Into The Blue

Blue has always been my favorite color, and a bright blue sky is one of my favorite views. Add snow-capped mountains and a deep blue lake, and you have the perfect day.

One of the easiest ways to build an outfit from unrelated basics is to focus on one color. I wanted to wear this blue sweater, so I pulled from the scarf’s various blue shades to add the coat, black jeans, boots, and pewter-colored handbag.

The video here shows how I styled the fifty-one-inch scarf in these photos.

The Margot sweater in the remaining colors is here. The pale blue has sold out now.

As is usually the case, my items are not new, so I will try to find similar current items for you. CoatSunglassesBagEarringsRingSweaterScarf JeansBoots.

My adventure partner and I spent part of Saturday going for one of our famous drives in the country. It was such a relief to see sunshine and blue skies.

We drove to the top of South Holston Dam, located on the border of Tennessee and Virginia. For perspective, note the large pickup truck at the corner of the building at the lower left of the photo below.

The road winds along the base, eventually allowing you to drive across the top of the dam.

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  1. What stunning photos Susan! Oh to have blue skies and vibrant colours. Here in the UK it is decidedly grey and dull which gets very depressing.
    You’re lovely outfit beautifully reflects the weather xx

  2. I just found your page today and am just starting to explore, love what I’ve seen so far, especially the classic, capsule wardrobes for condensed vacation packing. Forgive me if this info exists and I just haven’t come across it yet, have you done a post or video on favorite purses, clutches, handbags, and what you choose to bring with you and why? Thanks

  3. Blue really suits you and it’s my favourite colour too with aqua! I like how you added the scarf to bring your outfit together. We are having gorgeous blue skies here too, so I can understand how uplifting yours are for you right now too!

  4. I’m sure I could find it in previous posts, but will you give us the link for how you do that scarf styling. Thanks!

      1. Oh Susan you look gorgeous in the blue outfit/ accessories! Your handbag added the perfect touch of another color. Stunning! Landscape pictures very nice too! I’m glad you and Mr Mickey are out having fun!

  5. Thank you for this post! My favorite color is blue as well and I also adore the beautiful blue sky with snow covered mountain tops! Heavenly indeed. I don’t have mountains close by so I greatly enjoy these photos. Your clothing selection is lovely. I hope you have a splendid week Susan 🙂

  6. Your beautiful pictures have such a calming influence.

    I ordered both the tailored jean jacket and the new feminine jean jacket with ruffled collar from Talbot’s. Both are very similar but I preferred the feminine jacket wash as it is a darker hue (Karissa) and doesn’t wash me out as much. The ruffle is very subdued and adds a unique take.

    Talbot’s has always been my go-to store because of their petites.

    Thank you for your policy on endorsements. I appreciate it.

  7. Susan what size do you normally buy in the Covered Perfectly tops? I’m sure you have mentioned it before but wasn’t sure if they run true to size. Thanks! I look forward to your posts- I can always find something to inspire me.

    1. I order a size medium in the Covered Perfectly tops in a long sleeve because I plan to wear them under a jacket. I order the 3/4 sleeves in size large since I will wear them without a topper.

  8. The beautiful blue coat you’re showing today looks so great with the black pants.I buy everything in black since it all goes together then. I could never find blue shades to match since there seem to be many versions of navy. And I also don’t have room to maintain both a basic black plus navy collection, so I gave up on navy though I do love it too. I never thought of wearing the black and navy together but am going to try that now. Thanks so much Susan for the marvelous idea and showing how well this works.

  9. Blue looks fantastic on you, Susan. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy blue skies and such gorgeous views on your ride this weekend. Have a fabulous week.

  10. Susan : You always looks great but you really look stunning in the blue sweater . The scarf is the perfect accessory as is your handbag. . Thank you also for sharing for the beautiful scenery

  11. You look very pretty. It is nice to make a drive and event. I wore my velvet pants and pretty sweater the other day when we were just taking a drive. Helps your spirit to get cleaned up. I was looking at some of your blogs from 2013 and your had your hair pretty short. Kind of a tossed looked. I really like it. Have you thought about going to a shorter hair cut to show of your beautiful skin and face?

  12. Beautiful pictures. as always. I enjoy seeing your part of the country and learning about it. Blue is a beautiful color on you.

  13. Well, this was special! First, you look fabulous in blue. I love that you took beautiful pictures of the blue sky and blue lake to complement the theme.

    Have you ever heard of “The Blue Hour”?

    “The day ends. The night falls. And in between… there is the blue hour.”

    Guerlain makes a lovely fragrance with that name…L’HEURE BLEUE

  14. What a gorgeous day and visit with your favorite Mickey! Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Nice relaxing enjoyable day! Always a beauty our Susan Street! Xxoo

  15. I love your blog and find your style attractive! Do you have a suggestion of appropriate attire to wear to a wedding of a 70+ couple?

    1. I would wear something comfortable that makes me feel confident. Consider what would be appropriate for the venue, the time of day, and the type of ceremony. Plum or navy are two colors that always seem to be winners for wedding guests.

  16. Hi Susan, I love the views of the snow covered mountain tops. You are right – it was a relief to get sunshine this past weekend. This winter has been colder and wetter than many in recent past, although Charlotte has had no snow (too bad) but no ice either (that’s good!). Thanks for posting the pictures of scenes along the way during your drive. Now that my husband and I have had the first round of vaccine shots, we hope to get back to the Martha Washington soon to enjoy a bit of “normal”. We are looking forward to the drive to Abingdon. Stay well, and get your shot!

  17. Susan, in a future blog, would you explain how you folded and tied your scarf in the “Into the Blue” post?

  18. Love your blue sweater, very nice on you. An unrelated question – on your you -tube site regarding hair styling, you mention using moisturizer on days you don’t wash your hair, how do much do you apply and how to style after? Really appreciate the tips, recently had my hair cut, its a lot shorter than I am used to and still trying to get comfortable with styling it. Thanks for you help, Susan, much appreciated.

    1. Dry winter air is never kind to my skin and hair, so I sometimes use just a conditioner and rinse well. I am going to the stylist later today. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

  19. Your perfect colour, Susan, in a classic outfit. I’m still in turtleneck + cashmere pullover + down coat + wool hat & scarf + shearling lined boots for leaving the house here in southern Canada!
    When I clicked on one of your links above, it also led me to a long list of your videos which I’ve been watching. They are so relevant, filled with useful tips and presented in your cheerful style. Your colour choices are perfect on me, too. Thanks for these, Susan, and I hope you continue to make more of these videos.

  20. Susan, black and blue is my favorite color combination and you look fantastic! It’s such a classic combination. I also love wearing a deep navy with black.

    When I was younger, I looked good in black but now that I’m 60, I find that a dark navy looks better on me as it adds just enough color when I want to wear a dark top.

    Hope your visit to the stylist went well. I’m already feeling anxiety about my upcoming appointment. As you may remember, I once wrote about how I fear getting my hair cut anymore. So, the last time I got my hair cut, I showed my stylist a picture of you and your hair style because that’s how I’ve worn my hair for years. It’s not a complicated style as you know. Apparently, the stylist has distorted perception! Susan, I’ve come to the conclusion that stylists do whatever they feel like doing in the moment regardless of photos or descriptions. I know many will tell me that I just need to find a different stylist but you will need to trust me when I say that I’ve tried many – very expensive to cheap- and it really doesn’t matter. I’ve had precision cut beautiful styles from the those small mini mall salons to horrible expensive cuts from spa salons. The last time I got my haircut, I looked around at the other women in the salon- especially the ones that were checking out and they all had the same type of cut. I just don’t understand why anyone would think that stringy shaggy thin hair looks attractive. To me, it looks dry or dirty and unhealthy ( full of split ends). I need very precise blunt cut layers to give my hair body and shine.

    The sun is finally shining and the temps are warming. Hallelujah! Hope you are enjoying the same.

  21. What a great color for you and this outfit is really sharp.. What a beautiful view on your drive. To be surrounded by such beauty is a blessing. I am happy for you and Mr. Mickey.

  22. Your picture with the Margot sweater and beautiful scarf combination is gorgeous on
    you. You look perfect in your outfit. It really shows how the right combination of color and well fitting clothes make one shine!

  23. Susan, you’re pictures today have been “a sight for sore eyes” to someone who has not been out and about forever! I appreciated your “tour” of your new hairstyle as well. I had seen a picture of the same “EU woman” and wondered if her cut would be a good one for me. Seeing it on you has definitely inspired me to take the pics to my next hair appointment!
    I have gained a lot of confidence in my own dressing style thanks to your posts!
    Thank you so much!

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