Escape to Montreat

When the city’s heat gets to us, it’s always a pleasure to escape to the mountains for the afternoon. Among the many advantages of living in Johnson City, TN is the location and the mild weather. Within a short scenic drive, there are delightful villages, hiking trails, and mountain vistas, as well as several parks and historical sites that people from around the world come here to visit.

Black Mountain and Montreat are both a short drive from Asheville, NC.

These tadpoles will soon be bullfrogs.

The Black Mountain Bistro is the perfect place to enjoy an early dinner after a day of exploring.

I enjoyed the Mediterranean Pasta.

Mr. Mickey had the Arugula & Mushroom Pasta with shrimp.

The Forest Berry Pie is a mix of berries, apples, and rhubarb in a flaky crust. If you order it ala mode, never ask for two scoops. Insane!

I wore layers so that I could have the option of removing the white shirt to wear the jacket over the camisole if the weather called for it. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. Nothing I’m wearing is new. Similar items are linked here. JeansCamisoleShirtJacketShoesBagEarringsBraceletWatchBelt

  1. What a beautiful place. The large stone property is very reminiscent of some rural French buildings ( which vary in style considerably depending on the part of the country you’re in.)
    Glad you both ha£ such a lovely day there.

  2. I would love for you to visit Que Sera in Black Mountain. Food is wonderful. Owners are my daughter and son-in-law. Janie and Carl Tayloe. Carl is a great chef.
    Sara Langston

    1. We hope to visit Black Mountain ourselves soon and will be on the look out for your daughter’s restaurant! Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. OH, I have to visit here! It looks amazing! A lake named after you! Well it should be! You really bring us great ideas for outing and food as well as beauty. 🙂

  4. So funny… ‘Escape to Montreal’! In any case, it looks like a lovely place to visit and you look fantastic…..and so does your handsome fella!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures from your weekend. I enjoyed seeing them very much! I get such great ideas from you for places to go . . . and BTW, you look fabulous!!!

  6. Susan you look so great. Like a young lady so slim and gracious. Love all the pics and your blogs. Even Mr. MICKEY looks slim and trim. You two are a lovely couple. Thanks for all you do for all of us that love you.

  7. What a happy coincidence that you and another blogger I follow are wearing similar versions of my favorite type of outfit in today’s posts! The photos are breathtaking, the food makes my taste buds dance, and you and Mr. Mickey look like a breath of fresh air. To good health!

  8. This little trip to Montreat and Black Mountain pleases me very much. It was my home away from home in the 70’s when I attended the college there(at that time Montreat-Anderson) and Black Mountain is very quaint. TFS.

  9. Love Mr. M’s shoes!!! We are going to a family wedding in Gray, TN on July 6. I’m looking forward to exploring your part of the country! So love your blog.
    ~Katrina Dean

  10. You look as fanstatic as each of the posted pictures. Continuing to look forward to each posting. My favorite blog among the many I follow

  11. Thanks again for posting one of your outings! Black Mountain & Montreat are truly lovely. We enjoy spending time at the Cove ( Billy Graham), which is nearby. As always, you look very appropriately dressed! Stay cool & keep your wonderful posts coming!

  12. Hello, Susan!

    Thank you for sharing your fun and exciting journey with us.
    A year ago I read about the wooden dam that was built in 1917-1918. Then in 1924 the MKA administration decided to replace the dam with a concrete structure.
    The funding was donated by Allen Graham and his mother, Mrs C Graham.
    Mrs. Graham’s name was Susan, as was her mother, her daughter and granddaughter.
    Hence the name Lake Susan. It was christened in 1924.
    A little bit of history there.

  13. Those blouses are so pretty and soft looking. You look so healthy and thin. I’m thinking more about what I eat now thanks to you. I’m so glad I found your blog. I binged on your older posts until I caught up & I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.

  14. Hi Susan, I really enjoy following your blog and although it is not usual for me to comment I just wanted to say your recent weight loss and resultant trimmer figure looks beautiful – that said you have always looked fabulous! The other benefit of good healthy eating is that your skin always looks so clear and clean – an obvious testament to your diet and lifestyle.

  15. Mr. Mickey is certainly looking dapper in his saddle oxfords and amazing photography as well. Also excellent tip about layering Susan and the high rise, slim leg jean looks great on you! -Brenda-

  16. Love this look. Simple, well coordinated and not to many differing colors or accessories for the occasion.
    The pictures were awesome to see. Thanks for sharing. Makes a person want to plan a vacation in the area.

    Clara Bulens

  17. What is it about a white shirt and jeans? It is my absolutely favorite outfit, my go-to outfit often. Yours is amazing, as usual. Thanks for sharing what looks like a cool and refreshing daytrip.

  18. Will you please do a post on what to wear to a summer wedding? I love your sense of style… and would be very grateful. Thank you. ~Beth

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