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Positive changes in my style journey began with acquiring versatile basic pieces for my shape and lifestyle. Now that I have a wide variety of those, I can include more dramatic items to elevate ensembles for any occasion.

I add two or three well-planned items to expand upon my neutral basic pieces with each new season. By limiting the number of new things I buy, I can afford to invest in better quality that lasts for years. The new items often include unique design elements, texture, or standout color.

These deep olive pants are one such addition. I can dress them up or down and wear them with coral, gray, navy, black, denim, white, and light blue. Olive and camel are colors I admire for their versatility as pants, but I would never wear these colors near my face. The pants are here.

My denim jacket can work with every casual look. The darker wash jacket is here. While I don’t often wear tops in black during the day, I find that I sometimes need one to complete some looks. Similar tops are here, here, and here. The bag is from last year. A similar bag is here and here. The sunglasses are here.

I often wear shoes with a pointed toe to give me a couple of inches of visual length to my legs. A pattern, texture, contrasting color, or a unique heel shape can add that special touch to an otherwise plain combo. The new shoes are here.

My favorite styling tip is to show the smallest parts of your body. (The ankles, wrists, and collar bones.) Applying this tip always makes me feel more feminine and look more slender. It is also a sure sign that the weather is getting warmer.

I have worn these shoes each time our fickle spring weather has given me the option. They are sleek and stylish without being too extra. The heel is high enough to flatter the shape of the leg without being uncomfortable to walk in.

My gray top is here. My blush faux leather jacket is a favorite basic I purchased a couple of years ago. A similar one is here. My dark denim pull-on jeans (here) have a wide smooth waistband, so they are perfect to wear with soft tunics and tops. My bag is old. A similar black bag is here.

The shoes (here) go with almost every dress, skirt, and pants I own. They were a gift from Everlane. I am an affiliate for Everlane and My Fair Lady. I have shopped on both sites for a few years. All choices and opinions of items are my own. Shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

Congratulations, Donna Zoltanski! You are the winner of the handbag and shoes I blogged about on Monday.

Fabulous giveaways will continue next week!

  1. Good morning! You are looking good, as always.

    I believe you have the wrong link for the denim jacket. My picture shows a denim safari jacket with a waist.

  2. With the exception of your shoes, I have the same items in my closet and never thought to wear them together the way you did. I’ve always worn a navy top with my olive pants but will try a black tee and my jean jacket. A shoe with a pattern is on my “must have” list this Spring. I like the look, especially this time of year.

  3. Please take care of yourself so those of us stuck at home will have something wonderful (your blog!) to look forward to on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays during this virus time.

  4. Thank you Susan!
    I really love your approach to style. It is so wonderful
    to read your posts and enjoy the photos. It’s so helpful to be reminded that women can simply be the age we are and be happy. We can look good and enjoy beautiful clothes and experiences at any age. I am always looking to you for inspiration and you always provide it!

  5. Oh, I get so inspired for wanting to take things up a notch with your ideas! As always, you look amazing, and it’s obvious you enjoy sharing your ideas and knowledge of fashion with the rest of us.

  6. Susan, as I have aged, finding attractive shoes has become a real challenge. I not only need a lower heel, I now need padding, even memory foam on the footbed!
    I have had good luck with Skechers slip on loafer styles, but I’m having trouble finding something a little bit dressier that is still comfy! Can you help?

    1. I found a nice looking comfortable metallic shoe here. Take a look around at the other styles while you are there on the site. They have several styles of shoes designed for comfort.

  7. Copying your fashion for a fun Saturday escape! Olive pants, black top, and Jean jacket! Thanks again for my prize! You look pretty in pink! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Love the shoes. The website states they run narrow and to order a half size larger. Did you find this to be the case?

  9. Love your look.Im in the Southern Hemisphere, so the season is alway the opposite to yours,but I enjoy how you put clothes together.Thank you.

  10. The trend these days seems to be all about ankle jeans. I don’t find them flattering as I have what are called “cankles” for ankles and that is not my most flattering feature. It’s getting harder and harder to find pants/jeans that aren’t ankle length.

    As a matter of fact, just my opinion, I find that ending at the ankle, even with thin ankles, gives one a shorter look.

    In this recent post you are wearing dark denim ankle jeans but they hit lower than ankle jeans. May I ask how tall you are?

    No matter, I will try to ride this trend out and you just keep showing your sophisticated, smart looks.

  11. Susan, I love your blog and have followed it for several years. How did you go about determining your style? Did you see a stylist? Did a friend help you? How did you decide what colors, necklines, pant cuts work for your figure and life style? I am a New Mexico gal who lived in Johnson City for 14+ years. There is a distinct difference between how I dressed while in Tennessee compared to New Mexico. I never seemed to have difficulty with wardrobe choices when I was working and I always tried to dress very professionally. Now however, I am retired and I find myself in a quandary. Jeans, cowboy boots, sneakers, and t-shirts have become my go to wardrobe. Where do I go to begin to identify a more appropriate style that says classy but relaxed?

    1. Hi Jan, I selectively follow people with a style that I admire on Pinterest and Instagram. After a few weeks of looking at the many photos they shared, I slowly started to see a theme that appealed to me. You are correct that we gravitate to the styles that surround us. I intentionally curated views of what I wanted to emulate until it became part of my subconscious. Pick out a few style icons that appeal to you and look at the pictures they share. I often go back for a “refresher” if I start to get bored with my closet.

  12. Dear Susan,
    I have been following your blog for approximately five years. I was searching for fashion advice for over 60 and I was so happy when I found your blog. I am 65 and enjoy all of your fashion and beauty advice. Your recipes and nutrition information have also been helpful and interesting. I find myself checking your website weekly to see your outfit and what new adventure you’ve been on for the week.

  13. Hi Susan. I love your style and enjoy all of your ideas and suggestions. I’m a little older than you (72) but slim and have let my hair go grey which I love. I’m trying to simplify my closet but have so many nice clothes I’m not sure what to get rid of. Could you repeat the inside of your closet? . I still work every day but from home, consequently I have lots of work clothes I no longer need. The majority of my closet is Chico’s. Thanks for your time. So glad I found your blog.
    Trish Reeder

  14. I am interested in the no show socks but didn’t find a place to order them. I love your blog. I live in Newnan, GA and my husband grew up in Forest City, North Carolina, which is a darling little town between Spartanburg and Asheville.

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