The Fall Preview

I’ve added a few new pieces to my wardrobe in anticipation of the fall and winter season. Today I’m sharing the items and showing you how I plan to style them with the basics I already own.

The bag, shoes, and belt are recent purchases. I’ve always admired cognac colors, but the tone is often too golden for me. The bag is sold out now. Here is a similar one. The belt is here. The shoes are here. The jeans are Levi’s from a couple of years ago. The double-layer cami is here. The blue blazer is three or more years old. A similar jacket in the same brand is here. The silver bracelet is here.

I don’t follow any rules regarding matching my accessories, but a useful tip is to coordinate your accessories and then wear them with neutral pieces. Navy, white, and denim is an easy combination to accessorize up or down.

When there are receptions, weddings, or other dressy events to attend, I can wear this jacket for three seasons. The silver, gray, and black mesh jacket will also look fantastic with white slacks and a white or a silver tank. The jacket is here.

The black tank and pants are here and here. The shoes are here. The bag is old. Similar here. The accessories are also several years old—similar bracelet, earrings, and rings here and here.

Here is an example of when I wear leggings. The proportion with oversized long tops needs the balance of very slim legs. The charcoal cardigan is here. The long black tank is here. (The discount code Instyle works with these two items also.) The thick opaque black leggings are here.

My gray bag is several years old. Similar here. The lariat necklace is here. The watch is from Nordgreen here. (Use the discount code SUSAN15) The earrings are old also. Similar here. Here is a similar silver ring. The short boots are here.

The jacket below is the perfect choice for my shape since it is similar to a moto or biker jacket. This style has more sophisticated details, such as the collar that stands up and the curved seam at the back. I appreciated the buttery soft fabric and sleeves that are easy to push up.

The jacket is here. The tank is here. The Levi’s are here. Those are the same shoes and bag from the first part of this post.

Similar BagShoesSimilar WatchSimilar RingSimilar Hoops

Wearing a vest or an open jacket creates vertical lines that break up the expanse of the torso. I love having that extra layer that isn’t as confining as a coat. It will allow me to wear all of my top and jean combinations into the colder months. This one can be layered over all of my cashmere sweaters as well. The wool-blend vest is here. My striped top is old. Similar here. The Levi’s are here.

The bag is here. The watch is the style ‘Native’ from Nordgreen here. (Use the discount code SUSAN15) The shoes are here. Similar hoops are here. Similar ring here.

That’s the same wool-blend vest from above, made a bit edgy with faux leather leggings. Vest here. The denim shirt is here. The faux leather leggings are here.

The bag is old, similar here. The boots are three years old. Similar here. Similar wide silver hoops are here. A similar quartz and silver ring is here.

That’s the same denim shirt from above. It’s here. The platinum Montana Moss jeggings are old. (Similar here)

I found that tote bag at Plato’s Closet (like a consignment store). Similar here. Those super comfortable Sperry shoes are here. The coin earrings are old. Here is a similar pair. Similar ring here. The watch is the style ‘Native’ from Nordgreen here. (Use the discount code SUSAN15)

My purchases are focused on elements that work in a cohesive way with what I already own. That’s the magic of a well-planned collection, organized so that you can see at a glance what you have. I hope this post inspires you to add some useful pieces to your wardrobe that you can style in many ways and enjoy for years to come. Have a lovely autumn!

  1. Great outfits! Very versatile and good looking! I love your jeans looks here, Susan! All these pretty things make my mouth water for fall weather!

  2. so sharp! im thinking of going to Costco printing and having a big sign made up for my closet door, “Would Susan wear it?”

  3. Great blog with all the different looks. Shopping is going to be fun this fall with all of these suggestions for expanding my wardrobe and not wasting money on things I hardly wear. Now on to purging the closet, the hardest thing to do. Thank you.

  4. These are some of your best looks! Very up-to-date and youthful. I really like that first jacket, and girl you got legs!

  5. What a wonderful post! Your even newer slim self looks fabulous in these styles! I love the cognac combination where the shoes, purse and belt match. And the versatility of that purse!

  6. Thank you so much for the post. Such helpful suggestions with pictures of youroutfits that will be so helpful in planning for fall.

  7. I saved all these looks to my Pinterest board! I own many pieces similar to these….but I need a new pair of Good Jeans!

  8. The articles today give me ideas and help to put them together. The brown belt , shoes and purse are so useful and look great. The dressy evening jacket is a hit too. Thanks for putting this helpful post together with fabulous photography.

  9. This is one of your best, most useful posts ever. I was happy to discover I have many similar pieces in my wardrobe. I need to add at least one pair of loafers to my wardrobe. The look of loafers/no socks works well with many looks but doesn’t work well for those of us who live in the north country. Wearing knee high hose seems so outmoded and wearing liner socks leaves the top of the foot and ankles bare and with so many ankle pants now being worn there is a serious exposed skin freeze factor. When wearing not too short black pants, matching black shoes and black dress socks work. But what to do with other colored shoes, when you don’t have socks that match your shoes or pants? Or when wearing ankle pants and socks make for either too casual or too dorky a look? Am I the only person with this problem?

    1. Sue, I so relate to all of this to the extent I could have written it!! I freeze in winter and bare feet are not an option. When necessary, I wear skin tone pantyhose. I’m warm, no lines showing on pant legs, and a bit of toning for legs too. If British royalty can wear pantyhose, so can I.
      Would love to hear others solutions to this problem!!

  10. This is one of your best posts! I like everything except the leggings, so that’s good! Especially like the dressy jacket (I own several similar, including a black and white) that I’ve bought at Chico’s over the last couple of years.

  11. This post was so informative. Love all the looks. Would you please share information for the cognac handbag. Brand wood be great. Thank you.

  12. Can you link the first cognac bag? I know you said it was sold out, but I would like to see it even if it’s in white. It is such a beautiful bag.

  13. I recently bought 2 ankle pants on sale at Chico dark denim and black. I have the same problem about hose.
    If I wear trouser socks that match will I look like I’m wearing high waters (pants). I guess pump shoes that are sling backs won’t work ?
    I just found a pair beige with black tips like you have.

    1. Rita, at least I am not alone with the hose issue. It has become a bigger issue as more pants are only available as ankle pants. And some so called ankle pants are more calf length than ankle length. It’s hard for even medium tall women to find traditional longer pants that cover the ankle and skim the vamp.

      1. Sue, I know what you mean about pants. I prefer the longer straight-leg pants. I bought a pair of So slimming Juliet straight leg pants from Chico’s and I loved them so much that a bought another pair. And the second pair was on sale for $9.98!

        1. I have a pair of Juliet pants and really like the fit too, but the 30.5 inch inseam is about an inch and a half too short for me unless wearing very flat shoes and then I’m back to the hose problem. I saw that terrific sale you mention, no Talls are on sale, but if you’re a Regular height, time to snap up a pair.

  14. Adorable…what is the proportion if your legs are thicker with overlays of vests, caftans, dusters? And not as tall say 5′ 5″?

    1. I believe that the slim straight leg will look good with longer tops and dusters. It’s the balance of full over narrow that looks so good. If I wear long bulky sweaters and full leg trousers, I look very mumsy.

      1. Thank you, again, Susan, for sharing these tips. This will help so much in transitioning my wardrobe to fall, which I’ve been thinking about. Yes, the slim/narrow pants help a lot with this look also for shorter people. It’s a must for me. Love the booties you show in the first picture. Clicked on link to order them and then saw the block heel. Ugh. I don’t know why I’m resisting these block heels in fashion these days. Loved the cone heel on the other boots though. My 25 year old daughter will only wear block heels when she wears a heel! But I just can’t seem to roll with this at all. You would think I would welcome the stability.

  15. Wow! Great look wonderful in everything. Liked seeing the different outfits assembled. Thank you for the two scarves…received both & they are lovely classics. Spotted one in your post! Your handwritten script on the enclosed notecard is so pretty. Thanks for all you do.

  16. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this great post. You look classy and well put together in all of these looks, as well as up to date and current. Your outfits are timeless and would also work well on women half your age as well. You are inspiring and demonstrate that getting older doesn’t mean having to dress frumpy or in dull, less flattering clothes. |You are the best fashion blogger that I regularly follow for ideas and inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  17. What is the statement necklace that you are wearing along with the bracelet on the Beauty in Stone website? You are dressed in white. Love the bracelet and the necklace!

  18. Thank you for the fall update. I love how you show us how to incorporate new items to build a flexible wardrobe. I have learned so much from you postings.

  19. I love absolutely all these looks. Fantastic Susan. I wish I could buy them all! I was put onto adding tan/brown to a navy outfit a few years ago and do this quite often. I think it looks very classy.

  20. Hi Susan,
    This entire post is getting me in the fall spirit. On the link for the black and white jacket, or faux leather jacket, there are no size directions. I wear a size 12 top which is sometimes in between a medium and large. Could you say what size you are wearing, or any insight to sizing, for these two pieces? You are looking great. Thank you!

  21. Susan, thank you for your most helpful post. I’ve learned so much from you over the years and I thank you for that too!
    Question. I’m petite in size, so how long should my scarves be?
    Thank you!

  22. Susan, I love all the outfits you show here today! I am interested in your scarves. I like the one you say is #11 and I also like the one in the first picture. Will you please send me information on what scarves you have remaining as well as the prices?
    Thank you!

  23. Your time and effort is appreciated by your readers!! I also appreciate the back views in this post- love the Talbots denim shirt. Helpful to see them all together at the end- thanks for a great fashion preview!!

  24. I love the brown colors for the fall & I love this post. I created a folder on my desktop and pull a look I think I can wear into it. I just check ahead and make sure I have what I need for each look. It’s been a blessing because I can plan ahead of time for an event or just pull an everyday look together quickly. My Susan Street look book. : )

  25. Thank you, thank you for showing how to put pieces and accessories together that we may already have. It helps to see items on a woman rather than a tall, skinny, young model though you are a lovely model.

    Keep up the good work.

  26. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for another great post. I would love some details about the scarf you have featured in your blog. You always look so lovely and elegant and I am aspiring to achieve something similar. I’m getting there! Kind regards, Halina

  27. Love that Talbot denim shirt and I just got my $20.00 reward from them in the mail yesterday! Guess what I will be buying with it!

  28. You took a lot of time to dress, then photograph and post so many views for this excellent post. I loved seeing so many pieces of clothing! Thank you! And you prove that women our age CAN wear the slim leggings IF we pair it with long enough tops to make it balance and pleasing to the eye.

  29. So many great, versatile pieces. Loved the charcoal grey Clara Sun Woo cardigan. Maybe there jacket linked in your first photo is sold out because that link also took me to the cami? Thanks!

  30. Susan, really enjoyed this post. Like the Jarli booties but I am 5’9″ tall and don’t like to wear a tall heel. Any suggestions?

  31. Well, each piece is sensational. I love the way you have put them together, and you look amazing in everything. Thanks for the great effort you put into this blog. You present a vision of what could be that I would never have conceived of myself.

  32. in the last picture with the sperry’s are you just wearing no show socks? I love the olive leggings/pants – olive is my fall color for sure.

  33. I love all the styles! And they are all in my closet except for the long vest. Great new ideas to west them differently! Thank you

  34. Susan, this post hits the mark as it is classy and also appropriate for everyday wear. Thank you for all of your efforts. I’ve been inspired by you.

  35. Thank you for sharing your style and information for others to glean from. I am curious how tall are you? Knowing your height help to figure out which styles would work better for me. I love the long cardigans and vest looks but not all the companies show the length of the garment. I am 5 foot even and a little overweight- some are would be too over powering. Thank you, Betsy

  36. I am new to your website and find it delightful, inspiring and very helpful with one exception. When I go to the websites for the clothing it is rarely in petite sizing. For someone like me who is 5’2” women’s sizing just does not work.

    1. I am 5’6,” so I try to share the same or similar items to what I am wearing. Try Talbot’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom or Chico’s for petite sizes. I often wear classic basics that are relatively easy to find in any size or at any price range.

  37. Dear Susan, I am in my mid 60s and I am fascinated and inspired by your blog and your style. I have been reading every post starting with the first ones in 2012. My husband and I currently live in the So-Cal desert but are planning to move to SE Virginia when our house sells. I am interested in your travels as I can see us having a similar pasttime after we move.

    I am interested in knowing about what scarves you have left. I have never been a scarf wearer but I like the look and the way they enhance the simplicity of your outfits. I recently started learning more about differences in color types and have decided I have warm, medium and soft coloring with slightly golden skin, blue eyes and blonde/grey hair. I’ve been culling my closet to remove items that are too cool but I do keep a mix of warm and slightly cool tones. Do you still have any scarves that might work in that color palette? I use soft warm blues, teals, oranges, taupe, camel, warm grey, cream, khaki, brown, pink, coral, green.

    I really look forward to your posts and thank you so much for sharing so much of your journey.
    Best regards,
    Pam Glazer

  38. Thanks for reminding me that olive looks great with the right color denim shirt. Hey, anyone who’s coloring lines up with yours now has a full fall/winter wardrobe all set to order! Easy peasy.

  39. Hi Susan,

    You mentioned the handbag in your top photo is sold out. I absolutely LOVE that handbag! Can you tell me the brand of the bag and where you bought it? I bought the shoes you were wearing in the first photo and I would love to find the handbag you have, if possible. I didn’t care for the handbag you suggested. Thank you!

    I religiously follow your blogs. I am 69 and love to love clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, hair, and makeup. You have the best ideas and I have learned a lot from you.

    Thank you!
    Dorothy Herr

  40. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I am in the process of revamping my wardrobe and found your tips and strategy very valuable. I realize I must pay more for my clothes because quality is superior to quantity. I have been following your blog for sometime and find it uplifting and helpful.

  41. I love your blog and find them very informative. Please send info on the scarfs. I’ve been a non scarf person but now want to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Thank you.

  42. Susan,
    My gosh
    You dress so well everyday. One of the best!!!

    I am curious about the short scarf around your neck in the very first outfit also the last long white &black scarf.
    Happy Belated birthday.

  43. Dear Susan, I recently found your very informative site. I am 71 but love the clothes you wear. I had wondered if I was “to old” to wear jeans? I do not want to look like “mutton dressed as lamb” but with four daughters that probably won’t happen.

  44. You had a blue and red paisley square scarf that I loved but when I was going to order it, you had stopped sales. Do you still have one of those.


  45. Oh my gosh, I haven’t visited for a while, and I love the outfits and accessories chosen here! I’m verging on the tens group past the ’60s but still think of myself as a 50+! It’s just a number, right? Thanks for being fun, classy, and a little sassy! My personal style goals. ~Kathy

  46. Hi Susan! I’m wondering if you have any tips for preventing the scarf as shown with the denim shirt from sliding around?

  47. I have a question .I too am a Susan over 60. You recently mentioned that you had lost a great deal of weight.I know that your blog is about fashion but the struggle to lose even a few pounds has been fruitless. I am 5’ 4’ and at 130 ( size10).I cannot even get 2-3 pounds off and keep it off although I exercise everyday. Please share how you did it.

  48. Really appreciated and enjoyed finding your sharing and suggestions for a Fall wardrobe. I’m a ‘winter’. Your colours definitely fit my wardrobe preferences.
    I’m only 4’10” with small build. Always searching for clothes of suitable proportions.
    Loved each of your looks and your advice on accessories and mix and matching.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas and advice. Thanks so much!

  49. I’ve just found your website and I love how you put outfits together. Could you please tell me where I may purchase the scarfs. They look so good and really elevate a plain outfit.


  50. Hey lady! Do you still have your store open? I want another pair of those beige moccasins I bought from you. I have worn the first pair out. They are so comfy I want to get another pair and a pair in black if they are available. If your store is not open, do you know where I can get them? Thanks so very much! Still looking beautiful girl! Carla Page, Mt. Vernon IL

    1. I’m sorry, but I had to close my shopping site when I lost my main clothing supplier. I don’t know where to get those moccasins now. My Mom is still wearing her’s all the time. I wish I still had a source for them.

  51. Thank you Susan for being such a great influence…I love your fashion and ideas…Wish you had your own magazine!

  52. You always look so elegant and wonderfully put together. I am struggling with that plus trying to lose some weight. You are an inspiration for women like me – similar age to you with similar colouring. Keep up the good example.

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