Another Watch Giveaway!

I’m thrilled to announce a new giveaway of your choice’s Nordgreen watch with two interchangeable bands. An elegant watch adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

Visit Nordgreen here to choose the style you like best, then tell me the watch you would like to win in the comment section below. The winner will be selected at random from the comments section below this post and announced on my blog site on Friday, December 13, 2019.

Nordgreen is partnering with Social Bite, a British NGO, this year for their Christmas campaign.

For every customer purchase, Nordgreen and Social Bite will donate a warm meal to a homeless person when you use the Discount code: SOCIALBITE upon checkout.

In appreciation for the donation to Social Bite and to spread awareness around the topic of homelessness, you can also choose one free strap from the collection or choose a limited edition black nylon strap along with your purchase. The nylon strap will be launched exclusively for the Nordgreen ‘Holiday Charity Campaign 2019′.

Whenever you visit my Nordgreen landing page here, you can always use my usual discount code (SUSAN15) to get 15% off your purchase.

My look for Sunday brunch included a band jacket $$$ here or $ here, black straight leg jeans here, similar top here, similar shoes $$$ here, $$ here or $ here, and a similar bag $$$ here and $ here.

My Nordgreen watch is the Infinity White Dial with a black mesh strap.

  1. The Infinity Silver is the watch I would like if the 13th is my lucky day!

    I love reading your blog!

    Kim Jones

  2. Would love to win any of these beautiful, classy watches. If I had to choose I might choose the Infinity Black Leather with the Silver. Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. Good morning Susan. As usual you look very polished. The Nordgreen watch I would choose is the Infinity with Navy strap. Thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!

  4. Hi Susan, I love the Infinity watch with the white dial, brown,black and mesh straps. Super elegant and simple. Thank you

  5. I like the Infinity watch that you are wearing, but I mostly like that this company is making the
    efforts to reach out to homeless, and to be kind. I support a company like that.

    I appreciate all that you share Susan, it has helped me so much,

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed! Bundle Builder – 36mm philosopher, rose gold, bundle with green mesh nylong and brown leather strap

  7. Susan, thanks for this giveaway! So many choices, I would choose the Philospher watch with a rose gold dial and mesh band.

    Thank you, Paula

  8. I would love to win the white infinity with black mesh band. Thanks so much for another opportunity to win a timeless classic watch.

  9. How exciting! Another giveaway! I love the “native” style with the navy face. Fingers crossed . Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Mr Mickey

  10. Love the native bundle. Would go with most outfits, and fit nicely into my life! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I would LOVE to win the Infinity watch with a nave band. You always look so pulled together. Your clothing choices are so on point. Maybe Friday 13 will be my lucky day.

  12. Infinity, white face, gold band. So sweet to have another opportunity to win one of these! Merry Christmas to you abd yours!

  13. What a beautiful classic watch! Love the silver watch band!! Always check your blog every day to see how classic and elegant styling is done!

  14. Good Morning Susan…all the watches are beautiful but if given a choice, I would choose the Native with Nayv or Black dial such as this: Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Gun Metal | Gun Metal Mesh / Navy Nylon / Black Leather Strap
    Thanks for giving us another winning opportunity and Merry Christmas to you!!

  15. At this time of year, my weather would require a coat over your outfit. The lovely wool coat you showed in a previous post would be too dressy for my everyday wear. Do you have any suggestions for a casual coat to layer over blazers and jackets? I don’t think a pea coat or puffer jacket would work (too bulky).. I love all the Nordgreen watches and bands and would be happy with any choice!

  16. I would like to win the: Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap

  17. Thank you for giving us another chance to win one of these lovely watches! My favorite is the Infinity Bundle Silver, White, Navy. Merry Christmas!

  18. Love them all but infinity gray leather band is a favorite! Enjoy your blog each day! Thank you for entering my name too.

  19. Good morning, Susan. I would like to win the Native /Silver/white face watch bundle with the white/black and mesh bands. Thank you.

  20. All the watches are so very elegant. My favourite is the NATIVE | BLACK DIAL – BLACK LEATHER (36MM / SILVER) and with a 2nd band in silver or black mesh.

  21. Infinity Rose Gold would be wonderful! I would want to receive one when I retire in June after more than 41 years in public service. Would be a beautiful remembrance!

  22. The native in silver mesh with white dial is something I would wear daily. I’ve been considering getting a nice watch for awhile now. Tired of digging my phone out to check the time

  23. Would love the Native/White Dial-Gold. Warm colors look best on me. I wear a watch every day. Unfortunately, I usually wear the same one. Just yesterday my granddaughter asked me why I always wear the same watch? That’s a sure sign it’s time for a change. Thanks.

  24. I always love your choices of styles and colors and that you choose to care for your body with healthy food and skincare.
    I would choose the Infinity-white & grey leather bands watch.

  25. Thank you for this offer to win a stylish watch! My choice would be the Native bundle with white dial in silver with black, brown, and silver mesh straps.

  26. I would love to have the Native; white dial, mesh band if I win. Love your blog and all of your wonderful tips! Love the Santa pictures of you and Mr. Mickey

  27. My favorite is the Black dial infinity bundle ( I believe that is the name) priced at $268. Beautiful and unusual

  28. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey. I always look forward to reading your blog. I like the Infinity, silver with black face.

  29. My favorite is the Infinity rose gold. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and am wearing rose gold jewelry and I love it! All styles are beautiful.

  30. This is why I love your blog–Wow, what a wonderful company -their choices of giving–clean water, education, rain forest & meals are so thoughtful and kind. Thank you for bringing our attention to them. Their Danish design is simple, but elegant, which I love. The Native white dial/mesh would be my choice. Thanks again, Susan.

  31. Susa, that Infinity white dial watch with black mesh strap is simply perfect with your outfit! Amazing how it brings the entire look together in a classic and understated way. I’d love to win one but even if I don’t, I’m going to try to think of ways to create a similar effect with accessories that I already own. I must admit, I don’t often wear a watch (use cell phone to check the time) but I think I’ve been missing out. Thanks for all you do!

  32. Infinity Rose Gold!
    I love the simple clock face – easy to read.
    I love rose-gold – great combination of pink and red.
    I love the inter-changable bands – can match any outfit.

    Three great reasons to win!


  33. I would love to win a native white dial Mesa watch. They all look so pretty but that one. would look great with my silver jewelry. Love Susan’s website and I wish everyone a peaceful and healthy New year.

  34. I would love to win the Nordgreen Infinity watch set! White face, silver mesh, navy and black bands. So classy! Thank you for the opportunity.

  35. All of the watches are beautiful! I would be delighted to win any one of them. I really don’t have a preference. Thanks!

  36. Susan, the watch you’re wearing (Infinity white dial/black mesh band) is simply perfect! It makes such an impact to the overall look, classic and understated but very noticeable. I don’t often wear watches but I think I’ve been missing out – definitely going to try to recreate this look!

  37. I like the Philosopher/silver/white dial. Thanks for another chance to win such a nice gift. Peace & Love to everyone

  38. HI Susan, If I were so lucky as to win, I’d choose the Native/Black Dial/ Black leather band, It was a hard choice because all the Nordgreen watches are beautiful. I look forward to your blog posts every day! Thank you!
    Deborah Robinson

  39. Love the brown band with black dial. I have a couple silver band watches, but this one is so different. Elegant!
    By the way, I love the gray jacket I purchased from you with silver on the lapels. Great fit.
    Would love to win this watch. Thanks. Sara Culler

  40. The Infinity watch you are wearing would be perfect for me! I love the classic beauty of this watch. You could wear it anywhere!

  41. Oh I love the bundles. I think I would pick the Philosopher in gold with a white face also gold and black mesh bands.

  42. Susan, first wanted to say I really like your hairstyle for the Sunday brunch photos! Much more flattering as I believe it is a bit longer. The white face Nordgreen watch would be my choice. Enjoy reading your blog.

  43. My 70th birthday is 12/17. What better way to positively celebrate the passing of time than with a beautiful new watch! My choice would be Native, white dial, grey leather, silver bezel. Here’s to a new decade! Cheers and Merry Christmas .

  44. I do so enjoy your posts and find myself looking for different posts to help me with my looks for certain events. I would like the “Native” in silver.

  45. Susan, I love the Philosopher Silver and appreciate that Nordgreen is donating a portion of their proceeds to help others.

  46. I like the watch you have on on your blog. The I fixity its the white face. Very classic. As I never wear a watch, I am looking forward to starting the new year out with a new tradition. Being able to know what time it is at any given time will be amazing!!!

  47. Susan, first wanted to say I really like your hairstyle for the Sunday brunch photos! Much more flattering as I believe it is a bit longer. The Native rose gold would be my choice. Enjoy reading your blog.

  48. The silver Infinity Bundle with brown, black and mesh straps is my favorite. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway.

  49. Any color for me just to have a nice watch l would love that. Thanks Susan for a giveaway. Merry Christmas

  50. The Native White dial, grey leather band is my favorite. I wear a lot of black, red and grey and this would look lovely. Most likely would get a lot of wear out of it as it would be so versatile.

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate the time you invest in research.

  51. Infinity black face with brown leather.
    Thank you for this offer and for helping those of us that find combining outfits a bit challenging as we grow older!

  52. I love the Native Bundle black dial,rose gold, brown leather, black leather bands. All the watches are gorgeous and timeless.

  53. They are all beautiful but my favorite is The Philosopher with brown or rose gold band. Thank you Susan for the opportunity! Merry Christmas

  54. I like the active 36 with black strap. So nice to see a large dial for easier viewing. I especially enjoy your posts and pictures of the places you go as I grew up in Abingdon!!

  55. How exciting. I would love the infinity with black leather band and silver mesh band. Such a gorgeous watch and love that it has “face” that is easy to read.

    Thank you Nordgreen.

  56. It would be so great to win the Nordgreen Native Watch/ White Dial with the black mesh strap. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  57. I would enjoy the Native watch with the black dial. The watches are beautiful; the awareness of people in need warms my heart. I appreciate all that you do to help your readers and so many others! Thanks, Phyllis

  58. Hi I would love the native white dial, black leather band!! I have never owned an expensive watch before and woul love to win this one!! I just love your blogposts!! They are truly inspirational!! ❤️

  59. I would LOVE to be chosen to win the Infinity Bundle-Brown, Black Navy straps.
    I currently don’t have a watch and this would be great to win!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  60. If I were to be chosen to win this watch, I would choose the Infinity gray mesh style. Its elegant style is timeless and so sophisticated.
    Thank you Susan for your daily posts of grace and style which I look forward to every morning with a prayer and cup of coffee.

  61. I would LOVE to be chosen to win the Infinity Bundle – Black, Brown and Blue straps. I currently don’t have a watch so this would be a great “present”! Happy Holidays!

  62. First, and most important, you look perfect in your red jacket. This weekend I pulled together an outfit, inspired by you, and received several compliments. I added a few new scarves to my collection and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! I’m thrilled that you are offering a second chance to win a beautiful watch. I love the watch you are wearing and prefer a blue and/or grey leather band. Enjoy the holidays!

  63. I would love to win on of these watches. I like the black dial Native watch with rose gold band. Thank you for the opportunity.

  64. Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Navy Straps. This is a beautiful set and I know I would enjoy wearing it. Thank you and I really enjoy reading your Blog.

  65. I would love to win a fabulous Nordgreen watch I have no preference as they are all timeless and so elegant, I don’t buy myself anything for Christmas as I concentrate on the family so if I was lucky enough to win it would make my day.

  66. I love the Native with the navy dial and brown leather. That jacket style and especially the color look beautiful on you. Hope you and Mr. Mickey are enjoying the holiday season!

  67. Susan, I would love the Native watch with a gray band!! What a beautiful piece to add to my jewelry collection!
    Love the outfit you are showing today! So easy to put together and perfect for many occasions.

  68. Thank you Susan ! What a lovely and thoughtful gift for whoever wins! May you and Mr Mickey have a Merry and Blessed Christmas! Here is my pick:
    Native -BUNDLE White Dial RoseGold
    Brown Leather/Black Leather/ Rose Gold Mesh Stap

  69. The Native/White Dial – Mesh would be my choice. They are such beautiful watches that I would love any of them.

  70. I would love the Native, with a white dial, with the gray leather and rose gold mesh straps.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. They are all so beautiful. I’d choose the silver native with the white face. Also love the silk twill scarves I bought from you. Could you send me pics of what you have left? Thank you for all your efforts to help us be confident dressers.

  72. You look wonderful, As always!
    I like your watches and would gift it to my daughter if if were to win either one.

  73. Dear SusanAfter60,
    I just discovered your posts/emails/advice about two weeks ago. Thank you for taking the time to enrich my life by posting advice on fashion, beauty, and health.
    If I were to win the Nordgreen watch I would refer the Native/White Dial/Mesh.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Sandra Vroom

  74. I love the Nordgreen Native 32mm white dial with the dove grey vegan strap. I think a navy strap would go well with it too. Really clever to be able to change the look and that we vegans are catered for.

  75. I love the Native bundle, rose gold, white dial with brown, black and rose gold mesh bands in 40mm. What a wonderful offer!

  76. I especially like the Native with the white face. I would like to know which size watch face you are wearing, Susan. It looks just right on your wrist.

  77. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! The Native White Dial in Gold would look beautiful on my wrist. I appreciate your fashion and skin care recommendations.

  78. I really like the Infinity silver bundle. Thank you so much and the company for offering this and helping the homeless.

  79. I think the Nordgreen Philosopher watch in brown leather with a gold dial is an elegant watch that can be worn during the day as well as into an evening. A timeless classic look!

  80. Susan, how exciting for another opportunity to win a Nordgreen watch! I would choose the Silver 32mm Infinity with white dial and the silver mesh & navy blue leather bands. Thank you so much for the Giveaway!

  81. My choice is the infinity white leather. This watch looks great and if someone has a tan it will even look better. What’s great about the watch is that either a woman or man can wear this watch. I guess that makes it a bisexual watch or gender fluid. I hope both you and Mickey have Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year. By the way did Mickey sell his collection yet?

  82. I love the look of their watches but I think my favorite is the classic white face with the gun metal strap. The watch looks so classy and dresses up any outfit. Love them !!!

  83. Would be a great Christmas gift to myself! I would love the 32mm Native with the white face and the rose gold and black nylon straps

  84. Susan I love the Native Bundle, white disk silver with brown, black, and navy leather. I really enjoy your blog.

  85. Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for your blog. I love it! Please put my name in your contest for the Nordgreen watch. My choice is Infinity – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps
    thank you and happy holidays,
    –Lesa Willison

  86. I’m so happy you are able to do this giveaway! My tired old Timex just died and I would love to win the Nordgren Native with white dial and gray strap. Merry Christmas!

  87. Greetings Susan,
    It warms my heart to see how you and Mr. Mickey serve others so many ways. I always look forward to your posts 🙂

    I think the Infinity bundle with silver, black, and brown straps is very classically stylish and something I would enjoy.

    Thanks again for encouraging me personally to refine my style.

  88. Beautiful Classic Timepiece! I would LOVE the 40mm Whiteface silver Infinity with a black croc band.
    Merry Christmas to you and your Sweet Santa!! xo Monica

  89. All the watches are beautiful. I like having a second hand on my watch so would choose the Philosopher. I really enjoy your blog!

  90. My favorite is the Infinity silver. Nordgreen watches are beautiful. Thank you for giving us a chance to own one of these. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey.

  91. Thank you for your wonderful posts!
    I would love the Infinity silver with black, brown and silver mesh bands….very classy!

  92. Philosopher with a grey leather band please. So beautiful and would b pretty with the colors I wear, blacks, blues, rose…thank you fir another opportunity to win! Merry Christmas!

  93. Hi Susan! I love the Native with the White dial in Gold. As always, I enjoy your blog and all the wonderful inspiration you give me.

  94. I like the navy dial with the mesh band.
    Friday the 13th is most definitely NOT my lucky day – my Mom died on that day. They say luck can change…..

  95. I would love the Native black dial, rose gold case, black mesh band, extra brown leather strap. 36mm! These are beautiful, stylish! And giving back to society is a great concept! Thanks, Susan for showing these to us! SUSAN15 SOCIALBITE

  96. Oooh! Thank you for another fun chance! I love the Native with the mesh band. Thanks also for what you do.

  97. The Native White Dial Mesh in rose gold would look really wonderful with the rose gold dress I’m wearing to my daughter’s wedding, which is Valentine’s Weekend. Love your blog!

  98. I love tbis band jacket on you! So festive.
    I would love to receive the Native watch 40mm white dial in silver with dove grey vegan, black leather and silver mesh straps.
    Thank you for the opportunity…..

  99. Susan, I always admire your clothing style and I especially like this watch you have chosen. I have looked through Nordgreen’s website and I am very impressed with their products and story. I would love to win the Philosopher bundle with the silver, brown and black straps. Thank you for this opportunity.

  100. Hi Susan – Thanks for having another giveaway! I love the watch you are wearing, the Infinity White Dial with the leather strap but they are all beautiful. I would love to win one. 🙂

  101. I love these watches…and my birthday is the following week, so that would be a lovely surprise! I especially like the Native with the white dial and grey band!

  102. I love your blog and your style. Follow it every day! I really like the Native/white dial with gray leather and silver trim. I have a lot of gray so this would be very appropriate!
    Thanks for your down-to-earth approach to fashion and the elegance that you exude in all your outfits.
    Keep it up

  103. What a beautiful watch – so sleek! I would love a Native, black dial silver/brown leather. Merry Christmas Susan!!!

  104. Thanks for the opportunity to win. This watch, with interchangeable bands, would be perfect for any outfit! Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Silver Mesh Strap

  105. What wonderful partnerships and an opportunity to wear my own Nordgreen watch. I would follow Susan’s choice of the Infinity silver/white dial with black & silver mesh bands. Timeless style.

  106. I think the Nordgreen Infinity Rose Gold 32mm watch is stunning. I would absolutely love to win this watch. Thank you for the opportunity and for all your styling tips.

  107. Love your blog, Susan! My favorite is the Native Black Dial Silver Bundle with the Silver Mesh and Black Leather Band.

  108. Hi Susan –

    Love your Blog.

    Please enter me in the watch give away. Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap

    Thank you.

  109. The Infinity White Face Silver would be my choice! Thank you for another opportunity to win this fabulous gift!

  110. I am excited about the opportunity to win a Native black face gray leather band watch! It looks stylish and elegant! Thank you for this opportunity!

  111. Thank you for these amazing giveaways! I would love to have a 32mm silver Infinity with Silver mesh strap and a white face.

  112. I love your classic, simple looks. Even though I buy prints, I seldom wear them. I now add scarfs for the color that I want. It’s so much easier and now that I have short hair, a scarf is a must! My favorite watch is the 32mm Native | Navy Dial – Mesh. The black nylon strap would be a great addition too!

  113. This is so exciting! I absolutely LOVE these watches and would be perfectly happy with any of them but the Native/White/Mesh in particular is a favorite.

    Thank you so much for you all’s generosity. Tis the Season 🙂

  114. Another great giveaway! I love the Native with white face and gray band. It would look fabulous with my colors. Thanks, Susan!

  115. Would love to win the Infinity White dial with the mesh band. They are beautiful watches. I would love to win any of them.

  116. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful watches. I like the simplicity of the Native with the white dial and mesh silver band.

  117. All of the watches are beautiful. I am drawn to the Infinity BundleSilver White/Navy/Mesh Straps. Merry Christmas from Canada to you Susan, Mr. Mickey, and your families. Thank you for all your hard work on your blog. I have learned so much and look forward with anticipation to further posts in 2020!

  118. How fun would it be to win such an elegant watch! I like the Infinity with a white dial and the silver mesh band. Thank you!

  119. Native + Black Dial + Dove Grey
    Thank you for the opportunity for another giveaway! Best of luck to all.
    God’s richest blessings to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas season
    and health and happiness in the new year.

  120. I love today’s outfit! It is a very cute jacket!
    My favorite Nordgreen watch is the Native – white face with silver mesh band.
    Thank you for all the advice!

  121. I look forward to your email each day. I would love to win the white dial watch with either the silver or black mesh band….a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  122. I would love to win either the Native or Infinity, white dial with black leather band. Thank you for the opportunity, Susan!

  123. Love love your watch. That would absolutely be my favorite. Love the color red you are wearing and the style. Thanks for sharing

  124. Susan, thank you for bringing this opportunity to win! I would love the Philosopher with the brown leather band and the gold bezel. Difficult choice, they are all beautiful! Merry Christmas from Georgia! Brenda

  125. I love the infinity white dial with black mesh strap. The second band I love is the brown leather one. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  126. I would love the Native white dial mesh with a gold and silver band. I love your style and get so many great tips from you. Please keep them coming! Linda Johnson

  127. Nordgreen watches are beautiful. I particularly like the Native in gunmetal with a dark brown strap. It would be perfect for my casual lifestyle. I hope I’m the lucky winner !

  128. I would love the native white dial grey leather band. I enjoy your blog and have bought products you endorse and have liked them and I feel this watch would be something I would equally enjoy.

  129. I like the small silver Infinity with a black face and a white leather band. I really appreciate all of your fashion tips! Thanks!

  130. I love the watch you’re wearing…the Infinity White Dial with Black Mesh Strap. Thanks for another chance to win!

  131. Thank you Susan for the lovely give away! I would choose the Infinity with the Black Leather band. Thank you!

  132. Hi Susan! Thank you for doing this give-away! It’s a lovely and elegant brand. I would like to request the “ Infinity – Bundle Silver – white/navy mesh straps. Cheers! Cindy

  133. I would really enjoy wearing the Infinity bundle silver with the silver strap. These are beautiful timepieces. Thank you.

  134. Love the Native, white dial with grey strap! I stopped wearing a watch when I retired 7 yrs ago. Left arm no longer swelling,plus I do miss wearing one! Thanks Susan, for all excellent advice on how to not look like an over the hill Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother!

  135. I would love the Native White Dial in Gunmetal along with extra blue and black bands. Gunmetal looks so versatile.

  136. ❤ the Infinity in Rose Gold. Beautiful watch! Thank you for offering to do this, Susan. You’re the best!!

  137. 32 mm Native black dial, brown leather band
    Thank you, Susan, for your elegant styling & classic taste. So love this watch & your looks!!!

  138. Thank you Susan for the nice discount. I purchased my favorite Infinity silver bundle for my DIL Christmas present. I don’t see her that often, so I would like to win the same if i’m the lucky winner. Thanks for sharing in so many ways. Pat

  139. I think all are pretty. But I really like the ones with a leather strap. I hope Friday the 13th keeps being my lucky day. Thanks for having the giveaway Susan.

  140. Thank you Susan for the nice discount. I purchased my favorite Infinity silver bundle for my DIL Christmas present. I don’t see her that often, so I would like to win the same if i’m the lucky winner. Thanks for sharing in so many ways.

    Merry Christmas to you & Mr. Mickey!

  141. Thank you for another giveaway opportunity.

    I would love the Infinity Bundle in Silver with White/Navy/Mesh straps, so classy and versatile.

    Fingers crossed.

  142. I love watches, thank you for the opportunity. My favorite is the black dial 40 mm silver with brown, black and silver mesh band

  143. I would love the watch you are wearing. So smart!
    Thank you for all you do, you contribute so much to our lives in so many ways.

  144. I love the philosopher rose gold bundle. The band’s with the rose gold look very sophisticated. Classy and versatile.

  145. Thanks for another opportunity to win. I would love the Infinity with brown leather strap. Actually I would love any one of them.

    I always look forward to your posts.

  146. I would love to win the Infinity,32m, BUNDLE Silver with white dial – Brown / Black / Mesh Straps. Thank you Susan!

  147. Nordgreen watches are beautiful and elegant.
    So hard to choose…….
    Infinity watch in silver. Bundle of bands that includes mesh and black. If I could only choose one band, it would be mesh. 32mm size ( the smallest).
    By the way, bought and love the Shapeez bras that you suggested.

  148. Infinity Bundle, Navy and Mesh would be my pick. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity Susan Merry Christmas

  149. I like the Native style best….the face seems a bit smaller and I have a very small wrist. These are classy watches. Hope I win!

  150. Hi Susan. Love your jacket. I wore a similar color outfit to a church musical this weekend but not nearly as nice as yours. If I won a watch I would chose the Native with black dial, gold case and brown leather band. A black band as the second one would be nice. I love the sophistication of a black dial. I had a lovely one years ago and it was stolen by one of the movers when we moved. I still miss it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. All of the styles are classy. My favorite would be the Infinity gold 32 mm with mesh gold band. Loved the Santa Claus pictures with Mr. M. They truly capture the spirit of Christmas.

  152. Infinity-Silver. They are all lovely. I posted earlier but don’t see my comment so I am just trying again.

  153. Hi Susan – I love those watches. I’d like the Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Navy Straps!

  154. I love the infinity with a black band. A beautiful classic style to accessorize most of my wardrobe choices. Thank you.

  155. I would LOVE to WIN the Philosopher Bundle in silver with brown,black and navy straps.
    It’s lovely, thank you.

  156. The watch set I would chose is Native – Bundle Black Dial Silver/ Brown Leather/Black Leather/Silver Mesh Strap. It’s beautiful and would cover all my needs with these straps. I love the idea of one watch with three straps!

  157. Beautiful watches. Hard to choose a favorite, but the Infinity bundle in gold looks interesting. I always enjoy reading your blog. Your style is always classic.

  158. Native Bundle is my choice

    I am loving wearing your beautiful silk scarves!!!
    A N D am getting many compliments on each one, esp the Zebra pattern!

    Still enjoying sooo very much your sharing your and Mr. Mickey’s adventures♥️

  159. Native is my fav watch!
    Am sooo enjoying wearing my silk scarves, esp the Zebra pattern!!!

    Loving your sharing Mr. Mickey’s and your “adventures!”

    As a single for many years, I am really happy for GOD’s putting you together. May you both continue in good health, compassionate giving, and enjoying His bountiful gifts!!!

    Merry Christmas from Texas❤️

  160. Susan, Thank you for another fun watch giveaway! All of the watches in the collection are beautiful, but I like the Infinity in Silver. Love your blog, your style, and your great videos!!

  161. I like the watch you’re wearing. The infinity white face with black mesh band. You always looked pulled together and inspire me daily to look the best I can. I find myself really thinking about what I’m going to wear.

  162. Susan, thank you for another great give away! I look forward to each of your posts. Your confidence is contagious! Love that this company is sharing with the disadvantaged. I would love to own the Native white dial with the grey leather band. (32mm)

  163. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your blog! It is the highlight of my day on Monday and Wednesday when I have the opportunity to see what you have posted! There are a log of blogs out there, but only a few that I follow regularly!

    I would love to win the Native | White Dial – Grey Leather!

    Thank you for the opportunity and Have a Merry, merry Christmas!

    Nancy Toombs

  164. Susan these are gorgeous watches! I’m drawn to the silver mesh banded Infinity with the White 40mm face. It would be stylish and functional to keep me on time with my students!
    Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  165. I think you look stunning in the military-style jacket – the color, the length, the fit. It looks fabulous on you!
    I like the Native, white dial mesh watch from Nordgreen.

  166. My favorite is the Infinity with a dark brown leather and gold mesh bands with gold trim around the face of the watch!!!

  167. The watch I like the best is the infinity white dial with the black mesh strap. I think it is very classy looking. Thank you. Jacqueline Jagerson

  168. Love reading your blog. Such a wonderful experience for you and Mr, Mickey as he dresses as Santa and you assist each year – certainly shows your true heart. These watches so represent your style. If chosen I would like the Native in silver with a black mesh band. Thank you for this opportunity.

  169. I love watches and don’t have any like these. Would love love love to win the: Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Navy Straps

  170. The Infinity white leather would be my choice of the watches. I love the beauty of all of them so they would all look awesome on me wrist!

  171. Thanks! Love your blog. I would choose the Native, white face, size-36mm, color-gold, strap-gold mesh. For the additional strap, I would choose brown leather. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  172. Another giveaway?! Who can resist, especially when it is something as valuable as a Nordgreen watch. The Infinity In rose gold with mesh , brown or black straps would be stunning. Thank you for extending such a generous offer.

  173. I love the Native with the white dial and the grey leather. So chic! I’ve admired it on you and I’d love to own it too!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  174. Hi Susan, I absolutely LOVE the Infinity watch you are wearing with the black mesh band. PICK ME, Susan, I am really a big fan! Your friend, Dorothy from Kansas

  175. Susan they are all beautiful but I love the Infinity Rose Gold. It is different from anything I have. Love it.

  176. Frankly, there were several watches that I really liked and would be proud to own. However, the one I liked the most is the Native | White Dial – Grey Leather.

  177. These are so beautiful! I like the Native in silver with the silver mesh band. Leather straps would also make this a very versatile watch to have. Thanks for always showing us stylish, classic, and classy looks (and for making it look so easy). Happy holidays!

  178. Love the red band/military jacket! Red looks so good on you Susan! And your hair is definitely a “good hair day” here! I would be so thrilled to win one of the good looking Nordgreen watches! My very favorite is the Infinity Bundle Gold, with black/brown and gold mesh straps. – I so enjoy wearing red this time of year in particular! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~ xo

  179. Hi Susan,
    I love the Nordgreen Native 36mm White dial in silver. It is simple, classic and beautiful!

  180. Love your accessories! I love the white dial, mesh band watch. It is classic and versatile. I love your blog…and have since started calling myself “Susan Appreciating 70!”

  181. I really like the look of the native black dial with grey strap watch. A watch is one of my favorite accessories. Love today’s military style jacket.

  182. I would choose the Native – white dial – in sliver. But, I love the one you have on in the post too! You can’t go wrong with any of them. They are so beautiful and if you vouch for the quality then I feel they must be great watches.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  183. Would love to wear the Infinity Bundle: Silver,White,Navy mesh strap! Classy watch! Thanks for the opportunity

  184. I would love the Nordgreen watch Infinity White Dial with a black mesh strap.
    Thank you for all your helpful tips and tricks. I enjoy following your adventures with Mr. Mickey!

  185. All the collections are lovely.
    If I had to choose, I would choose the infinity, white,silver,navy collection.

    I look forward to your post everyday. Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration to all of us.

    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year ❤️

  186. I love your style and pointers. I also love the Nordgreen watch called “Native / white dial in Rose Gold.

  187. If I am so fortunate to win the giveaway I would choose the Infinity white with black strap. My fingers are crossed. (Which makes it hard for me to type this.)

  188. Thank you, Susan, for bringing us another opportunity to win one of these beautiful watches. If I win, I would like the Infinity silver.

  189. Wonderful look! I love the Native watch with the silver case, black dial and black leather strap. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  190. I like your whole outfit, specially the band jacket.
    I would enjoy wearing the Native/Black Dial – silver watch!
    Thank you, Susan!

  191. I would greatly appreciate whatever watch you would be so kind to give. For a 79 year old, any gift will be treasured.

  192. Merry Christmas and many thanks for your scarf tips. I have several of your scarves. I would love the
    Native | White Dial – Grey Leather in gun metal. Wish me luck!

  193. Hi Susan. What fun! I love the Philosopher, 36 mm, in rose gold with the mesh band. A great charity as well. Happy holidays. Karen

  194. Thanks for the opportunity for another stylist watch. My selection would be the Infinity white with the silver mesh. Merry Christmas!

  195. A Norsgreen White dial brown vegan leather watch would make me happy happy. Thanks Santa Susan ( in advance ). Merry Christmas

  196. Thank you for another opportunity to receive a gift from you and Nordgreen. I like the Native style in yellow gold with a black face and leather strap. PS – I was born the day before you in the same year (09/12/56) in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia. We have a similar hair color, but I have green eyes and yellow undertones. Your blog has helped me understand how to wear clothing in a way I hadn’t grasped before. I’m grateful. Thanks.

  197. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your journey through the passing of time. It seems at times like changes happen in leaps and bounds and then stabilize for a time. It takes courage but with gratitude, all is well. I appreciate your wardrobe advice for after I left the corporate world, I did not have a clue on how to dress. My next challenge is skin care but that will be researched in January during those more quiet time.
    Your watch wardrobe works so beautifully with your outfits. My choise would be the Native | Black Dial – Silver
    in the 40MM size….that helps with vision!

  198. Merry Christmas, Susan. Many thanks to you and Nordgreen for giving us the opportunity to win another beautiful watch. My choice would be the Philosopher in gun metal with mesh and navy leather bands.

  199. Susan, I wish to receive the Philospher watch in gold; because it has a second hand which would be useful for me, in addition to its good looks! thank you for this gifting, and for your interesting, informative blog.

    Ann Lee Sweeten

  200. Susan, you look so polished in this outfit. Too bad I didn’t bump into you today as we drove through Tennessee.
    Many thanks for this generous prize offer. I love the 36mm silver mesh Philosopher.

  201. This summer I decided to do something I’d been thinking about for a long time. I drove to the cutest little town of Pittsford NY and had a color analysis done! To my complete surprise, navy blue and silver are NOT my colors! But thankfully I’m a steadfast reader of your blog and know how to turn my navy wardrobe into outfits that compliment my skin tone…thank you very much Susan!!! Also, as a result, my watch of choice is the 32mm Native in gold with the black face.

    Thank you for all of your interesting and helpful blogs! Wishing you and Mr Mickey a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!!

    P.S. No way am I giving up my French Kande necklaces!!!


  202. Susan,
    You have helped me step into retirement with style after 40 years as a career workaholic. Since the last 15 years included a grueling third shift schedule, it was easy to hide behind a professional white jacket. Thanks for giving me courage to transfer into retirement with style confidence.
    I love the Nordgreen Infinity watch with White dial and black mesh strap just as you style it in today’s post, but I would proudly wear any of their choices.
    Thanks again for the style direction you share with us.

  203. Nordgreen has such beautiful watches, it is hard to chose. I would accept any of the watches but I do like the infinity bundle.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    Have a blessed week.
    Cindee Gault

  204. It was hard to choose my favorite. I would like the Philosopher black leather with 40MM ladies watch.
    Thank you.

  205. The Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Silver | Silver Mesh / Navy Nylon / Black Leather Strap contains the 3 basic colors I use most frequently and would be my first choice.

  206. Thanks for holding another give-away!!
    I’d love to win the Native style watch: white dial, silver case, 36mm, gray leather band, navy leather band

    Thanks so much!

  207. I love the Native with white dial & rose band. The watch is so elegant, I would love wearing it daily to add some “class” to my everyday.
    I so enjoy your blog Susan. I especially appreciate your tips on shopping. You have made me think twice about every purchase. It has been such a blessing. Thank you.

  208. I would love to win the black dial silver bundle-it is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to win this watch.

  209. My birthday is December 13, so the watch would be a perfect gift. I like the Native with Silver Mesh Band. Thank you for your generous gift offer.

  210. Hey Susan, this is an awesome give way. I hope I get it. It’s so hard to find a good watch that I can afford. I was wearing a little watch with a leather band from Walmart but they don’t sell them anymore. I don’t have one now and would certainly love to win this giveaway for Christmas. Love your page. Here is the watch I would like to win.

    Native | White Dial – Black Leather

    Thanks a lot for all the tips and things you do.
    Have a Wonderful Christmas

  211. Hi Susan, full marks to Nordgreen for this promo with a social conscience and to you for letting us share it. If I’m the lucky one, I’d like the Infinity bundle with white, navy and silver straps.

  212. I love them all and would be thrilled with any of them. If I had the money I would pick the infinity white dial with the black mesh band.

  213. I love the Infinity White Dial with a black mesh strap and/or dark leather strap, because it looks awesome on your wrist in the picture above.

  214. I would love to win the Native white with mesh band Nordgreen watch. Thank you for all your helpful style blogs

  215. I would love to win the Native white with mesh band Nordgreen watch. Thank you for all your helpful style hints each week

  216. I would love the infinity silver with a silver mesh strap. About your outfit. You look terrific as usual. Those shoes are just super.

  217. Beautiful watches and a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for so generously and graciously connecting with those of us who are always keen to learn more about style. I love the Native 32mm Silver with the White Dial and either the Silver Mesh or Dove Gray Leather strap.

  218. I love the watch just as you are wearing it in the pictures…..can Canadians win? or is this contest just for Americans?

  219. Love the Infinity/White dial/gold with brown band. I wear a watch whenever I go out. My phone is always in my purse. You would be surprised at the number of people who ask me what time it is. Would be happy to show off a new Nordgren watch.

  220. Hi Susan,
    I would love the Infinity White Dial with black mesh strap, the same one you are wearing. My birthday is December 27th so an early birthday present would be awesome.
    Thank you,

  221. I love a sophisticated watch like this with a dial that is easily read but looks so stylish. I like the silver, grey band, white face Native watch. It would go with everything! Thank you for this contest!

  222. I especially like the Native 36mm watch! Thank you so much for sharing this offer with everyone! I have my fingers crossed 🙂

  223. Oh, my gosh! So many choices, such beautiful watches. I love them all. If I had to choose, I would say the Native Navy dial 32 mm with silver. Gorgeous!! Your site has helped me slide gracefully into retirement!

  224. How fabulous that Nordgreen is giving another wtch!! They are beautiful!1 I do like the infinity white dial with the black mesh strap but would love what they choose to give away!!! As usual love your blog!! Thank you~!!

  225. Happy Holidays! I like the Native Navy face with the gold trim and brown leather belt. I am not sure if it comes in a bundle with the black strap and grey mesh or if that is only for the black watch face. They are both beautiful. I think it is wonderful that Nordgreen has a program in place to help the homeless.

  226. I would love to win the Native Nordgreen watch, silver with a Silver mesh band. I enjoy reading your blog, Susan. Thank you!

  227. HI Susan
    Although I am in the UK I love your blog it helps cheer me up whilst as a family we are going through a very
    difficult time with my daughters health but have been blessed with how even the grandchildren have played
    their part
    It would be lovely to win a Nordgreen watch (had never heard of them before)my favourite is the silver infinity
    with silver mesh strap.
    Wishing you health and happiness and please keep blogging

  228. Thank you for all the discount opportunities and this giveaway. My favorite is the Native – white dial rose gold

  229. Hello Susan,

    The watch I would love to win is the Infinity Bundle with Silver/White/Navy mesh straps.
    It is an elegant and beautiful watch which is not only easy to read, but is a wonderful accessory for both dressy and casual occasions.

    Kind regards,
    Halina Hassard

  230. Susan, I’m a big fan of your elegant, understated style. Keep it coming!

    I really like the white face/brown leather strap watch— perfect with any day look.

  231. Hello Susan. I just want to say how I love your classic style and find your emails an inspiration.

    The watch set I would choose would be the Native – Bundle Black Dial Rose Gold/Brown, Black, Navy Leather straps.

  232. Beautiful watches,I would love the Infinity silver,fingers crossed Friday the 13th is my lucky day!
    I look forward to all of your posts,I learn so much.Thankyou

  233. You are so kind to offer the giveaways. Thank you. I love the Infinity with the black mess band. It looks both casual and dressy.

  234. Hi Susan. The Infinity watch with silver case, white dial and silver mesh band is my choice. An extra white band would be perfect. So happy I happened onto your blog. Your style of dressing is very much like mine. So nice to know I am on the right track!

  235. I’ve been following your “rules” and dressing guidelines for quite a while now. My favorite piece of advice is to dress in colors that echo your own body coloring. Just brilliant! Slowly, I have been turning over my wardrobe of blacks and greys to a more harmonious and uplifting wardrobe of creamy whites, rose pinks, tan and light brown, cinnamons and a touch of baby blue. In that vein, if I were lucky enough to win a beautiful Nordgreen watch, I’d choose the Native White Dial – Mesh in the copper. Just lovely.
    Tika White

  236. I would be thrilled to win Infinity bundle silver with white,navy, mesh bands. Thank you for opportunity to hopefully win such a beautiful watch.

  237. Susan…We do have the same taste in style! I recently bought that same jacket, and just love it.
    I think the gold, Infinity watch, would be amazing to have.
    Thank You,Linda

  238. Susan,

    If I’m chosen to win the watch, I would love the white native with black band. Thank you again for the contest opportunity. Love your blog!

  239. After years of foregoing a watch in lieu of my phone, I went back to wearing one this year and have never looked back! Of course my dainty watches with the small faces have all found new homes, and I so much enjoy adding a larger statement piece watch to my wrist each day. I particularly like the Philosopher with the white leather band. That would be my choice and then go back and add additional bands. I could see this being my go to watch in the future. Thanks for seeking out quality products for us Susan!

  240. I love the infinity black leather watch….so clean and sleek. Thanks for your commitment to helping ‘Over 60’ women look their best.

  241. What a wonderful Christmas present a new watch would be. I would choose the infinity with the black leather band. So classic! Thanks Susan, I look forward to your blog every week!

  242. WOW another give away. I’m excited for the chance once again. Thank you.

    Philosopher – BUNDLE Silver | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps 36mm

    Thank you again.

  243. Hello Susan, thank you for another opportunity to win a beautiful watch. I don’t own but one watch. I would love to have this one it’s very nice looking on you. Happy Holidays! I always enjoy reading and learning from you. Thank you and take care.

  244. Thanks for another chance! I’d like to win the Native Black Dial Watch with The Gold mesh band. The dark contrast
    makes it easy for me to read the time at a glance. These are very smart looking watches. Thank you again.

  245. Hi Susan,
    I would love to win an infinity watch like the one you are wearing. It is such a beautiful and classic piece. I truly enjoy reading your blog and eagerly take in all wonderful fashion and beauty tips. You exemplify class and beauty. Have a Merry Christmas!

  246. Hi Susan. My choice for the Nordgreen watch would be the Native white face with the silver mesh band. Here’s hoping!

  247. Susan,

    Thanks for your inspiration and ideas on your wonderful blog. i look forward to each post.

    My pick would be the Native – white dial with brown/black/navy bands.

  248. I love these watches and would love to have Infinity – BUNDLE Rose Gold | Dark Brown / Black / Navy Straps.
    I also love your blog and have enjoyed trying new sources for clothing and accessories.
    Happy Holidays.

    Carolyn Stroup
    Seneca, SC

  249. Good morning Susan,
    I enjoy your blog. The Infinity white that you are wearing is beautiful. Friday the 13th might be my lucky day!
    Merry Christmas!
    PS: loved the Santa!!

  250. Hi Susan! I would love to win the Native white dial, gray leather band watch. I loved seeing the photos of Mr. Mickey as Santa! What a wonderful tradition! As a retired elementary teacher, I know what joy he brought to those lucky children! Merry Christmas to you both!

  251. Love, love, love the look of simplicity in the styling of the Nordgreen watches! My first choice (in case Santa is monitoring this) is the 36mm Native in Silver with the Silver Mesh band.

  252. Infinity white dual with black strap.
    Enjoy your blog. I also started using beauty counter earlier this year. Love it!

  253. I would love to win the Native bundle with white dial that has the brown and black leather bands and silver mesh. Thank you!

  254. Infinity white watch with. 36 face and silver band is my favorite. A wrist watch is exactly what I need for Christmas this year!

  255. Wow! What an opportunity. I just love to read your blog. You’ve been my silent girlfriend for a long time. You have given me many ideas for clothes and Chicos has always been my main choice as a 76 year old. Am happy you are showing more casual ideas since I live in Naples FL for 6 months and the life style isn’t as dressy as what I have gathered thru the years.
    If I had my wish for a choice of a watch it would be the Native- white dial with black mesh leather band. Could wear dressed up or with jeans.
    Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Carol Rose

  256. I look the look of these watches, so hard to pick, but……if I win this is the one I’d love. Native white dial silver.
    Thank you, Lois

  257. I really like the Native watch. Would make a great birthday present since my birthday is Friday, the 13th this year!

  258. Hi Susan,

    I would be thrilled to win the Nordgreen watch. My choice would be; Native/White Dial Mesh 32mm. The bands would be; Black Leather watch strap silver 32mm, Grey Leather Watch Strap Silver 32mm.

    Make more of what matters, Blessings,

  259. Would love to win a Nordgreen Infinity white dial watch. Love the classic look of the watch with the black mesh band you are wearing. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift. Love your blog!

  260. I love the Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Silver Mesh Strap! So simple and elegant. Susan, thank you for sharing your fashion insights with us…..basic builds a wardrobe! I appreciate your help and direction. God bless! Vicki S.

  261. Susan, I discovered your site a little over a year ago and realized this morning that I need to set up a folder for photos I have saved. I have comparable items sitting in my closet, but simply didn’t have the vision to see the individuals pieces used in combined outfits. Thank you for helping me to “shop” right in my closet.

  262. I love the Infinity Silver – they have so many beautiful watches. Thank you for your blog posts. I look forward to seeing them and am learning so much. I feel like a late bloomer but you are teaching me! Thanks again!

  263. Hello, Susan,
    This is very kind of you to offer the watch. If I would be the lucky winner, I would love the silver mesh with the white dial. The black nylon band would be my voice for the extra strap. Thanks,

  264. Merry Christmas! I would love to have the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap!

  265. Awesome! The Infinity watch is my choice…hard to choose which band! I like your black mesh band; the rose gold caught my eye but the silver would probably be a better choice for me.

  266. I would absolutely LOVE the Infinity gold watch with white face. It is so elegant and classy and I know will bring me many years of joy! Thank you

  267. HO-HO-HO and thank you for this opportunity once again. If I could choose it would be the Infinity Bundle Silver Mesh, Brown, Black. For the extra band I would choose the limited edition black nylon strap. Thank you kindly.

  268. Woo-hoo!! Another give away! Thanks so much!
    I’d love to own the:
    Infinity Bundle – silver/white/navy straps


  269. Thank you, Susan, for the opportunity to win a beautiful Nordgreen watch! I love the Native/Navy Dial- Brown Leather watch.

    Happy Holidays,

  270. Hi Susan, I like the Silver Infinity with the white dial, in the same size you are wearing. I like the black leather strap too. Thanks so much for doing another giveaway!

  271. I really do like the look of the Nordgreen watches. I had not heard of them until you started posting about them.
    I also like the Infinity White Dial but with a black leather strap.
    Thanks so much

  272. Native | White Dial – Grey Leather is my favorite, “simple clean look” love it wish i could afforded it, thank you for all your help and showing us how great stylish person you are.

  273. How exciting–another giveaway! I’m new to Nordgreen watches and enjoyed looking at the many options.
    I would love to win a Philosopher – Bundle Rose Gold – Brown/Black/Navy straps.
    My parents had rose gold wedding bands when they married in 1956…a lovely memory.

    Susan, your red band jacket is my favorite Christmas color–very festive!
    So fun to read your blog.
    Thank you!

  274. Good morning, Susan,
    I love the look classic look of the Native/White Dial/Silver Mesh watch.
    I may be a day late but I wanted to mention the smile that you & Mr. Mickey brought to my face when I read your piece yesterday On Santa’s Favorite Stop. Mr. Mickey had to be so excited in the days and weeks that led up to such an important day for these little ones!
    Thank you and Mr. Mickey! Merry Christmas!

  275. Susan, thank you for another chance for a beautiful Nordgreen watch. I would like a Native with a white dial and any of the wonderful straps!

  276. Hi Susan–my choice of Nordgreen watch is INFINITY- bundle, sillver, white navy mesh strap.
    Thank You–Marie Letizia

  277. Susan, thank you for another chance for the lovely Nordgreen watches! The native with a white face would be perfect for me, with any of those beautiful straps.

  278. I love the Philosopher gold watch with the gold mesh band. As an extra band, I’d like the black leather. I noticed this style was currently out of stock. If I’m the lucky (and happy) winner, I’d also be very happy with the Infinity gold with gold mesh band and black band.

    Thank you so much for this promotion…these watches are beautiful but out of my price range.

    And, thank you for you column…my fav

  279. Your red jacket is stunning, Susan – very festive. The Nordgreen watches are so beautiful. This would be like winning the lottery. My choice would be; Infinity White Dial with a black mesh strap.
    Thank you!

  280. Dear Susan,
    I love the Native/white dial mesh in gold. This watch by Nordgreen has a classic look and I feel can be worn dressy or casual. As a 64 year old Southern Lady, I appreciate all your fashion looks.

  281. Thank your for another opportunity to win one of the lovely Nordgreen watches. While they are all lovely, I’m hoping for the Infinity!

  282. Wow! You do have the Christmas spirit. So blessed that you want to bless your followers in this way.

    My choice if chosen is Native – rose gold – pink leather.

    Have a very Merry Christmad

  283. Susan, you and your blog inspire me ! I have been telling everyone about you, your attitude, your work ethic and your positivity! Also when I found you I was searching for guidance on how to style hair and clothes after 60. You have supplied that and so much more!
    My son joined the Army last year, after becoming an attorney and working for a couple of years he said all he ever really wanted to do was be a member of the United States military. He is now a second lieutenant in the infantry and I could not be more proud of him! But also wanted to say, thank you for your service because I realize now that even though it’s a choice it’s still a sacrifice. So thankful for all our citizens who love our country and devote so much of their lives to protecting us all.
    If this entry is chosen I would like to have the watch you are wearing with the black mesh band.

  284. Hi Susan. I would love to win the Philosopher Gold watch bundle with the brown, black and navy bands. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Marilyn

  285. Another giveaway. Yeah! Just in time for a Christmas gift for myself. I love the Native white dial in gold. I love gold jewelry. Thank you for another giveaway.

  286. Beautiful watches…I think I would like the native 32 MM, black dial, silver mesh strap, and Dove gray vegan leather strap…Thanks Susan, you are so generous with your followers…xoxox Mary

  287. You inspire me so much. I’m trying to dress better and you offer such good advice. Would love the Infinity gold with black mesh straps.
    Merry Christmas.

  288. Pick me! Pick me! Susan, the infinity silver with the mesh band would be so awesome! Love your blog great products and ideas.

  289. I wear black, brown, and navy a lot. So the Native – BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Navy Leather Strap would let me change up the colors to match. I love your blogs showing how to wear the scarves and changing out the jackets for different looks.. I have finally lost some weight and have been shopping in my closet for the jackets and slacks that now fit. Now that I have retired to Florida, light jackets make a great addition to my closet. Thanks for all your advice so I can look my best.

  290. This watch would make a classy addition to my accessories. I would choose the Native in gold, navy face, navy vegan strap. Thanks for the offer, Susan!