Ruffles Can Work

I would never wear ruffles on my neckline or bodice, but the sleeves are fair game. Earlier this week, I mentioned the color Dazzling Blue as being one of my new favorites. I wore a Clara Sunwoo tunic with white Tribal pants and nude strappy sandals for a lunch date recently. I also wore the same top here. The tunic is here.

The bag is old from Express. The shoes are by Jessica Simpson from last year.

These photos provide an excellent example of what I mentioned in the post from yesterday. The pants are too form-fitting to be physically or emotionally comfortable for me this year. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. Let’s have a moment of silence for the pants which are no longer with us.

I felt more confident, comfortable, and appropriate in the basic black pants. The side by side photos above and below show you the subtle differences which can make or break a look for us. Light color pants, which are too form-fitting, are never a good idea.

You can see examples of proper fitting white pants worn by my friend Krista Matthews Wharton and me on another day in the photo below.

  1. This is a good example Susan but I would like to see a side-by-side comparison with white pants/jeans that are appropriate and more comfortable.

  2. That little straw bag is so cute! Where is that from? I think you look lovely in all of the above pants but I do understand what you mean.

  3. You are so funny—a moment of silence for the pants that are no longer with you. Yes, I too mourn the loss of pants that I can no longer wear due to pilling, stains, or other problems that take them off my rotation.
    I am not a ruffle fan either since I feel like a dessert with too much whipped cream when I wear them. BUT I like the little dash of ruffles on the bottom of the sleeves behind your wrists. As usual you look smashing in that shade of blue.
    Interesting post. Well done!

  4. I actually like the tighter white pants , especially with that gorgeous blue top, but you’ve got to be comfy.

  5. That Dazzling Blue is definitely your color! I too am drawn to those kinds of fabulous blues! Turquoise is another color that has a place in my closet. Since I stopped coloring my hair 5 years ago, I have struggled with choosing colors. My hair is snow white and my stylist puts in gray and silver “low-lites” for contrast. Lots of my old favorites don’t work with my new hair, but blues, turquoise and navy always make me feel confident. And that sleeve ruffle is the perfect accent! I’ve enjoyed seeing side by side comparisons, too – there is nothing like seeing yourself in a photo to really “see” yourself!

  6. I finally cleared my closet of white pants and even some the color of oatmeal. I never wore them — and I came to realize it was because they just weren’t me. I didn’t feel good in them, so I passed them by all the time. So now, hopefully, someone else is enjoying them 🙂

  7. I probably keep pants too long because the search for new ones that work just seems so exhausting.. It isn’t just a matter of changing sizes, but trying on item after item to see how the ankle, knee, rear end and waist fit is just more than I want to spend time on. I get many things online and can do it in the privacy of my home, but then returning things that didn’t work becomes a chore as well as the cost in mailing things back. I think I need a tailor to custom make things for me.

  8. Beautiful! You look great in Dazzling Blue and Periwinkle. I like both tunics on you. Now today’s tunic is perfect as that is the hemline I am seeking. Dazzling!! Thank you for allowing us to learn from your photos, research and more.

  9. So, yes, Susan, I agree the white pants in the photo with Krista are much more attractive. Can you tell me their brand?

  10. You look fabulous in every picture. If anyone our age can pull off the white jeggings it is you. But I totally agree, and have said the same words, “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.” I have had sales ladies try to convince me that I “should” when I knew the clothing was not comfortable for my inner self. I do consider that I am a grandmother to five (some in their teens) and mother to three successful children. I do not want to show up at events and be an embarrassment to any of them. I am seeing through your eyes that even in our 60’s we can be stylish, trendy, and still feel confident about ourselves. Thank you!

  11. LOL! I had to open today’s email … Susan in Ruffles? Never!

    You are right they work on sleeves and you look beautiful … as always! Thanks for all you do to keep us inspired to look our best.

  12. I have very thin legs and wish I could find white jeans that are tight in the calf. I actually feel they can make a person look thinner with a top like you are wearing. I have had pretty good luck with white Express mid rise legging jeans. They have some stretch. I do size up one size for white and buy the short length. I have them in dark blue and grey also…You look great in both outfits.

  13. Hi Susan, I am from Mexico, but really, really like your blog. I am 61 years old and a new single woman ( I am a widow, my husband died just 10 months ago) but seeing you so confident and happy with your blog had helped me to go ahead. Gracias

  14. Were the original jeans a “skinny jean” style and the new ones a “straight leg” cut? Is that the only difference? I’m wondering for the purpose of selecting some for myself. Do you think you might ever offer a white/cream or gray or khaki color pants in your shop? Thanks!

  15. You look lovely in all of your clothes…but I see your point. It does make a difference when we feel comfortable with our choices

  16. “Let’s have a moment of silence.” Love that! And I love the look on you still, especially with those, dare I say, hot shoes, but I get it. I wonder if the snug pants were in black if that would be something you would consider. The ruffles on the sleeves of the blue tunic really take it up a notch too.

  17. I just want to compliment you on your complexion. I have noticed a clarity and beautiful suppleness to your skin since changing skin care brands. Your beautiful smile seems brighter and you look very happy and content. I think a lot of that comes from the inside. Thanks for all you share with us. You are much appreciated!

  18. I’m not a ruffles gal but those sleeves I love! Got a good giggle from your comment about having a moment of silence for old pants. 🙂

  19. Thank you Susan for another superb and helpful blog. I look forward to reading your email every morning! The white pants thing is difficult… I live in the Middle East where our summer temps can be more than 130 degrees for months on end. Black pants just don’t feel right so white is always the go-to but as you say, it’s important to get the style right as we age. The looser style you show is hard to come by so thank you for sharing it as an alternative to the tight plants we find everywhere. Would you share the size that you are wearing in this pant, for comparative purposes?

  20. You are so funny! I did a moment of silence for tight legged pants and sent mine off also. Really, it is easy to think something looks good, but a photo is telling.

  21. You are a precious and very darling person, who is beautiful! Thank you for your blog and your beautiful pictures. I appreciate receiving your messages and your writings. They make a happy day! And, encourage me to work on beauty! Thank you, Susan!

  22. I like both the black pant and the white pants. I have a pair of white jeans I have never worn because I always feel that I will go out and sit on something and end up with a stain all over my backside – lol.

  23. The blue is definitely your color! I feel that you’re being too hard on yourself about the pants, though. I think you look fabulous:)

  24. Do you ever wear any clothes under $80? The average woman CAN NOT spend that much on everyday clothing.

  25. Thank You for talking about body changing even with weight being the same…I have found this to be so very true….every 5 to 7 years in my life there have been changes….starting with small ones and as I age they have become “oh my gosh when did THAT happen”…..sometimes it seems overnight things shift!
    But onward!
    I think your new hairdo is really perfect for you….a happy style!
    Thank you for this blog!

  26. Thank you for the side by side photos. I am vindicated! I’ve always liked my white jeans to have the look of a little more material and this proves I was right. These blogs are very good to us after 60 girls. I’m quickly heading to after 70 in three years. My body has changed so much in the last few years after an extended illness and lost 35 pounds. Ived gained a little back. I was below 100 for a couple of days but now at 110 and that’s a good size for me. My friend texted me and said all shorts were going out the door as her knees were no longer ready for prime time. Her humor was good, too, on this one. I do still look good in shorts and skirts so I will wear them while I can. I’m also glad to hear you talk about your face changing. I’ve found my old routines just don’t do it anymore and am looking for solutions. I might look into your beauty products. Thank you for your blog. And thank you for those wonderful reminders of our days in North Carolina and some of the places you visit now we also know very well. I can relive that time through your eyes. We’re permanent residents of Florida. I do hope to see the Blue Ridge once again one day.

  27. Have loved all your styles except the white pants. They were just throwing everything off. Your tips and styles, I have emulated. Thank you for everything you do.

  28. Hello Susan
    I am pleased to have found your site and your shop. One item of clothing I enjoy wearing for my petite size is an open front straight and long line vest (you may call it a duster), it has no buttons but has a belt which I often wear loosely tied at the back. It is a medium weight knit fabric that drapes beautifully and is suitable for most seasons. Mostly I wear it over tops and pants. It elongates the body especially for a petite size and can look dressy or casual. Mine is a medium brown and I would love to be able to find one similar in black but am having no luck. I am from New Zealand so we are in the fall season at present but I shop online a lot to find what I am looking for. Any advice on where to buy such an item would be welcome.

  29. Love your blog but I respectfully disagree. You look great in either the leg fitting white pants or the black in a less fitting style. I understand that you should wear what you feel best in but I promise you are gorgeous in either. Don’t grow too old before your time!!

  30. Thank you for your honesty. I will look st myself more closely now to see if some items just don’t work for me. The comparison pictures are so hrlpful.

  31. I am including your saying into “my thought board”-“just because I can doesn’t mean I should”. Great advice!!!
    Well done today, as usual!!
    Many Thanks!!!

  32. Hi Susan,
    I agree the black pants look classic and comfortable.
    I do love the look of white pants with a bight colored top though .
    The perfect white pants are hard to find for me.

  33. Oh thank you Susan for clarifying the too form fitting white pants. When I saw the photo, my first thought was “that’s not a good look”. This also happened to me this past winter. I’ve been wearing plain and patterned leggings/tights with tunic sweaters/shirts. Looked fine until one day I wore a pair of patterned leggings. and I was horrified when I saw myself in a floor-length mirror! This might have looked good a few weeks ago, but not anymore. Thank you always for your fashion information and helpful hints.

  34. I agree with you! I order only white pants which are not tight. I follow you because you have class and confidence!
    Love the way you style your clothes!
    Hugs, Ava R.

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