A Special Day

A soft knit vest over a fun animal print top was the perfect combination for a recent very rainy Sunday afternoon.

The large link bracelet is here. (Get $15 off the purchase of the bracelet with Code SAS15) I may earn a small commission when you make purchases from links in my posts.

I don’t wear much makeup now that my skin is behaving so well. I try to match my top’s tone so that I never wear a lip color that clashes or comes off as too bright.

The last thing I do as I get dressed is to put on lip color. That way, I don’t end up with orange-red lips and a pink top. I pop the tube in my bag for the day to freshen up as needed with the same color. Sheer Lipstick in the color Currant from Beautycounter (here) is the perfect color with this top.

Sunday was a very special day in our family as my parents, Verna and Ken, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

We were on our way to visit them on Sunday when Mr. Mickey snapped my images in the rain. Mother’s new orchid didn’t mind the humidity at all. My shoes, bag, and pants are a couple of years old.

The animal print top here and black knit vest here were gifts from Covered Perfectly. When you buy two tops, the third one is free! (Or use the code FNF20 to get 20% off one or two items.) Only one promotion will work.

I’ve been wearing Covered Perfectly tops since 2013, when they first launched. They are soft, supple, comfortable, and they never add bulk to your looks as a heavy cotton tee will. The tops and even the fabric are made in the USA!

  1. Hi Susan, thank you for the inspiration! You are always so well put together, looking modern & appropriate for each occasion. Im new to your blog (I turn 60 in July) and was trying to find ways to transition my style without turning into my 85 year old mom. This is perfect.

  2. I have certainly learned the value of solid colors with accessories that “pop” from you. However, it is refreshing to see an occasional print, which looks stunning in this outfit on you! Your parents are fabulous and thanks for sharing them with “us”.

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents! Your skin looks amazing, what a beautiful close up of you!

  4. How incredibly awesome to still be able to share precious time with your parents. 65 years. What a milestone!!!!!

    I agree with the others, your skin looks so good.

    Thanks for sharing this special day

  5. Susan, Iove your style and fashion sense! I am rather new to your blog. I am curious to know if you wear contact lenses. As a wearer of glasses, am challenged to apply eye makeup. Yours always looks great Have a great week!

    1. Ann, have you tried a magnifying mirror? I have one with a light that magnifies x 5. I also only need reading glasses, but I find it very helpful for applying eye makeup. I’ve also seen glasses you can flip the lens down for applying makeup.

  6. Your parents look well and I’m sure are happy to be celebrating 65 years together! That is so wonderful! You are looking healthy and vibrant too.

  7. I love how you put together this outfit (creative color blending). Your blog is great! When I discovered you several years ago, I had to read ALL of it.

  8. Your parents are a handsome couple…Happy anniversary to them. You are blessed to have them still with you and I can see where your beauty comes from. Thanks for sharing.

  9. 65 years of marriage! God bless them. What wonderful parents you have. They both look healthy and happy.
    Such a beautiful orchid plant Your outfit brightened up the dreary day.

  10. I love your look but it looks like fall. It is just starting to warm up here in Canada so fall type wardrobes are not what I want to see. Hopefully the whole country will get spring like soon and stay that way

    1. Canada is a huge country and temperatures can vary greatly depending on where you live and on the time of day. Some parts have been unusually warm and others have been having a cooler spring. I was wearing layers of black and denim this morning, which is what I felt like wearing on a cool, rainy morning. This afternoon, the sun came out and the temperature shot up ten degrees. Now I’m wearing a brightly-coloured top. Susan’s outfit is entirely appropriate. She always looks appropriate and classy!

  11. Congratulations to your lovely parents on their 65th Anniversary! Susan, you always look fabulous and are such an inspiration.

  12. Susan, you are so fortunate to still have your parents… congratulations on their anniversary!
    And I think you look lovely from head to toe in your outfit!

  13. Your parents are beautiful .GOOD PEOPLE.May their journey continue for many more years. Good heath and best wishes for a belated anniversary .

  14. I love animal prints as well. I also have the lip color you have and it goes with everything. Happy Anniversary to your parents. What a treasure.

  15. I love this look. It’s amazing how you know just the perfect shoe to set off an outfit. I love these shoes and the color is to die for. Congratulations to your parents.

  16. I rarely travel these days. Mr. Mickey takes me out to dinner sometimes on Saturday. I visit with my parents at least a couple of times a week, and I speak with them on the phone every day. They are very self-sufficient for now.

  17. Do like animal prints particularly the leopard provided they are kept to a minimum and worn tastefully unlike the sitcom characters of Peg Bundy (Married With Children) and Lavergne Lashinski (Sonny & Cher) … ☺. Both being IMHO, prime examples that sometimes ‘less is definitely more’. Wishing you a beautiful day and extending belated Happy Anniversary wishes to your parents with many more to look forward to. With appreciation of your fashion sense.

  18. Congrats to your parents! Mine were together for 66 years when my dad passed. So few folks stay together that long.

  19. Just love your selections & how they look on you.
    Several look like they are long which would be perfect for me as I’m tall and want more coverage.
    I’ll check out the Covered Perfectly site.
    Thank you.

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