summer Look” with us!

    All the best,
    Julie Johnston

  111. Hi Susan, Only you could look this good whilst recovering from such a nasty virus. You really are the most positive of people. Take care of yourself. You and Mr Mickey will soon be off on your weekend jaunts in no time at all.

  112. So glad you’re feeling better! I’m interested in ordering the beauty counter facial sunscreen. Do you have a discount code to enter at checkout?


  113. Susan – Great to see you smiling and feeling up to giving us yet another great post. Thank you for sharing your journey with COVID. Wishing you good health

  114. I enjoy your blog so much, you have taught me a lot about flattering style. I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill, and I am so happy that you are recovering. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for everything you do!

  115. Susan, I am sorry to learn that you have been ill but am happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Myself, only on Tuesday completed a fourteen day period of self-isolation on the advice of our city Public Health Unit who faithfully called each day to monitor if I had developed any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. Long story short; the first call came two days after a very long overdue appointment with my hairdresser however due to confidentiality the source/reason was never actually divulged. In other words, I just put two and two together as am not one to give my phone number out freely. With that said; fortunately I didn’t develop any symptoms however I have never been one to even get the flu shot (though I am over 70 years of age) and can honestly say the last time I was ill was when I took a second dosage of a medication prescribed for Osteoporosis and without exaggeration, thought I was going to die as the side affects were so similar to that of an instantaneous and violent flu.
    It is something I will never forget (the first 72 hours were unbelievable) and it was only upon research that I discovered I am not the only woman that has experienced such with said medication. To conclude; do apologize for my long comment but please pace yourself and sending my sincerest wishes for a speedy and full recovery. -Brenda-
    P.S.: For the past few months, being a hobby sewer I have been making cloth masks to donate to whomever expresses a desire for one and am glad to be doing such as in the city I live (Canada) they have now become mandatory inside public places.

  116. I follow you on Pinterest and was surprised to hear that you have Covid 19.
    Here in the Netherlands we are being very careful in almost every respect, and in keeping enough distance from other people.
    I wish you all the best and please take your time to recover.
    Lots of love from
    Mathilde v Est from the Netherlands

  117. I am so glad that you are feeling better and are on the mend. You look wonderful. Take care, Nancy

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