New For Spring?

Readers wrote to ask, “What are you buying for spring?” “How have your purchases changed?” “Why do you shop at Talbots?”

New purchases will be limited since I have most of the things I need. A medium-size woven bag for summer has been on my shopping list since last year.

This shoulder bag will hold all that I need for hands-free shopping. I found it here. I like having the option of using a shoulder strap or the shorter strap. The clean lines and structured style are also appealing.

Typical summer look.

Nothing beats a classic button-front 100% cotton shirt with a collar. I buy a size larger to avoid the gapping at the bust. I will roll up the sleeves and unbutton a few buttons to wear in summer. I will wear it with a V-neck sweater or a vest in the cooler months. I found the shirt above here.

I was immediately drawn to this denim jacket since the style is perfect for an elevated casual look. I found the jacket here.

Talbots has been one of my main shopping sites for the past couple of years. The reasons include classic selections in neutral colors, but more importantly, I trust the quality. I regularly wear my items from Talbots for several years. Cotton, linen, and other natural materials are a priority for me. I have not been happy with polyester or acrylic, so I avoid those fabrics now.

I have been very pleased with the Merino wool, cashmere, and 100% cotton items I have purchased from J.Crew. I bought the cashmere wrap above in the Heather Dove color here. I will take it with me when I travel again or dine in air-conditioned restaurants soon.

My love for soft, floaty, sheer ruanas continues to grow. I will never wear a tank and cotton jeans by themselves, but I will wear them often with a ruana. They offer the perfect lightweight coverage. I found the ruana above here.

Quality over quantity and excellent fit are priorities now. I wait until I find what I have been looking for and avoid impulse buys. I never purchase things just because they are on sale.

Shopping links on my sites may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I do not collaborate with brands or accept items in exchange for a review. I offer my honest opinion of items I have purchased.

  1. Good morning Susan! I am lucky to have a Talbots outlet near me. You don’t get all of the choices, but if you are a patient shopper there are often good deals. Agree with no more impulse buying… just because it is on sale!

  2. Susan, I just recently discovered your blog about 6 months ago and what a treat it has been for me! Yesterday, while home sick, I decided to go back and read as many of your posts as I felt up to doing. Your posts entertained me all day and I read through 86 pages of them. I now have a good understanding of how your style has evolved and what a wonderful inspiration you are to ladies over 60. So, thank you, for making my day pleasurable and taking my mind off of not feeling well! And Talbots is my favorite store, so I love seeing the items you share with us from there.

  3. How does cashmere from Everlane compare to cashmere from J Crew, based on your experience with bothThanks for your inspiring posts

  4. Thank you Susan for your continued loyalty to all us ladies and for your ability to help us choose how to dress classy and make wise choices in our purchases. Your help is sooooo appreciated. Stay safe and warm and Mr. Mickey too. ♥️ Nancy from Memphis

  5. I am a fan of Talbots as well because of their quality. I taught my daughters about quality by comparing Talbots T-shirts to the ones from the department stores’ junior departments. There is a Talbots outlet not too far from me, and I love to get nice things for a good price!

  6. I really enjoy wearing ruanas! They seem to elevate a simple look to something special and fun! I’d love to see more of your collection, including how you store them. Thanks! I hope you are warmer than we have bee in Central TX lately!

  7. Hi Susan, Happy to see your post this morning. It is encouraging to think ahead to spring, which is only 29 days away! I love your Talbots choices too! Speaking of J. Crew, is this puff sleeve shirt, and tank combo, something you would wear?

    I know you styled a couple of puff sleeve blouses from Talbots last summer, and they were very flatting. However, I am wondering if you stay away from sleeves this long and full? They might not look as good turned back, and you usually seem to do that. Thoughts? Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for continuing to add new posts to your blog! I always tune in to see your latest, even if I don’t often comment!

    1. I do stay away from full-length puff sleeves. They can add more visual weight to the waistline, which is already thicker than I would like. That is also one of the reasons I like to pushback or turn up my sleeves. Showing the wrist bones, collarbones and ankles can make us look more slender. I’ve learned that excess fabric always equals more girth.

  8. Hi, Susan. Thank you so much for your blogs which are educational as well as always a bright spot of the day. A while ago you posted why you choose each piece of clothing you wear. Because I’ve learned by trial and error over the years what looks best on me, and it tends to be all the same type of things you wear, I couldn’t wait to read it. I guess I never thoughtfully considered why some things look good and others make me look like a garden gnome (like dropped shoulder sweaters – ugh!). Consequently, I have purchased so many mistakes over and over. That post was so enlightening! As I read it I found myself exclaiming out loud “Oh! That’s why!” and “Yes. Yes. Why couldn’t I see that?”. Since reading that post I’ve had to replace a few things in my wardrobe. I shopped with a copy of the post in hand. It was the first time I was happy and satisfied with everything I bought. As for Talbots, that is my go to first when I need an article of clothing. It’s one of the few places where the clothes are true to size and always look just so. Also, it’s where I can get a top, jacket, blazer, coat that will fit across my shoulders without being too tight in the chest and waist. Even if I size up for an item that’s cut to be snugger on the body, I know that the shoulders are still going to fit nicely. Thank you again, Susan. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a healthy and happy year.

  9. Yiu are blessed to have an inverted triangle figure. Can you transfer your ensemble looks with adjustments to shorter statures with shapes in the hourglass, pear or thick waists categories? How could your classic looks translate? Thank you.

    1. A lady with an hourglass shape will likely want to show off her small waist with a belt, fit and flare shapes, or tucked-in tops. The pear-shaped lady will always look her best, wearing slim dark pants and interesting tops that draw the eyes upward. Classic is a style personality that anyone can embrace. The magic happens when you learn to dress for your shape, no matter your style preference. Look for petite sizing if you stand 5’4″ and under. Those items will be more properly scaled for your frame.

  10. I love the white blouse that you are wearing. Can you say which brand snd style. It looks very pretty on you

  11. Thank you, Susan, for continuing to inspire and educate. I am especially looking forward to Spring this year and hoping we can all get back to normal. Good reminder not to buy something just because it’s on sale. That’s a mistake I’ve often made.

  12. Are you still using Countertime Beauty Counter products? I’m wondering about the Countermatch. Have you tried it?

    1. I am still using the Countertime Beautycounter products (here). They are perfectly formulated for my dry, more mature delicate skin. Countermatch (here) is the right choice for younger women who need a lighter formulation.

  13. I shop the Talbots Outlet in Myerland in Houston Texas for any of your readers in the area and not aware of the Outlets. I am a petite, plus size and they carry my size in jackets. It is great because it has allowed me to save on some alterations!

  14. Hi Susan,
    Unfortunately, the Talbots straw bag and other Talbots items are sold out already. My goodness, people must be really thinking of Spring this year. I will continue trying, since I love the bag. I have started shopping at Talbots, and the quality is very good. I am I ordering the Jcrew cardigan. Thank you, and take care. Pat

  15. I love Talbots clothes, so I’ve enjoyed seeing which items you select and the reasons behind those choices.
    I think the quality is on point. The fabrics, the dyes that are used and the cuts of the garments are all just so right.
    They also understand how to offer a trendy piece here or there that can actually freshen the wardrobe without making the wearer look like she’s trying too hard. Good stuff!
    This is all so fun, Susan! Thank you so much!!!

  16. Also, have you tried a Talbots silk blouse yet? They offer one most seasons.
    Silk keeps you warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and is light enough to go under a sweater in winter.
    They are also washable! Check them out if you get a chance!
    I tried the Portofino shirts from Express, but eventually donated them, in favor of the silk. Talbots has spoiled me for higher quality fabrics!

  17. Talbots is my first stop when shopping for clothing. I love the service from their sales associates and their clothes are classic styles that last for years.

  18. Thank you for all your posts, I always look forward to reading them.

    Sales are best avoided. There is usually a reason why the item did not sell in the first place!
    If tempted ask yourself “would I have bought this at full price?”

    1. Sue, Talbots’s also has sales before the end of a season when they offer discounts ranging from 25-40% or more off one item or an entire purchase. The discounts are offered on current merchandise so you’re not looking at leftover merchandise.

  19. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time, your fashion advice and travels. We are 1 month apart in age and I’m originally from Newport, RI. I was happy to see your photos of my hometown. I’ve taken your advice and purchased 2 Shapeez bras which I love. Recently purchased the vanishing tummy brief from Soma and have placed 2 orders with Covered Perfectly and love their tops. Purchased sweaters and jeans from Talbots recent clearance sale. Your advice is well taken by me. I am a big scarf person and my favorite bag is a Brahmin since that is what I’ve always used. Now if I could only eat clean like you and not snack to lose 15lbs. I would be a happier person. Thank you for your inspirational posts!

  20. I would say nearly half the time or more (ha) in the summer months my staple outfit is skinny jeans with a tank top and a ruana or kimono ……since i’m pretty much a solids girl and not much into design or stripes on my tops i can get creative with my “toppers” and really dress them up and still wear a solid colored tank top. Also when i say tank top I’m talking about a thicker, longer ribbed tank top with wider straps very age appropriate with either a kimono or cardigan style item over it. Unless it’s a million degrees and I’m actually working outside you will never see me without something over my tank top.

  21. Thanks for my happy mail today. I have also been a Talbot’s fan for many years. I love the classic style. You always find the perfect accessories too!

  22. I have emailed you previously. I love Your blog and Talbots. What is SO amazing is that I am 81 and still into clothes, shoes, jewelry. Don’t stop. I look forward to your comments. Barb Burleson

  23. Susan

    Thank you for making my day. You are stunningly gorgeous in these outfits. Thank you, too, for what you do. I am a huge fan of you, Susan. Take care and be safe.


  24. Susan-
    Love the “summer look” photo. I do not see a reference for the clothing you are wearing here, along with the small purse.

    Thank you!
    Deborah G

    1. I have purchased a couple from Talbots in cotton, and as another lady mentioned, they have silk occasionally. Everlane also offers silk and cotton as well as linen blouses. Look for natural fabrics in shirts at J.Crew also.

  25. I have learned so much from you. I too like Talbot’s and your suggestions here are now in my shopping cart. Thank you for all of your pointers. They are very much appreciated as I look toward Spring.

  26. Good morning, Susan! I have really missed your posts. Hope all is well with you and Mr. Mickey. You give such terrific recommendations. I have been looking at Talbots and you are right on the money! I found a terrific blazer, waited til it went on sale and ordered it. I am very happy with it. And I can tell it will last me a long while.

  27. Thank you, Susan, for your information and photographs. I have shopped some of your links before and have been very happy with my purchases. I too love Talbot’s and will mostly buy things when they are on sale there – they have such great sales! My husband and I are hoping to go on a river cruise (if the world opens up) in September 2021. The ruana looks as if it might be a great item to pack. I am 5′ 3″, size, hourglass figure with narrow shoulders. Do you think the ruana would be too much for my frame? I love the idea about wearing it with a tank and pants. Maybe if I style it with a column of either black or white, it might work? Thank you in advance for your help!

  28. Hi Susan,

    I just “found you” a week or so ago and am so glad I did! Your style, suggestions and videos are fantastic!
    Regarding this post, I too am a Talbot’s shopper and I love the suggestions you’re giving here for spring.

    I am so intrigued by your closet video which I’ve watched over and over again! I was particularly interested in the fact that you have mostly solid colors. My closet is an array of so many colors and patterns!

    I’m going to try to home in on my absolute best colors and trim down my inventory. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have (like 60 pairs of pants!- I know…crazy!). But your closet tour helped…please do more on the subject of cultivating a wardrobe and choosing your best colors. I have a sense of what looks best on me, but I’m curious how you went about deciding your very best colors, then cutting down on the amount of clothing items you have. Maybe you’ve already done this and can refer me to a video, since I’m “late to the party!” Thanks.

    1. Welcome, Nancy! I’m glad you found the website. A few years ago, I realized that when I bought a printed item and wore it perhaps three times, I tired of it. Solid colors can be worn in unlimited combinations, whereas the prints can not. When I consider a new item now, I ask myself a few questions first. Will this go with most of the other items in my closet? Do I have something similar to it already? Will I wear this item thirty or more times? Planning my purchases has stopped me from buying things I don’t use and saved me a tremendous amount of money.

  29. Hi Susan! I can’t wait for Spring and more sun! Question for you. I bought some very bold animal print booties this past year. Not sure what to wear with them other than a solid column of color. Any advice on that would be appreciated. One pair is a Marc Fisher zebra print and one is leopard. Thank you! Love your blog!

  30. Susan, I too shop at Talbots. Their clothes fir me well and as you pointed out, the quality is good. The styles are more classic than trendy and stay good for over time.
    Another Susan…

  31. Love this look! I like the deep woven purse and I like the smaller cross body one as well. I find sometimes the deeper the purse the more I have to dig to find an item. However, I am trying to keep items in smaller individual zippered bags to keep from digging. Yes, we are looking forward to spring also, especially since we received 15″ of snow earlier this week. Tonight I noticed it was just becoming dusk at 6:30 p.m. so it is staying light longer. Yay!

  32. Hi Susan, I enjoy your blog very much. You are an inspiration to many of us who want to look and feel good no matter what age we are. I think your white hair is beautiful and am strongly considering not coloring mine anymore. I wonder if you could do a post or video explaining how you went from dark to white. How long did it take to get the lovely look you have now? I have taken advantage of the time at home during these crazy months to let my color fade until it is almost completely gone. If I could look as lovely as you do it would be an easy decision not to color again but it is a little surprising to me when I see myself in the mirror after having dark hair all my life. I bet there are plenty of women struggling with this same decision so maybe you can offer some comforting advice. Thank you for all the work you do making such informative and entertaining blog posts. Love the denim jacket you showed!

  33. I too like the classic styles that I can find at Talbots and when my husband asks what he can give me for a gift I say a Talbots gift card…lol. Enjoy your blog. Thanks

  34. I just received the Talbots denim jacket you modeled and I love it too. I had not notice it on their website or catalog before, so thank you!

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