Spring Flowers

We can’t go out to eat or to any functions, so our weekend date was a long drive in the country to enjoy the sunshine and flowering trees. Our temperatures on Saturday reached eighty degrees with mostly sunny skies.

As you can see, there were no humans in sight. We do not have restrictions on our movements in Tennessee, but I have stayed home and far away from people for many days. All restaurants, bars, and public gatherings are closed for now.

Large bags are back in style this year, so I’m delighted that I kept this one. My BCBG handbag is several years old. I bought a similar bag here. The matte black sunglasses are here. The loafers are from last year, but there are still a few sizes here. The lightweight deep olive ankle pants are here. The Clara Sunwoo top is from last year (sold out now). Other similar tops are here. My spectacular necklace is here.

The elements of my looks are rarely new, so I often share highlighted links to similar current items. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

Below is a natural spring of cold clear water seeping out from the ground. Countless such springs feed the numerous creeks that flow down the mountainsides.

Wildflowers are abundant here each spring. Wild fruit trees are splendid at this time of year.

Wild violets always bring a smile.

Many lawns are also colorfully adorned with tulips, daffodils, and old fashioned creeping phlox.

The photo above is a glimpse of ten years ago. It shows the rock-walled gardens in spring at my previous home.

Japanese magnolias and weeping cherry trees are in their full regalia.

The winner of the Beautycounter lotion and lipstick is Karen Kramer. Congratulations Karen!

  1. What a beautiful necklace! I have been learning silversmithing and am looking forward to setting gemstones once courses are underway again. And how beautiful to see the spring flowers appearing in Tennessee! We are into autumn in New Zealand so the leaves are beginning to turn colour and fall. And we are several days into a national lockdown here so car travel other than for groceries, medical needs or essential workers is off-limits for some weeks to come. We are allowed to walk in our local areas though. I’ve enjoyed following you Susan for some time now and love your sense of style and your advice, even if we are the opposite seasons here. Thank you so much for the inspiration you give to us all and for something to look forward to in these challenging times. Keep safe and well Susan and Mr Mickey and everyone out there.

  2. Our magnolia trees in Austria have been severely damaged by the late frost we’ve been having. It’s so sad to see droopy brown petals where gorgeous pink blossoms should be. At least the bright yellow forsythia seems to be surviving. I just hope the apple and pear trees hold up ok. Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures.

  3. Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Everything is green again and the colorful flowers brighten our days to bring us happiness. Enjoy your Monday!

  4. Beautiful photos, as always. How lovely to see spring flowers.
    We are on lockdown here in the UK and for the last few days police have even be stopping people driving to nearby beaches to exercise and walk their dogs. The beaches were almost empty last week, easy to keep 100 yards between walkers, yet we are told to exercise on the streets, walking past houses, gardens etc… Seems mad but what can you do ? Stay well.

  5. The trees are beautiful here right now. It’s good to get out for a drive and see them? Really pretty pictures! Your rock wall is gorgeous!

  6. Lovely photos. The color of your top really compliments your beautiful hair.
    My husband and I enjoy getting out for walks and drives as well. Keeps us sane in these difficult times. Stay safe and healthy.

  7. Congratulations Karen!

    Susan, you look lovely as always! These photos of your beautiful countryside put a big smile on my face. The violets and magnolias are magnificent. The snow here from last week is gone except for piles in nearby forests. It’s cold, windy, and colourless! Please keep your “happy” photos coming in each post.

    Alison in Austria- I spoke with my uncle in Vienna yesterday & Wien is deserted. He said it has been so warm, but starting today, very cold weather comes to east Austria. I hope you don’t lose your fruit crops this year.

  8. Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    We are about a month away from Spring in our part of Canada.
    Isolating is hard, but we are getting a daily walk
    Have enjoyed your blog for the past few years.

  9. Thank you for tbe uplifting spring flowers, Susan! As usual, you look comfy and beautiful. Can you tell me if the Cole Haan loafers run true to size and if they slip up and down on the heel; mine is narrow. Thank you.

    1. I bought my regular size in the loafers. They fit well and are very comfortable and do not slip up and down. Try some moleskin (here) on the heel to help keep that from happening.

  10. I always enjoy reading your blog! We have been sheltering-in-place for two weeks and can no longer go to state parks, take our grandkids to a playground or ride in a county park. I didn’t wear makeup for a week and then started wearing it again, and it feels great. I would love some suggestions for super comfortable, but nice looking, things to wear around the house.

  11. Hi Susan! Did I imagine it….I thought I saw you in a beautiful black dress earlier today? Did I imagine or is it really posted somewhere? I just got home from work…….all anxious to order this dress…. and I can’t FIND it! Help

  12. Your pictures are beautiful!! I always enjoy your site. Thank you for keeping us posted during this self isolating time. It’s a real bright spot
    In my day. Stay well!!

  13. Thank you Susan for the beautiful uplifting photos. Just what we need to see cooped up in our homes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. It’s lovely to see the flowers and greenery. We are getting 20cm of snow today. March is going out like a lion in Alberta, Canada. ….longing for springtime.

  15. Lovely. Nature is always soothing and we all need that now. What is the name of the other little purple flower, not the violets. Thanks.

  16. Thank you for your lovely pictures. Your blog helps so much in these times. Looking at you reminds me that we should still take care to look and dress well though no one will see us. It’s good for mental health too!

  17. this post is so enjoyable. The photographs that you included are so serene, yet uplifting. The scenery is lovely. Colors beautiful. Of course, you look lovely.

  18. Your photos are beautiful!! You are such a talented photographer. It looks as though Spring has sprung there in Tennessee! Thank you so much; these pictures lifted my spirits.

  19. Susan you look lovely. The scenery’s gorgeous but I loooooove Mickeys car. To die for. Keep well and safe and keep the car polished

  20. It is a wonderful time of year to take a drive in the country. We did it as a family in the fifties and always stopped for ice cream afterwards. The flowers are all so pretty. It’s hard to be depressed when nature is putting on such a show. Thanks Susan.

  21. I’m terribly envious of your lovely weather and beautiful blossoms! The magnolias are particularly beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s -8ºC (about 17ºF) here at the moment.

  22. Chanced upon you at 2:25 a.m. Like your style. I’m 69, survived cancer 3x & now have severe respiratory complications. Doctors put me on steroids. I went from size 6 or 8 to where I can’t zip up size 12 pants.
    Hope to get in-house PT but the pandemic has thrown a curve. On oxygem 24/7. Anyway… Anyway I am so very happy to have found you. Women who are xl+ suggested long length tops to cover my stomach. Just don’t know what to do. Would appreciate hearing from you.

    1. Hi Phyllis. My suggestion would be to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and happy. Long tunics with leggings can be comfortable for some; others may prefer satin pajamas. I love the flannel back satin pajamas from Miss Elaine here.

  23. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I wasn’t sure if I saw the first picture correctly that you were wearing olive pants with a purple top, then I checked further. I would never have thought to put those 2 colors together but they share space on the color wheel. At some point in the near future, I would love to see color pairings that we are not used to seeing together. If you were going to wear a scarf with that outfit what colors would you have in the scarf? Would you try to pull one of the colors you are wearing or just go rogue and have the scarf another color predominately?

    Thanks. Stay safe and healthy. We are staying home in Illinois till the end of April.

  24. I really miss all the fruit trees from the places we have lived. The weeping cherry from Massachusetts, the Bradford pears, red bud and cherry trees from Virginia. In Florida we have the Cassia trees, orchid trees, bottle brush, poincianas trees ( their flowers look like poinsettias), and jacarandas. I am glad you can get out and see the spring flowers. We are to shelter in place in FL, so we enjoy looking at our golf course fairways an surrounding palms. We do go for walks and see the other plantings in our gated community. Stay healthy and safe!

  25. I enjoyed your blog. I’m from Minnesota and it was wonderful to see the blooms and the green grass. We are two weeks behind you…..but the good news is the snow is gone here in Mpls. and people are out walking and moving!

  26. I’m wondering if you would address how you balance what is “in style right now” with your preference, body-type and lifestyle. For example, you said large bags are in again but I just don’t like a large bag and feel that where most width falls is an area I want to draw attention from. I occasionally use a quality tote when I must go in to my office but otherwise I prefer a smaller bag (just large enough for my wallet and phone typically.) What are the ways that you adjust what is in style to fit you?

    1. I embrace that which suits me and ignore the rest. Not every trend or style will be flattering for every body type. You are wise to stay with what you like and what flatters you.

  27. Such a joy to be out in a quiet and beautiful world. You and Mr. Mickey are so blessed to have each other. I hope you stay safe and healthy through all of this.

  28. Such beautiful pictures. They bring hope. I know spring is coming, in spite of the fact you had sun and 80’s! I had snow and 20’s.

  29. Good Morning Ms. Susan,

    Oh wow, I just love, love, love the spring flowers and mother nature pictures that you shared. It has brought smiles and joy to my life this morning. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so nice that you and Mr. Mickey are getting out to enjoy the scenery, otherwise staying “sheltered in” can make you stir crazy.

    Take care and be well.

    in Arizona

  30. what pretty pictures to cheer me up & distract me from the craziness our world is experiencing!

    The phlox flowing over the stone walls was my favorite one. Was this in east TN?

    I’m nosy: are you & Mr. Mickey married?

    Love your blog & so glad I discovered it.

  31. Gorgeous pictures!! They have lifted my heart. Your blog is something to really look forward to during this time!

  32. Most beautiful post you have ever done.
    The wild violets remind me of the most beautiful memory I have of my Mother, Every spring we (all 5 children) would take a walk through the woods to spot the wild violets. They were her favorite.

    Thank you for a beautiful reminder.

    T Gale

  33. Thanks Susan so much for the beautiful pictures of flowers and the landscape. I am in Colorado and the flowers have not yet come out. They will very soon. Your pictures gave me hope. Stay safe and healthy. Mary

  34. I so enjoy your updates, especially during this most difficult time for all people. You bring sunshine to the days of your subscribers. How lovely the photographs are. Thank you for sharing! May you continue to be blessed with good health.

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