The Village of Cashiers

In celebration of my birthday, Mr. Mickey took me to Cashiers and Highlands for the weekend. Cashiers, North Carolina, is about 60 miles away from Asheville, along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Explore nearby Nantahala National Forest to discover numerous waterfalls and hiking trails. There is abundant shopping, dining options, and golf among the many amazing things to see and do in this breathtaking area.

On Saturday, we visited Reclaimation Antiques to look at the vast collection of various objects.

Thunderstorms rolled through on Friday and Saturday, cutting our time in Highlands short on both days.

We didn’t let the storms stop us from visiting one of our favorite restaurants on Saturday evening. The Orchard offers seasonal dishes using the finest ingredients available. The extensive menu consists of American Cuisine with Southern touches.

Mr. Mickey enjoyed the salmon special, while I ordered the crabmeat stuffed mountain trout.

Since we were celebrating my birthday, our server, Joe, provided a carrot cake slice on the house. Mr. Mickey has been dreaming about their bread pudding for the past five years.

A stunning pair of sterling silver teardrop earrings were my birthday gift from Mr. Mickey.

The rain adversely impacted our ability to take photos for you this weekend. Below, I recreated the look I wore to dinner.

Packing a few carefully planned separates allows me to mix and match a variety of looks without overpacking. My list for this trip included a gray and a white tank top (here) and a black cami (here). White jeans (similar here), similar blue jeans (here) and black pants (here), a short white sweater (sorry, no photos) (here) and a long gray sweater (similar here) as well as a scarf to go with everything and this black jacket. I took black pumps (similar here) to wear to dinner and wore comfortable nude loafers (similar here).

The Anthracite color Kate Spade satchel was my day bag. Mine is old (similar here). I took a small black chain bag (similar here) to use in the evening. My Native – Silver Mesh 36mm Nordgreen watch is here.

One of my favorite tips for smart traveling is to take a good book to read if the weather turns frightful. I’m reading Fortune’s Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt. It is an enthralling true story that recreates the drama, splendor, and wealth of the legendary Vanderbilts.

Thank you for the cards, flowers, phone calls, and lovely comments on my birthday. You helped to make it an unforgettable day!

  1. I like your positive attitude! Belated birthday wishes to you. I think any weekend you two spend together is a good weekend, no matter what the weather. Blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday! Visually, you look like you are aging in reverse and thanks for sharing all your secrets and tips on how you manage to do that here.

  3. Hi Susan, Happy birthday and wishes for a happy, healthy and joyful year ahead.
    If possible Please send me information on your scarves.
    Thank you!

  4. Belated happy birthday from another “13th” birthday baby – mine is in January though. With your scarf – do you double it, then loop it around and put one end through the loop?

  5. I had to chuckle when I saw the lovely napkin in the roll basket right next to the candle. On one very special occasion I flipped the napkin back to uncover the rolls and it caught on fire! Fortunately, we were able to put it out quickly, but it was memorable!

  6. I have that same book in my stack of books by my chair, waiting to be read. I’ve been reading about the gilded age a lot and learning about that time in the U.S. is very interesting. I’m sure that the closeness of Biltmore makes it very interesting to you.

  7. Happy Birthday! Your packing suggestions are spot on. I just returned from nearly three weeks in Italy and carefully assembled a capsule wardrobe that fit into a 20” carryon suitcase. I had plenty of options and it made using the Italian trains so much easier!

  8. Susan love your blog. I like your travels and food pictures as much as your fashion choices. We are planning a trip to Cashiers in November. Do you have a favorite place to stay?

    1. We have stayed at much more exclusive places both in Highlands and Cashiers, but we were well pleased with the Hampton Inn. We have stayed with them in several locations, and we are always happy with how clean and quiet their hotels are.

  9. Susan,
    I am a true scarf lover and would appreciate it if you would send me pictures of your remaining scarves.

    Thank you,
    Bev Edkins

  10. I live here! We just moved to Cashiers in 2018. We relocated from Florida and truly love our mountain town. So much to do and see here and the shopping is terrific. The Orchard restaurant is our favorite and is where I am going for my birthday on 9/25. So glad you enjoyed the area. I always love your posts and a big fan!

  11. A belated happy birthday. Just wondering how you “tied” the scarf in this picture and how big the scarf is. Thanks..and again, Happy Birthday!

  12. Susan love the pictures. I have been using Beauty Counter’s 1 oil and the overnight peel for a couple of weeks and my skin is looking better. What would you recommend for a moisturizer? I am 77 yrs. old with fairly dry skin? thank you. Julianna

  13. Susan, what is the name of the Liverpool pull on jean you have from Liverpool? I have friend wanting that brand and I remember you wearing that jean. Also, does it come to waistline? Thank you. Karen

  14. Many happy returns, you look fabulous as always 🙂 I would love to see how you tied yours scarf. I can’t quite visualize it from your descriptions. If you have a minute, in what I know is a busy schedule, could you film a quick video to demonstrate. Sorry I know it’s a bit ask. Many thanks for all your great posts.

  15. Is the scarf you are wearing in this post still available? A while back you sent me an email with the remaining scarves but I don’t believe this was among them. This was a really lovey post. Thank you for all you do to share your “good taste”!
    Belated Birthday greetings!

  16. I read your blog religiously and enjoy it tremendously. I love the short trips n the part of the country i love. I also enjoy your outfits and try to recreate them. Would love to see what scarves you still have available. You wear the loveliest ones with your outfits.

  17. Love the scarf #3. If it is still ailable I would love to purchase it. How do I go about doing that?

    Love all our posts…you are one class act!

  18. Susan
    I am enjoying your site so much. I live in south Mississippi but have traveled to many of the same areas you travel to ….NC, Abingdon, etc. In fact we are going to Abingdon again in October. The climate in NC is so wonderful! Love all of that area. We are sweltering here….Fall can’t get here fast enough for me!!

    Please let me know which scarves you still have available.
    Thank you so much for your site and all of your tips.
    Sharon McDonough

  19. Happy birthday, Susan! Wishing you all the best in the year to come. Please send photos of your remaining scarves. Thanks so much.

  20. I have a very dumb question. How do you go about picking out a scarf? I’ve seen #3 several times but couldn’t visualize it until you wore it. I look at the pattern and colors but can’t seem to get it right. I know you can’t see the pattern when you are wearing it but I can’t visualize it. Guess you are going to have to show each scarf with you wearing it. Any suggestions?

  21. I always enjoy your posts, and the scenes of North Caroline (where I used to live).

    I’m interested in purchasing more of your scarves. They are beautiful and the generous size makes them very flexible.

  22. Again, I’m learning so much from you! I keep trying to wear a brightly colored tank or shell (in this case a bright pink) under an open longer grey cardi paired with dark grey slim jeans and it just doesn’t look right. When I change out that bright pink shell for a grey one and instead add a bright pink and gold necklace it looks so much better! Thank you for helping all of us.

  23. I LOVE the Sara Woo Top with its side detail!! Wish she would offer again. Also, would REALLY help if these beautiful tops were Petite sizes!!!

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You looked Devine for this celebration … of course ❤️♥️♥️ from Texas

  24. Which scarves do you still have by chance? Any handbags?I had asked you about a Ralph Lauren one about this time last year I believe. Thanks,

  25. I love the variety and coordination in your outfits. I notice that you wear several different brands of jeans. I’d love to see a post on your favorites and/or how you select jeans for your wardrobe.

  26. I recently discovered your blog – love it! Wish I had found it sooner. I love how you put together a polished look with the basics in your wardrobe.

    Please forward a list of scarves that are still available.

  27. Hello Susan,
    I have really enjoyed your blog over the past several months and all the clothing and scarves I have either purchased from your former store of from Clara Sunwoo & others. The scarves have provided such energy and versatility, especially in my travel wardrobe. I know you are taking a sabbatical for September – so I don’t expect to hear from you (enjoy that time, you deserve it!) for quite a while.

    I would love to know how you folded and draped the scarf in this post so that it stays secure – and just drapes one tie down the front. It looks lovely. Thank you!

  28. Dear Susan,
    Happy Birthday!
    Love your looks! Casual yet elegant, you’re my hero!
    I have 2 of your scarves, red and blue, and red and black, love them. I find Id like a scarf with pink in it, do you have one?

  29. Susan, I am a new follower. I love reading your daily blogs. Did you or do you wear a strapless black bra under the black cami featured on this site? I’m trying to catch up with all the articles until I reach today’s date. Whew! I am enjoying it though.

    1. I have never found a strapless bra that will stay in place. I find it much easier to wear my regular Ultimate style bra from and not remove my jacket.

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