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Comfort, as well as style, are priorities when I put together a look. I consider where I am going and what I will be doing when I choose shoes. Socks almost always are a necessity to make those shoes comfortable. I like the look of no socks, but I most definitely do not like the feel.

I was on my way to the Farmer’s Market and to run some errands when I wore this white cotton sweater and jeans. The shoes are Keds from last year. You will find similar jeans and sweaters here. The market basket is several years old. Similar here.

I buy my Sheec Socks here. They create styles for almost every shoe style. Among my favorites are the Active-X styles which are available in High, Mid, and Low cuts.

I was about to leave for a day of local sightseeing and lunch with visiting family members when I wore this look. Shop for similar sunglasses, blazers, jeans and sweater shells here. The jacket is here. I bought the loafers here. I purchased the bag here.

I recently replenished my socks, so I tried a few of the new styles this time. I like the liner socks very much. They protected the pedicure, and stayed in place all day even after lots of walking. I also got a laundry bag to avoid losing socks. I keep it in the laundry room and put socks in as I remove them. I don’t put the socks in the dryer, so it makes sorting so much easier later. Shop for Sheec items here.

I share my outfit ideas and examples to give you ideas for putting together items you might already have in your closet. The links are to the retailers where I often shop rather than the exact items because my basics are hardly ever new. Shopping links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. It is time for me to begin activities. Unfortunately the first gathering will be a memorial service for a neighbor who died last year. It seems so long since I did anything at all. So out of touch. What is appropriate for an afternoon church service in North Carolina? What would you wear, Susan?

  2. I love that market bag. I think I have seen it on your blog in the past. I like the similar one you posted but I love the one you have.

  3. On your recommendation on a prior post, I tried the Sheec socks; I purchased the ones (can’t remember the names) to be worn with ballet flats and the ones for sneakers/tennis shoes. Loved them (although the “ballet flats” pair are a little harder to get on). I was able to go sightseeing without having the “frumpy mom” look (i.e., ankle socks with sneakers) which is so comfortable but doesn’t look so nice. Anyway, thanks for sharing this product.

  4. Good morning, your look a little different, shorter hair …… great look for you. I find as I get older …… 73 soon…… that shorter hair styles are much better. Long hair at 60-70-80 seems to “pull down” some ladies unless they wear it up all the time. I am a Farmers Markert shopper too.

  5. Would you consider doing a post about your haircut? I would love to see how the back is cut. The shorter cut looks so chic with your sunglasses.

  6. Got the Sheecs based on your recommendation and they are the BEST! I now have a drawer full with several different styles. They even have one that is for Ball of Foot and slips over your toe to stay in place – genius!
    Thanks for all your tips and great advice!

  7. Good morning Susan! I think that is the shortest cut I’ve seen on you. It is very chic and will be great for the hot summer weather. I haven’t bought Sheecs yet, but I intend to try them out. It is so difficult finding ones that do the job. I love the stripe blazer. It looks so fresh and would go with so many things. Have a fun week and stay cool!

  8. Straw Tote Bag
    There is a bag on Talbots website which resembles Susan’s bag. It is bright pink stripe. I do prefer Susan’s, although this is similar!

  9. I think your new hairstyle looks really great for summer and matches very well with sunglasses too!
    Are there any Sheec styles that would work for open toed shoes, and/or for sling back heels?

  10. Love both of these looks, Susan! Thanks for sharing! They’re just what I need to try to re-create for the minimal casual-but-well-groomed look I so desire. 🙂

  11. Susan , tell us about the plants in your flowerbeds and front yard/porch. They always look so healthy and pretty. I’ve also admired the plants inside your house. How do you keep them looking so good?


  12. I agree with the other comments – your new hairdo is extremely chic! It suits you very well and is most flattering.

  13. I agree about Sheec socks! I tried them after reading one of your posts and I’m sold!

  14. Thanks Susan! Would you consider doing a post on walking shoes? I’ve made reservations for a trip to Italy (finally) and am searching for a good, but attractive walking shoe.

  15. These are the best socks. SO comfortable and they wash very well too.
    Love your new haircut.

  16. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the no show socks tips and supplier recommendation. I’m not certain I would have found this company on my own. Your blog is a valuable tool for me each time I read it. It reminds me I can still be fashionable and age appropriate.


  17. I needed this info! So tired of low cut socks working their way around my heels when wearing them with shoes.

  18. I discovered Schee socks by following your blog. I like them and am planning on giving as gifts to some of my friends. Thnx for the tip

  19. Thank you for the very useful information about socks !
    You look young and different in the new short haircut !
    i don’t know if i have the courage to follow !I am older .

  20. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair of Sheec socks and I absolutely love them! Unlike other mid-cut socks, they stay put on my foot after a day of walking. I’ve since ordered more Sheec socks and am getting rid of the cheap, annoying ones that roll off my foot. Thanks for the info om Sheec!

  21. Thanks SO much for the discount code. And for your detailed explanation of how these “no show” socks work. I just placed an order and am looking forward to receiving them. Who knew how fun this kind of worry free shopping would be!

  22. I am sort of late in the game as to wearing the no show socks. I tried a pair of standard no shows, and the sock just bunched up. Most of my life, I just wore leather shoes, lofers, and clogs bare or without a sock. Until recently, after a health check up, it was recommended that I should not wear footwear without socks. Thanks for recommending Sheec socks. Their website was informative also, with many examples of fit in different types of footwear. Their video clips help also.

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