Winter Business Attire

Our long busy day on Friday included stopping by the car dealership early in the morning for a quick repair and then a long meeting with the assistant producer of a Netflix movie, which will include some of Mr. Mickey’s collection of antique Mickey Mouse items.

Mr. Mickey came over for a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. As we relaxed at home, I wore a merino wool turtleneck sweater with gray slacks and short boots. Before leaving for the day, I added a navy wool blazer and wrapped a silk scarf around my neck. The final part of the look included my wool topcoat, sunglasses, leather gloves, and pale gray bag.

Shopping links for similar items follow; SweaterScarfPantsBlazerBootsBagCoat.

Since the day I hung the piano painting in my seating area, Mr. Mickey has commented about how much he loves it. So I decided to try to find one for him. No two paintings are exactly alike, but I did find it here. Unfortunately, it took several weeks for the painting to arrive at the store after ordering.

After trying to fit it into my car several times, we had to ask Mr. Mickey’s daughter to bring her SUV to transport it from the furniture store to his house. At the end of the hectic day, he could relax on his sofa and admire his piano painting.

  1. Just thought I would see if you had posted a new message, and there you were! Looking great as usual, and I think your outfit was spot on. The piano picture is really beautiful and it was so loving to give Mr Mickey one too. I’m sure he will get much pleasure from it.

  2. The piano picture is beautiful and apparently it spoke to Mr Mickey as well. It makes a fine addition to his home. Love the outfit, perfect for a busy day.

  3. Susan, I love your outfit and your hair! How exciting for Mr Mickey to be sharing his Mickey Mouse collection. I hope that goes well for him. Enjoy your day!

  4. Mr. Mickey’s collection is amazing!! After watching the video, I was curious if Disneyworld ever displayed any of the collection? I always admire the piano painting whenever it is visible in your photos. The new one looks wonderful in Mr. Mickey’s home.

  5. This is a perfect winter outfit for stylishly staying warm as needed. You look great Susan! Piano painting looks very nice above Mr Mickey’s mantle. Have a good week!

  6. Thank you for your dedication all these years to sharing such great content. You are so incredibly stylish and I find your posts so encouraging. I’m determined not to let myself fall into the “frumpy late 50s” category! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a happy, healthy and safe year ahead! Welcome your posts anytime you feel like sharing them. Best/GeriR

  7. I started following you approximately 8 years ago! I discovered your “Fifty Not Frumpy” as I had just retired and moved to a new community out of state! What an experience and your blog was what I needed and got me through a difficult time. Thank you for your research and sharing and such a positive attitude. You are an inspiration to me. Love your look and the painting. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Thank you, Susan, for all these blogs. I have followed you almost from the start and have learned so much from you.
    I will continue to check for your posts each day. I am cheering you on as you make your schedule your own.
    The blazer is classic and the scarf looks like something I will be ordering this afternoon!
    You have added so much to the lives of so many, mine included!

  9. What are your thoughts about tunics and light weight cardigans that reach below the hips on a woman 5’1″ tall and slender?

  10. Love your stylish outfit. You always look SO classy! My goal is to increase my “classiness” if that is such a thing!
    That was such a nice gift for your Mr. Mickey! Beautiful painting! It will bring him much enjoyment I’m sure.
    Always love reading your postings.
    Tami Tygart
    Grove, Oklahoma
    On beautiful Grand Lake.

  11. I’ve enjoyed all your posts through the years and will continue to read whenever you post. I admire the piano painting also. It was a thoughtful gift for Mr. Mickey and will give him much pleasure.
    You always look lovely and spot on for any occasion. Today is no different. I’m sure you turn heads where ever you go!

  12. I love the coat you are wearing….so timeless. The website states that this item runs large and to size down one size. Did you find this to be true when ordering yours?

    Thank you for your insight/advice in regards to this item.


  13. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for the 6 years I’ve followed you. I’ve learned the following things: 1) what pieces make a great minimalist wardrobe, 2) fitting and proportion is a key to not looking frumpy, 3) accessories elevate a look (ie. a leather purse, not a diaper bag, what shoes to wear besides sneakers, wearing jewelry), 4) how to wear make- up and 5) it’s not too late to make a healthy lifestyle change. Please keep blogging…I love your day trips!

  14. I’m a newbie to your blog. So happy to have discovered your wonderful wisdom and applaud you for loving and embracing the fabulous woman you have become. You are a true inspiration to me! I plan to go back and read older posts. Can’t wait! Have a blessed day Susan!

  15. Your different bags have inspired me to “up my game” and invest in much nicer bags. I hit the Dooney & Bourke December sales and now just have to decide which of my new leather bags to use on my very infrequent trips out of the house! They are also tucked away in their dust bags – another hint from you – thank you!

  16. How you store your cashmere sweaters, sans mothballs? . I have gotten several moth holes in mine
    Thank you for any advice. Mary A. Cardamon.

  17. I so enjoy your blog and your style. Your photos of your one-day trips are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

  18. Always a pleasure reading your posts Susan. I love the piano panting!!!!! It’s beautiful!!! Have a great day!

  19. Good morning, Susan.
    It does my heart good to read your posts! Many times, during this rather difficult season in my own family, and so many others that I love, your posts were indeed a very bright spot!

    I have saved every post to my board, and this one is so special! Your fashion sense is always so classic, and impeccable. Your home reflects the same classic elegance.

    What a beautiful gift you chose for your Mr. Mickey! He must be so happy to have that picture!

    I enjoy your trips, your food pictures, and look forward to your posts! I’m happy to see you enjoying good health, and looking as lovely as ever!

  20. Enjoyed your post today. Beautiful piano painting looks wonderful over the fireplace great job. Thank goodness you have friends with SUVs they always come in handy. Mimi O’Dell

  21. What an amazing Mickey collection! It was fun to see Mickey talking all about it to! Oh my goodness, it seems worth so much more than that price! I admired the piano painting too when I saw it in your home. I’m sure Mr. Mickey will enjoy his, and it look great over his fireplace. I think I felt a connection because I have always wanted to learn to play, and I love to paint. I fiddle around with one someone gave me, it’s a joke at this age to learn to really play, but it’s enjoyable to practice and learn to mimic some songs. It gave me an inspiration so I started a painting of one, that I have not finished.
    Susan, it’s been a true honor to see you wearing my jewelry line along with your smart looks! You have introduced many readers to it for which I am forever grateful. Reading the comments I can tell you have helped so many people change their health, style and their life! I know there are thousands more. We will all look forward to your occasional blog, whenever it is.

  22. What a nice gesture. It is a wonderful feeling to do something like this, knowing how it will bring happiness to the recipient.

    As always, you look very pretty. Take care and stay well.

  23. It is always a good day when I see the message that you have posted. I have followed you from the beginning of 50 not Frumpy and have been inspired, not only how to dress but also how to eat. Even more, I have been lifted up by your positive attitude and impressed by your willingness to give of yourself to strangers. Thank you for all you do!

    Question: you are obviously a creative woman. Now that you are no longer making jewelry, how (besides fashion) are you channeling your creative genius? I think you should write a book!

  24. Thanks very much. Hope you stay warm in these winter storms. (In California we have heavy rains which are much needed.)

  25. I love the Mickey Mouse Collection!!! WOW, it would be great at Disney. Susan you are so beautiful and put together as you are in all of your post. I also love the piano painting. It looks beautiful in both of your homes.

  26. I loved seeing how you were dressed comfortably but nicely at first. I need to learn to do this as invariably…something comes up and I need to run out of the house on an errand…and I’m definitely NOT dressed for the day! And then to see how easily you morphed that into a lovely ensemble and then finished up with how nice it is to have a truly nice outer layer…which is what people see of us mostly during the winter.

    Thanks so much!!

  27. You truly are a blessing for all the wonderful ladies that read your posts. When I turned 60 a few years ago, I was a little sad because it seemed we were the forgotten ones when it came to fashion, travel, homes & work. So many things didn’t apply to us or they wanted us to act and appear younger. I’m proud of my age and thankful that I’m here! You do a wonderful job of presenting information to help us be the strong, healthy and happy women we’ve grown to be. Thanks

  28. I loved seeing the “Mickey Video”. What a wonderful collection. Hopefully he will find a home for his collection to be displayed.

    I look forward to your blog. You always have something interesting to share.

    Mary Ellen

  29. Always enjoy seeing your blog post pop up! Today your picture has a very warm and happy smile. I’m sure you had an enjoyable day. Love that classic pretty look!

  30. Enjoyed your post today. I hope that Mr. Mickey finds a good home for his collection. That was very interesting to see. My mom who was born in 1928 loved Mickey Mouse, who was created in 1928. She collected some Mickey Mouse pieces also. Nothing even close to the collection that Mr. Mickey has however. I always liked your piano painting too. How nice of you to find one for Mr Mickey to enjoy in his home.

  31. Susan, thank you again for your generosity in sharing your posts and wisdom with us. I’ve always loved the piano painting and am going to order one for our new house!

  32. Great look Susan. How very nice of you to share your painting. I am sure Mr. Mickey was thrilled and every time he looks at it, he will think of you! Thank you for sharing Mr. Mickey’s collection, what a wonderful hobby and a lifetime of dedication. I hope Disney World purchases it (at it’s true value) and pays tribute to him as well.

  33. The painting is beautiful! I enjoy following you especially since my daughter is an ETSU student and soon to be alumni! We’re not from JC but fell in love with the area. Miss being in East Tennessee but because of Covid, remote learning is what my daughter is doing. Hopefully we’ll get back there for in person graduation.

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