Abingdon Date Night

Sister’s American Grill, located within the Martha, just reopened after being closed for remodeling. The Martha is a grand historic hotel located in Abingdon, Virginia. The original center section was built in 1832 as a private residence for General Francis Preston and Sarah Buchanan Preston and their nine children.

There is an elegant bar area with a fireplace, and several seating areas were updated beautifully.

We enjoyed courses including deviled eggs, wedge salad, shrimp and grits, and salmon. I’m fortunate that Mr. Mickey is willing to share entrees; not so much goes to waste. I have a few bites, and then we switch plates. When the food is this delicious, he certainly doesn’t mind eating most of it.

Getting dressed for our Saturday date night is a pleasant ritual that we both enjoy immensely. He often shows up at my door in colors, similar to my own choices.

It snowed earlier in the day, but the temperatures were in the upper thirties by the dinner hour. The hotel offers valet parking, so we didn’t have to trudge through the weather or lug heavy coats with us.

Mr. Mickey’s ascot (here) is the newest element in either of our looks. (Here is an excellent video about styling ascots.)

I was wearing the same Travelers pants the night I met him at a neighborhood Christmas party more than fourteen years ago. The jacket is old from Talbot’s. I found the bag at T.J.Maxx a couple of years ago. The blouse is here. The shoes are here.

The elements of our looks are rarely new, so I share highlighted shopping links to similar current items. The links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

Similar items from both our looks: Men’s Sport Coat Men’s TrousersMen’s HatMen’s Pocket SquareMen’s ShoesLadies’ jacketHandbag

Photography without proper lighting is indeed a challenge. I took this photo in natural light earlier in the day to see the texture and colors more clearly.

  1. Good morning, Susan!
    You look elegant, and Mr Mickey looks dashing! Your date night pictures are very special.
    I love your outfit, and what I particularly love is that you put it together with items you’ve had in your wardrobe already!
    I have that same jacket from Talbots, only mine is black.
    The white cuffs of you blouse make that gorgeous color pop, and the scarf compliments that color perfectly!

    Thanks for giving us a peek at your weekend date night!

  2. I love your small, structured bags! Inspired, I bought one recently and enjoy the tailored look it brings to an outfit. It doesn’t quite work for my everyday needs, but is great for many occasions. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. You both look fabulous! I so enjoy seeing people dressed nicely and looking comfortable with their look. We have all seen people wearing an outfit that is definitely not “them”. The video showing how to tie an ascot was interesting. More fellows should wear them! Mr Mickey looks very dapper in his ascot and I love the hat. Brenda Coffee at 1010 Park Place featured a designer called Jack Simpson. Not only is Mr Simpson easy on the eyes, I love his clothes. Fashion aside, the food looks very good and well presented. What a beautiful venue.

  4. I’ve purchased some scarves from you before and really enjoy the weight and size. I have winter coloration and prefer bright jewel tones. Anything left for me?

  5. Thanks for your most helpful comments on shortening my long dress. Now I’d be interested in what you have left of the larger scarves. I have bought several of the smaller ones, but since you have been showing the 52″ ones…so I’d be interested in getting one…thanks, Gwynne

  6. Always enjoy your outfits. When I wear anything inspired by you, my friends will say that I have “upped my game.” Please send me information about the remaining scarves. Thank you.

  7. I enjoy receiving your emails, and learning about fashion and how to put together a perfect look.
    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but is Mr. Mickey your husband?

  8. Love your date night pictures! The food looks wonderful, I Love wedge salads! Is this town far from where you live?

  9. It is so nice to see you and Mr Mickey on date night. Lovely couple.
    Question: About two weeks ago you showed us two dresses you had purchased. I went to the Soft Surroundings website showing the dress. The reviews from a number of women indicated that the fabric was not as substantial as they would have expected from the company. Did you find that to be so? Is this dress up to your standards? Thank you for your response.

  10. Hi Susan,
    Just want you to know that the two silk scarves I bought from you arrived safely last week, and that I am so pleased with them.
    Thank you!

  11. We stayed at The Martha a couple of years ago on a tour we took with our bank to the Amish country in Lancaster, PA. This was our last night on our return trip home. A beautiful hotel and our room was very large and nicely appointed. We attended a play across the street. Love that color jacket on you. It is one of my colors too.

  12. Always enjoy seeing how you pull together smart looking outfits using a lot of the same basic pieces. I would love to have more informatIon about the scarves that are still available.

  13. Hi Susan, as always you look so well put together. I just want to say how particularly lovely your hair looks in these shots. Bernie

  14. Susan. Always enjoy your post. Changing the subject…. what primer do you use for your Beautycounter shadow??? Do you like their shadows? Also do you use their citrus body oil …. any thoughts on that too!

    Thank you!

    1. I do use the citrus body oil, and I love it! I have used the eye shadows from Beautycounter in the past. Now, I rarely wear more than a bit of the Radiant All Over Bronzer in the color Surf here. I use the Bronzer as a light dusting of eyeshadow over the center of my eyelid and in place of blusher. I sometimes use a hint of the shadow ‘Smoke’ from Merle Norman. (I don’t know if that color is still available. I haven’t shopped there in a long time.) I don’t use concealer or primer.

  15. You both look so elegant, lovely and happy. Thank you for sharing. Your handsome escort resembles my darling husband in his younger days. Thanks so much for sharing your special time. CR

  16. You and Mr. Mickey are a striking couple indeed. I like the raspberry jacket and I think it’s pretty close to the lip color you wear right?

    Did you ever take off your jacket during dinner? I was surprised that you were wearing a blouse under the jacket. I am used to seeing posts with V-neck knit tops.

    Thank you once again for the posts.


  17. Love your look! I have a jacket in a similar color, and I just bought a new Dooney & Bourke bag in a similar color and was wondering if it’s too early to use it. Now I know it’s not! This combination is lovely. I just need a new scarf, one of yours preferably. Please tell me more about the scarves you have left. Thank you!

  18. Looked so good and looked like fun. That journey seems so pleasant with assurances of fabulous food when you arrive. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I always enjoy reading and seeing pictures of Abingdon where I grew up. Makes me homesick!
    Both of you look quite stunning – perfect for The Martha!!

  20. Wow …. this looks like a wonderful place to go .. a wonderful evening…an adventure. You both look wonderful.
    I am retired and still have a few great pairs of slacks. The only thing about them is they have a bit wider leg. I would always worry about this wearing them …. Usually there are a lot of younger people at these events …. These pants you have look a bit similar. They look so good on you. Would you worry about this … or should I just let them go. It has been awhile, Is there any measurement or guide to go by.

    1. Full leg pants are coming back in style. I enjoy slim straight-leg pants most of the time. If I wear wide-leg pants with flat shoes, I feel quite frumpy, so I almost always wear wide-leg pants only with the highest heels I can tolerate. It’s all about proportions.

  21. Such a handsome couple.
    Susan, I’m sure you feel very special being ‘squired around” by such a dapper man…and he, being seen in company of such a pretty and well dressed lady.
    Love the ascot…too bad more men do no use instead of ties.. Looks more comfortable and sophisticated than tie.

  22. Your comment about wearing wide leg pants and flats hit the mark for me. I thought it was just me that felt frumpy wearing them that way. A wider pant leg does look more polished but with at least some kind of heel. Due to my foot issues I’ll be sticking with flat shoes and slim leg pants. Thanks

  23. I always enjoy reading your posts. It seems like you and Mr Mickey are having a great time. I am happy for you guys.

  24. Hi, Susan,
    I am enjoying the scarves I got from you last spring. Please send me current pictures and sizes of what you have available for sale.

    Thank you,

    Jane Gray Collier

  25. Handsome couple! I think that “date night” is so important in a relationship whether you are single or married.

  26. Where do you place your purse while enjoying your meals at restaurants?
    I am not a fan of the floor because of germs.
    I enjoy each and every posted, looking forward to your thoughts on extreme hot weather here in South Carolina
    And how you put together cool stylish attire.
    Thank you, Joan Hooks from Chapin,SC

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