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A small group of friends recently enjoyed gathering for a birthday celebration and dinner at Gourmet & Company. I put together an appropriate and comfortable look for the special evening using pieces already in my closet. The shoes were the statement item, so I kept all the other elements neutral and solid.

Luxe fabrics and upscale accessories can take a combination of wardrobe staples to the next level. Soft, natural-looking hair and makeup contribute to the easy, comfortable look. The lip color I am wearing is Little Black Dress here.

The white blazer and Louise et Cie shoes are from about three years ago. I limit the times I wear heels to those when I am seated for most of the evening. The ankle-length pants made the combination feel more summer-appropriate. I never remove my jacket when I wear a camisole.

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of shoes dressing up an outfit. My wardrobe is so basic , this will be something I do in the future . Thank you for all your inspiration.
    Guess I am going shopping today

  2. Gorgeous shoes. I am a firm believer in the power of shoes to take an outfit to the next level! You showed how to do it beautifully.

  3. I never thought of making shoes the focus! Love this look — as well as everything you post!

  4. I am interested in your pearl necklace, are you wearing 3 necklaces or 1 draped around your neck to give the appearance of 3. Anyway, I love the style

    1. A few years ago, I bought two necklaces by Nadri and joined them together. The pearls are 8mm, and they have crystal and silver clasps. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them online anymore, so I shared a link to something similar.

  5. Hi Susan. Thank you for your advice on shoes. I could never find the ‘ right ‘ ones to go with what I was wearing out of the stacks I have. I’ve gone for more neutral lighter colours and pointed toes where possible now and have really noticed how they can change a whole look.

  6. Love the limousine shoes as I like to refer to them. Stunning however most comfortable when sitting down. Thank you for another inspirational and classy ensemble.

  7. A lovely look Susan and done so simply with a big impact. Isn’t it great to get out and do normal activities again. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Love this look!! The pushed-up sleeves on the jacket seem to give an extra punch to the outfit. Could you address that in a post sometime? Jacket sleeves & sweater sleeves – when to & when not to??

    1. I try to balance the amount of skin showing with the season and the other items I’m wearing. For example, showing collarbones, wrist bones, and ankles helps us look more slender, but it also feels more like warm weather. Thanks for the suggestion. I will write more about this later.

  9. A quote from Steel Magnolias comes to mind:

    “Those shoes are just too cha cha for words!”

  10. Love the shoes Susan! Wish I could have had a closer look at them. I’ve got a box full of higher heals that I tucked away when I retired but you’ve made me rethink that and maybe I will pull some of my favourites out to use as “sitting shoes”. Lol

  11. I do love this outfit!
    How would you alter it for similar beautiful statement shoes that are no higher than kitten heels or even flats?

  12. I see you are wearing a belt. It seems some people can wear a belt on pants or a skirt that does not have belt loops. I cannot see if your pants have loops, but supposing they don’t. If you wear a belt without belt loops, how do you get it to stay on the waistband? I find the belts slips up off the waistband.

    1. My pants have belt loops. If one has an hourglass shape, I would think you would have an easier time keeping a belt at the waistline. I need the loops.

  13. The cuffs on your jacket are very interesting. Are they finished differently, or is it the way you push the sleeves up? Or fold them up?

  14. I have three pairs of red shoes that I wear on occasion. So much fun! One statement piece is all one needs with festive shoes. I know you’ve said that you reserve heels for when you’re mainly sitting for the evening. I hope you sit somewhere where people see those shoes and they aren’t under the table all night. I have three pairs of red shoes that I wear on occasion. So much fun!

  15. Simply elegant! Thank you Susan for continuing to share your experiences and knowledge with us!
    Gail Oliver. Greensboro

  16. What a lovely and elegant outfit! I have lots of classic neutral pieces that I pair with a special pair of shoes or fabulous bag. I have been treating myself to some nicer luxury bags and shoes to dress up simple, classic items. For shoes, I have only been purchasing flats or lower heels or block heels. I have lots of clothes so I rarely need to shop for an outfit for an event. The perfect shoes and bags really make me feel dressed!

  17. Good morning!

    Lovely, as usual! Love your ensemble, it is exactly how I style and I look to you for inspiration! Cheers

  18. Susan,
    Wonderful! Exquisite! You look simply stunning in those shoes. I always look forward to you in heels, too. As I told you in a previous comment, I know of no other woman who is more stunning than you in high heels. You are a gorgeous woman who takes immense pride in every aspect of your life. Thank you for sharing your beauty and substance with us and others who read your blog.

    I send you warmest greetings for the holiday.
    You live in and frequent many of the places I remember so well. I grew up in Western North Carolina not far from the Tennesse border and was a newspaperman in Asheville for years. I now own a weekly newspaper in Virginia.
    I look forward to your posts. Best wishes always,

  19. Susan, I wear mainly solid colors and very few prints. Your look today made a lightbulb go off for me. Add pattern with shoes! I know you use scarfs to add color and interest so to me (a non-scarf at the neck wearer) this example really speaks to me. Thanks for all your great styling ideas. You look fab as usual.

  20. I love the idea of the pearls with the white. I have a double strand of real pearls that I was given as a gift when I was in my late 20’s. I will be 77 this month. I never wore the pearls. About time I did wouldn’t you say? Thanks for the inspiration .

  21. Have always loved black and white, so sharp! Love those shoes, but alas I can’t go that high anymore, glad you can, even if limited. I miss not being able to wear such great looking shoes. You looked great!

  22. To Marilyn: your comment made me think about the old saying regarding the family China. That’s why you have it. Nobody actually used it. I have two sets. One is my mother’s that she bought from a friend down on her luck, and another from my friend’s grandmother. I don’t really like my mother’s but since the other pattern has a dark blue in the pattern, I use it fairly often. My husband broke the sugar bowl one Christmas and just knew I would be terribly upset. I wasn’t because I believe these fine items are to be used or worn. That’s why Replacements, Ltd. was started in NC to replace your china, crystal, etc. It breaks my heart these beautiful pearls have been in a drawer for all these years. If you only wear them grocery shopping, wear them or gift them to someone who will. I have a feeling they will see the light of day because of Susan after 60!

  23. “ Never remove my jacket went I wear a camisole “
    Never say never ,that says a Greek word ( pote mi les pote )
    You will be gorgeous too.

  24. Certainly that was quite a hike and all the while you look fantastic, I know for sure I couldn’t make it, I am 76 and had two knee replacements but I marvel at you achieving you gold. I do have a question about the skin care products, do you us the maker up as well?

  25. Another great post. Would you share what eyeliner pencil you choose? Lashes are thinning and mascara alone doesn’t seem enough. Never used an eyeliner before. Thank you for thoughts you can share.

    1. I use the pencil here in black. The application technique makes all the difference. First, I apply the color in the base of the lashes above and below the lash line on the top lid only. The waterline on the top turns out as we age, so I always add the pencil there. Then, use the sponge-tip end to soften and blend the color to the outer edge of the lashes (never beyond). Finally, you can use a small brush to add a dark eyeshadow over the top of the lashes to blend and fade it into your eyeshadow.

  26. Muy bonito el atuendo que lleva, en el caso de usar ya zapatos altos que sugerencia pueden hacerme. Gracias.

  27. Lovely outfit. I like the shoes, but to me, the pearls are the stars of the look. You look so relaxed and confident and elegant. This is one of my favorite outfits! I hope you had fun at the birthday party.

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