All in a Day

The early morning hours have always been my favorite part of the day. There is a quiet time for meditation, gratitude, exercise, and reading before the day gets too busy.

The above look is one I wore to dinner with friends on Friday night. We don’t go out to dinner often these days, so it is a special occasion and a reason to get dressed up when we do. All of the pieces I put together for this look are several years old, but maybe you have similar items in your closet. I always think about what I already have before I buy something new.

I go shopping when I use things up, don’t have the item, or if mine is starting to get too worn from use. The new item needs to be suitable for me and my style personality, good quality, and something I need. I do not buy things because they are on sale, someone else looks cute in them, I’m bored, or it is the newest trend.

I will return to my gym this winter when the weather is too cold and wet to walk outdoors, so I needed ball caps to keep my hair out of the way when I work out. I found three cute and functional ones herehere and here. I look for ball caps with a higher crown and feminine details.

I’ve been asked countless times how I change my bags daily. Now you know the secret. I use zippered leather pouches here in different colors to store all the bits I carry in a handbag. I don’t always need to keep everything with me, so this small black one holds ID, credit cards, lipstick, keys, and a tissue. It measures five inches by seven inches and fits inside all but the smallest evening bags. Sometimes it is the only thing I take with me.

Even bare-faced, I will use skincare and fill in my lips. I have several colors of these Chanel lip liners (here) because the color lasts for a long time. Also, they come with a sharpener, and the other end has a lip brush. Very handy!

When I turn on the heating system, I use facial oil (here). It is wonderful on my dry skin in the morning, and I pat it on again during the day if needed. I always have two bottles on hand so that I never run out. I detailed my daily skincare routine here.

I start each day with yoga, Pilates, weights, and a long walk. I wear leggings for comfort and flexibility, but the top is always long enough to cover the behind. The hooded top is here. The leggings are here. The shoes are here. I replace workout clothes often because they get much more use and trips through the laundry than my other clothing.

The second photo shows what I wore for a casual lunch date with friends and running errands during the day. The bag is here, but the other items are several years old. The third and fourth photos show the layers I wore out to dinner. The wool jacket from Talbots is old, but they offer a similar one here.

When I wear an all-black ensemble, I add a necklace or scarf to brighten the face, vary the textures of the pieces, and define my waist with a belt. I folded the scarf in the second photo on the bias (instructions here), tied the ends, and wrapped the loop around my neck twice. Here is a short video to show you how to style a square scarf.

Thank you for being part of this community. I strive to be positive and practical and share examples instead of rules. This site will always be ad-free, with a peaceful vibe and gentle reminders to live your best life every day. Shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Isn’t this time of day the best?!! Hats/caps are also part of my life now that the dermatologist has found pre-cancer cells on the crown of my now white haired head. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love this post and appreciate the calm, peaceful atmosphere you create. How many pouches might you carry in one handbag? I picture your handbag filled with pouches and no loose items. Does the higher crown on the cap serve a purpose or is it a nicer look? I can see myself in all your examples today and plan to update my all black look! Thank for for all you do.

    1. My bag sometimes holds three pouches when I am out for the whole day, but I’ve had some of them for several years. The higher crown in both hair and hats lifts the face and is more youthful and flattering than flat on the top.

  3. Because of back problems, I don’t carry purses. I use a wristlet and carry the same essentials you mentioned. It is amazing what little you need once you get used to it.

  4. Enjoyed seeing the side by side pictures with your explanation of where you dressed to wear them.
    Each one showed a cute gal ready for any adventure she was about to take….
    AS always, you entertain with your comments, inform us of style and keep us on the right track in purchasing our clothes. May thanks for you continued support of senior women.

    Clara from Iowa

  5. A million thank you’s for continuing to assist us ladies in looking our absolute best. You are so appreciated.♥️♥️

  6. You look stunning in the all black outfit, so glamorous. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for all the fashion advice and travel photos. Finding clothes that fit is so hard.

  7. Do you mind me asking how often you shampoo your hair? As an exercise person myself I find I need to shampoo daily but that’s time consuming and probably not healthy for the hair. Interested in your routine.

    1. I wash my hair about every other day since more often tends to make it dry and limp. Sometimes, I rinse and blow dry without using a brush; other times, I use a one-1/2-inch round brush to smooth it out as I blow dry.

  8. A big compliment on your dinner outfit. I love the accessories you chose to make it so special. I’ve been eating your dinner salad. I didn’t believe I wouldn’t be starving a few hours later. Surprise! I felt perfectly satiated. I made up my own lentils to eat with the greens. Both my husband and I enjoyed it. There are always new things to learn and you are one of my favorite people to go to for new ideas. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I’ve been following your blog for some time and have gotten lots of good hints. The blog that has been life changing for me was the one recently about your food plan with a link to the Mediterranean site. It is wonderful! Thank you

  10. Simply gorgeous! I too appreciate the positive vibes received with this and other posts enjoyed from you Susan. Uplifting, and caring 200%!

  11. I love the all black outfit on you! You look stunning!
    I’m having trouble with wearing the same colors I used to now that I’ve gotten gray/silver/taupe. Can’t afford to buy all new clothes. I find your posts refreshing and helpful, especially as I age. Thanx for a great blog.

  12. Thank you for continuing to share with all of us. You always look so polished & pretty. I would love to read a blog post detailing your workout routine – length of walk, how often & for how long you work out with weights, do you do yoga & Pilates each day or on alternating days, etc.

  13. Thank you for your blog. I learn something new with each post. How much time do you spend exercising each day and how many days a week to you exercise?

    1. I work out for about thirty minutes and walk for about an hour almost daily. I concentrate on how my body feels and move as much as it will tolerate. Pain is a warning sign, so I stop when I feel it. I am active all day and try to incorporate movement, walking, and working into most of the day.

  14. Susan, you look fabulous, as always. Do you use a personal trainer at your gym to help with handling weights correctly and/or for designing safe & effective workout programs?

    1. I have been working out at gyms and using weights since I was in my early twenties, and I have used trainers in the past, but not now. The key is to keep moving as long as possible, work on balance and remain flexible. I don’t lift heavy weights now, but I use small handheld weights to challenge my arms, shoulders, and back.

  15. Is the belt in your all black ensemble photo one that can still be purchased? I like the looks of this outfit, & on you very much!

    I also like your hair style, which is very flattering!

    Thank you!

  16. You are always so together and look so stylish and elegant. You provide great guidance and inspiration to mature women (like me) who strive to dress age-appropriately without looking dowdy or frumpy. Thanks so much!

  17. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! (Mr. Mickey, ALSO!!!) Thank you for taking the time to help each one of us. Hope your parents are doing well.

  18. Hello what else do you wear to exercise?. Your picture shows a heavier top which looks to be quite warm when doing exercises (in my case it would be). Si I would think you have other workout wear. Would appreciate your sharing. Thx

  19. I wish I could find a way to enlarge the pictures on your blog so that I could see details better. On my Android phone, Pinterest pictures can’t be stretched bigger like other embedded photos can. I fear I miss a lot of detail.

  20. I stumbled on to your blog about 8 weeks ago. Two years ago at 60, my husband and I moved from Maryland to Florida and I have been having much difficulty with my style. Our winters are mild here so I am learning to dress differently and the need for less clothes. I really appreciate your style for women over 60. I find you refreshing and extremely helpful.

  21. Love your posts. Look forward to each one and am never disappointed. I remember not long ago that you said you had closed other social platforms because others were using your image. Well, I understand now. I play games on my IPad that include ads, and just this past week, one of the ads show you recommending some sort of age eraser, it was funny because the banner under your image said,”she’s 73 years old”. I had to laugh, but on the serious side, I was again reminded that we are far from being private on the internet,
    I guess we just have to hope that the majority of folks are rational, intelligent and not easily mislead.
    This is just one example of why I don’t create accounts on most social networks,
    Love your Beautycounter products and have been using a few for some time and enjoying the results. Thank you for your recommendations.

  22. Thanks for the great ideas! I started using the little ‘freebie’ pouches that come with cosmetic purchases to store grocery money and earbuds in my purse. I never thought about using pouches for different items – what a great idea! Please keep our community going – I look forward to your positive and creative posts every week.

  23. May I ask what type of material is the simple black t in picture 3? Sometimes finding well-made basic tops is challenging.

  24. Thank you for the information about the Chanel lip liner. I love that is is small and has everything one needs!

  25. You look sharp in the all black with the red jacket! I love getting fashion ideas and tips from you. Always great to hear that style doesn’t have to be trendy or new!

  26. I enjoy this site very much! Thank you for the wonderful tips! I always look forward to reading your ideas and thoughts.

  27. Regarding hats for using during workouts, one wise tip from my daughter was to avoid wearing fashion brand hats for workouts or athletic events, and to stick to athletic wear brands so as to look like you’re serious about working out and not just there to make a fashion statement. She would definitely veto the hat with pearls for a workout. Use it for another outing instead. And since I get hot when working out, I want a hat that breathes easily so I’ll use a nice lightweight one made of fabric that wicks away moisture. I’m not at all concerned about feminine details then. Your other advice is spot on as always!

  28. So happy to see your post today! Love every outfit! Especially love the red jacket assemble.
    Your hair looks great! I must say, I loved the short cut too! I like that Chanel pencil set up. I have similar little leather bags and I never once thought of using them that way! I’m excited now, lol!

    You have motivated me to go through my closet and make some necessary eliminations, and make a list of minimal needs. Most of all, I need to better organize!

    Best to you!

  29. Dear Susan, I can’t thank you enough for all your posts. These have been an absolute blessing over the past few years. I have read and reread so many of them. Again, so many thanks for the sanity in these crazy times.
    Warm regards, Patricia Osborne

  30. I love the peaceful ad free blog. You always look happy and graceful and fashionable in a way all women can achieve. Thank you.

  31. Love your practical tips on outfits for daily living! You said you don’t buy when bored or on a whim…good words I need to hear with Black Friday coming.

  32. Thanks Susan, you really do make a difference as we try to make each day special. You do your hair so nicely and it really sets off your whole look. Very grateful.

  33. It’s delightful to read your blog that gives me ideas via a peek into your daily life, without feeling that I am being hustled into buying a product. Long may you blog!

  34. Thank you Susan for your inspirational ideas, I am in New Zealand and it has not been easy to find looks that suit a slightly more mature lady who still wants to look good

  35. Thank you Susan for giving us a look into your daily routine. Mine is similar with the addition of painting, hiking and museum outings as we live in the Washington, DC area with its abundance of outdoor and cultural offerings (most are free of charge.)
    The all-black outfit you are wearing is stunning on you and very flattering. Do you have any similar suggestions for someone with warm coloring? Navy is a no-go as I think it looks cold and unappealing on me. I have really struggled finding a tone-on-tone outfit. Thank you again for your inspirational ideas.

  36. The all black outfit is fabulous on you and the necklace really elevates the look! I like the 4 side by side pictures. I’m curious about how you care for your jeans, as they always look so neat. Thank you for sharing styles and items that fit so well into our daily lives!

    1. Most of my jeans are from Talbots since the straight style fits my shape well. I remove the jeans from the dryer while still damp. I use pant hangers to hang them on a rail to air dry after shaping and smoothing them with my hands while still damp so that I don’t even need to iron them. Jeans with too much stretch in the fabric look shapeless after a couple of hours, so I look for no more than 2% Elastane or Spandex and buy them to fit snugly at first, knowing they will stretch a little.

  37. I have always admired your style but never bought anything. Well, today I bought the “pearl” baseball cap. Love hats for exercising. BTW, love your all black look with the big belt.

  38. You are always the epitome of grace, style and fitness. I am interested in your weight training routine. How heavy are your dumbbells and what exercises are you doing?

    1. My dumbbells weigh five pounds. Mostly I walk and do Pilates and Yoga. I used to work out with weights in the gym every day when I was younger. I’m easing back into it now. Here is a good video to help you get started.

  39. I not only love how you put together a wonderful wardrobe & “shop” in your own closet, I also like the ivory rug that is shown in the photos of you. Could you tell me where it was purchased or what kind it is? Thank you,
    Christine Culbert

  40. Susan, you are such an inspiration. Not only in the knowledge you have about style, but also about your healthy eating habits, your schedule & routine, meditation and exercise habits. I find it difficult to work all these things into each day. It always feels like there is more to do in one day than one can possibly get accomplished. I wanted to ask you about your comments regarding the lip pencil. Do you use the pencil all over your lips for color? I have never been able to develop the habit of color on my lips. If I do put it on, that’s it for the rest of the day. If I had something that would stay on longer, I might be able to work on that. Thank you for continuing to blog and share yourself with us. I get so excited when I see one of your posts come up in my email. And if it’s been awhile I will jump onto your site to see if I missed something. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you for all your lovely comments over the years, Billie. I appreciate your feedback and kindness very much.

      I use the pencil to line and fill in the whole lips; then, I use a bit of Beautycounter lip balm in the center of my bottom lip for extra moisture. I’m not good at remembering to reapply lip color during the day, so this has been my best option. The small black sharpener is easy to miss, so double-check the box before you toss it.

  41. Hi Susan,
    One of the accessories you model so well is the use of scarves to ‘pop’ outfits. Can you recommend places to find natural fiber scarves is large square sizes with the high contrast color combinations you use? I find polyester scarves around my neck quite uncomfortable.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful advice.

    1. I agree with you; polyester is not a good material for scarves. I’ve found silk and cashmere scarves at J. Crew, Nordstrom, Talbots, Banana Republic, and Saks Off 5th.

  42. Susan, I had to laugh reading your reply. So it’s not just me that (once in a while) puts on lip color and doesn’t keep up with it the rest of the day! Hahaha. Here I thought it was only me and that there was something lacking in me not to stay on top of that. Too funny. As soon as I can identify the right color for me, I’m going to try that lip pencil. I’m so glad my comments have made you feel good because you have no idea what your journey and sharing what you’ve learned has meant to me. I went from getting married at 20, starting having babies at 24 until 4 babies later, I felt like a blimp, unattractive, and certainly did not have time to care for myself, much less learn anything about clothes. I never had siblings or a sister to get into fashion with. I’ve always dressed nicely for occasions, but something was always missing day to day. You and your blog started me on a journey to learn. I’ve spent the last 4-5 years getting my colors done and learning about that. As I began to change my wardrobe to colors that I look best in, I found out I had no idea how to put an things together. I read your blog, studied the photos, purchased things you recommended, and researched so much. I’ve spent the covid years really learning. My closet is a totally different place now. Like you I have a traditional, classic taste in my clothing. I have things I never dreamed I would wear because you showed me how to wear them. That cropped cardigan from BRF. . . never would have looked at it. I now have a couple of those and a few more from other places. I love them! I am forever grateful for you, how you share what you know with the world, grateful I found you, and blessed that I continue to learn from you. Thank you for continuing to do your blog and for who you are. Now I’m going to order one of those lip liners! Many hugs, Susan!

    1. Thank you, Billie. I especially enjoyed this comment! Sharing what I’ve learned brings me joy since everyone should be confident and enjoy getting dressed to go about their day. Fashion is our armor and speaks volumes about us before we say the first word.

  43. I love hats and wear them often. I ESPECIALLY wear them when I am exercising and have a number of “blingy” baseball caps. Love Love Love pearls so I ordered the “pearl” cap, it came quickly, it fits and I love it! Thanks for sharing that piece. In your “all black” night outfit, you appear to be wearing a tennis bracelet. Is that something we can find somewhere? I purchased a pretty one recently but I have really small wrists (the only part of my body that is small. DOH!)so I had to return it because it fell all the way down on my hand. Thanks, Sue

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