Date Night

We enjoy dressing up a bit to make our date nights a special occasion. More than twelve years ago, we enjoyed a splendid dinner at Gourmet & Company on our first date. We have been frequent visitors since.

The jacket and matching shell are by Damee NY. I purchased the set from My Fair Lady here. I added a black and silver hook belt from Chico’s to define the waist since the jacket and the top are the same length. As shown below, the fabric is a sheer mesh, so this set is perfect to wear in the summer months. This look generated compliments from Mr. Mickey.

I can still wear heels for short periods, but they must have a strap around the ankle. Otherwise, I walk right out of them. These are by Sam Edleman here.

We frequently share a couple of appetizers or a main course since I can never finish my meal. Thankfully, Mr. Mickey is always willing to help me.

Note the piano socks. Mr. Mickey has a great sense of humor and loves to make people smile. We hope you have a terrific weekend and that you get to do something that makes you very happy.

  1. What a handsome couple you make! I love a man with a good sense of humour, very important especially in a long term relationship. You’ll never be bored

  2. What a flattering outfit for you Susan! No wonder Mr Mickey commented often . You both look stunning! There’s nothing quite like a nice evening out sharing good food and good times.

  3. I adore that jacket set!!! And so versatile – you could wear the jacket with a black, grey or white shell and wear that shell with solid colour toppers.

  4. Love your outfit Susan. Is the belt still available? Would you ever wear the jacket without the shell? Maybe a black shell or tank for a column of color and then the jacket? That would be interesting to see both side by side to compare.

    1. The belt is a couple of years old. I will wear both pieces with other items including gray, white and black. One of the reasons I bought the set is because it goes with almost everything else in my closet.

  5. I enjoy your blog for both your advice and stories. I lived in Johnson City for many years and now live in Florida. It is so nice to see a taste of home. Thank you.

  6. Both look like you’re having fun and look terrific in your outfit choices. Love that outfit on you and the belt from Chicos is one I have as well. It does give definition as you said and I must try that. thanks

  7. I love how you and Mr. Mickey are so coordinated! My husband of 38 years and I often accidentally do the same!

  8. The outfit is amazing! Could the jacket be worn with white jeans? It looks like a versatile piece. I like the many ideas you and Mr. Mickey have to put some pizzazz into your lives. Really, you don’t have to take a long expensive cruise. Making everyday count is so important. Don’t wait is the message I get.

    1. I can wear the jacket with white jeans and a white tank, but it would also look great with any combination of gray or black pants and tank. Making the most of every day is essential.

  9. Love this post! Both of you look wonderful! And Mr. Mickey’s piano socks are so cute! Thanks for bringing such charm and elegance into my day. ~Ann

  10. Thank you for sharing your life, style, wardrobe, eating habits and so many other areas of your life. I always enjoy your blog. Have a great weekend.

  11. I love that outfit. It’s beautiful and unique while also being tasteful. It looks stunning with your hair, too.

    I’ve never dyed my hair, it’s curly and dark blonde, and I’ve got some silvers coming in. They’re not that noticeable except for a big silver streak on the right front, right where I part it. It’s like having a built-in highlight! I admire you for embracing your silver hair, and embracing your age while also being determined to keep looking stylish and comfortable. I look to you as one of my guides as to how I want to age, deliberately and without a sense of fear.

  12. Dear Susan,

    Just wanted to thank you for your blog with the great photos and explanations of what you’re doing with your wardrobe. You have helped me so much!

    I am a 60-something woman who has always wanted to simplify my wardrobe and have a way to look put together at almost a moments notice. I also hate shopping and resist it when it involves trying countless garments that look interesting on the rack but seldom look good on me! Also, since there’s more of me than I’d like there to be, I was holding onto clothes I hoped would fit again someday just because I’d put so much time into finding them in the first place. Now I know I can let them go and go basic and simple. My closet space is much emptier and more calming now!

    Your shopping and style guidelines have helped me eliminate 95% of the garments in a clothes store from consideration before I even get there which makes shopping so easy now! I go in knowing what holes in my wardrobe I want to fill and look for just that item or two. When it fits, I’m done! Hooray!! I have also always been a scarf aficionado but never knew quite how to use them more regularly. Now I know!

    I always look forward to you tips and examples.

    Thank you again,
    Linda Heinsohn
    Portland OR

  13. I love people (men & women) who dress up but still leave a little room for some humor to make everyone smile ! That takes confidence………your Mr Mickey is a rare bird !! Who doesn’t love to smile !

  14. Lovely lady! Love your blog and style! Mr. Mickey is a gem! You deserve being happy! Pretty outfit.

  15. Susan,
    How can I buy the smooth back bra that you wear?
    I’d really appreciate a link. Thank you, love the blog!
    Andree Sandahl

  16. You both look so happy and well dressed! Thank you for sharing your life and advice. It really is a bright spot in my day. I do shop now with you in my head trying to help me make better choices when it comes to clothing. Those birthdays seem to have a way of changing our style and sensibility (sometimes)!

  17. The twin set is as lovely you. Mr. Mickey is the most dapper man!!! Loved the saddle shoes a couple of weeks ago and now the piano socks !!! He just always looks so well put together, so refreshing in these times of sagging dirty jeans and torn t-shirts…

  18. Love your blog and follow it faithfully. I have a question about more formal occasions like weddings, that might call for a dress. What would you put together for something like that? Is black OK to wear to a daytime wedding? I also live in Florida and find it difficult to find clothes that work in very warm weather, besides shorts.

    1. You can always wear lightweight pastel colors or silver gray linen items to weddings. Accessories can dress your basics up or down. For example, a pale gray linen sheath can be more elegant when paired with pearls and a silver clutch and pewter sandals. You can wear the same simple dress on another day with a straw tote, espadrilles, and sunglasses for a much more casual look.

  19. You two are such a classy twosome!!! What a blessing for both of you, having each other to enjoy life together!

  20. you are a stylish and chic couple! Love both your OOTD. I always say the chefs and staff make a big effort to present a wonderful meal and you show appreciation for their effort by making an effort to dress smart for dinner!

  21. Sam Edleman Hazel Pumps are my favorite heels. I have so many pair. There isn’t a Sam Edleman shoe I don’t like.

    Mr. Mickey’s socks are so cute. My father in law will be 84 next month and I want to get something like that for him. He needs a laugh because my mother in law is in the final stages of Alzheimers and it has been a rough time. I think he would like something like that because he would seriously wear them. We live in Knoxville so hopefully we can find something like that.

    Do you know where I could find fun socks like that?

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