It’s My Birthday!

I choose not to lament each birthday or view the results of aging as something I should try to fix. I fully realize this is the best time of my life. I am happy, confident, healthy, and grateful.

I’ve been blogging for more than eight years. The same questions repeatedly show up in my inbox. Today, I’ll answer the most frequently asked. At sixty-three years old, I weigh one hundred thirty-seven pounds, and I am five feet six inches tall. My hair is wavy, and it has been my natural silver/gray color since I turned fifty. I have never had any cosmetic surgery.

My exercise routine includes briskly walking a couple of miles as often as possible, some Pilates, and lots of stretching to maintain flexibility and balance. I eat organic cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, root vegetables, berries, nuts, and apples. I sometimes have chicken, lobster, or wild-caught fish but no other meat. I do not take any medications.

I have an occasional glass of wine with dinner and two cups of black coffee in the morning. I enjoy a cup of green tea often and drink lots of filtered water. I wait until I feel hungry to eat, never by the clock, or because other people are eating. Two meals consumed early in the day are almost always enough for me. An appetizer or salad with grilled chicken is often my entree. I avoid sugar, sauces, condiments, and all processed foods. My date, Mr. Mickey, and I always share an occasional dessert because the first half tastes the same as the last.

The gray top is by Clara Sunwoo, and it is from a couple of years ago. The jeans are also a couple of years old, similar here. I wear mostly solid neutral colors in classic styles. My shoes are by Ralph Lauren from last summer. Similar shoes here. The bag is by Teddy Blake here. The link bracelet is by Beauty in Stone here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item)

I use a whitening bleach supplied by my Dentist about three times a year. I don’t wear foundation makeup, but I use eyeshadow and fill in my sparse brows with a gray sculpting pencil. Next, I smudge eyeliner pencil into the top lashes only and then finish with black mascara. My favorite lip colors are a bit darker than the natural color of my lips. (I am wearing Little Black Dress here)

Skincare is much more important to me than makeup. I have been using the Beautycounter Countertime routine for the past few months, and these are by far the best products I’ve ever used. Healthy skin, a carefree hairstyle, and personal grooming are great foundations for every look.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails about The Fall Preview post. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned because I genuinely want to help every woman look and feel her best each day.

  1. Thank you! I don’t use any concealer, but I do add a little Merle Norman chamois eyeshadow at the inner corners of my eyes to brighten the shadows in that area. I stopped wearing foundation around three years ago. It travels into the lines and creases and draws more attention to them. A clean, moisturized face looks natural and healthy. My diet plays a significant part in the health of my skin.

  2. Happy Birthday Susan. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’m sure Mr. Mickey has something special planned. Have fun and enjoy.

  3. I wish that there was a 75 year old counter part to you. I’m older and would love someone closer to my age. Love your style though. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  4. Happy birthday to you! You look amazing, and are a delight to follow! So far I think the 60’s are the best (I am 67)!
    Now if I just felt or looked as good as you!
    Here’s to many more for You!

  5. Happy birthday! May I ask, if you still eat oats or any other grains? You don’t mention it. If not, why did you stop?

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from here in sunny England.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and getting style tips and ideas.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely man and some lovely food too

  7. Susan, is this top still available? I couldnt find it, but maybe I’m not looking in the right place. It’s one of my favorites yet!! And I’d like to order one.

    Thank you for a great blog . As usual it was very informative and I soon love all the information help you give. I hope you continue for a long time. You make me think it’s all possible to age well and gracefully.


    1. Thank you, Doris. The top is from a couple of years ago, so they don’t have that exact one. I linked to the pages where you can see similar current styles by Clara Sunwoo.

  8. Happy Birthday Susan! You have been blessed with many gifts of beauty, but you choose to be a beautiful person on the inside! In the little time I’ve got to spend with you, I’ve learned just how kind, wonderful, charming, gracious and genuine you are. My life has been blessed since I’ve known you as I’m sure many have. I hope you enjoy your day and have many more years to live your best life and share it with others.

  9. Wishing you a very “Happy Birthday”. Life certainly looks good on you! I have been inspired by you since I started following your blog about 4 years ago. I am about the same age but haven’t quite come around to this being “the best time of my life”. However, your positive outlook and optimism really help me get through each week and I am learning to accept the inevitable rather than fight it with lots of artificial solutions.

  10. Happy Birthday. Your skin is amazing. My 60th birthday is Tuesday and I in the same camp you are- feeling joyful and blessed. Every year seems to get better and better. Not problem free but with age comes wisdom to handle it better. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for blogging. You are an inspiration !

  11. Happy Birthday, Susan! You are living proof that one must eat (and drink) a healthy diet, engage in good exercise and take care of our largest organ, the skin. Your “inside” is just as beautiful as your “outside”. All the expensive clothes in the world can’t cover up an unpleasant personality. Your friends, especially Mr Mickey, are blessed to know you.

  12. Happy birthday, Susan. You are a lovely reminder that life is wonderful, to be enjoyed, and viewed positively in all its various journeys. You are a beautiful example. Have a fun celebration.

  13. Susan, what color is your bag in this blog. It looks blue but your shoes are tan looking. It seems you usually coordinate your shoes and bag. Correct or not?

    1. I sometimes match the shoes and the bag in the general tone, but this time I used a bag that blended with the top. Never match the shoes with the bag if the color cuts you off. For example, I won’t wear black shoes with white pants.

  14. Happy Birthday, Susan. I ditto all the posts above. You are a great example to follow. I’m happy for you, to be enjoying your best years to the fullest. I can’t wait to see what you and Mr. Mickey have planned for the birthday weekend. My best!

  15. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful and are living proof that eating right and exercise are the perfect medicine. I hope you and Mr Mickey have a wonderful birthday celebration planned.

  16. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been following you for the past 5+ years and have incorporated many of you tips into my lifestyle. I turned 60 last February and to date have lost 44lbs. My goal is to reach a healthy visceral fat level and get off the BP medication. Almost there!

    Thank you and best wishes on your birthday and beyond.


  17. Happy birthday, Susan! You are my style guru! I am 65 and recently retired. I have taken up painting (acrylics). My soon to be 89 year old mother is my teacher! I have found it’s never too late to learn something new! Have a wonderful weekend and birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday Susan! You are an inspiration. Thank you for all the great advice you share on your blog. I enjoy reading about your weekend getaways and seeing the beautiful scenery you have enjoyed on your trips.

  19. Happy Birthday beautiful Susan! Thanks for your blog and sharing-I’m learning a lot and enjoying it as well. I found your blog not long ago and like going back over the previous ones as well. Cheers to you!

  20. Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful woman and a delight to follow. I love the different places you and Mr. Mickey visit.

  21. Happy Birthday Susan! You look amazing, not only physically beautiful, also on the inside, it shines through. Thank you for sharing all your great information, it is helping me weed out my closet & inspires me to find the best look for me. I look forward to your updates, & photos. The blog is just long enough to allow me to savor a little “me time” between work emails, or chores, & short enough to not feel guilty about taking the time to read them. Please dont stop! thank you, Dawn

  22. You look radiant and beautiful. If you ever need a topic, could you discuss straps/bra straps. I have the
    worst time with mine staying up. Yes, I’ve been measured etc. Surely I’m not the only one. There has
    to be a remedy! Thanks.

      1. I agree with Susan. I have had problems with the strap falling as long as I’ve worn bras! The constant yanking is frustrating! Well, I bought a Shapeez and the straps DO NOT move or slip! Honest! And the bra is very comfortable as well.

  23. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I have enjoyed your blog posts for 8 years and loved watching your changes over time. Really enjoying your latest very practical posts re wardrobe development. You are glowing!

  24. Happiness to you! Enjoy your blog and your confirming example. Time is precious and joy in the moment is an awareness of life’s blessings.
    Enjoy and your day and I know I wish you my very best wishes,
    Norma Carroll

  25. You are glowing! Thank you Susan! One question: what do you use to smudge you upper lid eyeliner? I forever struggle with this.

  26. A very Happy Birthday to such a pretty and photogenic woman in her ’60s!
    Like your other readers, please consider writing a handbook of your tips.
    At 62, I don’t wear foundation because no matter the formula or the price, it is too cakey on my skin. To achieve a healthy look, I’ve worn tinted moisturizer for years ( my fav is Clarins Super Restorative Tinted Moisturizer with SPF factor ).

  27. Somehow one Virgo can always recognize another Virgo! I had a suspicion that you might be that sign. You are so confident and have structured your life to meet your own needs while never ignoring the needs of others.
    So, Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo. My birthday was yesterday. I’ve been enjoying your blogs for several years now and so appreciate what you have to say and offer to others.

    Thank you for all of that. I wish you a year of everything that makes your heart sing.

    Rosemary Breehl

  28. Happy Birthday, Susan! Thank you for sharing tips on coordinating outfits and fashion ideas. I appreciate you opening your life to us.

  29. Happiest of birthdays, Susan! You have made a difference in my life as to how to dress, etc. as I’ve aged. (I’m 74 years young.)

  30. Happy Birthday Susan! Thank you for so graciously sharing your style and beauty tips with us. Your blog posts are my absolutely favorite email!

  31. Happy birthday! We’re the same age. I look forward to your posts and have learned so much. Have a wonderful day with Mr. Mickey!

  32. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet gorgeous lady. I pray that your day is blessed beyond your dreams and that the remaining years are even better than the previous ones. Thank you for being an inspiration to your blog world friends.

  33. “Happy Birthday to you!! Thank you for sharing your life,beauty tips and fashion!
    It’s so fun to read your blog and see all the lovely photos! Have a wonderful weekend
    Celebrating, I’m looking forward to hear all about it! Cheers Susan for many happy, healthy years!

  34. Happy Birthday – at 63 you look marvelous! Thanks for your blogs – great stuff! It’s hard to believe you wear no foundation – but your skin looks lovely without it.

  35. You are such a stylish lady, you are what you eat, your skin is blemish free clear sparkling eyes you decide health congratulations to you such an inspiration to women all around the world.

  36. Happy Birthday, Susan! Your healthy and well-balanced outlook on life is so refreshing. If we are lucky enough to be healthy, this can certainly be the best time in our lives. I had my 67th birthday 4 days ago and am having the time of my life. You are the best, Susan!

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hopefully you will keep blogging for a long time. I enjoy your tips on fashion and beauty a lot. But I find I enjoy your travels just as much. Tennessee is now on my bucket list. Thanks Susan

  38. Happiest of birthdays to you, Susan, I enjoy your blog immensely, and I look forward to receiving the posts each day. May you be blessed with many more happy, healthy years. Thank you for all the great tips and information.

  39. We not only share the same first name, we share the same birthday month but I am 10 years ahead of you. LOL

    Happy Birthday!

  40. I am also 5 feet 6 inches tall . How long did it take you to lose down to your current weight. I would love to be down to 140. that is 24 lbs to lose. You are so beautiful.

  41. Happy, happy birthday! You’re an inspiration and your style is ageless. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and tips. I hope you have a wonderful year!

  42. I am sure you are celebrating in a fashion befitting the beautiful life you have created. I look forward to you sharing the details with your readers!

  43. May YOU have the happy and healthy throughout your new year. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Your blog makes my day. Many thanks. OK Mr. Mickey I know she is the “LIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!” May you also enjoy her birthday.

    I Have been enjoying your blog several years now
    You are an inspiration on aging and dressing with class.
    Wishing you blessing to many years to come.

  45. Happy Happy Birthday! You look fabulous! Keep doing what you’re doing. p.s. Love reading your blog. So much useful information.

  46. Happy Birthday! You aren’t getting older just getting better! Thank you for inspiring all of of us ladies who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and looking our best!

  47. Happy Birthday Susan, trust your birthday has been wonderful and here’s to a great year ahead! Thank you so much for your blog – we differ in colouring and shape and yet I still find your comments so helpful and useful. You are looking absolutely fabulous!

  48. Happy Birthday! I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your insights on clothing, fashion and health.

  49. Happy birthday,Susan!! Thank you so much for your amazing content on the blog and those wonderfully informative videos!! I enjoy hearing from you and learning from you every day!! Best wishes for a very happy year ahead!!

  50. Happy Birthday to you Susan! I hope you are having a fun birthday celebration! Thank you for demonstrating how to age with grace.

  51. Happy Birthday Susan,

    From one Virgo to another (mine was on 9/2), I agree with your philosophy about birthdays! May your life be filled with many blessings for the rest of the days in your life.

    I love your blogs! Thank you for inspiring and stylish tips for the “ageless.”

  52. Happy Birthday Susan. I truly look forward to each and every blog. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. I am better today than in years past partly from your blog. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you, Margaret

  53. My congratulations on your birthday.
    You‘re my inspiration not only in your fashion style but also in your healthy way of living. You look great Susan.
    My best wishes,

  54. Happy birthday Susan! You look lovely. I’m envious of your wrinkle free complexion. Flawless. And yes this is the happiest time of life. Thank you for teaching so many of us things I’ve never known and sharing with the rest of the world. It makes my day to open my email and have a post from you. I’ve learned and implemented a lot from you. God bless you and especially on your special day.

  55. Happy birthday Susan, and well done. I admire your honesty and your values. You truly look amazing!
    With best regards

  56. You look fantastic Susan. Very happy birthday and I am sure you will be celebrating. Have you ever used a tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead of foundation

  57. Greetings from the UK Susan. Hope you have a very special birthday and a year ahead filled with good health and happiness. I love reading your posts and have incorporated many of your ideas into my life style .

  58. Happy Birthday Susan, you are an inspiration. As you have lost quite a bit of weight wouldn’t your existing clothes hung off you or do you have a great tailor?

  59. Susan – you are truly a beautiful and authentic woman. I love your style. I am slowly replenishing my wardrobe with classic neutrals. I too am 63, lost 24 lbs. this year by cutting out all processed foods, sugar, anything “white”, and only eating when hungry. I do not like meat or seafood but will have chicken or turkey occasionally. I limit dessert to very special occasions. I began working with a trainer 4 weeks ago to build muscle, improve flexibility and balance. I have never felt better in my life. I look forward to your blogs.

  60. Happy a Birthday! I’m a little confused. You have shared in previous posts using skindew, a tinted moisturizer and bronzer. Yet, in this post you don’t mention them.

  61. Happy Birthday Susan!! Have a wonderful day..
    You are a blessing to thousands of women including me 🙂 I am always excited to read your blog and incorporate your advice as much as possible. It makes me feel much more confident.
    Thank you again for pouring your energies into our lives.

  62. Happy Birthday, I admire your dedication to whatever changes you need to make for a healthier you. You are an inspiration to us all.
    I look forward to your blog ,it is very helpful.

  63. Happy birthday Susan from one Virgo to another! I just celebrated my 61st on September 10. Thank you for all of your wonderful tips and fashion advice. My closet is going through major changes these days especially as I lose weight. You have inspired me to be my best self starting with my health. I have had several surgeries over the past year and a half (knees and heel) and I am finally out walking again! I am certain you are making a difference in many women’s lives. Please keep up the good work!

  64. Happy Birthday! We share a birthday-it is mine too. I am 70 today and very grateful to be beginning another decade.
    Happy Birthday!

  65. Thank you so much for all your continuing and inspirational ideas…not only in dress but in balance for the rest of your life (and ours) I am 80 and much shorter in stature than you are but have exactly the same perspective in dress and outlook on life. Hopefully, I can pass on some of what I have learned from you to those following behind me age wise.

    Happy birthday wishes !

  66. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Congratulations and best wishes for the coming year. You are a beautiful soul.

    Thank you for sharing and caring for everyone.

  67. Happy Birthday! I have recently retired and have been enjoying your Blog for a few months now. Thank you for the information and tips.

  68. Happy Birthday Susan! You are a truly lovely woman and a real gift to the rest of us “mature” ladies trying to figure out how to look and feel our best and not lose our minds or retirement accounts doing it.
    I was 64 last March and decided several years ago to claim the entire month of March as my birthday month. I celebrate all 31 days of it, typically buy myself something special at some point and enjoy more than one piece of cake in those 31 days!

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  69. Happy Birthday Susan, I have learned a lot from you and now I am in the process of changing my entire line of clothing…I love reading your post and hope you keep up the great work….I am 72 and still changing….Nola

  70. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day, week, year…..
    Your blogs are so encouraging and helpful to me. You are my inspiration!
    (Your complexion looks fabulous!)

  71. You should be a Delta Flight Attendant.
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to each one.

    Beautycounter is an exceptional skincare line. You look fabulous!

    Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do.

  72. Hi, Susan
    Happy Birthday! You’re almost as old as me, but you’ll never catch up. Lol! This post revealing what we don’t know about you is interesting.
    Thanks for sharing,

  73. I’d like to add my wishes to you for a happy birthday. I turned 63 last week and still wonder how I got to be so old! I really enjoy your blog and your willingness to tell us personal things that inquiring minds want to know! I appreciate the fact that you don’t wear much makeup (I agree that foundation makes things worse) and that you’re not ashamed of growing older. I have picked up numerous tips from your blog as well as absorbing your optimistic outlook on life. Thanks for the inspiration that aging gracefully means still looking good and having fun with clothes.
    I do have a question. You seem to eat out a lot at restaurants and I wonder how you stay so trim. Like you, I also have digestive problems, particularly with grains and dairy. What are your strategies for controlling what you eat at a restaurant? Do you not finish the meal? I’d love to see a blog post on this.

    1. I often order a salad or an appetizer instead of an entree. Sometimes Mr. M. and I split a dish. I rarely finish all the food on my plate. When I start to feel full, I stop eating.

  74. Happy birthday Susan. Always an inspiration. Enjoy your special day and thank you for sharing/researching how to age gracefully. I also appreciate your philosophy on life and age.

  75. You look fabulous – the best gift to cherish as we age is the ability to love ourselves, embrace our age and feel confident in our appearance to not judge ourselves with others. You certainly achieve all of these. Cheers to you in your special day. Your happiness and self confidence radiate, you are an inspiration.

  76. Happy Birthday to a beautiful and wonderful person! You are very inspirational and very darling! Thank you for all the marvelous emails! I admire you and enjoy your great encouragement! Love, Marion

  77. Happy Birthday, Susan. You are without a doubt a beautiful lady. Loved actually meeting you in Hendersonville. You are as beautiful in person as you are on your blog. Hope you have a wonderful year.

  78. Happy belate Birthday Susan! Wishing you a beautiful life ahead filled with health, beauty, and happiness! Your blogs are the most inspiring and rewarding for all woman after 60! We all thank you for what you did in a very candid, kind and guidance that makes it easy to learn. Please keep up your wonderful work!

    Best wishes to you both Susan and Mike!

    Huong Le

  79. Happy birthday. You are blessed you embraced your healthy lifestyle when you did. I am blessed that I found you when I did.

  80. Hi Susan,
    Happy birthday! I absolutely LOVED this posting! You are such a pretty lady. It was so interesting reading your short synopsis of your beauty routine and life style choices. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing everything with us.

  81. Richest Blessings Susan. You are a stunning inspiration & I so appreciate the advice you share. Look forward to every post!

  82. Hi Susan,

    Happy Birthday! I am a lot older than you, 67, but also feel the same about the ageing process. I am very grateful to still be here, after having bowel cancer 5 years ago, and appreciate my good health and I really enjoy your blog and seeing what you are wearing! You always look terrific by the way!

    I am in the UK so have to usually try to source similar items to the ones you show, but can most times find a suitable substitute. Really like the photos of all the nice places you visit and am tempted to make another visit to the USA and maybe do a roadtrip, might ask you for ideas!!

    Thank you for sharing all your tips with us and I continue to look forward to your e mails each time.

    Many thanks


  83. Hi Susan,
    Ah, bless your heart, today is your special day. You could not ask for anything more than what you shared where your life is at. As we age, I truly feel life should get easier if we are blessed with health. I just want to wish you “pure joy” on your birthday today. I hope it has “blessed your socks off”. I am sure your honey Mr. Mickey has seen to that.
    Sending you birthday hugs and smiles,
    in Arizona
    P.S. Thank you for sharing your clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. with us. We have very similar taste and how we style ourselves. I have purchased several things that you have posted so far. I love the Jess & Jane Mineral Washed Cardigan w/contrast trim in charcoal you just posted. What size are you modeling? I’m very small and bony in the arms (sharpie pencils) but with broad shoulders. I never like a cardigan to fit in a snug way.

  84. Happy Birthday Susan!

    Which countertime product is the nighttime moisturizing cream? I love the soft cream I use it in the morning. Also I have some dark spots on my cheeks. Is there a product you would recommend for that? Thank you for sharing your inspiring healthy lifestyle, fashion, and beautiful travels with us. You and Mr. Mickey are adorable!

    Have a blessed day 🙂
    Connie Martin

  85. Just Lovely and Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Susan. I always enjoy your blogs and I learn a lot from your style. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you. I will enter your email for you. You’ll receive a confirmation email in a few minutes. Please follow the link in it to confirm your subscription. If the email takes more than 15 minutes to appear in your mailbox, please check your spam folder.

  86. Happy Birthday, Susan!! Best wishes and many more to celebrate! Thank you for all your help through your blog-your tips, hints, and advice have helped very much and I look forward to reading each and every one.

  87. Happy Birthday, you look fabulous and are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your story with your fans. Please let us know about the fabulous way you and Mr. Mickey celebrated your special day.

  88. Happy birthday Susan! Blessings for an outstanding year and much joy! Thank you for your blog which greatly helps me transition my style (we’re the same age – I’m a September baby too). You are an inspiration!

  89. Happy birthday . September 13th is my birthday too. I just turned 53. I enjoy your blog. Great style and combinations. I’ve been drawn to the grey, black, and burgundy for fall, just as I have last fall. I have a small capsule wardrobe of this and having fun with the multitude of combinations that I have been coming up with. I was trying to expand my style only to be disappointed, and accumulating too much. I took a good look at your advice, and went back to what worked for me. Keep it simple and have to all go together. Invest in good quality. I am on the look for a great purse that I will get a lot use . So I will keep looking until it is perfect for me.
    Happy birthday, and thank you.

  90. Dear, beautiful Susan, you rock!! Happy Birthday! Here’s to your best year ever! You have had such a positive influence on my style in many ways. What a lovely, gracious woman you are. Thank you for all you give to us through this blog. Best to you always. Cheers on your 63rd!

    Do hope you had a wonderful day and wishing you many, many more. -Brenda-

  92. Thank you for sharing your life, wisdom, and talents. I am inspired by your posts and reread them to try to keep myself and my closet on track.

  93. I continue to enjoy your fashion/style/travel posts. I also admire your ability with a computer, blog and you tube. You make it all look easy! Inspiring.

  94. Hi Susan,

    A belated Happy Birthday!!

    Your teeth are so white. May I ask what you use and do you have them whitened professionally?

    Thank you and really look forward to reading your blog.

  95. How long do you think the set of Beauty Counter Countertime will last. I am so on the fence about ordering because of the cost.


  96. Happy Birthday Susan.
    My name is also Susan and I am turning 75 next week. I share your views on beauty and health and like you, people think I look much younger than I am. Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your posts!

  97. Does beauty counter have a travel size line? If our trip to Europe is still a go in May I would like to take my BC Products with me but they are too heavy.

  98. Happy birthday Susan, I am a week and ten years older than you. I have followed you for some years, and just love your look and style. You look better than ever, and an inspiration. Your tips have brought a new confidence to me, so with losing my husband of 50 years and now Covid, I go about my days in a not too bad way.

  99. You have a wonderful attitude, you look great. Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic birthday. !!!

  100. You are keeping me on the right track. I’m cleaning out my closet and keeping the pieces I ware most often and colors I really love. I look forward to your blog.

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