Blush Pink For The Win

Each time I wear this blush pink denim jacket, I get compliments from every person I interact with. The color gives my skin a soft glow that makes me feel vibrant, and it goes with almost everything I own. I wanted to show it to you before it sells out.

This casual jacket makes every combination look a bit elevated while remaining soft and comfortable. I purchased it in size large.

The blush pink denim jacket is here. The black jeans are here. A similar white tank is here. A similar bag is here. Similar shoes are here. The no-show socks are here. My lip color is Orchid here. My watch is here.

Sadly, winter weather continues to linger. I will be covering all my plants tomorrow since the nighttime temperatures will dip into the twenties again.

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  1. Such a pretty pink and so flattering on you. Thank you for indicating the size because brands can vary so much in cut. Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a lovely outfit, Susan. You’re living proof that casual doesn’t have to be an ill fitting, oversized tee, baggy faded jeans and clunky tennis shoes! All of your outfits follow an easy to duplicate theme: properly fitting and understated look with colors that compliment your tone. Perfectly chic looks. Thank you for all of your kind and down to earth advice

  3. I love this jacket and the color. I would not have tried on a jacket with pockets where they are placed since I’m top heavy. I guess I was wrong on that one!

  4. Hi Susan, I am so glad you styled this Talbots jacket for us! I have been looking at it online for a few weeks. I was afraid the ruffles might be too trendy. However, next time it goes on sale, I will use your link to buy it! The color is very flattering, and it is definitely more elevated.

  5. Hello, I love your blog.
    I am toying with the idea of making jewelry and have lost the name of the company you referenced some time ago….. I believe you wrote that it was Mr. Mickey’s daughter’s?
    I have some garage sale pieces and would love to create some necklaces ( I love the French Kande look , but not the price!) Your pieces were amazing…. was I correct that they are not currently available for purchase?
    Any sources you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  6. The blush pink is a soft and lovely color. I’ve had my eye on it too. I just not sure I’d get much use as I have another blush pink jacket I enjoy wearing. Q1
    Our weather has turned pleasantly warm. Spring has definitely arrived.
    I’m working off some Covid pounds. My husband and I watched baking shows a lot for entertainment this past year.Then we decided to bake along too. That was a problem! But at least it kept our spirits up. Alas, the baking had to stop. We’re back to a lighter diet and the weight is slowly coming off.

  7. I am looking for high waist pull on skinny capris
    Ones that are not made of thin material
    Do you have any ideas?

  8. I bought the exact same jacket last month, and I also get compliments every time I wear it.. I love pink. ❤️

  9. Definitely soft pink is one of your best colors! I bet any intensity of pink would like nice on you, but I don’t remember much pink in your closet.

  10. Such a perfect colour for you! I love pink and wear all varieties of it because it lifts my spirits, especially now during this sudden Covid emergency lockdown.
    Susan, can you speak for the regular bra that Shapeez offers? I have the 2 long styles and would like to try the short version during the summer. Thanks!

    1. I have worn the Shortee, but I always return to the Ultimate Pretty style. I need the full-length smoothing effect. I don’t notice the bras even on hot days.

  11. Just beautiful! Please elaborate on how a denim jacket should fit … my denim jacket that can easily button across my (ample) chest appears to be too large, and the jackets that fit in the shoulders and back often button with difficulty. Is it important that the jacket easily buttons? Thanks!

    1. Even if you never intend to wear a jacket closed, it should actually close. Always make sure the shoulders fit properly; if they don’t, a different style of jacket or maybe even a cardigan might be a better match for your shape.

  12. I adore your blush pink denim jacket, Susan! You look incredible in it and I feel you’ve styled it in such a classic combination. The shade of pink reminds me of my very favorite Louis Vuitton rose ballerine color. I can see it working really well with white denim capris too. I splurged on both the pink and white jackets, as they are so ‘springy’ and the ruffle collar takes me back to Princess Diana’s early 1980’s days (she was my style icon!). I’ve been staying with a gluten free, organic pescatarian diet with an emphasis on plant based for about 3 weeks now (have even made your recipe from your last post) and must say I feel so much better and the sugar/salt cravings have finally subsided. I actually find myself craving vegetables now. I invented a blueberry/kale/ avocado smoothie that is often my midday meal. I thank SO much for inspiring me to return to my pre-pandemic eating patterns. A couple quick questions about the jacket—does it have any stretch to it, and is large what you would normally order or did you order a size up? I ordered up a size so it wouldn’t be tight on my shoulders (due to shoulder issues) but then doubted the decision afterwards.

    1. The material has some stretch. As long as the shoulder seams hit the edge of the shoulders, I don’t mind if the rest of the garment is roomy. I much prefer a bit oversized instead of too tight.
      Congratulations on the healthy progress you’ve made!

  13. Beautiful shade on you, Susan and despite that we’re entering the cool months here in Australia, I’m inclined to buy the jacket. Love the ruffles – they take the edge off and with the soft colour, turn the jacket into such feminine apparel.

  14. I enjoyed your “introduction” of soft pink into your collection of clothing. I currently have only one soft pink casual top but intend to add an additional one or 2 items. There is something so feminine about pink, don’t you think? In addition, silver jewelry pairs well with soft pink!

  15. I love the blush pink on you and I also wear that color frequently. I have a question about the no show socks and sizing. I looked at their site and was trying to determine the best size for someone who has a wider width foot? Would you size up or just size for length in the normal size?

  16. It is a great compliment to your hair and skin. I love the casual looks so much more than the dressy looks because that’s my lifestyle now. When you are no longer part of a couple, I lost my husband in February, it changes the places you go and the more casual your lifestyle becomes.

  17. I love that pink color on you. Very flattering. I love all of my jean jackets too. Thanks for posting and Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  18. I LOVE the colour of your jacket. Many years ago I had a Jacket the exact colour of yours. If I wore it on a busy Tram in Melbourne Australia I would always have a Man stand up & give me his seat. For some reason I think Men like this colour

  19. I have a old Ralph Lauren pink jean jacket & I still love it. Also love this updated version with the feminine collar. Pink is also a color I enjoy wearing & get compliments when wearing. The only thing I would change about this look is I would tend to wear black shoes to elongate my look. You look fabulous!

  20. Oh! Zone envy! Garden iris in April. While our dwarf purple iris bloomed on Easter they were eaten by the bubbies before the week was over. Scilla and snowdrops helped console.

  21. Wow!! Absolutely adore that pink jacket! I ordered one for myself. And the iris at the end of your post is gorgeous. I was born in Tennessee and love irises. I don’t see them often here on the Texas coast! Too hot! I always enjoy your posts.

  22. Hi Susan,
    The Iris is so pretty, thanks for sharing that. Flowers always lift my spirits. It’s too bad your weather is holding onto winter. I am sending you some of our warm weather and sunshine. Also the pink denim jacket looks so pretty on you, perfect for your coloring.

  23. I agree that this is a winning look – despite the reversal of temperatures you are bringing the Springtime. Thanks, as always, for your posts.

  24. Pretty in Pink! Very nice shade. I love soft pink. I’ve almost depleted my April clothing budget…so no pink jacket for me.

  25. I am not too much for words, but you are inspiring me to let my hair go natural and add color in my closet. Thank You.

  26. I have a jean jacket that looks exactly like this one only it is light denim colour….it must be 20 years old…..makes me wonder if Talbots designer found one like mine and copied it. I love my jacket and I am soooo tempted to buy a pink version to keep the denim one company 🙂

  27. You did me a big favor with this recommendation. I stay on top of Talbots’ offerings but had decided I didn’t need another jacket. After seeing it on you and reading your post, I clicked on it and ordered it. It is a great jacket, so feminine and classic. Thank you so much.

  28. I just found your website today and am so glad I did. It is so hard to find age appropriate clothing. I love everything you have posted and hope to use your suggestions as a guide in my next shopping trip. Thank you for posting where the clothing can be purchased.

  29. Love the adorable ruffle on the denim jacket. Really sets it off as something special. I bought a pale pink blazer recently and am having fun deciding what looks best with it. Pink is such a great color goes with most everything if styled correctly. Pink is definitely great for adding glow to our skin.

  30. Hi, Susan!
    I just wanted to let you know that my pink jean jacket arrived today. I’m glad I sized up as it still fits at my shoulders but is nice and roomy in the body of the jacket, and the stretch makes it super comfortable for my shoulder issues. If anyone is on the fence about purchasing I would recommend to do so as soon as possible, as there was already limited sizing available when I made my purchase, especially in the white. So glad I picked up both colors while I could.

  31. Susan, when do you use Counter+ All Bright C Serum? I think you wrote recently about it being so very good. Is is am and pm? Before or after moisturizer? Thank you.

    1. I use All Bright C Serum as a treatment step with any regimen. After cleansing and toning in the morning, I use my regimen’s regular serum, then layer All Bright C Serum on top. Apply to face, neck, and décolletage. Follow with moisturizer.

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