Denim Shirt Styling

“Can I wear my denim shirt with denim? Will you share some styling tips or outfit ideas?” When I recently received several questions about denim shirts, I started planning this post.

I occasionally wear double denim, but I mix up the colors’ depth. The look above includes dark straight-leg jeans (here) and a black tweed jacket with fringe trim (here). Since the jacket is a bit uptown, I added a Teddy Blake black satchel (here), a black belt (similar here), and black boots here. The beautiful thing about denim is the ease with which it can be styled in various ways.

The denim shirt is here. The straight-leg black jeans are here. The loafers are here. That’s a merino wool black crew neck sweater tied around my neck. The sweater and the bag from Dooney & Bourke are more than two years old.

A denim shirt with white jeans looks great with tan or nude shoes, bag, and belt. A navy blue vest or jacket is the perfect extra layer when you need one. The vest is here – similar bagjeansshoes – similar belt.

The shirt I am wearing in this post is shown above. It is here. It also comes in a much darker color shown below. I like these shirts so much that I purchased both colors. The relaxed fit and high quality are difficult to find.

The darker color denim shirt is here.

I hope this post provides tips and inspiration to create new looks using things you may already have in your closet.

Since I don’t work with brands or accept free merchandise, this is not a paid ad. Instead, I show you how I style clothing and accessories I might have had for several years with something I bought perhaps a few weeks ago. I may earn a small commission if you use my links to purchase any of these items.

  1. Yes! I do this too, and you look so good! I’m glad you posted this. You know, J.Crew has a wonderful denim shirt that snaps, and the snaps are mother of pearl! Looks so good with white jeans.

    Love each and every post! You are truly inspirational, and a great motivator!

  2. Thank you for this fabulous post on wearing and mixing denim. I thought back to the days when we wore “pants suits”. Mixing it up is ever so much better. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  3. Thanks so much for the denim post! I recently ordered a second denim shirt from Talbots because I expect it will be in heavy rotation during cooler weather. Not only is it cute and comfortable, it is very versatile as you showed in your post.

    Thanks for all you share with your online friends!

  4. Susan, another great post. You had me with the jeans and blazer look. But adding that lighter denim shirt with boots and bag…prefect. It looks put-together and sophisticated, but at the same time, so comfortable and easy to wear.
    Have a great rest of the week. I agree, you are an inspiration for us!

  5. I often wear a chambray shirt with denim. But I use accessories for interest. A leopard scarf or belt or a leopard sweater blazer really spiffs up the outfit. And camel works well with denim too.

  6. Love the denim looks! Thank you for styling these very wearable outfits. You look great in everyone of them. I think everyone would look great in these too!

  7. Hello Susan
    You always give us such wonderful ideas on how to look great. The jacket looks fabulous with jeans…..who would have thought it!! warm wishes from England!

  8. You always look so well put together and you appear to have items for several years. I wondered how you take care of your clothes and shoes? Do you dry clean most items? How do you store them to keep everything in such great shape? Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank you for this post with the multiple looks – so inspirational!

    1. I rarely dry-clean items but put things away only after airing them out for a couple of days after wearing them if they are not dirty. I take clothes out of the dryer while they are still damp and then hang them on a rack to air dry. Reshaping them with my hands means I often don’t need to iron them, but I press anything with creases or wrinkles and don’t crowd things into my closet. Everything has a place and room to breathe. I clean or polish my shoes and bags as needed. It requires some maintenance, but if you attend to items each time you wear them, it isn’t challenging to keep up with, and they last a lot longer.

  9. Thanks for the tips on denim shirts Susan. I also wear mine with a cami underneath and the buttons mostly open. I like to wear mine with different color jeans and pants plus a tweed blazer. I too try to mix up the color intensity so the top and bottom denim do not match. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss would be happy that their ideas for denim have evolved.

    Hi to Mr. Mickey.
    Patty V

  10. I ordered both the light and dark denim shirts before I finished reading today’s post! Your style is impeccable, Susan. I love your blog!

  11. Thank you so much Susan. You look great and your suggestions are on point. In your previous posts, you mentioned how you have changed your eating habits. I would love and appreciate if you could tell us what you eat. I ordered the book you suggested and I can’t wait to receive it and start reading it.
    Thank you as always!

    1. Here is a list I use to guide me in the right way. I try to eat with the seasons and more vegetables than fruit daily.

      Cruciferous vegetables
      Bok choy
      Brussels sprouts
      Collard greens

      Leafy greens
      Sweet potatoes


      Raw Nuts
      sunflower seeds

      snow peas

      Fatty fish

      Yogurt plain Greek

      Fresh Fruits

  12. You always look so put together and beautiful!

    Thank you for the tips even though I’m a petite 4’10”

  13. You always looked so polished and together. I follow others for their fashion tips, but many are too trendy for me (and often for them!) I know I have too many things I don’t wear, and so many things I wear over and over. It’s time to purge.

  14. Would you please show us the dark denim shirt styled several ways? I like it (and it comes in Petites!) but my imagination can’t picture it in outfits.

    Thank you!

  15. I really enjoyed this post especially as I’ve been looking for a denim shirt for a very long time. In one of your replies you mentioned that you ordered the size medium – I can wear either a small or medium depending on the overall cut of the shirt (or the blazer) and so I’m curious to know how that medium fits your frame, if this makes sense. I tend to be small, size 34 bust, slender build. I don’t like fitted shirts. Thanks for any additional insights you can offer.

  16. Great ideas! A related question … I am transitioning from skinny jeans to straight leg jeans … what is best length for straight leg jeans when wearing flat boots or flats? Thanks!!

  17. Susan,

    I love your posts. Many times I think, “Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for inspiring your readers with examples of good taste and timeless styling.


  18. In your second photo, how would you wear the sweater over the shirt? And, what are your thoughts in general on wearing a vest, sweater or short jacket over a button down shirt that is worn down, or rather, not tucked inside pants? Thank you.

    1. If the top layer is shorter, the shirt is out and longer, it can look good. It is called horizontal layering. Thin fine-knit sweaters are not good choices for layering over a shirt since they show every bump and button.

  19. Susan,You inspired me to purchase Dr Furmans book.
    Will you share some of your meal ideas,I remember everything you made looked good.
    Todays post inspired my LOTD.I shopped my closet and found similiar items.
    Thanks for all your inspiration on healthy eating and looking good.

    1. One of my favorite meals is a grain bowl. Start with a scoop of cooked grains (barley is good). Next, add steamed broccoli, sliced raw carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, black beans, and any leafy greens you have on hand. Finally, sprinkle some sea salt and fresh ground pepper and drizzle some good extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. Again, I use whatever I have on hand.

  20. Susan, TY for all you do for the women who follow your blog. My comment is in reference to your post “Positive Changes”. I have the book “Eat to Live” and am going to commit to following its suggestions. Your description of how you were feeling years ago matches mine and I’m hoping to change my lifestyle. Thanks again.

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