New Adventures!

After days and days of relentless rain, we celebrated a blue sky and sunshine by going to Sunday brunch. Mild weather allowed me to leave my coat at home.

The day’s look included black denim jeans, a soft knit top, and a striped denim jacket. The gray suede lace-up shoes are a couple of years old.

New followers always ask questions about keeping fit and makeup tips. The answer relates to what and how much we eat. Processed foods and condiments are full of preservatives, sugar, and salt, so I always avoid them.

When I drink lots of filtered water, eat mostly fresh or flash-frozen vegetables and some fresh fruit, my body functions well, and my skin looks bright and clear. Taking care of my skin includes using only safe products (here) to cleanse and moisturize. I wear less makeup with each passing year, so skincare has become a priority. Long walks are my favorite form of exercise. As I age, I require smaller amounts of food unless my activity levels increase.

My wardrobe includes basic items that I wear on repeat for years. I don’t need to wear all the colors, only the ones that flatter me and go with the things I have already. A limited number of pieces that mix and match through the seasons allow you to look your best, even on a small budget.

$$$ Jacket – $ Jacket – $$$ Top – $ Top – $$$ Jeans – $ Jeans – $$$ Shoes – $ Shoes – $$$ Bag – $ Bag – $$$ Belt – $ Belt – $$$ Sunglasses – $ Sunglasses

Mr. Mickey was dapper as always in a suede bomber jacket and khaki pants. He asked me to thank you for all your kind comments on the previous ‘Date Night’ post.

I’m taking a break, so watch for snapshots from my new adventures soon. Cheers!

  1. You both look amazing and healthy! Taking care of yourself in all ways makes such a difference in your quality of life.

  2. Two classy people! I love how you both stay young and vibrant looking!
    Looking forward to peeking at your new adventure!

    1. I turn jeans inside out to wash them in cold water only. I don’t put them in the dryer for more than about ten minutes on low heat to get most of the wrinkles out. Take them out of the dryer while still damp and reshape them on a hanger to finish air-drying on a peg or rack.

  3. Enjoy your break…we shall miss you. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure! It is because you take such good care of yourself that you can live a full and adventuresome life. You both look fabulous.

  4. Have fun dear friend…. You do feel like a good friend after years of following you….you will be missed. Hurry back!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Mr. Mickey with us…he seems like a sweet gentleman. Enjoy your adventures so much and love you sharing your visits to my hometown of Asheville NC.

    1. Notice, there are two options for the shoes $$$ and $. If you read the paragraph above, you’ll notice that I am showing you that you can buy very similar items at very different prices.

  6. Enjoy your well deserved break and can’t wait for the reveal of the adventures. It’s obvious Mr Mickey is the real deal. So glad the two of you have each other and for sharing your lives with others. You both make the world a better place and by example, encourage otbers to do the same!

  7. You and Mr. Mickeys colors always compliment each other and I learn so much from your styling tips. Thank you! And happy travels……

  8. Love black with a jean jacket. You look fabulous. Enjoy your break! Looking forward to your future posts. ☺

  9. What a handsome gentleman! Yall as just the Best Looking couple! So happy for you that you have found your Soul Mate to travel the rest of your life. What a blessing and a joy.
    Wishing you the very best always.

  10. I so enjoy all of your posts, Susan! And thank you, Mr. Mickey! You always look so handsome 🙂
    Have a nice break!

  11. The 2 of you complement each other, your an attractive couple. I enjoy reading your blog and all the useful information you share. I am more of a visual person and really appreciate your photos. I am impressed how you picked yourself up after your divorce and now live an amazing life.

  12. Enjoy your adventure! I love the top you have on. I believe it’s the grey Sara Sun Woo, it’s a nice color! Mr. Mickey looks wonderful in the blue, very handsome!

  13. Susan,
    Enjoy your time away. How full is your closet, as in how many slacks, jeans, blouses , tees and jackets ?
    How much do we really need?
    Perhaps a blog on the closet. In the future?

  14. This is outfit is so flattering on you. Makes you look tall and thin – every woman’s goal! Love everything about it, especially the shoes. It is sometimes difficult to find cute flats.

  15. The shoes are just the perfect ending. There is something about striped jackets that always appeals to me. I have one that looks like the old railroad jackets in grey and navy that I hope outlast me. It goes with everything. I hate it when my favorites need replacing. I love your blog even more now than when you started it. There is always just that one touch you do that makes a look special. Your beautiful green purse comes to mind. A spot of color or the details like these shoes. Always just the perfect touch. You both are looking so healthy and well adjusted. : )

  16. Such wonderful words of wisdom for a beautiful and healthy life! You both look fabulous. Enjoy your new adventures. Always look forward to your updates.

  17. I know the grey suede shoes are of a past year, but could you tell me the brand name? I love the style.
    This is a great look.

  18. thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog. I have learned much information from you and I wish you a wonderful break. Hope to see your blog back soon.

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