Go For A Walk!

I spent many extra hours at my computer this week devoted to learning the program that allows me to publish this new blog. My hands are now aching!

I made my living as a fashion jewelry designer for more than ten years, which means my hands are weak with bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. On Saturday, I decided to give my hands a day of rest. I asked Mr. Mickey to take me to Elizabethton and drop me off at a point just outside of town so that I could walk the Tweetsie Trail back to Johnson City, where my car was parked.

The solitude of hiking has always been the best therapy for my body and soul. I took my camera along so that I could snap some photos along the six-mile hike to share with you as well as my phone and ID, because I had never hiked this trail and did not know what to expect. Most of the folks on the Trail were wearing running clothes. Two ladies told me I was the most stylish “girl” on the Trail today. I typically wear some version of this look when I walk in the neighborhood. Slim fitting clothing that does not move very much is more comfortable for me on long hikes. In odd places such as my waistline and inside of my knees, blisters taught me lessons about what to wear on hikes. If I were on a regular hike through a woodland trail, the slim-fitting jeans would have protected my legs from thorns and ticks. I knew I would be stepping off this Trail often in uncertain terrain to get photos.

At The Start

From A Bridge

Along The Trail

Morning Glory


Happy Valley

I attended elementary school here at Happy Valley. I always looked for and often found arrowhead fragments on this playground.


Another Farm


More Markers



The Cranberry Furnace

Rock Wall


Depot Info

Sweet Peas




I See You


Along The Trail

Our Bench!

Mr. Mickey and I bought a bench when the Trail was built. I was determined to find it today!


Marked Farm

Sunlit Meadow

Another Farm

An Old Barn

Crossing Safely

Through a Gorge


My look for today included old Chico’s jeggings in gray with a J.Jill tunic in navy. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos from the Trail. Have a beautiful day!

  1. Love your new site. I feel like I am with you on all your neat excursions. You are a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Pam

  2. What a wonderful trail you have to walk and be at one with your own thoughts. I hope you took time to speak to the cattle waiting to see you! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Really enjoyed the beautiful pictures on a trail that must be a favorite; I can see why. What a way to start the day! Seeing it through your lens is only part of what we all get to enjoy while here. The area in which you live is amazingly lush with no end of scenery begging to be reviewed. Enjoy and thanks for the reminder to savor it all. Kate

  4. So chic for a hike 🙂 Due to a foot problem, I’m currently not able to walk distances like this but I am biking 6 miles. Perhaps as my foot gets better I can build up to that distance and hopefully intersperse some running with the walking.

    Lovely photos. The landscape definitely would make it an enjoyable hike.

  5. That is a beautiful trail! I love the scenery and interesting historical markers. Thank you for sharing with us. My husband and I also enjoy the quiet and solitude of hiking. We also have some nice trails here on the Cumberland Mountain in Crossville, TN. As always you look so polished and classy. I love following you and reading your interesting blogs. Keep up the good work.

  6. So serene. Beautiful pictures. I am enjoying your new blog. Your efforts are appreciated! You look great. Glad you found “your ” bench

  7. What a beautiful trail Susan! Thanks for sharing so many pics. Yes, you sure look well put together for your walk. Maybe you were tired at the end but refreshed I’m sure.
    Have a great day

  8. You inspired me to plan some one day hiking trips for me and my husband. Thanks Susan. I really enjoy your blog! And your new site design. Good health to you and your readers!

  9. Beautiful scenery similar to Northern Ontario,Canada where I live here in the country. I like your new site & continue to follow you on your new endeavors!!

  10. Dear Susan,
    Happy Valley says it all. How fortunate you were to grow up in such a beautiful area and now be able to enjoy it again on a marvelous walking trail. Lots of blessings to count.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful trail! That would make walking a lot more interesting and enjoyable! Beautiful pictures, too! Thanks for the post!!

  12. What a beautiful area to walk. It looks like a pretty secluded, wooded area so I’m wondering if I’m the only one thinking that it’s not safe to walk alone?

  13. You are always an inspiration! What a great hike, and I especially love the flower pics. Also, I love your new blog. Thanks for the post!

  14. The trail is patrolled by police and there were many other hikers, walkers, and bikers along the way. Families, boy scout troops, and many other singles were all along the path. I felt very safe.

  15. dear Susan
    congratulations on your 60. birthday. I wish your coming years are much happier than till now.
    congratulations for your new blog. It is marvelous .
    Your are, believe it, from far away a precious friend of me .

  16. Susan,

    Bravo, the new site is beautiful. I always enjoyed reading. Might I offer one suggestion, how about left aligned text. Left aligned is easier to read than centered text for paragraphs 🙂


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