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What are your style goals? My priorities are to look appropriate for any event and any weather. I want to feel relaxed and confident in whatever I wear.

My favorite pieces can easily be used in different combinations to create looks that feel like me. I’ve found that my best looks include neutral colors worn with accessories close to the color of my hair or my skin. Classic pieces fit my style personality best, so I was utterly smitten when I saw this stunning gray bag.

A beautifully made, structured handbag can elevate any look. I have been eyeing Teddy Blake bags for over a year, so when they contacted me about sharing a post about a gifted handbag, I said a very fast yes. I am highly selective about the rare collaborations I accept.

I chose this bag based on the color, style, size, shape, and handle length. I knew I wanted a classic style to carry with any outfit, in all seasons, and for years to come. An investment in a great bag that genuinely suits you can make a $19 jean jacket, a four-year-old tank top, and a pair of white Levi’s look stylish and much more elegant.

Gray matches my hair, so I know it will always complement any colors I wear. The other gifted items included a wallet and card case. The bag is here. The wallet is here. The cardholder is here. To get $20 off your purchase, use the code: TBSusan20

The excellent quality, style, and function of these items will allow me to enjoy them for many years.

    1. I used to think that way too. When I added up how much money I wasted on bags I settled for, but rarely carried; I realized I could afford a better handbag that was precisely what I wanted, so I stopped buying the others.

  1. Beautiful looking bag but leather so not for me. However, I’d take your advice shopping with me and search for a bag with similar lines, similar simplicity and colour, but in a synthetic fabric.
    I enjoy looking in charity shops ( I think they’re what you call Thrift shops in America) Ours tend to be smaller and the usual UK High Street would have several charity shops , all supporting a different charity, so I always browse there. Not for everyone but I like to recycle where possible.
    And I found a perfectly clean Juicy Couture bag for less than £3 (about $4)
    I’ve reformed my wardrobe , on a bit of a shoestring budget, following your lines, Susan. No patterns apart from the odd striped top, and everything can be mixed. I have blue and black with white and the occasional splash of red.

  2. Too pricey for me also! My fixed income will not allow such an extravagant purchase. I’ll buy the best I can afford at a resale shop. Enjoy your handbag, Susan. It’s beautiful!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to new brands. I’m not familiar with this one but soon will be. I have a similar Michael Kors bag in the grey which is my go-to bag most of the time, so I’m doing some soul-searching for another basic color. What would your second choice be for Summer.

  4. Loving this style….smooth & effortless!! But it does take a bit of planning, so I appreciate you being our tester!. Have you shown the shoes before? I like how they offer the elongated lift for those of us no longer wearing heels!! Thanks so much for your ideas and guidance!! ❤️

  5. Great look and fabulous bag! I have seen Teddy Blake bags in the stores, and they are quite nice. I am intrigued with your idea of matching accessories to hair and skin. It makes so much sense. I never thought about it until you mentioned it. Now when I consider shoes, I find myself going mostly for the nude shoe now as I know it will be the most versatile in terms of long-term wear. Then metallic and a few in dark brown and black. I am also in the process of rethinking handbags and have sold a few that I did not use. While I plan to work for another 10 years, I find that carrying a larger bag is affecting by back so I am weeding the larger bags from my closet. I am going with medium bags (about the size of the Teddy Blake bag you are carrying) and smaller crossbody bags, knowing that these will work well into retirement and will be perfect for travel. Same process for shoes as I weed out the high heels in favor of nice flats and loafers, sneakers, low wedges, and lower block heels. I agree that the higher quality bag can be the better purchase if you can afford it. I like your advice to buy best quality YOU can afford. I am now passing on the ones I would “settle” for in the past – I am saving for a “special” bag as a treat. Not sure what the “special” bag is yet, but I am having fun considering options.

  6. That is a beautiful bag, but very far out of my price range. The color goes very nicely with the clothes you have on. I may look for a bag in that color tone, but more in my price range. I’m kind of a germaphobe and I wouldn’t be comfortable with a resale handbag. I don’t know how it would be possible to sanitize the lining thoroughly.

  7. Gorgeous bag and happy that you are so pleased with it. As for myself I find myself leaning more towards non-grain/textured leather as prefer the smoother look (i.e: as in their Nora style) with silver tone hardware if possible not to mention really don’t appreciate paying high-end for something , when a manufacturer has conspicuously embossed their name on it unless of course they are going to pay me for advertising their brand … ☺! All said; with no intention to offend as really it is lovely and no doubt you will have many years of usage out of it due to its quality. -Brenda-

  8. Love the bag! Great tip about choosing a color! I normally would lean to the gray, but the orange is so pretty too!

  9. Susan, I’ve seen women that are over fifty, wearing headbands and hair clips with rhinestones.
    What are your thoughts on this?

  10. Love the bag (it is a stunning shade of grey) and your shoes but too pricey for me too. I never spend more than $100 on a bag and usually get most of mine still brand new from thrift shops if I can. (so I can have a variety). Now I just have to use them……Lol. I do understand that it is better to have less and better quality though. That’s where I need to eventually get to.

  11. My Mama told me to take the best and leave the rest. It was her way of telling me to sift through information I receive and use what applies to me. That’s the way I look at fashion advise but some people don’t seem to have the ability to do that. You are an inspiration and I look forward to every post. Thank you for taking your time to help others.

  12. Oh Susan, it’s not the bag that elevates the outfit, it’s you, your graceful carriage, poise and good humor. It is a nice handbag, though!

  13. You have inspired me to look better when I go out. I already have a few pieces to start including the jean jacket. And I let my hair go naturally gray about 10 years ago.
    What I need are a few handbags and more shoes – (and more time to shop for these!)
    Thank you for being so natural and positive about getting older!

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