A New Spring Look

How do you react when someone starts a conversation with, “This is what you should do…”? Deep sigh, eye rolls and ‘unfriending’ often follows. We are free to make our own choices. Examples are so much better than just telling you what you should eat, wear or do. I share my best life lessons with you because I wish I had known all these things when I was much younger. When I find clothing combos or a routine that works perfectly for me, I feel compelled to share that good news with my friends.

We all learn in different ways. My most effective learning comes from watching something being done well. Observing the women I admire has been a beneficial exercise as I progress through life. I may see a woman who has a very flattering hairstyle or someone wearing shoes that look comfortable but not frumpy or perhaps it is a jacket that has great lines. That doesn’t mean I have to know every detail and then go out and buy that exact thing. I look for something similar in my price range, knowing in advance how it looked on someone similar to myself in age, size, and shape. The best thing about reading blogs is that we get to peek into someone else’s life, closet or kitchen to respectfully observe what works for them.

Today I am showing you one of my favorite new tops for the spring season. It is a Clara Sunwoo Ruffle Cuff Angle Hem Tunic – TU824 in size medium and the color is called Dazzling Blue from My Fair Lady. My Coupon Code for My Fair Lady is (Spring18) and it is valid now thru April 30th for an additional 15% off. The dazzling blue and the little ruffle detail at the end of the sleeves are delightful. I can wear this top with white or black smooth front dressy pants. I would never leave the house in a smooth fitting top like this without my Shapeez Ultimate bra. It smooths and supports me from shoulders to hip, front and back while being very comfortable. I never ignore the importance of proper foundations.

I am wearing the Clara Sunwoo top with the crepe pants (Style 709) in a size small from my site here. These pants are so much more comfortable and flattering than leggings since they skim the body rather than showing every bump. The handbag was also from my site. The necklace is from French Kande. My affiliate link for the necklace is here. The VANELi Aliz Slingback Pumps are also new from Nordstrom. I invested in the shoes because this style can be worn with dressy looks right on down to cropped faded jeans. They are comfortable, stylish and the heel isn’t too high. The inspiration comes from a Chanel two-tone shoe that has remained a classic for many years.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  1. I have been looking into the Shapeez collection. Have you purchased the Tankee Long before? If so, how does it compare with the ultimate as far as fit and support. I am leaning toward the tankee because the back is not cut as high, and I would be able to wear with with summer tops.

  2. Dear Susan
    Thank you so much for another interesting, informative and enjoyable blog. I have learnt so much from reading your posts, not least that I need to apply your ideas to my particular colouring, shape and style. Please continue to share your life lessons with us.

  3. I like this edition of your blog very much Susan. I do follow several blogs and am always amazed at some of the comments. The key word being “respectfully”. I always think “if you wouldn’t say it in person why on earth would you write it”. You do a great job sharing with us Susan. Thank you.

  4. Susan,

    Once again an outstanding post ! I think you are amazing beautiful inside and out and I don’t think there is anything you should do to change you. I feel lucky to have found your blog.

    I never had a Mom and have always worked jobs where I am the only woman. I have a style that I use and fall to all of the time but it was more out of survival than anything else. I am for the first time in life branching out and discovering new things and I love the way you show other ladies what is out there.

    I hope you continue your blog and do not let any ney sayers get you down.

    Thanks for all you do !

  5. Dear Susan I enjoy you blog very much. I’m not sure what size pants I need to order from your site. I wear a 1 from Chico’s. Can you help me ?
    Also my husband and I are attending a banquet where it says the attire is business. Should he wear a suit or sports coat and what should I wear?

    1. If you wear a Chico’s pant size 1 the size medium on my site should fit you well. The crepe fabric is soft and stretchy but very good looking.
      Business attire means you should wear something along the same lines as what you wear to work. If your husband wears a suit to work, then he should also wear his best one to the event. A dressy, professional looking pantsuit or dress would be appropriate for you to wear. I hope you enjoy the banquet.

  6. You just look spectacular and the color is so right for you. I must say the hair style just makes you look very young and vibrant. You go kiddo. Thanks for sharing! We don’t have flowers yet but soon?

  7. I think a pant, rather than a legging, looks better. While you always have a long-enough top over leggings, they just aren’t pants and if you do a big lean over, I think you’re more exposed than you might want.

  8. I continue to learn from your blog posts Susan. So happy I found you. Wishing a wonderful Easter to you and Mr. Mickey. Hope the bunny finds you 🙂

  9. Susan, do you think you will be able to continue wearing the Shapeez bras into summer – or will it be too hot to wear.

    1. I was just spending a few weeks in Venice, Florida for February and March and found the Shapeez bra to be very comfortable in that humid heat. The fabric is very breathable and the bra moves with you. It also makes your top look better because the “girls” are lined up and perky – a nice touch when you are in your 60’s!

  10. I appreciate your sharing things you have learned, and I believe you are so helpful. There will always be critics. We are all on this earth to help one another, and accepting differences is part of being kind. Enjoyed your comments and love this look. Keep up the good work!

  11. Susan, I love your blog and you have helped me more than you know. You and my very fashionable sister in law have made a big difference in the way I view fashion. I love your style and what I have learned from your blog is that the fit of clothing makes or breaks your look. You can buy the most expensive blouse,dress, or pants but what makes it stylish is the fit. Thank You So Much for taking time to blog and teach. I will be forever grateful.

  12. I really admire how you dress and hold yourself. To such an extent I compiled a digital album of your images last year to help me get my holiday wardrobe together. Like you I have changed a little in wearing lower heels , wearing my hair a little shorter etc so I’ve updated the album for this year and it really does keep me on the right track. You are such an inspiration to us women of a certain age. Thank you

  13. Hi Susan,
    You look wonderful as usually and I live that color blue on you. I have the same shoes from Baneli in two colors the bright and balaclava and all black. They are so comfortable I hope they make them in more colors for the fall.
    I really enjoy all your fashion and healthy eating tips.

  14. Dearest Susan,
    Well I didn’t order your top, but I did find w others that I can’t live without ! Lol! Anxious to try this brand that you speak so highly of! They have many lovely things. Thank you for all your inspiration! I lived in Johnson City on the Boone River for a short time in 1980. I loved it there!

  15. Thank you for such great ideas for dressing beautifully. I have tried several of your suggestions for clothes with success. You and Mr Mickey make a very sharp couple. Happy Easter!

  16. I find your blog refreshing in your polite, gentle manner. I read so much in social media these days where people say things in anger or unkindness but I always know I will come away from your blog having learned something and feeling glad that I read it. You are an inspiration and I appreciate all the obvious time and work you put into sharing your life with us. Thank you, Susan!

  17. What you should do is keep doing what you’re doing – because it is sure working for you! 😉 The last few blog pics look like you’ve lost more weight. I also went to a bit shorter hairstyle and love it. Even on “bad hair days” I’m able to look presentable.

  18. What a pretty top on you. I enjoy your blog so much. I look forward to reading your ideas about how you traverse these days after 60 and make them the best. You look terrific! Have a lovely Easter.

  19. I think this is my favorite outfit on you! The color and sleeves on that blouse! And those shoes! Home run for you! Wish I had not already bought so many blue tops for spring, or this would be my next purchase.
    Happy Easter!

  20. I happened upon your site this morning after being on Pinterest and I am so glad I did! It’s great to find clothes choices and information for women our age! Thank you. I plan visit your site often and share with my friends. Ann

  21. My sister in Florida emailed your website to me. I was surprised to learn you are from Johnson City. I live in Piney Flats….what a coincidence.

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