The Unknown

As life as we’ve known it changes daily, I believe it is crucial to hold on to some of the things that give us joy and allow us some semblance of normalcy. We all need kindness and the human touch, but we must now learn to touch each other with our kind words.

Mr. Mickey and I enjoyed going out to dinner last week, knowing that it might be our last outing for the next few months.

The air was still chilly, and the rain had been falling for much of the day. I dressed to stay warm. Nothing in my look is new. I’ll try to find similar current items so that I can share links with you. As always, shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

Click on the links to see each item Similar blazerSimilar Faux Leather/Ponte pantsSimilar bag Similar animal print pumpsTank

One of the many things I enjoy about my curated classic basics is the versatility of each piece. I have been wearing this blazer with blue jeans, white pants, old malibu punch jeans, and my olive pants for a couple of years. I’ve had those faux leather front ponte pants for about four years. I don’t wear them very often, but I feel stylish and very comfortable each time I do.

In the future, you will see many photos from my living room or at my front entry, as I put together looks to share with you. (That’s working from home for me!) Even if I’m not going out, I want to keep sharing outfit ideas, inspiration, and tips with you. I would feel as if I were letting you down if I stopped blogging now. Even if fashion seems trivial in these trying times, I will continue to share ideas, styling tips, healthy menus, and I will give away as many items as possible in the coming weeks.

Suzanne from Beauty in Stone, agrees with me. She wants to give away the Freshwater Pearl lariat I was wearing in the post for Monday. I appreciate this necklace for all the ways it can be worn and the fact that it goes with everything. Really … everything!

If you would like to win the beautiful necklace here, leave a comment below and tell us how you will wear it when our lives return to normal. I will announce a winner in the blog post for Monday.

Stay safe, my dear friends.

  1. I always admire that necklace when you wear it and would love to win it! A group of ladies that I use to work with and love get together twice a year for dinner ( and we all know that is not happening at this time). So when life is back to normal I would wear it to our dinner! Love your blog and glad you will be posting from home.

  2. I love this necklace and will wear it with my favorite pink, summer top. The weather is so warm here in Wimberley, Texas. Eighty degrees tomorrow!

  3. Hi Susan,

    I only wear Navy Blue and Love pearls. I would wear it with any of My Navy outfits.

    Best regards
    Susanne Bjorck

  4. I will wear it with my favorite red dress when I can, once again, go to dinner at Robinson’s Ferry in Warrenton, NC.

  5. This is such a pretty necklace. I love the look of pearls with denim and that’s how I would wear it. I like distressed jeans and I think this would look great with them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful necklace!

  6. The pearl necklace is a beautiful versatile element of personal adornment that could enhance any mode of fashion. I always appreciate seeing what you’ve put together. Your sharing has directly affected what I now consider my basic approach to daily wardrobe.
    Have a great day and stay healthy.

  7. I love that necklace. You have taught me that plain solid colors are best for me. That necklace would add just enough styling to my looks. Thank you always for you posts. I look forward to them. Lynne.

  8. How would I wear this long cascade of pearls? I’d wear it solo or paired with the choker length pearl necklace that belonged to my mother-in-law that I wear on days when I miss her – days that are many not few. I’d wear it on casual, hanging around the house days and for more formal community occasions – may those days be not far off.

  9. That necklace could be worn with a lot of different colors. I personally don’t like necklaces that end at the bustline (increases the size of the bust). This length would be great. Looks great with casual or dressy.

  10. Hi Susan
    I love your necklace. I would wear it with the pearl earrings my lovely son gave me for Christmas.
    So happy that you are continuing to blog. It brings some happiness to these uncertain times.

  11. What a beautiful necklace! I would wear it with many outfits. It would look lovely with solid tunics and would also perk up my many black outfits. Thanks for continuing to blog

  12. The Fresh Water Pearl Larait would look beautiful with my solid Pink sheath dress for Easter Sunday.i

  13. What a lovely necklace! I would want to wear it every day. My wardrobe is classic, but very casual. This would look great with all of my denim jeans and solid tops. It looks like it could be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Versatile!

  14. The lariat necklace is beautiful. The way I would wear the lariat necklace is to pair it with a beautiful light blue dress I bought from Talbots a few years back. It was on sale, of course! I could wear it with my light blue dress for Easter Sunday worship service at church.

    Thank you for continuing to blog during this time. It is comforting to “visit” with you on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

    Kim Jones

  15. I’ve always loved the way you style this necklace and every outfit you wear. Thank you for continually bringing us fresh ideas!

  16. Thanks for this nice giveaway! I am returning to work and would wear this pearl necklace with my work outfits. Keep inspiring us silver sisters with your posts. Best to everyone, Paula

  17. It lengthens my short neck, would wear with my Clara Sun Woo tops, it would look Gabby with the one in cobalt blue.

  18. The pearl lariat necklace would be perfect for me to wear to work but I could also wear it casual with blue jeans. Love it!

  19. Such a lovely necklace ! I would wear this with a pretty spring dress maybe to a nice brunch with my 89 year old mom. I plan to take her to celebrate once the no visitor ban is lifted from her assisted living home. These are lonely days for our elderly . Thanks for continuing to share your kindness.

  20. I’m a jeans and top kind of gal. I like jewelry and shoes to spice up my look! Those would definitely do it!

  21. Good morning Susan! I’m glad you are going to keep blogging and staying in touch with your readers. We will all look forward to the thought and ideas.

    I won’t wait to wear the lariat necklace. I work in a doctor’s office and come in contact with patients since I don’t have to wear scrubs I always try to look professional and friendly. The necklace would serve to add beauty to my attire and give our patients an opportunity to enjoy its beauty also.
    Freddie Brammer

  22. You look so polished and put together. I would love to wear the pearl lariat to work once work is back to normal. I work in the manufacturing industry so am unable to work from home. I do try to set a professional standard for the younger women at work – already missing the structure of the regular routine.

  23. What a beautiful necklace! I almost always wear a scarf or some type of jewelry to give a little spark to my outfit — be it casual or dressy. This necklace would be perfect!

  24. I love pearls. I think of them as a God’s reminder that beauty comes through trials. The virus is just that a trial! God is good!

  25. I will wear this necklace with any solid color blouse and even with a T-shirt. It would go with anything.

  26. Hi Susan- great post today! Kindness wins every time! I’d wear the pearl lariat just as you have with jeans and a tee! Stay well!

  27. I love pearls. They are the ultimate classic. Could wear them with anything in my closet. Thanks so much for the opportunity to possibly win such a basic piece.

  28. I really enjoy your blog read it while I am eating breakfast. I would wear the necklace with my royal blue sweater that I love. I have had it for 6 years and still one of favorite.

  29. I really love jewelry that can elevate a simple outfit. Convertible from long to short is something I look for…gives two great looks especially for travel. I love the faux leather front pants, modern but understated.

  30. I would enjoy wearing this necklace as I finish teaching college students remotely. I’m semi-retired and teach English at a small rural community college. I use your blog for inspiration when putting together a wardrobe for my work and social life.

  31. I won’t wait for life to return to normal. LOL, I believe I would wear it with everything including my upcoming wedding, yes in June.

  32. Would hope to wear it when I retire in June. In the meantime, off to work I go as I’m in the field to help others and considered essential. Stay safe and be well, everyone!

  33. Love the lariat necklace! I would wear it with a white shirt and black jeans if I had something as pretty as that. Looking nice is uplifting.

  34. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful pearl lariat. Pearls are always elegant and elevate any outfit. I have learned from reading your blog that a longer length necklace like this is much more flattering for my body type.

  35. What a beautiful necklace. I would wear it with my Navy cotten dress!! By the way, what brand of hairspray are you using to finger style your hair?

  36. Such a beautiful necklace. How would I wear it? Let me count the ways: with my little black dress to dinner; with my turquoise tunic; with a navy top and navy Chanel-style jacket….so many ways!

  37. I would wear the lariat necklace to lunch with my dear friends in celebration of my March birthday. This year celebrated in ———. TBD—- to be determined.

  38. As I transition to solids over prints, the necklace would be the perfect addition! Your style choices are lovely as usual. Thanks, Dianne

  39. I would wear this beautiful necklace with any white or black tank along with a jacket and either jeans or my Chicos traveler pants. It’s a very flexible piece.

  40. Although you and I have totally opposite figures (in almost every single detail) I follow your blog religiously so I can finally learn to dress myself well! This necklace is one of the only jewelry items you wear that would work for me. I have a long, very small-width torso. Most of the other pieces would overwhelm me. I have a short pearl and silver necklace I wear almost daily with my casual clothes. This would become my “almost every time” fancy necklace. I now tend to stick with monochrome clothing with one or two smaller-scaled accessories. This would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

  41. The necklace is simply elegant . My retired wardrobe is decidedly casual, so the pearl lariat necklace would be paired with white, pale blue and pink tops and denim to give that days look, a kick in the pants.

  42. Susan,
    First, I would love to win that beautiful necklace. My weekdays are very casual, but I dress up for church on Sundays, so I see it becoming an important part of my summer wardrobe. (No church for 8 more weeks!)
    Also, I truly appreciate your efforts to continue posting for us. You have shared many things I’m implementing into my life and wardrobe. Thank you,

  43. I would love to wear this necklace !
    I would wear it to church .
    I would wear it to work .
    I would wear it to shop .
    I would wear it non-stop !

    1. I love the Dr.Seuss rhyme element to your reply. I hope you win this necklace because your comment made me laugh out loud. Good luck.

  44. Beautiful necklace! It is very versatile to dress up or down. I think it would look great with my favourite black dress.

  45. Good morning Susan, the pearl lariat necklace would be the perfect touch to my casual but classic style. I’m so looking forward to having lunch with my best friends when we’re allowed to go out again. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to!

  46. I would wear the lariat necklace with black pants, black blouse and a royal blue jacket. It is a very striking accessory that is very versatile.

  47. I would love to win the Pearl lariat necklace, it really adds a zing to your outfits. Happy to hear that you will continue to provide posts during this uneasy time. Keep safe

  48. That beautiful lariet can be worn with so many outfits but since I wear jeans most of the time I think it will look spectacular!

  49. Such a pretty necklace! I’ll wear it with one of my many sheath dresses and a jacket. Thanks for the offer!


  50. You look lovely as always and a great inspiration to us all during these trying times. Thank you for all you do.

  51. Such kind words and thoughtful post. It’s nice to be part of a little happy moment right now, in these unsure times.

  52. I would wear the lariat necklace with almost anything that I have. Like the basic workhorses of my wardrobe, it is a piece that is very versatile. It would be a perfect piece of jewelry to take on vacation because it could be worn in so many ways and would eliminate the need for packing too much jewelry. P.S. I have the same pants from Ann Taylor and I love them.

  53. I would love to win that gorgeous necklace. I won’t be wearing it, but giving it to my friend Pam. She has lariat necklace with a few pearls that she loves and wears and I think she would look stunning in this one!

    Thanks so much for your fashion and health tips!

  54. Pretty in pearls. I wear them with everything. They are my go to jewelry for dress up or casual! Love the length of this necklace too. Thanks for kindness extended to all of us enjoying your blog!❤

  55. The beautiful necklace would be prefect for dressy occasions such as weddings or fancy dinner as well as in less formal occasions. Would love it to dress up an every day work outfit

  56. Love pearls. Whenever I wear them, I feel special.. Reminds me of my parents. Who gave me my first pearl necklace for 16th birthday.

  57. Thank you for your encouraging words. I love the pearl lariat necklace and would wear it with white jeans, a black t shirt and a denim jacket and a pair of wedge heels. Stay safe and healthy!

  58. I appreciate the fact you are continuing to blog as normal. We all need lightness in our lives during uncertain times. Something pleasant to think about. I would love to win a necklace. I would be able to wear it to church and just about everywhere else. It seems so versatile.

  59. I would love to win that necklace! It is my favorite from that website. I am a dressed-up jeans person and would enjoy wearing it with that. Thank you!

  60. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful necklace. This piece could be worn with lots of things in my closet. It would be lovely worn with any of my solid tops and would also look great with jeans or pants and a white shirt.

  61. You are so right – it would go with everything! Looks beautiful on you. I would love the opportunity to see if it did the same on me! Thanks for your very classy blog – look forward to it every day!

  62. The lariat necklace is so beautiful! I would wear it with a white top similar to yours, black faux leather slacks & a long black sweater jacket. Perfect compliment to gray hair!

  63. Love the pearls which could dress up a casual outfit and how l would use and with an animal print!

  64. As you stated, the various ways to wear this beautiful necklace are endless. Thank you, Susan, for this opportunity to win this stunning necklace!

  65. Hi Susan! I would love to own that stunning necklace…it would visually add to my very short stature, 5’1”, with just about every top and dress I own! I have been taking your advice about purchasing basic, solid colors in my tops, and pairing them with solid color on the bottom. This necklace can tie the look together beautifully!
    I truly hope you and Mr. Mickey stay safe and well during these trying times! Kathleen

  66. Love the Lariat and I see a multitude of ways to wear this. Wear it with a LDB, with jeans and a tee, with jeans, a tank, and a pretty flowing kimono or to the office to pop that everyday office attire. Those are just a few ways, too

  67. I love pearls combined with denim and lace!! This lariat necklace would be a welcome accent addition to my wardrobe.

  68. Pearls are my very favorite and I have always admired that necklace! I can see it working with virtually everything I have in my wardrobe. I love an item that is so versatile! Thank you, Susan, for all of your helpful tips and inspiration over the years. I’ve learned so much from you!

  69. If I were the lucky recipient of the pearl lariat necklace, I would probably wear it with jeans & a blazer. I am retired & my lifestyle is fairly casual.

  70. I know we’re all wondering what’s ahead for us. I’m happy to know you’re continuing your blog; I miss hearing from you when you’re away. Thank you!
    I love the lariat necklace and would wear it for many occasions: church, out to eat, family gatherings, on and on.

  71. These are indeed troubling times. This is a worldwide issue and we must do our bit to keep it from spreading here in the U.S. Ladies still have to get dressed each day, albeit an home day. I love my visits to your blog and hope you will continue. Oh, the necklace…gorgeous! Probably the only thing I wouldn’t wear it with would be my pyjamas.

  72. I would love this beautiful necklace. I would wear it with my navy blue jumpsuit! And probably everything else in my closet!!

  73. Beauty in Stone is a whole new experience for me! Having recently discovered your blog I was instantly attracted to your exquisite pearl lariat necklace. Being able to wear it in so many ways really lends it to being the most versatile piece of jewelry – I would wear it with a jean outfit or my dressier black outfits. I am totally a jewelry kinda gal, and having that one favorite piece would be amazing. After all, my thought is that beautiful jewelry is “ is the frosting on the cake” and the finishing touch to an outfit.
    Thanks for you inspiration and stay well! Even though we need to be be responsible and remain in our homes we can still wear beautiful things and smile!

  74. I would absolutely love to win that necklace. I have been eyeballing for some time. I love, love love that it will go with EVERYTHING.

    My thanks to Beauty in Stone for allowing you to give this away and thanks to you Susan.

    Please don’t stop blogging. It will brighten a boring stay at home day.

  75. Love the inspirational comments, and yes, please keep blogging. We need to focus on the lovely, good and positive. If I should be fortunate to win this lovely lariat, I would wear it first out to dinner to celebrate the strength and mercy of the Lord, our God, and the resilience of humanity. Thank you for the opportunity.

  76. Yes, it’s so important to continue with our routines as much as possible, and that includes dressing well and looking the best we can! That’s a beautiful necklace; it would be wonderful to win that!

  77. I would wear it with jeans, a white covered perfectly shirt, and a blazer – much like you are in the photo above since that is very much my personal style.

  78. So glad to see some semblance of normalcy as the bad news bears on TV are talking about doom and gloom.
    I have been a huge follower of pearls all my life. My favorite picture of my mom has her in hers that I inherited…. My dearest possession.
    I wear mine with casual outfits to give them a touch of elegance.
    Thanks again for keeping up the normal.

  79. I would welcome that beautiful necklace into my wardrobe and would wear it similar to Susan’s look in the Monday post – with many different simple tops as the necklace is elegant enough in itself.

  80. Oh, my goodness! Where couldn’t I wear this?!! The gray is my favorite, and I would wear it To lunch with my friends with crop pants and a jean jacket. I’d also wear it with dress pants and a blazer to church or with a moto jacket on date nights

  81. Wow, you look amazing. So put together and all those clothes are not new. Now that is truly awesome. Love your tips as they have really made a difference on how I purchase my clothes and how to put them together in a flattering way. I copy pictures of the items you wear, when I am impressed, so that I can remember how you did what you did, such as belts and jewelry and scarves.

    As for the Freshwater Pearl Lariat necklace, that is easy, I’d wear it with just about everything I own. That is a classic piece of jewelry that would enhance any outfit worn and make a person look amazing to boot. One that had good taste like you. Thank your friend for offering this prize as that is truly very generous of her to do and appreciated by whomever will be lucky enough to receive this gift.

    Clara Bulens from Iowa

  82. That necklace would be worn with so many of my tops that really need something to crest a more vertices line. I’ve been looking for something like this. It’s beautiful!
    Thanks for all that you do. I look forward to some healthy meal ideas. I’m walking most every day now – no excuses about not having time!

  83. For me, I would wear this stunning necklace right now! I am still working at a Credit Union. That necklace would make me feel joy and beautiful! Something fun to wear while honestly, just uplifting otherS who are scared and frightened as they come by our drive thru to get money or deposit checks. Really beautiful necklace! 🙂

  84. Hi Susan. If I win this beautiful pearl necklace, I plan to wear it right away – at home, self-isolating, and still wanting to feel and look the best I can. Thank you for continuing to blog during this trying time in our lives.

  85. For years, since attending a BBQ in the nineties, I’ve loved pearls with jeans. An attendee there wore jeans, a T-shirt and a long strand of pearls. It was the unexpected that I remember.

  86. I love that necklace! I would we are it with a chambray shirt and white jeans, or a look similar the what you’re wearing.

  87. As you said the lariat neckless can be worn in so many ways! As a noose while kids are out of school might be a suggestion, ha, ha

  88. Thank you for this giveaway that will bring joy and hope of better times to someone. We have a wedding to attend in April which I am sure will be postponed, but this necklace would be perfect for a black and cream dress I planned on wearing. Perfect for casual outfits, too.

  89. I would love the pearl lariat necklace! The color of the pearls match my hair! And anything to “lengthen” the look is appreciated!

  90. Oh my that lariat is gorgeous! I would wear it with my tops and slacks for work, with my dresses both casual and dressy. To me, its very versatile.

  91. Susan,

    I love reading your posts! Being “of a certain age,” the idea of a simplified and curated wardrobe really appeals to me. I really enjoy your tips about not using a lot of black around my face any more. The beautiful lariat necklace will help with that! I’m hoping to layer it with some of my simple pearls to add some “light” around my face when wearing black. Because I am short, the longer necklace will give me an illusion of length.

    Keep blogging and keep enjoying life.

    Kindest regards,
    Marie Rourke

  92. I have been wearing my pearl stud earrings everyday. This necklace would go with everything!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. Your posts will bring brightness to some gloomy days! Your ideas are always great and help to possibly rethink items we already have. Have plenty of time to experiment in the next weeks. I love your hair. Very flattering style.

  94. I would love to win this beautiful necklace. I would wear it with all black for a very dressy occasion. I would wear it with my casual outfits , too – usually skinny jeans or leggings and jewel toned tunics. It would be the perfect accessory for so many looks! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  95. I’d wear this beautiful necklace with joy in my heart and much thankfulness to you and Suzanne. Thanks and take care.

  96. I love your style so much!! I love the classic look, the simplicity, the timeliness, the comfort,… I have been slowly incorporating your ideas and items. Please keep posting!!! Thanks!

  97. My husband and I had some fun trips planned this summer.Like everybody else’s plans they will probably be postponed,but When we are going out again,I would love to wear the necklace

  98. I am the “pearl girl”! I wear different variations with every thing. When my grands were babies I would wear long necklaces to church so they would sit on my lap and be entertained!. How would I wear this …anything denim and a white shirt, church on Sunday, logos on Wednesday night, visiting with my parents. When would I NOT wear this…when visiting my Mother-In-Law in memory care…she also loves pearls and would insist it was her jewelry!

  99. I would wear this necklace to work and also out to dinner. It would add a touch of glamour to my many black outfits!

  100. Thank you for continuing to blog. We all need a sense of normalcy and you posts help brighten my day. I am a teacher and will be out of school till April 13th, I have decided this would be a good time to sort through my closet and organize, donate and discard clothing items. Any suggestions?

  101. I would wear that gorgeous necklace with everything everywhere, but first……..I would wear it to the grocery store when I stop using curbside pickup and actually go inside!

  102. Love the pearl necklace.. It would look perfect with a linen dress this summer. Here in Northern Ontario, Canada, there is still lots of snow but I’m already thinking of summer breezes and lakeside walks.

  103. My Mom was a beautiful and talented southern lady who adored pearls and long necklaces. Well, I inherited the pearl gene and feel beautiful when I wear them. I would wear the necklace with all of my simple tanks and tunics. I think it would look really amazing with almost any color.

  104. The necklace is so well crafted and beautiful. I’d love to wear this with a white top in the spring and summer!

  105. I have been admiring your blog for several years now. You have been inspirational to me in seeing my frame, ( I, too am 5’6”, and an inverted triangle shape). You have given me numerous options to style my frame.
    I am hoping to have life get back to normal, especially since my oldest son is getting married in June. I would love to wear the beautiful lariat necklace for just such an occasion.

    Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey,

    Barbara McCarren

  106. Love the lariat necklace. Classic and fresh at the same time! Also love that it comes in so many colors! I have a chambray tunic that looks good with leggings or jeans and I think the lariat would be perfect with it.

  107. I just purchased a black dress from Chico’s Travelers collection and I think this necklace would be lovely with it.

  108. The necklace is lovely. I would wear it with dressy jeans and a pretty blouse. I like the look of dressy tops with jeans. Thank you for your blog, especially in this time where many of us are worried and anxious.

  109. I would like to be considered for the pearl necklace. I am 60 yrs. old and still actively working in an office where the next youngest employee is in their early forties and the majority of the others are millennials. I desperately need jewelry I can wear to work, and often! This stunning necklace would work perfectly with business casual and would work with my neutral pieces I’m try to build up, slowly but surely. We have a casual Friday dress code and I would wear the necklace with jeans, beautiful, elegant and youthful all in one! Please, I have registered for other giveaways with no success. Please choose me!

  110. I wear a number of monochromatic tunics over slim pants. The length of this necklace is very complimentary to a tunic length top, and will dress up any outfit. It is a beautiful piece with many uses in my wardrobe!

  111. Hi Susan, I would wear the necklace to my grandchildren’s events. I miss their touch and this would be wonderful to have to celebrate my time with them. Life is so precious.

  112. I lead a casual lifestyle; therefore, I would wear it with most all of my outfits. So versatile.

    Stay healthy!

  113. If I won this necklace, I would wear it with everything from sweatshirts to dressy outfits. During these difficult days a classy necklace with make me feel better and my outfit a little less boring. Thanks

  114. I think pearls go with everything!! I would dress up a jean outfit with them as well as a dress or pantsuit!! Love them pearls!!!

  115. Oh hi.i love, love love this look for you. Those pants really give length to the legs.
    As for the pearls, a wise woman up in her years and owner of a very fine jewelry store was asked what is her go to piece of jewelry. She answered it is her pearls and advised a string of pearls to be ones only piece if that’s all you could have.
    So I would love your very versatile strand ! There are way too many ways to wear this piece to say here!
    It looks lovely in the manner you are wearing, Susan!

  116. Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful piece! I wear a lot of “winter” colors – black, burgundy, deep red, etc. I enjoy simple, elegant and multi purpose necklaces to give a finishing punch. My favorite use, going into spring, would be with a solid colored Oxford style tunic, and a matching long sleeved T, and black pants for work. This would gleam against a deep purple, wouldn’t it?

  117. Beautiful necklace! I would build an outfit around it for a spring wedding I hope (!) to attend at the end of April. In the meantime, I would wear it while I vacuum and clean out closets to elevate my ‘quarantine’ look!


  118. Hi Susan ,
    I love love this pearl necklace..I would wear it with jeans, leather pants,any pants or even dresses..There is nothing you could wear and not be able to wear this necklace..How wonderful..
    Have a great day..Stay safe..

  119. I have a very laid back lifestyle. When things return to normal ( whenever and whatever that might be), I will wear it with my jeans and sweaters as I get the opportunities to attend my children’s school activities. (Plays, concerts, graduations). Looking forward to those crazy active times.

  120. Lovely necklace! I would wear it with a black dress and a thin long grey merino wool open cardigan from Talbots layered over it.

  121. The Freshwater Pearl Lariat is so versatile. I would wear it with everything from a little black dress to jeans and a simple tee.

  122. The pearl lariat is stunning! I will wear it dressed up for special occasions and dressed down for fun outings…. feeling put together each time I wear it. Thank you for encouraging us!! Hey

  123. I would wear it with jeans and a tee shirt, a navy blue sheath dress and with a blue blazer and white pants. It’s so versatile there ate so many ways.

  124. I love the pearl lariat! It is a stylish, fresh look for spring. I am seeing this lariat as the perfect warm weather replacement for the scarves I wear in the winter.

  125. Susan, you are such an inspiration to us all and yes we do need a little normalcy in these terrible times. I love the Pearl necklace so much as it would look beautiful with the dress I’m wearing for my son’s wedding in July. It would adorn the dress beautifully, as it’s a beach wedding and would be perfect. Thank you for doing this for all us woman who look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  126. Pearls are my favorite. I’d love to wear this with a sheath dress or jeans and a Chanel type jacket. Be well!

  127. The Freshwater Pearl Lariat would look perfect with my royal blue dress, for a dinner date (when normality returns). Also perfect with a white/blue/red/black tee with trousers/jeans. It would be known as Susan’s Pearl’s of Wisdom! Thank you Susan.

  128. I liked this necklace the first time you wore it! I would wear it to my coffee group (once we can meet again). Every time I try to wear a necklace that inspires some conversation within my group. It’s a positive way of connecting. ☕️

  129. The Freshwater Pearl Lariat would look great with my royal blue dress for a dinner date (when normality returns). Also perfect with white/blue/red/black tee with trousers/jeans. It would be called Susan’s Pearl’s of Wisdom! Thanks for this opportunity Susan.

  130. I love accessories. I often wear jeans or casual pants with a jacket and I think accessories do the trick of jazzing up a simple outfit. I love this necklace. Thank you.

  131. When shopping, I have found myself looking at solids and more classic looks. Thank you for changing my look for the better! As a teacher at school, one of my favorite looks is very smart-looking outfits of solid pieces of black and white. White blouse, black pants and black jacket/cardigan type layer. A lot of times I throw on one of my mother’s beautiful scarves!

  132. The lariat necklace can be such a versatile necklace to wear singly or in tandem with other necklaces or pearl strand colors. I especially like the gray option to wear with a black, white, pink or aqua top. Beauty in Stone jewelry is fashionable and light weight. I love my chunky big link bracelet I purchased after seeing yours, Susan. Thanks for the offer!

  133. Hi Susan! Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful necklace. I wear columns of neutrals like you but I usually add a boho vibe with colorful kimonos and tunics. This necklace would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe. Thanks again for your inspiration and joy de vivre!

  134. I would wear this necklace to dress up my casual outfits while running errands. It also would be beautiful with my church clothes. Thank you for keeping in touch with us.

  135. Good morning, Susan!! You have been so generous in making these giveaways available this week. Thank you…I would certainly enjoy the pearl necklace. For the most part, all I wear are my lovely pearl studs my husband gave me, along with a small diamond stud. SO, it would look great with anything I happened to wear.

  136. I’m so happy to hear they’re giving away the necklace. It’s absolutely one of my favourites. I’d wear it with a lot of my outfits. Either as a necklace as shown today but I particularly like it in the lariat configuration. My fingers are crossed. I’d love to own it.

  137. It would be wonderful to wear the beautiful necklace now as I am spending all my time at home. Looking put together makes me feel better during uncertain times! Thank you for the inspiration you bring to each of us.

  138. Love the lariat! If I were lucky enough to be gifted, I would wear it with my creamy tan off the shoulder top, white jeans and leopard shoes this summer. Thank you Susan. Your shorter hair cut is just adorable!

  139. Good morning Susan, I love the look of this necklace and all the ways it could be worn! I would wear it as a bracelet and sometimes as a necklace. One of your followers (Kathryn George} reply made me laugh out loud and was so clever! I actually hope she wins just because she was a bright spot in such a dreary time. Really enjoy following you site. Thank you and God bless you.

  140. I would love to wear it with jeans or a little black dress and even dressy pants. It’s so beautiful, and literally would go with everything. Love how it draws the eyes down and away from the neck!

  141. I love pearls and I think they would make a stunning addition to my necklace collection! I think that necklace looks great on you in both casual dressing and a dressier look. Thanks for continuing your blog during this nervous time in our lives. Stay healthy and safe for you and all your followers.

  142. Thank you for doing another giveaway to brighten these uncertain times. I’ve admired that necklace since you first featured it and would love to win one. I love the length and the juxtaposition of the classic pearls with the casualness of the suede leather. I can see myself wearing it often, with so many things to give that extra “something special” to an outfit.

  143. I love pearls. This necklace would give that casual wear that extra class. I would try to add the pearl necklace to a long black dress with snake skin shoes. A jacket with color.

  144. I love all of her jewelry. I can see wearing with everything but formal clothing. Dress up distressed jeans etc. Dress down a blazer. Just a really amazing piece. Thanks for continuing to blog. We all appreciate you.

  145. Love the lariat necklace. I would wear it to church, out to dinner, or to parties. I have been following your look with basics, but adding interest with jewelry or a colorful accent piece. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  146. As I have been learning tips from you and carefully curating my wardrobe, I’ve noticed that my costume jewelry could use a refresh, also. This necklace would be a great piece to have as it is versatile and lovely in its construction. Thank you for continuing to post and bring us inspiration and to give us some respite from the stressful news all around us.

  147. I think it would be beautiful with a simple black dress & heels. I’d wear it with a bright colored cotton t-shirt dress and white tennies. It would also be cute with a white t-shirt, denim jacket, white jeans and cheetah print shoes. So many ways to wear it! I’d love to have this necklace!!

  148. Hi Susan
    Do you have a new hair style? You look young and stylish.
    I also love the idea of a stylemix combining two necklaces, it does give you an artist’s touch.
    If I win the necklace I will wear it for my wedding in summer.
    (I hope it will happen because with Corona we are so afraid of a total shutdown).
    Kind regards,

  149. Love the lariat necklace. I would wear it to church, out to dinner, or to a party. Have been inspired by your wonderful basic looks, that are made memorable by the accessories.

  150. Look forward to your posts and admire your sense style. What a beautiful necklace, I think it goes with just about everything in my less corporate more (more fun!) retired lifestyle.

  151. Dear Susan, thank you again for another tremendous look with beautiful basics. I love that lariat necklace. I love that it is so versatile. Thanks for keeping us smiling, even if like me, many of us are working from home for an indefinite time. I actually look forward to wearing my very casual attire at home as it’s a kind of break from the daily outfit formula. Stay healthy. Amy

  152. I love this style of necklace because of its length and the slimming look it gives. And I love the addition of Pearl’s. They add a touch of class and nostalgia to the outfit.

  153. This necklace is stunning, it can be worn dressy and casual. Went and checked out the Beauty in Stone and liked what I saw. Hopefully I am the lucky one to win this beautiful jewelry.

  154. Love that necklace. It would look terrific with all my solid color tops -which is most of my tops. I think it is lengthening and I’m very short.

  155. My husband was supposed to go for a liver transplant, our son is the living donor. It has been postponed due to covid 19.

    I would wear the pearls, post liver transplant for our first date.

    In health
    Diane da Camara

  156. I’m so glad you will continue to post. Continuity such as it is will be even more important. Thank you.

  157. I would definitely wear the tan /beige necklace with my casual clothes to go out on the town for celebrating the end of this isolation period!!1

  158. What would that lovely necklace not go with? It is so versatile I would probably wear it with a navy top and bottom with cognac loafers and an English leather purse. It is a true classic.

  159. I’ve been eyeing this necklace for some time now. Pearls are a classic and so versatile. I could easily pair this necklace with jeans and a t-shirt or black pants and a blouse. Just lovely.

  160. I wear a lot of blue. This would be striking against a blue (any shade) top. Other than earrings I’ve never focused on accessories, but since following your blog I’ve been trying to change up the look of pieces by adding accessories.

  161. I’d wear that necklace with jeans, a black tee and a black cardi. BTW – I live in Chicagoland. Drove to Florida in January and then on the way home, made a stop at the Omni Grove Park Inn. I looked all over for you!! What a place!

  162. The lariat necklace is gorgeous and I, like you, will wear it with everything! 🙂 Thank you Beauty in Stone and Susan!!!

  163. Susan, thank you for your posts. I look forward to each new one. I love the pearl lariat necklace. I could see myself wearing it with 80 percent of what I own. My light gray cashmere sweater tunic, my powder blue silky high low tunic, my French blue 3/4 bell sleeve top, and the list could go on and on. Thank you for your generosity. Take care and stay well.

  164. Hi Susan!! I am so glad you will continue to blog. I am a usually silent follower from Alberta, Canada. Just yesterday I thought it was important to still take time to “look good” so that it helps me feel good! Being house-bound would make it so easy to look unkempt.
    If eligible to enter your giveaway, I would wear this necklace with my basic black pieces (Sympli) to kick them up a notch when going out for dinner with my ladies group. We are a group of 10 that meet once a month to support one another through friendship; we’ve been together for 20 years this year!! I’m looking forward to seeing them soon!

  165. I love this necklace! I love the versatility of this piece. I am primarily a casual dresser, so most likely would pair with jeans and a sweater or dressy tee, but I would also wear it with dressier outfits. It really fits my style as I love freshwater pearls. To paraphrase from Green Eggs and Ham: I would wear it here and there, I would wear it anywhere!

  166. I love the necklace, as I do all your posts! I would wear it to highlight and elongate a monochromatic look Your style is one I admire and identify with !

  167. I would wear with black to show off the chain & pearls.
    Keep your blog going. It’s a needed escape for many. God bless you & yours.

  168. It’s really beautiful and I would use it for everyday or special outings…when this crisis is over. Hang in there

  169. It is so lovely and versatile. I’m not sure I can decide one way I would wear the beautiful pearl lariat especially after looking at the website and seeing all the great ideas. Since I often wear v-neck tops, I would probably wear it in a shorter style but also loved seeing it as a wrap bracelet and think it would great long, as you are wearing it, with my grey crew neck Everlane sweater.

  170. I love the lariat pearl necklace. It has a timeless style. I would go with the classic white pearl look

  171. Hi Susan,
    It would be fun to wear this beautiful necklace with my jeans, a pink tee and white jean jacket. It would be a perfect tough! Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us during very trying times.

  172. From the perspective of a short woman trying to wear clothes and shoes that elongate the body, this necklace does just that! I can feature it with an outfit you are styling today as well as with a T-shirt (a tame graphic one suited for my age) , blazer and dark wash jeans. It’s a very versatile piece I would love adding to my closet!
    Thank you for this opportunity and for providing us with style tips that are timeless!

  173. Susan, you always know how to use the perfect words…”now we must learn to touch each other with our kind words”. I’m going to use this as my mantra during these unsettling times. Someone here in Canada taped a sign to a grocery store door that said, Be Kind.
    Please continue with your knowledgeable and helpful posts. They’re a ray of sunshine! Today your pulled-together looks are so encouraging. It’s important to dress nicely, wear a bit of make-up & use that expensive perfume or wear diamond studs, even when stuck at home. As the British said during WW2, keep calm and carry on. As Scarlet O’Hara said, “tomorrow is another day.”
    Thanks to you and Suzanne for offering this beautiful pearl lariat as a prize. Keep well, Susan.

  174. Hi Susan,
    It would be fun to wear this beautiful necklace with my jeans, a pink tee and white jean jacket. It would be a perfect touch!
    Thank you for continuing to share your blog during really trying times.

  175. Love the necklace – love your style. I would “dress it up and dress it down” – wear it with everything from jeans to a dressy event.

    Thanks and take care!

  176. I would wear that beautiful necklace to work (I work for an attorney and need to dress professionally); I would wear it out with friends for dinner; I think it would go with everything. I love your site and follow it every day.

  177. I would wear this necklace with anything and everything I wear when I leave the house. I no longer allow myself to go out into public when I’m leaving the gym or other workout. I have learned and been reminded of so many small things that make a big difference since I found this blog! Thanks, Susan

  178. Susan, you made my day when I read you will continue to blog! It’s a win win for us and you. You look wonderful in this blog as usual. Elegant and casual.
    I love pearls, both classic and modern styles, influences being my mom’s southern upbringing and my years of living in Phoenix where I learned pearls and stones like coral and turquoise are fabulous together. This style of leather and pearls is right up my alley and is beautiful!!
    I would love to wear this to my grandsons college graduation in Dec 2020. I’m the “jewelry” grandma and it will be admired by all family. Thank you for this opportunity
    Stay connected and safe everyone.

  179. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this lariat. It’s gorgeous. I always wear the pearl earrings given to me by my late husband and this would go perfectly with them. It’s so versatile, I think it would go with just about everything in my closet!

  180. I love pearls — even faux ones! And this long necklace is so classic & beautiful… and like nothing else in my limited jewelry wardrobe. My husband & I planned to celebrate my 5-year-cancer-free anniversary with a festive dinner out, but that will have to wait until it is safe for everyone to go out again. If I was fortunate enough to win this, I would wear it for that special dinner out — and many times in the future as well!

    Thanks for all you do!

  181. I would wear that beautiful necklace with a black and white jacket with fringe down the front and on the sleeve edges, black denim, and a white or black tank. I am glad you will continue to post, please keep showing us outfit inspiration! I wish more bloggers would “shop their closets”.

  182. I would love to win the beautiful necklace and would wear it as you have done with an open jacket. Thank you, Susan!

  183. I’ve quietly followed your blog and posting to my Pinterest for several years. You’ve become my style icon. Also, love your new hairdo! I’ve admired the Freshwater Pearl Lariat each time you’ve featured it. My wardrobe, like yours, is basic classic items, with accessories giving a unique touch. I know that the Lariat would enhance many of my wardrobe choices.

  184. I would love to wear the beautiful lariat necklace with my ivory linen Easter dress and bright pink suede sling backs.
    Thank you so much for continuing to blog Susan. Your posts are a bright spot in my day!

  185. I’m glad you’re still blogging because I’ll enjoy reading them while I have to stay home as I’m in the at risk category. Your blogs will really cheer me up. I’ll look forward to opening them.

  186. That necklace is gorgeous!

    I can see it dressed up with a white linen top, and blush linen pants, or dressed smart casual, with a chambray blouse, and white denim jeans.

    The leather makes it a great piece for now through Fall!

    Pearls are classic, leather gives them a modern upgrade!

  187. Susan, you look stunning today. This is classy and at the same time, sexy. That may seem a strange thing to say. How many of us in the latter years think of ourselves this way? Without knowing it, you exude it. Am I right, ladies?

    Love this necklace. I would wear it 3 ways-as a necklace, belted on a summer linen shift dress or wrapped multiple times as a bracelet when I’m in a bohemian mood.

    Be safe all. I’m doing spring gardening, painting, lots of reading and cooking.

  188. Since I retired, I have been auditing upper-level history courses at the University of North Texas where our faculty number among the most outstanding national historians today. One of the unexpected delights has been associating with the undergraduate and graduate students who invariably ask why I am attending courses when I “don’t have to,” knowing that I am modeling the value of life-long learning and intellectual curiosity. I attempt to also role model a professional attitude toward honoring the classroom as my “workplace.” Several students have commented on that, and while I don’t expect them to adopt my mindset I intend to continue honoring my opportunity to continue learning and offering students the subtle concept that they will soon be entering the workplace, hoping they will have a mental picture of dressing for success using classics. And just look what that necklace does for denim!

  189. I would love to win this necklace! It would go with so much and add so much to anything I would wear after life (hopefully) returns to normal. It would be perfect to wear to my book group.

  190. I would love to win the beautiful pearl lariat necklace! I still dress for work in a tailored, classical fashion and the lariat necklace would be a beautiful update – the classic look of pearls with the more modern, casual styling of the lariat. Not to mention how it would easily upgrade many nice casual outfits!

  191. Susan this is wonderful look that many of us could recreate with pieces we already own. I would love.a chance to win that beautiful necklace. Thank you for all you teach us every time you post.

  192. First I would like to say Thank You for your continued support of myself and all the ladies that will be working from home. We always enjoy you sharing things with us–have a great day.

  193. I dress very simply except for earrings and either a scarf or necklace. I think this lariat is very versatile, and I personally
    prefer gold tones to silver so this really caught my eye! ♥️

  194. Susan, your hair is looking so cute, really like this cut on you.

    I would love the beautiful lariat necklace and would enjoy using it to jazz up a casual look of jean, jacket, and tee.

    thanks for all you do.

  195. I love the pearl lariat. This necklace is elegant & versatile.
    I do not wear jeans but would wear with my daily uniform of black EF pants & tank worn with a cardigan or jacket.
    Think it would also be fun worn with a caftan.
    Right now I will wear around the house to keep spirits high.

  196. Pearls and jeans? Why not! Would love to try out this look to rev up an old standard outfit. Got pearl earrings and need this necklace to finish it off.
    Thanks, Susan

  197. I love the style and look of that fabulous pearl necklace! I would wear it with everything — from jeans to dress up— except yoga pants to the gym

    Stay well and happy! This too shall

  198. I love the way you are wearing the pearl. But. what a fun piece to wear different ways! I’d love to experiment with it.

  199. Thank you for continuing your positive posts. With this blip in life it is wonderful. Stay safe and healthy. The necklace, would be special.

  200. I love this look with the blue jeans, white top and blazer. If I win this beautiful necklace I would wear it as you do here Susan.

  201. Thank you for continuing to blog during this difficult time! We do need to feel normal when chaos surrounds us. One tip I recently heard was to start planning a trip now so we have something to look forward to in the coming weeks. I would love to wear this necklace out to dinner while overlooking the ocean!

  202. This is such a generous offer! I would love to wear this with a v-neck shirt…really almost anything in my closet.

  203. I will wear it to my granddaughters college graduation and my grandson’s high school graduation….very special occasions for very special young people in my life!

  204. I these trying times. being able to read your blog is a breath of fresh air during these difficult times. Love the necklace!!!.

  205. Hi Susan. Thank you for the giveaways during a time when we’re facing an unknown future. I would wear this necklace to my great grandson’s 2nd birthday party. Then, I’d wear it anytime I get the chance. Thank you again. And may all here stay well.

  206. First of all…please stay safe and healthy. I’ll look forward to your creative new blogs! I’ve been home for a month following ankle surgery. If I won the beautiful necklace…I’d wear it with “real” clothes…slim black pants, a silk cami and jacket. And be thrilled to have something special to celebrate.

  207. Hi!
    I would ADORE that necklace. I would wear it with my gorgeous Chico’s faux silk long sleeved shirt in violet paired with straight leg black jeans and pointed toe black pumps!
    So so happy you are continuing this…keeps my spirits up
    I’m normally dressed up every day bc I do it for me….however since Sunday I’m showering and wearing sweats at home…no makeup etc.. I’m thinking that this will not serve me well…I really should “make an effort “ each day. That staying home for the near future .. perhaps into the summer…what do you think?

  208. I would love to win this beautiful necklace as I am drawn to its simplicity which would enhance my minimal style.

  209. How I love pearls! I would wear this in so many ways. We dress up at my church so there for sure. I love you hair with bangs.

  210. I love this necklace. The versatility would be wonderful and being able to adjust the length allows all heights to wear it. The tan beige would go with everything. I would wear it with sweaters and t-shirts as I am pretty casual. Stay well, you and Mr. Mickey. I love reading your blog.

  211. The versatility of the pearl lariat is wonderful! It will dress up the most casual jeans and sweater while also adding femininity to a business suit/blouse!

  212. I will wear the lariat wrapped multiple times as a shorter necklace. Always with a black or white tee or tank and denim.
    Thank you!

  213. Susan you’re the best! I would love to own the ivory/ pearl lariat! It would work very well with my summer wardrobe and many, many outfits. I recently decluttered my closet and this would be the perfect piece of jewelry.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  214. Thank you, Susan, for your reassuring words today. And you stay safe as well. Please enter me in the “running” for the exquisite pearl lariat necklace. Dede

  215. I’ve admired this necklace every time you have worn it. It can be worn with casual wear in additional to more formal attire. Such a beautiful statement piece that I would love to own. I’ve started buying simpler style tops and adding a scarf or necklace to change things up and this would be a perfect addition.

    You look amazing as always. Love the shoes

  216. The pearl lariat necklace is lovely and oh o feminine! I’m planning my clothing for a May trip to the desert southwest where my color scheme is white, pink and turquoise. The lariat would pop against deep pink tops, and it would nestle in gently with pale pink. A color-saturated turquoise would make the freshwater pearls right at home as it reminded them of their water origins.

  217. I would very much like to wear this necklace. I have several short silver necklaces, and several long ones also, but none in pearl, and I do love pearls. I have a short pearl necklace my husband gave me, but I very seldom wear short, large necklaces close to my face. I love this one!

  218. As you have taught me this beautiful pearl necklace would create a vertical line to make me look taller something I need with my 5’0 frame!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  219. I really enjoy your posts. The lariat would be so versatile for layering and wearing at various levels. I’m petite so it’s not too big for me. I always look forward to your posts. Very informative.

  220. I love the longer necklace. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but the few pieces I have I love
    However I do not have anything with pearls. I would to have this necklace
    Thank you
    Carolyn Yurcho

  221. What a beautiful necklace. I would wear in with jeans for a casual look and also dressed up in head to toe black. Very stylish !

  222. I have never had a pearl necklace. This one is so beautiful I would to wear it. I would wear it with almost everything. We have several dinner groups we do dinner with and it would be lovely to wear to these.
    You are so generous and kind.
    Stay well and safe.
    We all love you.

  223. The gorgeous pearl lariat necklace would spark up my silky emerald top, black Ponte pants and soft black blazer for work. I would follow your lead and add leopard print shoes. The freshwater pearls make it the teeniest bit boho so I’d also wear it with my embroidered jeans and white peasant blouse for casual days at home or (eventually) out and about. Glad you’ve decided to keep blogging. At a time like this we need distractions and a reminder to practice self-care l.

  224. Susan, thank you for continuing to blog. We are living in crazy times, the likes of which I have never seen. Our stores have many empty shelves. Milk, meat, bread, all these items are available in limited or nonexistent quantities. Forget trying to buy toilet paper or paper towels. Restaurants are closed. I never thought I would see something like this except in a third world country.

    The above is a long winded way of saying your blog, the way you touch people is more important now than ever before. In these unsettling times, we all need to find joy in simple pleasures. I would wear the pearl lariat necklace around the house while I am homebound as a way to lift my spirits. Again, thank you for all you do for so many.

  225. I will wear this beautiful necklace on my birthday (in August) when I celebrate becoming an “after60” gal, too! When I can once again freely embrace my millennial children and elderly neighbors. When the wisdom I’m granted comes in the form of being truly grateful for the blessing to gather together with loved ones and friends (something I took for granted in the not so distant past). Thank you, Susan, for using this give away to glimpse the better times ahead and facilitating a moment of hope in this time of darkness.

  226. I love this necklace –
    I would build an outfit around it for Easter, even if I celebrate alone it would make me feel special

  227. We had to cancel our long awaited cruise which was disappointing for us but trivial in the overall situation unfolding around us. If I were to win the necklace, I hope I would get to wear it on a rescheduled cruise to Alaska. Thanks for cheering us up with these giveaways.

  228. Oh! I would love to wear this with my creme v-neck tank and navy blazer. This is a lovely and feminine piece with a touch of elegance.

  229. Hi Susan!
    What an absolutely beautiful necklace! I would wear it with a white top or any solid color top with jeans or hopefully Capris soon as it warms up here in New England!
    Thank you Susan for all you do!
    Please be safe and take care,

  230. Hello Susan,

    I would wear the lovely necklace to work, to a function, to a play or show and to go shopping, because I think you’re right – it goes with everything.
    You look as chic and elegant as always!

    Cathy Darlington

  231. Best news I’ve heard in awhile! Thank-you Susan for continuing your encouraging site. It truly is a bright spot in an otherwise discouraging period
    in our lives. What would I wear it with? EVERYTHING or nothing at all!
    Please take care!

  232. Love the Lariat Necklace – it adds such a beautiful uplifting focal point to so many outfits in such a dismal time. The perfect pearl is round and smooth, but these aren’t – kind of like life right now. They are formed by an irritant inside a mollusk – much like this virus is shaping and forming a new lifestyle for each of us. Maybe not perfect, but still blessed with beauty.

  233. I love that necklace! I would wear it with t-shirt and jeans and blazer and I would wear it with a black sheath dress. I would also wear it with a chambray shirt and white jeans! Love, Love, Love!

  234. Fresh water pearls on light weight lariat would be a great look for my summer jeans and boots on a trip to Nashville!

  235. I admire that you can wear shoes like those. Unfortunately, my back would be very unhappy with me.

    Susan B.

  236. I think I’ll wear it in a lot of ways…for a fun way to dress up a simple tee & casual jeans…with a dressier tee or top and blazer for meetings and meals out…with a simple solid A-line dress/jacket combo for evenings at the theater or symphony…the list in my head goes on and on and on! Love that it’s simple and elegant all at once!

  237. I would wear this lovely necklace with my pink dress out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg. It will certainly add to a celebration back to normalcy whenever that occurs!

  238. This is a lovely freshwater pearl necklace ! I could see me mixing it with with a shorter necklace which is popular now or just wear it alone to dress up a simple tee!

  239. I would love to wear it with a white long sleeve tee shirt , black skinny jeans, a jean jacket , black toed leopard flats, and Soft saddle colour soft bag, that would pick up the colour in the leopard flats. I think it would be a knockout outfit and would make me feel absolutely terrific! I am turning 69 this June and enjoying it! Hope you consider me… fingers crossed!

  240. Beautiful pearl necklace
    Even though for now, there is no place to show it off too.
    Please keep your blog coming.
    Besides fashion perhaps you can talk more about your changing diet, etc.
    I have been following you for years and you inspired me to switch to a Plant Based diet.

  241. You look stunning! It’s so aspiring to see someone a few years older then me look and dress with style and class. I need to step up my game. You look like you walked out of a glamour magazine.

  242. Love your looks!
    I would wear that gorgeous necklace on my date with my husband after my breast cancer diagnosis. It has been a rough year and I’m trying to take care of me/us and my family.
    It is so beautiful and versatile and suits my classic taste.
    Thanks much!

  243. I will wear this beautiful necklace with joy when we are all free and healthy to resume our privileged lives! we all come through this x

  244. Such a lovely necklace! I know I will wear it both with casual outfits and dressier ones. Thank you both for the giveaway.

  245. I have been looking for this exact kind of necklace to wear to a wedding few upcoming weddings. I have a nice pearl bracelet this would coordinate nicely with. (The weddings have been postponed but the new dates are really close together this fall.) I could see also wearing it on visits to the city with a variety of outfits once restrictions are lifted; maybe even around the house in the meantime just to cheer myself up!

  246. I would wear the beautiful necklace in a variety of ways because it is so versatile! I would wear it with a casual outfit of jeans and a sweater or long sleeved t-shirt or with nice black pants and possibly a white or pastel blouse, There are so many wyas to wear this necklace. It will add to any outfit!!

  247. We have two seniors that are hoping their graduation from high school will takes place. The unknown is difficult as they both worked so hard to accomplish this goal. I would love to wear this necklace to their graduation and show this what a classy grandmother looks like. It would be beautiful in pictures and my gift to both girls will be pearl bracelets. Kind of all goes together don’t you think?

  248. That is such a beautiful necklace. I need something to wear for my daughters wedding. It is scheduled for May 16 so unfortunately and through lots of tears, we may need to move it, My dress is navy blue so this necklace would be perfect.

  249. Susan, I always enjoy your posts and agree with you about not buying as much and wearing our older classic clothes in new ways. I love the pearl lariet necklace you wore

  250. This is such a gorgeous and extremely versatile necklace – it makes me smile as I sit here working from home on a rather dreary Ohio day! I would wear this necklace with just about everything I own! I have a similar philosophy for dressing that you do Susan and would treasure adding this piece to my collection.

  251. If I win that lariat necklace, I will wear it for casual looks and for dress. Heck, I might even wear it for a short time with my pjs.

  252. Thank you for the warm words and the reminder to be kind to ourselves and others during this time. Life feels very out of control at times these days, and I’m trying to focus on areas that I *can* control — how I dress, keeping my house orderly and clean, eating well. It can sound shallow to focus on these things, but I think it helps the mood of those around us as well as ourselves. Take care.

  253. We will be traveling to IL in May (we hope) for the memorial service for my father-in-law who passed away in November. He always was well dressed and I want to honor his memory with a put together outfit. This necklace will complete the simple outfit I plan to wear.

  254. I have several spring dresses that I would wear that pearl necklace with – also with white pants and dressy blouses and with blue jeans and solid color shirts.

    BTW, Susan, your hair looks wonderful since you have styled it differently.

  255. I will wear it in ivory to jazz up my casual but dressy outfits when I get to go again to live music afternoons at one of our local wineries here in Jacksonville, OR.

  256. I think it’s important to look your best even if you’re staying in. When I have “my face on” & dressed nice I feel better.
    A dear friend reminds me of me telling her years ago “If you look good you’ll feel better.”
    Thank you for your tips & encouragement.
    I really liked the comment to touch each other with our kind words.

  257. Hi Susan,
    This is one of the prettiest necklaces I have ever seen! Not too fancy, not too plain-just right!
    Since reading your blogs, I have realized that you do not need a special occasion to wear your jewelry. You can’t enjoy it while it is sitting in your jewelry box. You have give me so many ideas of how to wear different pieces.

    Stay healthy, Susan. Thanks for continuing your blogs during this trying time.

    Karen W.

  258. I love a simple clean look. I would wear it with slacks/jeans and an unadorned top. Although I might add a jacket if it’s chilly.

  259. beautiful necklace…would wear it with a number of tops that i have…dress it up or wear with jeans… your look above with jeans also

  260. I am always looking for lightweight necklaces for when we cruise and this is a beautiful example. Having this necklace will mean that there is hope of our lives becoming normal in the future and I will be able to cruise again!

  261. I would love to wear the lovely necklace when my daughter can reschedule my 70th Birthday trip. She was taking me to South Beach, but we now will go later in the year, I love all your suggestions and travel post.

  262. I would love the pearl and grey lariat since it can go with any blues, blacks and greys. I am busty so the lariat would draw the eyes more to the center of my torso. It’s beautiful and appreciate and thank you for making this offer to your readers.

  263. Oh my!! This is such a versatile piece. I would love to wear it with my spring and summer clothes that I have already in my closet to dress them up. Thank you Susan for this wonderful giveaway! Stay well.

  264. I think it would look nice with anything. But I would wear it on black, for the nice contrast. I’m glad you are continuing your blog when so many things are closing down. I look forward to it every day.

  265. I am loving the longer length of the Freshwater Pearl Lariat. There are so many ways to wear it – I would wear it as a long necklace or as a multi wrap bracelet.

  266. Well, my son’s April 25 wedding was just cancelled, but it had a country-western theme and it has been rescheduled for NEXT April! This leather/lariat/pearl necklace would be perfect for me and in keeping with the dress up but be in the theme look!!!

  267. I would wear this stunning necklace with black separates for a dressy look. Then with a casual blouse and jeans during the day. I think it could also be layered because of the length. A very versatile piece.

  268. Thank you for the fun distraction of fashion and giveaways!That is such a versatile necklace that I could see wearing casually or for a dressier look.

  269. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained from experience, we are certainly in a time when wisdom needs to prevail. I would wear this beautiful pearl necklace to remember the stories of the people who cared for others during these challenging times.

  270. Susan, you are a breath of fresh air that is much needed at this time. As you stated, the necklace is very versatile. It could easily be dressed up and would elevate a white tee shirt, and my leather blazer, and light wash jeans. Here’s hoping the best for you and Mr. Mickey to stay well.

  271. I really like the necklace and how versatile it is. I like it best worn long or double knotted. Have a wonderful week even if we have to stay in the house!!

  272. I really like the necklace and how versatile it is. I like it best worn long or double knotted. Have a wonderful week even if we have to stay in the house!!

  273. I really like the necklace and how versatile it is. I like it best worn long or double knotted. Have a wonderful week even if we have to stay in the house!! I enjoy all the different ways you put items together.

  274. I just bought a grey tunic sweater I plan to wear with black pants. The pearl lariat would look great with that. Thank you for sharing fashion and beauty tips. I do appreciate it.

  275. I love the way this necklace elongates the upper body. It’s a very classy piece of jewelry. Thank you Pat DiDomenico.

  276. I will wear it like a uniform. It will make mb e smile since you have influenced me over the years

  277. I would wear this beautiful necklace with everything in my wardrobe. It’s versatile enough to be dressed up and worn with my favorite LBD or dressed down with jeans and a white collar shirt. Thank you for continuing your blog during these difficult times, I look forward to reading it with my morning coffee. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey continued good health!

  278. Hi Susan..your blog will help keep Abit of normalcy in our lives amidst the unknown. If I was honored with necklace…I think I’d wear it at home and believe that soon I will wear it out to dinner. Stay well and safe my friend.

  279. I would wear that gorgeous necklace even BEFORE life returns to normal. It is absolute my stunning. It looks like it would enhance everything from dresses to tees. Thank you, Susan, for continuing to grace out inboxes with elegance and beauty despite the uncertainty!

  280. I could wear this necklace with almost everything I own whether it be casual or dress. I fell in love with pearls when I went through a divorce several years ago. One day I was having an especially down day so I went window shopping. There was a sign with a painting of an open oyster shell with a strand of pearls inside it. The sign read, “She stopped living like an oyster and started living like a pearl”. This has been my motto since that day. I slowly added pieces with fake pearls to my jewelry box and wear them all the time. I would be honored to own the piece.

  281. That lariat necklace is beautiful!! I would wear it with both dressy and casual outfits. Love this company – and your advice. Thank you – stay safe!

  282. Helen Mirren might say that she would wear it with nothing at all. I live in Canada where it’s a little chilly for that, so I’d wear it with a simple top, nice jeans and a long flowy kimono.

  283. Love the necklace. I could see it with any color t-shirt under a blazer or a white cami under a jean jacket. Very versatile.

  284. Fantastic looking necklace. Love the idea of casual leather and dressy pearls together. I would wear it lots in spring and summer when too hot for scarves. I’m thinking basic shirt and necklace on top to show it off!

  285. This necklace is so versatile. I would wear it as a multi wrap choker with crew neck or v- neck shirts. It would look great as a long lariat necklace with a long top or as a wrap bracelet with a 3/4 sleeve top. I love the classy fresh water pearls with the more casual leather. It would look great with black jeans, a black shirt and a denim jacket.

    I have been enjoying your blog for quite awhile now and have implemented a lot of your tips. I have been able to pare down my wardrobe but not sacrifice versatility or style.
    Thank you, Susan!

  286. I love pearls with blue jeans. I would wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and various jackets (leather, jean, or any other spring jacket). I think pearls are so classy and give a casual outfit that perfect look!

  287. Dear Susan,
    I love reading your emails and looking at your pictures! That necklace is indeed beautiful and I hope the lucky person that wins it enjoys it!!
    Thanks for your continued posts…

  288. Hi Susan, Thanks for continuing your blog, it means so much to us! I would wear this lovely lariat anywhere and everywhere as it looks versatile and appropriate for most occasions. Wishing everyone peace and wellness .

  289. Absolutely love this necklace! Also, it is my birthstone. I celebrated my 80th birthday last year, but am not slowing down. Still work in my business daily from9 to 5, garden, play golf and love to cook. Would love to show this off at my next bridge game and out to special dinners with friends. Susan, hope you always continue your website; have followed you for a long time. So enjoy your helpful suggestions on clothing and jewelry; also your dinners with Mr. Mickey. He is so dashing. Keep up the great advice!

  290. I’d wear that beautiful necklace with my casual work outfits — it would give them that needed boost. Thanks for continuing your blog; I need the diversion and reminder to take care of myself during this time.

  291. Spring ,summer, fall or winter, nothing compares to a refined piece of pearl jewelry. This necklace is not only classy but is so versatile with a youthful vibe. Love it.

  292. Pearls are a classic and never go out of style. I would wear the lariat right now. I like to dress for myself. Putting on beautiful jewelry every day lifts my spirits and it does not matter to me whether or not I am going out. My grandmother told me to wear my jewelry and enjoy it and not to save it for a special day. I try to follow her advice. Smile better days are ahead.

  293. I would like to wear the pretty necklace saying your words “touch each other with kind words “.
    Thank you that you are continuing to blog.

  294. Hi Susan.

    Thank you for continuing with your blog. It is nice to have a reprieve from all the news that we are hearing. Nice to see things that brighten our days.


  295. The necklace is truly beautiful and versatile! I would love to show it off here in Western New York State!

  296. How I love pearls! These are particularly beautiful. I would wear it with everything.
    I love your hairstyle with bangs!

  297. Hi Susan, I would wear the necklace with most anything, from jeans to dressier items as well. It looks a very versatile piece of jewelry that I would enjoy and put to good use! Thanks for opportunity.

  298. I love that necklace. I work in healthcare so I typically wear scrubs everyday, so my sense of style only shines through on the weekends. That would look great this spring with my marled blue duster. Thank you for blogging; it took me away from reality for a few minutes. This, too, shall pass…. I pray for those who are ill, the unknown carriers and those on the front lines. I don’t want to be controversial but our President also needs prayers for guidance and wisdom; we will all benefit from that.

  299. I have a very special wedding coming up my first daycare child will be getting married it would look awesome with my coral dress and jacket!

  300. If I get to go on the cruise I have planned for later this year, I will wear it to the formal dinners !

  301. What a great necklace! Thank you once again for a chance to win. It’s so versatile, I imagine wearing it with almost anything. As you mentioned, it spices up an outfit when the rest of it is pretty plain. I wear a lot of black, white and grey. I think it would go with most of my wardrobe.

  302. Susan, your style is my style. I’ve learned so much from you. Would love to wear the lariat necklace when I celebrate coming out of isolation! I will pair it with black slacks, black sleeveless shell, and a black and white open jacket. Please stay safe and well.

  303. Hi Susan, your necklace is so versatile. It can be dressed up or down. Since I am retired most of my wardrobe is casual, I think it would look great with jeans and a sweater or blazer. I have acquired a few shirts from Covered perfectly after seeing them on your site and love them. That would complete the outfit. Thank you for such inspiring listings especially in this heartbreaking time. You are amazing.

  304. I was so excited to see this offered as a give away!! It jumped off the page at me when I saw the post! What an awesome piece! It will go with everything I wear from a simple camisole and kimono wrap to a dressy outfit for date night. The simplicity makes such an elegant and classy statement.
    Btw – love the pants and the shoes today!

  305. I would wear the necklace around my waist with the new long black tank dress I purchased on your recommendation!!
    It is stunning and I think this would give it a nice vibe. Hope to wear that dress to special dinners in the summer but we really don’t know when we will be able to safely venture out. Susan I would love to see demo some of your main dishes you prepare for your lunches or dinners at home. Stay safe!

  306. The lariat necklace is so classic it could be worn with just about anything. I think it would be perfect for my Easter outfit; white slacks power blue top.

  307. I really think you could wear it with most things! Denim, black, white, navy, etc.! I wear black and denim a lot, so that would be first!

  308. I love that necklace and see how I could wear it with just about anything in my closet. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks for sticking with us during these trying times. Reading your posts gives us a break from all of the troubling news. Stay safe!

  309. I would wear that fabulous necklace with a beautiful coral overblouse and white slacks .. to our annual Women of Flower Mound fashion show, which raises funds for scholarships for area seniors. It would steal the show!

  310. These are such pretty colors for spring. In spite of our current troubles, spring is popping up all around us. I can see the white pearls also brightening up a spring dress or tee soon.

  311. Thanks so much for giving us these timely tips. The lariat necklace looks versatile: pearls for classic style, & leather for modern chic. Very trendy. Susan, your style & creativity make me smile & want to be better. Blessings!!!

  312. Susan, Thank you for continuing your style posts during this stressful and, hopefully, current crisis when so many of us are cocooning at home. We need to have our spirits lifted and ideas for putting together classy outfits while we daydream about places we will go hen this crisis i behind us…and it I’ll be if everyone follows the CDC guidelines. I was happy to see Monday’s post and realize I bought the exact same jacket you were wearing at Steinmart months ago!! It reminded me that I’m learning from you. I would LOVE to have that pretty necklace to go with the top that is worn under it! Blessings to all you, Mr. Micky and all your readers.

  313. This outfit is wonderful. You look amazing. I would love the pearl lariat necklace. I just love freshwater pearls. Thank you so much.

  314. Thank you for continuing your blog during these uncertain times. It is a nice relief from all the bad news.

    I appreciate that you mention that it is a time for kindness. Indeed we need to be kind and helpful. For those of us that are in the age group that need to be overly cautious we aren’t seeing many people face to face. However we can phone and text and email those people who need a pick me up. We can also donate to a local food bank.

    On a happier note I would love the ivory necklace. Pearls are timeless. I would wear it with all my solid color sweaters and tops.

  315. What a beautiful and unique necklace! I love it! I’m not sure what I’d wear it with, but I would hope whatever I chose would do it justice.

  316. Hi Susan,

    I love jewelry and especially necklaces. In the past I have even designed a few of my own. However, my eyesight Has changed which makes that hobby a little more difficult these days. The lariat necklace is lovely and would complement the many solid color tops that i wear most often. Thank you for continuing to post. I look forward to each and every one! All the best to you and Mr. Mickey as we navigate these next couple of months!

  317. I don’t think commenting on fashion right now is trivial at all! We need a break from the constant barrage of Corona Virus information that is repeated over and over.. There is life beyond the virus and it’s nice to get a break to think about looking good in the future. Thank you, Susan, for your stylish eye and ability to look good in everything you wear!

  318. Love necklace. Will wear it with black faux silk high collar tunic. I like all UR ideas to stay upbeat.Will use them.

  319. Beautiful necklace! I have been looking for something to wear with my black jumpsuit for my 50th high school reunion. I think this necklace would be perfect. Good luck to everyone!

  320. I’m so silly. I didn’t include how I would wear it. I would wear it with my favorite black dress and also with jeans and a simple navy top. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  321. Thank you for continuing to post! Now, more than ever, we need your wise example of making our wardrobes efficient, using basics in clever but classic looks.
    Somehow all of this will pass and life will resume. The older I get the more I realize that in a world where our circumstances can change so rapidly, it is the small moments of grace and kindness we all need.

    The necklace is lovely and will go with almost everything, from casual to dressy, and will definitely be a mood-brightener for whoever wins it! Best wishes to everyone here!

  322. Wearing her pearls always gave my Mimi comfort, she was a lady through and through. Born in 1902 she was someone I loved dearly. Having this beautiful necklace would give me comfort during this trying time. Working from home leaves me feeling a bit isolated and I love your daily post.

  323. I’ve been looking for a pretty necklace like this to wear to my daughters wedding that’s going to be in the Dominican Republic next year. I’m going to be wearing a light weight simply dress & this necklace would just give it the touch it needs.

  324. Dear Susan, thank you so much for continuing your posts during this stressful time. It adds a note of normalcy to many of our days while cooped up & not able to get out as often. My husband is in the high risk group w/respiratory issues. If I’m the fortunate winner of that lovely necklace, I plan on wearing it on our first dinner out, once this pandemic is over!!! And, I’ll happily send pics!

  325. I would fold the necklace in half, bring it around the front and drop the ends through the loop. I would wear it with jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. It’s beautiful!

  326. Thank you Susan. Your posts are a welcome distraction from the grim everyday news.

    The lariat necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I would wear it to the opera or the symphony when they resume performances. In the meantime, at 70 years of age, I’m sheltering at home, where I’m streaming performances, visiting museums online, and feeling very grateful for the contact we’re able to access via the internet.

    Stay well.

  327. Hello Susan! My husband and I have been married 47 years this Fall. Whenever we go out together we always dress up for each other, like when we were dating. Since becoming a follower of your blog I have learned to keep things simple and elegant. The necklace would be a beautiful accent piece for the simple tops I wear especially during our southern coastal summers (where I live now) which last a LONG time! A beautiful piece such as this would be a real treasure to own and and a pleasure to wear. I wish you health in this time of uncertainty and look forward to your “stay at home” blog posts!

  328. Susan, thank you for your continued inspiration to us. I always look forward to visiting with you even though it is via the internet. I would use the lariat pearl necklace to enhance my look, whether it be for as dressy occasion, or simple chic look.

    Stay safe, Maricella

  329. Pearls are a beautiful statement to wear with any outfit, classic or casual. I love this necklace and would wear it to work at the University where I teach and out on the town with my husband.

  330. If I will the necklace I will wear it with a black top when I go out to eat dinner with my husband on our 47th wedding anniversary when things return to normal.

  331. Hi Susan, I’d probably wear it just like you are or wrapped one or a few time for shorter versions with the ends dangling. To be honest, I hardly ever wear bracelets so probably wouldn’t use if for that purpose. Many thanks for his drawing. Stay healthy and that goes for Mr Mickey also. Love your blog. Judy Myers

  332. I will wear the necklace when going out to dinner with my husband for our 47th wedding anniversary as soon as things return to normal.

  333. I just want to thank you for sticking with the blog posts. I always look forward to your posts. Not having them right now would make things seem even worse. We need the things we normally do as much as possible. Thank you .

  334. Hi Susan,
    I love, love, love this necklace! I adore pearls and with this casual looking cord, they will look beautiful with a casual look during the week and a bit dressier for church or dinner out. I broke my ankle and 2 small bones in my leg in January, which resulted in surgery. I am still recovering and hope to be able to put partial weight on it in 2 weeks…so I’ve been “socially isolating” already for a couple of months . Looking forward to getting out and dressing up!
    Thank you for this give away!
    Sheree Winstead

  335. Thank you for continuing to post. It is a great distraction to hear about something other than the virus. Life will go on. In looking to the future, I would wear the necklace on the first opportunity to venture out and. celebrate when this is over!

  336. Now that I am retired I don’t dress up very often except to go to church on Sunday mornings. I would definitely wear that lovely necklace to church.

  337. This awesome lariat would add zest to my already curated wardrobe when worn by itself or layered with one or more of my longer gold chains. It would be a wonderful addition to my jewelry collection and could be a most versatile item whether worn casually with my jeans and blazers or more formally with dressier items.

  338. I would wear it over plain coloured longer tops and also my tunics. I think it looks striking and would go with many many outfits.

    Stay safe Susan and best wishes to you at this time. Jayne from NZ

  339. Thank you for continuing the blog while times are a-changing,. I would be delighted to wear this necklace with a plain dark colored top and pants, my usual next item is my favorite apricot cashmere sweater, open front.
    thanks you too for this opportunity, Ann Lee S

  340. A beautiful lariat necklace there. I wear mostly black and white, and noticed that beauty when you showed it last! Glad to see you are continuing to blog. Thank you

  341. Thank you for continuing to share looks. I love your style and in this case, the use of camis and blazers. I may order a couple although do you use the long line bra or a strapless one with it? )In MN, the cami would not be warm enough for me, even with a blazer, until summer.

  342. Now that I work from home, I would wear it around the house just for the enjoyment of it! The necklace is beautiful. I would wear it with my black cashmere sweater

  343. I am a retired teacher living in a very, very rural area. I cared for my dad who had me late in life for many years after my mom died so I did not marry until I was 43. We just had our 23 anniversary. I have always loved fashion and enjoy your beautiful, yet adaptable outfits and advice. I also appreciate your healthy eating approach and exercising advice. Thank you for the inspiration you give me on maintaining my appearance and my health in an affordable way, even though I am home a lot. I love the ivory version. When we are able to get out again, I will wear it everywhere, dinner, shopping, etc.!!

  344. Love the freshwater pearl lariat. I would wear it exactly as you do in the pic. Love a classic jacket with jeans! Perfect third piece to complete the look. I like to accessorize this look with a longer necklace and this one is perfect. Can’t wait until my husband and I exhale and go out for a relaxed dinner. It will happen!

  345. I love that necklace! I’m always looking for the longer length…..just prefer that look! I always wore pearls when I worked in the business world & feel they are very feminine & elegant! This necklace would work for a formal occasion or with jeans! Very versatile!

  346. In these uncertain and stressful times in the world we currently find ourselves living in, it’s becoming increasing important for all of us to stay positive, be kind to others, and keep focused and busy with things that bring us joy. My casual position is now done from home and my free time has been spent trying out various nutritional recipes, reading, connecting with family and friends in ways other than in person, watching a few “uplifting” movies or documentaries on Netflex , doing a bit of household purging, and ensuring I get some fresh air each while taking my little dog out for his daily walks. I look forward to reading my favorite blogs each day, and yours has been my favorite for the last two years, ever I stumbled across it. Thank for continuing to put all the time and effort into your blog, as it is a bright light in my day, as I’m sure it is for a lot of your other faithful readers as well. The necklace is absolutely beautiful. I would wear it to dress up a plain neutral top, or plain sheath dress I’m planning to wear to a wedding next January. I could also picture myself wearing it with a more casual outfit with jeans.

  347. Hello Susan, I’m grateful to you for continuing to Blog as it will definitely help many of us to feel that at least one part of life remains the same. Your outfit is lovely and the necklace really sets it off. I would love to have my name entered into the giveaway and if I was fortunate enough to win, I would wear it with a dressy suit or with a pair of slim jeans, t shirt and blazer. As you mentioned, it would go with everything! Thank you again for your post.

  348. I love the necklace and Pearls are my birthday. I’ll where it with Chico black traveler top the first time we can go out to dinner again.

  349. I always enjoy your posts and outfits. This one is particularly important because I told myself when all this started that even though I am living alone and now can’t get out to see friends, I will still dress up every day — no sweats, nice slacks and tee shirts, put on make up, earrings, wash and dry hair and in general pull myself together because I am worth the time and attention. It does perk me up everyday and the routine is comforting. I hope you and Mr. Mickey stay healthy and that you are able to weather this together. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  350. I would so LOVE this necklace! I am a Gemini (June 8) and wear pearl earrings all the time but don’t have a nice necklace with pearls! I can see how it can be worn so many ways, with jeans, dress pants or a dress!
    Thank you for doing the give aways!

  351. What a lovely necklace! I would wear it with a floral skirt, peach tee and jacket. Such a versatile piece!

  352. My husband has been in treatment for cancer. As soon we get the OK, I will wear it for our first dinner out!

  353. I would wear that beautiful necklace to a dinner out with my beautiful family. Can’t wait to see all their smiling faces around a table again. Will never take that for granted again!!

  354. Susan I’m happy to hear you will continue to share your styles and fashion advice during these trying times. Even psychologists have suggested to do a hobby, or read, do a home project, anything to take a break. I’m planning to organize my much overdue basement … and seriously purge things I no longer need … and pass them on to someone who can really use them!!! Wishing you peace!


  355. Keep blogging Susan! I’d wear it with a blush matchstick skirt, cream linen cropped top and blush heels!

  356. I would probably wear this beautiful necklace to church or out to dinner. It makes a classy statement but could also be worn for a casual outfit.
    I was born in June and pearls are my very favorite.

  357. Thank you Susan.
    I’m writing from a small village outside Canberra , Australia. even here our small but fabulous supermarket is being stripped of goods as soon as they arrive. Crazy. Someone said its just not Australian.
    So yes lets all be kind to one another. Say nice things and as always make an effort to look as fabulous as we can.
    Take care.
    Love your posts.

  358. Hi Susan,
    I decided to get up every morning during this time and dress to thrills. This includes fixing my hair, putting in makeup and wearing jewelry . I can’t begin to tell you happy it’s makes me when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror.
    So my answer to your questions is, I would wear it now why wait.
    I have to say when I go to the store for supplies people smile at me and we often even up in a conversation.
    Please keep blogging I look forward to you blog hitting my inbox.

  359. Hi Susan….would love to wear the pear necklace to church and on the many cruises (not going as of now until the virus fades) we love to go on and dress up for dinner! It’s so beautiful.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  360. Beautifully written fashion blog. Your wardrobe always is on point. Good Luck everyone with the fabulous Beauty in Stone pearl lariat giveaway. Someone will be so excited, and others will be excited for them. Thank you Susan for a wonderful blog and Suzanne of Beauty in Stone Pearl Lairiat Necklace giveaway! You both ROCK the world of fashion!

  361. I really enjoy your posts, and I fully appreciate that you are continuing your blogs, as normal. We need a sense of normalcy in the midst of all the chaos. I would wear the Freshwater Pearl Lariat with a dressy, loosely fitted white blouse, dress Khakis and leopard flats. Stay safe and be well.

  362. I would cherish this distinctive necklace as a reminder of these strange times. Above the tie are the beautifully spaced pearls – separate and individual, like the space we are now putting between us in an effort to stay safe. Below the tie, the pearls are near or touching each other… the hope of warm personal contact returning (with a sparkling reward at the end). Gives meaning to this “statement” piece – declaring hope for tomorrow.

  363. I would like to be entered to win the freshwater pearl lariat necklace, it’s beautiful!! I could wear it with everything!

  364. The pearl necklace isbeautiful, truly a classic. I would wear it with everything from Jean’s to a formal look.
    Ginger Walsh

  365. Beautiful!!! I think what is important during this time of feeling that so much is out of our control is to continue and maintain those things we can manage in our life. That includes healthy eating, exercise, outdoor activity, maintaining contact and also be ok with learning how to do well with less and with more quiet in life. So I would wear this right away! Why wait ???? as dressing and feeling nice is critical to get us through such an upheaval. Good health and be well to all

  366. My closet of basics would be so improved if I put this lovely pearl lariat around my neck. I would be thrilled to own it,

  367. Love this necklace! It will replace the pearls that were stolen in a burglary. I’ll wear them with almost everything- but the gym! Looking to you for inspiration! Keep blogging, Susan. I love reading it and hearing your positive take on life. Thank you.

  368. Rather than wearing this pearl necklace as a lariat, I would loop it several times over my head and wear as a necklace with three strands.

  369. What a marvelous gesture while we all look to add a little sunshine to our lives during these trying times. If I were to win the beautiful necklace, I have some perfect Clara sunwoo tops that I could pair it with. I discovered Clara Sunwoo through your blog and I’m thankful.

  370. That’s a generous offer; the Pearl Lariat necklace is gorgeous! I can’t imagine any outfit (except the super casual which I don’t wear often) with which it wouldn’t pair perfectly…many work outfits, church, social events, date night…it could get a lot of wear. While we’re social distancing right now, our lives will return to a new normal. Not next week, probably not next month, but I’m holding on to the positive thought that it will and we’ll be gentler wiser people for the experience

  371. Susan, please continue to post. My 93 year old mother died early Friday morning. My sister and I never left her during those last days and your post brightened those sad times. Indeed I chose bright colors to wear for mama because she loved fashion too. Thank you for the work you put into your blog to help us to be healthy and to look our best, you are never trivial.

  372. I would love to win the fresh water pearl lariat necklace!!! Please ! Please ! I don’t ever win anything and at this time with everything going on it would be especially special to me ! I would wear it with a white sheer top and a red jacket with blue jeans! Please pick me!!
    Thank you!
    Joyce Wiatrek

  373. If I won this necklace, I would wear it with a double V neck -( front and back ) top , with the ends dangling in the back.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the necklace. I enjoy your blog very much!

  374. Fortunately, I work in casual office and wear jeans most days. This necklace would certainly elevate my look and add pizzazz.
    Thank you for keeping on in the midst of the chaos.

  375. Should the lovely necklace come my way I’d wear it on the Las Vegas strip. As a local, I don’t go down to the casinos that often. When things get back to normal we will all do our part to support the local economy.
    If not, I still enjoy your blog. My friend and I both follow it and have to check with each other so we don’t end up looking like twins when we go to our Ladies Club meetings. We are both 75 and hanging in there the best we can.
    Carolyn Sakamoto

  376. I would “tie” it like a long scarf: hold the 2 ends together; place on back of neck with 2 ends on one side in front, the “loop” on the other: pull the 2 ends through the loop and adjust to your liking. Hope this makes sense!:-)

  377. I totally understand your shift away from heels-I’m doing the same-but I love this outfit, and the heels are part of what sets it apart. I turned to cage heels a few years ago because of the influence of your blog. I’m finding them harder to wear, but boy do they make feel like I stand out in all of the good ways! I love the pearl lariat as well. Another life-changing tip I got from you is the power of a “V”- v-necks, long necklaces that form a v-they all make me feel taller and thinner. I only wear long dresses in summer, and I feel like this would be perfect. I can also picture it with a long duster cardigan and white jeans. I will look to you for inspiration in these unusual times, as I have looked for it in ordinary times. Stay well and keep posting!

  378. Susan,
    First, and most importantly, thank you for reminding us that we can indeed, touch each other with kind words. We may not realize at this time of crisis how very anxious, even fearful a family member is, or our neighbor, or even social media friends. Sharing smiles, a wave from across the street, and kind words of encouragement as you have, will help brighten and lighten our weary hearts.
    The lovely pearl lariat is the perfect length to wear with my silk blouse and longer dusters. Pearls are incredibly versatile~ Jeans and a duster or semi formal black dress, pearls instantly add a distinctive, graceful style. I have a new animal print dress that could really use such a necklace as well. And if I receive the necklace, I won’t be the only one wearing it since my adult daughters, my mother and I all enjoy sharing our jewelry!
    I do have a short string of pearls that my mother gave me when I graduated from high school but the lariat would be an exciting addition!
    Thank you again Susan for reminding us that we can indeed “touch” each other even when isolation is required.

  379. I love the pearl necklace. I would wear it to highlight and to show that I did not sink, I did not retreat nor did my spirit die in the recent Bush Fire that destroyed our home, all our belongings and the farm. If I was to walk into a room wearing the pearl necklace, my husband of nearly fifty years, would look at me and say “That’s my beautiful girl”. I would the necklance with a smart pair of camel coloured slacks and a camel crew neck cashmere sweater with a navy blue blazer, trimmed with camel coloured piping on the collar, pocket flaps and buttons. Navy pumps on my feet. A navy blue handbag with a tartan scarf tied on the handle to bring the eye down to a flash of complimentary colour.

  380. The necklace is beautiful! Instead of telling you how I would wear the necklace I would like to say after reading the comments I think it should go to an earlier post Karen Johnson would love to wear it on her wedding day in June! What a lovely addition to her wedding! I have enjoyed following you for years!

  381. Luv this versatile necklace -I have always liked anything pearl – would look wonderful with the black mock turtleneck I recently purchased –

  382. Such a lovely necklace. I have a short neck so feel I could wear it with many things to draw the eye down and not focus on my short neck.

  383. Hi Susan,
    This is my second response since the first one didn’t go through.
    I took your hint and starting dress up everyday with hair, makeup and jewelry. I feel so put together every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. When I’m out getting supplies people smile at me and sometimes we even have a conversation.
    Therefore the answer to your question is why wait I would wear the lovely necklace right now.
    Please keep blogging we need you now more than ever. I’m so happy when you land in my inbox!!
    I’m been using the time in CA since we have been shelter in place until April 7 to organize. I’ve found clothes, jewelry that I forgot.
    I live the concept shop your clothes, keep what fits and buy less!!

  384. That necklace would be perfect with a T-shirt and long skirt, something I was planning to wear out to dinner in Hawaii this May. Looks like the trip will need to be postponed or cancelled but it would be just as pretty worn for dining in at home!

  385. I would love this necklace and would probably wear it when I dress for church on Sundays. Pearls are a timeless classic and this lariat would fit my short stature and style. Stay well my friend!

  386. I want to wear it backwards with long strand going down a deep back cut dress!! I’ll be wearing a bra lift in the front with no shoulder or back straps.

  387. Dear Susan,
    The pearl necklace is beautiful. I love Pearl’s but always seem to have a problem purchasing one I actually end up wearing. I think Pearl’s look so great with a denim blouse and Jean’s. This is how I would wear it if I won. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of leaving my comment.

  388. I’d wear the Freshwater Pearl lariat necklace with my little black sleeveless sheath dress, or with my jeans, tee shirt, and white denim jacket.

  389. It will be my “go to” necklace for work to dress up everything I wear, especially the plain t-shirt type tops.

  390. What a beautiful necklace. My niece is getting married at the end of May. This would be perfect for this special occasion. We are concerned that the wedding may be postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. My heart breaks for my niece although she’s being very brave about it. If the wedding has to be posti, I may give her the necklace if I win it.

  391. I would love to win this necklace! I think it would dress up any outfit, but I would probably wear it with jeans and a jacket just as you are showing in your post.

  392. I think it would look amazing worn with a dark color like black or any jewel tone. It’s such a great piece though it would like fantastic worn with anything

  393. Thank you for yet another fantastic giveaway!

    I would wear it with a white, round neck shift dress or much as you show it: jeans, white shirt, and navy blazer.

  394. I would wear the gorgeous lariat with joy and thanksgiving. My darling husband was diagnosed four years ago with Alzheimer’s, we are no longer able to enjoy dining out and traveling with friends the way we did for forty years. So we have small dinner parties in our home , sometime it’s just the two of us, but even now his eyes light up when I make a special effort to dress up for him.

  395. What a beautiful necklace. No need to wait till later, it would look lovely for candle light dinner now! Let’s make the best of this.

  396. I love the lariat. I would wear it under a blazer or jacket And over a simple blouse or dress to create a sophisticated look.

  397. What a lovely pearl lariat necklace!
    I would love to wear it day and night when we are able to see all of our family and friends again after this pandemic ends.

  398. I love this necklace and feel that it can be worn dressed up or with casual outfits. I have a navy dress that would look so special with this necklace and I would wear it to my next book club gathering. It was originally scheduled for tomorrow but we will have to wait for a while longer. Thank you for the lovely give-aways. Stay well.

  399. Hi Susan! I so look forward to your posts! I have learned so much from you— you are truly an inspiration in many ways! The lariat necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I love pearls and enjoy wearing them with both casual and dressy clothes! I think the lariat would look great with jeans, a v-neck cami ( my favorite is the Downtown Cami from Express that I learned about from you! ) and a blazer! That is a great look that could be worn for many occasions! Take care and stay healthy!
    Judy Smith
    San Antonio, Texas

  400. Thank you so much for your inspirational post. Touching others with much needed kindness is so important right now.

  401. Ohhhh, I would love to wear that beautiful necklace with black or jewel tone tops. Pearls are classic and solid colors (like black and jewel tones) allow their beauty to shine.

  402. I’m so glad you plan to continue your posts. Something to look forward to especially during this time of uncertainty. Stay well.

    Oh, and I’d love to wear that beautiful necklace to church whenever services can be held again.

  403. Hi Susan,
    You look fantastic as always. You have so much poise. That’s not a word often heard Anymore or a behavior/mindset that I was taught growing up.
    Also, thank you for keeping going with your blog. I live in NY and the virus is serious here now. I appreciate having the things I look forward to still available while I am inside.
    I wish you and all of your readers health and peace!

  404. Hey Susan,

    The pearl is my birthstone. I love wearing pearls year round but they are pretty traditional. The lariat necklace is a really modern look.

    My husband takes me out for a lunch date every Friday. Since going out is on hold for now, I would wear the pearl lariat for our lunch dates at home. Yes, I would dress up and all.


  405. Susan,

    I dress every day, albeit casual, and put on make-up. I find I am infinitely more productive than i am when just wearing loungewear. I am trying really hard to have something to show for all the days at home when we are “released.”

    Thanks to you and Mr. Mickey for continuing to be in our lives! What are you two doing to stay busy?

    Cindy Smith

  406. There’s nothing wrong with beauty in whatever form it comes in.
    Fashion can seem frivolous, I agree.
    But, good spirit, never.

  407. I have never worn a lariat style necklace, but would love to explore the options I have in my closet that would go well with this beautiful necklace. I have always loved pearls.

  408. I have loved the lariat necklace that you so often wear. I will look forward to wearing it often when we move to Steamboat Springs in the next couple of months. A fancy lariat will add something special to the Western wear that we will be seeing and wearing!

  409. I fell in love with the lariat necklaces since you first wore the leather one with the silver beads. I have that one and would also like to have the lariat with the pearls. I enjoy wearing it long with just a square knot and doubled also. Pearls are my favorite “gemstone “.

  410. I love pearls! I’d like to wear that beautiful necklace with my deep blue blouse. As a fair skinned, blue eyed redhead, these colors compliment me. I always look forward to your posts!

  411. What a beautiful necklace! I love pearls and would wear it often. I have several shirts and jackets that it woukd compliment wonderfully.
    I look forward to each blog post. I’ve followed your blog for since it was Fifty not Frumpy and have learned so much from you! Thank you!

  412. As my hair has whitened, surprisingly I love wearing pearls more often. They compliment any color I might be wearing and the lariat look can be quite fashionable for even more casual occasions. I have a Brighton shorter necklace & earrings that I would love to try with the lariat, similar to the look you showed in your blog today with 2 necklaces. Thanks for keeping up with your blog in The trying times we are going through it is a symbol of hope and normalcy!

  413. I love wearing classic jewelry like pearls with jeans and a sweater/blazer. Casual and classy makes a great combo!

  414. If I am fortunate enough to win the lariat necklace, I will wear it first as a constant reminder of all we take for granted in this world we live in. I’m 76 years young and during these difficult times we all need a reminder of the beautiful , the kind, the hopeful,and the positives . The beauty of the pearls connected by the gold chain seem to me a wonderful way to never forget we are all connected as one , and to pull together in love and kindness. Then I would jump for joy and wear the lariat with flowing silk trousers, or casual jeans, dressing up or dressing down and the thrill of a win !!!! Never again take for granted this lovely life and country we are privileged to live in!

  415. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this beautiful lariat with pearls. I have so many outfits that I could wear it with that are dressy and casual. It’s such a versatile piece

  416. I love lariats they are so incredibly versatile. Pearls always make your outfits more classic in my opinion. This is a winning combination. I would wear that necklace with everything! Love love love it!

  417. Love your necklace, what a versatile piece of jewelry! What to wear it with…., my black dress, my navy pants and top with a colorful jacket, my jeans and solid color top, my black jeans and black shell with my white jean jacket, my black jeans and blue asymmetrical top and carry my red purse…., I could keep going on and on. Love that necklace!!

  418. I would wear the pearl lariat with jeans and a tee shirt and blazer or light cardigan, with a spring dress, with an evening dress and use the pearl lariat as “back” jewelry

  419. I think the freshwater pearl lariat necklace is gorgeous!! Pearls are my favourite! I have only ever owned a short strand of pearls, so would love to experiment with this necklace and certainly wear it long, just as you have done Susan, which is so elegant! However, I would also wear it shorter with the many “layers of pearls” look. So many options! The tan/beige suede is such a soft colour and would be my choice as well!
    While I am writing this I would also like to tell you that I have one of your scarves, which I just love, and wear very often! It is the large navy bordered scarf, with the colours bright (light) blue, orange, brown and grey with characters in interesting headdresses (?). Those colours definitely make my small wardrobe look much better! I have also received so many compliments on the scarf! I am so thankful I purchased it when your shop was still open!!
    I look forward to reading your posts every week!

    Take care,
    Rosalie Rudolf

  420. Love this style of necklace. I’d wear it to the office which is biz casual but it would also be great with a simple 1 color outfit head to toe.

  421. Susan, glad to see you’re staying well and making plans for continuing your posts from your lovely home! I would be thrilled to have the lariat necklace!! I love the long lines it creates and could imagine wearing it with many neutrals. I could especially use the necklace to highlight “column dressing” with an all black or all navy column inside (top and bottom) with one of my toppers (jacket, kimono, cardigan) on the outer layer. That is a favorite look for me!

  422. I enjoy reading your blog. The pearl lariat would go perfectly with natural linen pants and a white top.

  423. Beautiful necklace! I would wear this with my dresser clothes, date night and Church on Sunday, but it would go well with jeans and tee shirt top. It would really add style to most any thing you want to make it special.

  424. Love the lariat, but have never been able to afford this addition to my wardrobe. It would go with anything from dressy to a simple tee. Thank you for such a generous give away that brightens this time we are in.

  425. Admired the pearl necklace in the give away prior to the give away notification. It is beautiful and would look good dressing up or more casual. Stay safe and take care and thanks for the diversion.

  426. Hi Susan,
    I love all of your posts, they are so helpful. I would love to win the necklace, it looks lovely how you are wearing it and when things get back to normal, I would wear it the same way. I think it looks wonderful over a tank top with the blazer and a nice pair of pants or jeans.
    I do hope that am more lucky on this draw as I haven’t been on the others for the watch etc. Have a great day.

  427. I will wear it to lunch with a v-neck shirt and white jeans or to work with a navy shirt dress or to a concert with an all black outfit or …and the list goes on and on.

  428. I love your classic style, Susan, and learn so much from every post! Thanks for your reminder today of the importance of touching each other with kind words. I love the pearl necklace and it would go with everything I own! Thanks for all you do!

  429. Keep blogging Susan – no matter what the naysayers say. So many people will suffer mentally through being kept at home. If they can be inspired to look good for themselves at home it might manage to keep the ‘sads’ at bay!!

  430. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for all your wonderful fashion advice and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy during this crazy time.

    I would wear this necklace on 5/5, my 65th birthday to celebrate a huge milestone in my life!!

    Thanks so much,

  431. Hi Susan,

    I live in Kirkland, Wa., the town which they’re calling “Ground Zero” for this ugly virus. I’m 72 and my husband is 83. On March 14 we celebrated our 36th anniversary at home because we’re self-quarantined. We’re going to celebrate at a lovely restaurant in town, once life is back to normal. I will wear my black Clara Sun Woo top & matching cropped pants, and this necklace will be beautiful with it. (Also, I’m “blond” and pearls are my best accessory 🙂

    Thank you for lifting our spirits during this unusual period, and reminding us that fashion will be an important part of our lives again one day soon.


  432. Your necklace is lovely. Your look is very classic and the necklace is a perfect compliment. I met a young mom of 3 on Sunday in Cookeville, TN. She and her husband lost their home, belongings, vehicles, a family pet and almost the life of their oldest child who is 12 in the tornado that swept thru this small college town. Her name is Ashley. The necklace would go to her. I feel sure she would style it perfectly. Blessings and thank you for listening. I have much to be thankful for.

  433. Hi Susan! Well said. We still need a little joy in our lives, especially at times like these!
    I would love to rear the freshwater pearl lariat with a silk shirt and jeans. And a smile!
    Take care.

  434. I just left a reply about the watch I like. I really do not expect to be chosen, but it is fun to play the game.
    IF I had the lariat pearl necklace, I would wear it with my Travelers Navy tank and Navy pant to my son’s 25 year Air Force retirement at GRISSOM ARW this coming June. Notsure what blazer or jacket I will use since not sure of the weather till closer to the event. I have nice freshwater drop earrings.
    I do love your blogs a study them for the latest ideas trying to stay chic.
    Thank you

  435. If I won that necklace I would wear it with a brightly colored blouse to show it off. I am hoping to go to a wedding back east in the middle of the summer and I would love to be wearing that pearl necklace. Please do keep up the blogging, I look forward to each of them and it helps to keep normalcy in these troubled times.

  436. Susan, I love your photos and tips ! We play pinochle with friends monthly, I would wear this necklace with a cashmere sweater and jeans.
    I hope life returns to normal soon.

  437. My mother’s love of pearls of any shape or size was passed along to me from the time I was a young teenager 50 ago! I love, love, love the necklace you are wearing. I would wear it with a Sunday outfit to church, or to a weekday luncheon with girlfriends, but I’d also wear it with a jacket or blazer with jeans out running errands. Pearls add the “polish” to any outfit so that you can feel that “Nailed it!” reward when you check yourself out in a mirror.

  438. I would love to win the beautiful lariat necklace. I would wear it for many occasions because it is such a versatile piece. The first place I would wear it would be out to dinner with my husband. I think I would wear it with jeans, a pretty blouse, a colorful, lightweight topper and espadrilles.

  439. Now that I am retired and have downsized my home I find that a few well chosen pieces can change any outfit. This necklace is beautiful as well as versatile. It would be used often to enhance my wardrobe. I Love this piece.

  440. I would wear it with everything. It’s classic dressed up but would look great with a T-shirt and jeans And, the more you wear pearls the greater the luster.

  441. I just bought a beautiful blue sweater from Talbots .I would wear the necklace with black or white You or beige pants .The sweater is hip length and a longer necklace would be perfect. My animal print shoes would look great with the pearl and beige necklace ..I have followed your blog for about four years and it always brightens my day .I have a lot of basics and you help me decide what to wear on many days

  442. I would love to win the pearl lariat. My style is pretty bias and simple. Mostly black, gray, navy and I am always looking for accessories to sharpen up my basics. This necklace souls sure be a statement piece. Worthy statement pieces are pricey but worth it. As a newly retired person I am finding myself cutting back on the extras I would love. I would wear it with my little black dress, my black dress jumpsuit, my black Calvin Klein pant suit, my navy and gray pantsuit and I could probably wear it with several other outfit choices. Thank. You

  443. Stay healthy Susan and thank you for continuing to blog through this. If I were to have a pearl lariat necklace, I might just wear it while riding my new Tennessee Walking Horse! I just brought him home last week and he’s my new best friend. He’s love to see me wearing it! I’m sure.

  444. I will wear it often, but especially to go out for dinner with my husband for the first time once restaurants open back up!

  445. Pearls are absolutely classic–no matter how you wear them. My hubby gave me pearls as a wedding gift 46 years ago. Treasure them. And, thanks for some calm and relaxing reading during all this turmoil.

  446. The lariat necklace will go with so many of my outfits, it seems that the main places I go these days is to grocery stores, pharmacy and doctors’ offices, but one can still dress nicely to those places so that is where I will wear it, should I win of course. Thanks.

  447. I would use that beautiful lariat as you do as a necklace; and it also looks long enough to wear as a belt!

  448. Susan, I appreciate your blogs more than ever. You’re right about needing some normalcy in our lives right now. I always admired the explorer William Shackleton’s insistence that his men men wash up, shave, and comb their hair every day while stranded in the Antarctic under dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. There’s something reassuring about keeping on and carrying out life-affirming activities during chaotic times. Your blogs will continue to be a source of pleasure and inspiration to me, now more than ever. Thanks for what you do! Good wishes to you and Mr. Mickey. Stay well.

  449. I’m way on the other side of the world, Susan, as far south as one can go before Antarctica – the little island of Tasmania.
    I discovered your blog a couple of years ago as I navigated my way through my 60’s and have picked up quite a few hints. Each week, I look forward to seeing what adaptations you make in your wardrobe.
    Today’s look is stellar. Everything about it!
    Especially love the shoes and envy you being able to wear heels and pointed toes without pain – it’s a look I crave (maybe that’s another blog post for you!)
    Thanks again for your time and energy!

  450. This beautiful pearl necklace reflects and connects us to nature which we need right now. I would wear it to add a chic elegant touch to my everyday autumn casual jeans, caramel cashmere jumper and short beige boots. I write to you all from the Southern Hemisphere where like the world we are all adapting to a new normal. Take good care from Australia x Sharon Ps. If I were to win I’m very happy to pay for postage to Oz.

  451. I will wear it celebrate the first day I can spend with my whole family when this is over. I it will be a reminder that together we are stronger to come through adversity mama bxxxx

  452. I have very few jewelry items that I can wear with everything. This is a beautiful item that I love to have!

  453. Hello Susan,

    It is a versatile necklace and I would wear it whenever I needed to elongate my top and provide a focus when wearing something plain. I would also wear it with a plain shift dress to draw the eye up and down the garment.

    It is not too bulky and oozes a subtle elegance.

    Thank you,

  454. I sure would love the pearl necklace. I don’t have many pearls. A pair of earrings. But that might be it.

  455. I love the look of pearls. This necklace I would wear with anything. I would love to win the necklace.

  456. My husband was very ill for the last year and I was his caretaker and housebound. Lew died Feb 8th. 2weeks ago, my daughter made me do some retail therapy. I bought 10 new tops and 3 pairs of pants. I was ready to go out to dinner, be with friends and planning trips! Haha. Housebound!

    Love the necklace. For now. I would wear the necklace with my sweets until the quarantine is over and then I would wear it with my new tops! My husband always enjoyed taking me out and having fun. I think he is laughing along with me right now

    I follow your blog and look forward to it each week. You always look lovely.

  457. I would love to have the beautiful lariat necklace to wear at the party I will have to celebrate the end of isolation!! It would be the finishing touch to a breezy summer dress and sandals. Can’t wait!!

  458. The pearl larriott necklace is stunning. I have a Black (Chanel type tweedy jacket) worn over a grey knitted dress that flares out at the bottom. With black shoes with a leopard print front. I would wear the necklace with this . I think it would be absolutely stunning.
    Judy Webb

  459. Hi Susan, it’s so nice of you to help keep our minds off of what is going on all around us. Here in The Netherlands most people are staying indoors. I hope to be styling the laureate chain with my off white jeans and my newly acquired lavender silk top when things are back to normal. Keep up the good work!!

  460. Susan, I’m very glad you’ve decided to continue blogging during this difficult time. Your blog is a bright spot and a welcome distraction. Melissa

  461. Love the pearl lariat. It would go with almost everything I have. I would certainly wear it with my tunic length tops and black pants., also spring sweaters.

  462. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful styling tips with us. Love this classic necklace and would love to win it. I follow your blog and look forward to reading it every week.

  463. I still get appropriately dressed even those I’m housebound. I love the look of grey over navy so that’s how I would wear it.

  464. You look very stylish and dressed up in this black outfit.

    In Northern California we are already sheltering in place, so I won’t be going out fancy anytime soon. However, if I was going out I would wear that lariat necklace with a little black dress I have. I have noticed you wearing the necklace with other, more casual outfits and it goes with a casual outfit just as well. I always wear pearl stud earrings, and usually gold colored jewelry, so the freshwater pearl lariat necklace would be a wonderful addition for my wardrobe.

    Thank you for posting this blog. I enjoy reading it and seeing your photographs.

  465. love your style and would love to wear the lariat necklace for various functions as you do I have learned a lot from your blog thank you!

  466. I love, love, love that necklace! When I saw you wear it on your trip, I thought that was the perfect piece to take along on vacation. I have a small upper frame and like lighter jewelry rather than heavy things. I sure hope I’m the lucky one. 🙂

  467. Such a lovely and versatile necklace! I’ve adored freshwater pearls for more than 30 years, ever since I visited Japan, where they are called biwa pearls. The freshwater mussels in Lake Biwa produce unusually shaped pearls, and biwa is the generic term for all freshwater pearls in Japan. Suzanne, you are such a talented jewelry artist! Thanks to you and Susan for this giveaway.

  468. I love, love that necklace. I looked at her site. I am a big fan of pearls and wear them a lot. Hope I win.

  469. You wear your necklace beautifully. I would wear it knowing the woman who wore this necklace was kind of heart and soul. She always shared her beautiful ideas with each of us.We should all learn the real happiness in life comes from being able to share with each other. This reminder we should always carry in our hearts.Treat each person with respect and caring. What goes around comes around!

  470. Hello Susan.Being very impressed by your blogs I bought 3 blazers, 6 tanks,2 pairs of black trousers,,couple of pairs of shoes,bags and scarves and was ready to impress ,but being in the UK and over 70 I now have to self isolate for 3 months.I would wear that necklace when able to as a symbol of power over adversity.

  471. The beautiful necklace would be the perfect accessory to the navy and gray simple wardrobe that I am curating. I will miss dressing up for date night at our local theaters which have gone dark for now.

  472. I would love such a classy necklace and wear it to many of the performances I play in as a retired musician/ music teacher. Music is a joy and a comfort for everyone.

  473. A pearl necklace such as this could be worn with so many different outfits, from casual to dressy. It is totally different from anything I already have and being pearls makes it all the better! Thank you for for the kindness you are showing by continuing your blog. It is most appreciated.

  474. I would love to have the Freshwater Pearl lariat, I would wear with my cream top, my khaki pants, my navy jacket
    Trimmed in deep red. Love you Susan.

  475. It is a stunning piece that surely could be worn with everything…I would wear with my jeans and jackets as the weather warms…
    Thank you for what you do!

  476. Thank you Susan for continuing to be a positive influence. This necklace is so versatile that I would wear it with jeans when I want to elevate the outfit. Because I am a business owner, I sometimes need to transform my jean look for meetings or other business. I also wear dresses and separates to church on Sunday and look for jewelry to update a solid color classic. This necklace is perfect! I also like that it appears lightweight. So many accessories bother me or weigh me down around the neck.

    It’s spring here and I see daffodils and forsythia reminding us of the new life that comes with the season. Thanks!

  477. I love ❤️ this necklace. I am in Ethiopia but will be celebrating in June when I can come back to my country and family. I will wear it with basic navy blue pants,white t and a denim blue leather jacket

  478. The pearl lariat necklace is perfect! I have a long torso and find necklaces that elongate look much better on me than shorter ones. I wear lots of black and that would be perfect with a black top and black slacks for a night out or for Sunday church. Thanks Susan for the opportunity to win!

  479. Oh my. I love pearls and I love a lariat style necklace. My first thought is my black sheath dress but I love how you are wearing it with a lighter background too!

  480. Susan, I must say, my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant too last week, for the same reason.
    And, I was wearing the same blazer! I think next time I wear mine, I will need a focal point, like you.
    So, the pearl lariat would be prrfect! I enjoy reading your blogs, and style.

  481. Love this necklace- love pearls. I would wear it most of the time as you have shown it However , at a dressy event I would wear it hanging down the back.

  482. I love your OOTD! It seems to really be you…elegant, classy, youthful! I would wear the lariat necklace with a breezy gauze dress, Jean jacket and booties for a spring time look in Texas!

  483. As you said I would wear this with just about everything! It would dress up a casual outfit without being over the top and still be appropriate for dressy attire.

  484. I love the look of the pearl lariat necklace and I will wear it often. I plan to wear it with anything in my closet but for spring I would wear it with a peach colored top or black top at night. I think it will go with so many of my outfits even my jeans.

    Thanks for offering pick me ups thru your blog. I get pleasure out of wearing cute outfits even tho we are staying home for much of our day/evening. My husband deserves to see a wife that is cheerfully dressed even tho I am going nowhere.

    Stay safe and do things that bring you joy,

  485. This beautiful necklace would look lovey with my red cashmere sweater and white spring jeans. Love your blog and my best friend, Sharon Rabe for sharing with me. Have a good day and stay safe.

  486. I would love to take that beauty with me to Ireland
    in Sept when we are scheduled to take a cruise. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  487. Love love long necklaces. I wear with black faux leggings, black 3/4!sleeve top and black & white faux snake booties. Maybe a hat

  488. Susan,
    I would wear that beautiful lariat necklace with a black lace dress (below the knee style) and silver strap pumps.

    I love your blog. You are an inspiration and I look forward to it. You remind me that there are better days ahead!

  489. I love the necklace. The grey looks good online also. I’d wear it with a jacket and dress tshirt and my jeans!

  490. Pearl is my birthstone.It’s also my favourite semi precious gem. I wear pearls often & l would wear this necklace with my casual tees as well as my fancy tops. Long or doubled,I’d wear it often!


  491. Thank you, Susan, for providing us a touch of beauty each day. In times like these, as we care for ourselves and our families, I feel it’s important to still take time to eat sensibly, get some exercise, and choose flattering but comfortable clothing…even though “no one is looking”. The lariat is an original and beautiful piece that I would certainly wear several days a week…with long-sleeve, cotton boat-neck Tees, classic white shirts, and on Fridays for virtual Happy Hour (one article called it “Quarantini Time!) with a cashmere crew neck. I hope you and Mr. Mickey stay safe and well, and I look forward to seeing a new post tomorrow.

  492. Thank you Susan for continuing to inspire us during these challenging times. I love the lariat pearl necklace. I would wear this to my sister’s 60th birthday dinner when we’re able to get together. We had to cancel her dinner party due to the virus. I love making sure she feels special and loved, sue

  493. Hi Susan – If I won that the necklace – it’s so versatile, I would wear it to work, church, and on some weekend adventures! Enjoying your blog posts! Yes, thru these trying times, kindness first, and keep some everyday beauty, too.

  494. Hello Susan,
    I look forward to reading your blog everyday, the beautiful necklace would
    Look very nice with the lavender suit I am planning to wear for my grandson’s Charlie’s conformation.
    Have a great day!

  495. The freshwater pearl lariat is beautiful and it looks like it would be lightweight. It would go with almost everything I own. I would love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win it, Susan. Stay healthy!

  496. Thank you Susan for bringing some inspiration to my morning with your stylish looks. I love the lariat, and would love to wear it out to dinner when we can safely begin going out again. Take care!

  497. The necklace is so versatile I will wear many ways. In particular, I have started wearing a cream monochrome look and I visualize this necklace looking spectacular with my cream coat and top with cream denim. Thank you.

  498. Desr Susan, I have enjoyed your blog for several years and have found your fashion advice always appropriate. I also find your approach to healthy living and life in general so current I appreciate your time and effort you devote to making your blog something I look forward to.

  499. Since I am in Florida I would wear it with a casual, beach look. Probably against a pastel color. Jeans or a linger length skirt.

  500. Dear Susan,

    Thank you for continuing your blog and for reaching out to us. The pearl lariat is so contemporary that it will go with my dresses and jeans.

  501. Thank you. I am glad to hear you will continue sharing ideas each week for I do so enjoy them. Glad you and Mr.M are healthy and safe and I will continue to look forward to your photos and updates.

  502. I would love to win the freshwater Pearl lariat because when this time of quarantine passes we have planned a refreshing trip to the beaches of Walton County FL. if you’ve never visited the lovely beaches along old Hwy 30A
    you should put that on your list of places to see. The emerald waters are breathtaking. Thank you for providing a lovely distraction in this time of caution.

  503. How beautiful! I am torn between the black and the ivory. I am 5’’ 1/2 “ tall so I wear a lot of plain tops. I feel this necklace would help give the illusion that I am a bit taller with out adding bulk. Thank you for your consideration.

  504. Good morning Susan,

    You are like a breath of spring in this dreary situation we are all in right now. So much enjoy your daily blogs–don’t stop.

    Would love to have a chance to win this beautiful necklace,

  505. I love, love this necklace. I would wear it to work, church, out to dinner with my husband and running errands on the weekend.

  506. I Have admired the necklace on you many times. I would just love to be able to be out, I think I would wear the necklace when going out to dinner and even when dressed in jeans and a jacket. Keep posting, it is nice to have somethings that seem normal. We woke this morning to beautiful cherry trees bloooming across the street, thankful for the spring to come.

  507. I love your blog. Have been following you for some time now. I would wear the necklace with black pants and tunic. My friend and I have a dinner group if about 4/5 ladies that try and meet once a month for dinner

  508. Hi Susan, I really like the ivory Pearl lariat necklace. I would style it with a tunic, black pants & wear it to my 31 year anniversary with my husband. We will be dining at home this year.
    Thank you, Jennie Pappas

  509. Thanks for all you do, Susan! You’re a breath of fresh air these days. I’d love to see what you’re eating right now.

  510. Thank you for your calm in the eye of the storm! I love the pearl lariat and it would go great with a maxi dress I bought to wear on my Egypt trip. We are planning to reschedule our trip for sometime next year.

  511. I adore pearls and would wear these every day with my maxi dresses, jeans and tees, and also on Sunday when I dress up. These are wonderful!!

  512. Hi,
    I would wear the pearl lariat on date night. We have date night every Saturday night. We will be doing date night at home for now but I will make it a special evening for us to share together..
    Cathy Taylor

  513. I also wish to thank you for continuing to blog. I look forward to “your” days! We need to keep in touch with each other.
    The beautiful necklace would go with everything in my closet. As I get older, I don”t save anything for just special occasions. I think dressing thoughtfully helps us feel better.

  514. Thanks for staying on and helping us through all this virus…We still need to feel alive as we all stay in….It is also a very depressing time and sometimes a little beauty will pick you up…..I love the necklace you are wearing and hope I win.

  515. What beautiful pearls! I love the versatility of this piece. I have never owned fresh water pearls. What a treat it would be to have this gorgeous piece. I am a retired teacher who loved dressing up for work. I believe it is important to continue to dress for the day to feel good about ourselves. This lariat would be so versatile no matter the chosen look for the day. I would probably wear it most as a necklace although I love the layered bracelet look.
    Thank you again for your generosity and keeping spirits lifted during these uncertain times!

  516. The lariat necklace is beautiful!! I think it would go with almost everything. I thing I’d wear it with powder blue top with white slacks. You always look so lovely Susan.

  517. I would love to be the winner of the beautiful pearl necklace. Thank you for all your creative and stylish posts.

  518. That necklace is amazing! I can see this piece being worn with many of the knit items in my wardrobe. A tunic top or the knit dresses I favor during the summer.

  519. I love this necklace! I would wear this with my cranberry tunic top with cream jacket, over black faux leather legging.

  520. Love the necklace! Updated classic! My birthday is in June so would love to have it. Thank you for continuing your blog. You are an inspiration to all of us to stay positive and stay connected during these uncertain times.

  521. This looks like the perfect necklace to dress up any outfit! When we’re finally able to travel again,it could be the one necklace to take on a trip with pieces of my wardrobe designed to mix and match. While I enjoy wearing tops with large, bold designs, I see this giving extra pizzazz to solids.
    Thank you for all your wonderful advice that I consider and use much of the time.
    May you stay safe as well.
    Pam Buby