A String Top

When the heat of summer gets to be too much, we may wish we could wear nothing more than a string. I did just that on Friday evening. A String Top over a crepe tank top and pants was my look to have dinner at the Harvest Grill on Shelton Vineyards.

This could have been the whole meal for Mr. Mickey. He loves bread way too much!

The best crab cake appetizer ever! He couldn’t wait to have a bite. Sometimes we get too excited to taste the food, and then remember, we need to take pictures for you.

The halibut with roasted vegetables was so good!

The Devil in Disguise dessert was excellent! I have to remind myself that the second bite tastes the same as the first so that I don’t get carried away.

Whenever we visit the Yadkin Valley Wine Country, we always stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Dobson. It is convenient to drive to many wineries, Interstate 77 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The prices are very reasonable; the rooms are clean, the free breakfast includes a full spread with lots of options, and it has always been peaceful and quiet when we have stayed there.

  1. I’m with Mr Mickey – eat the bread!! I forget to take photos of the food! I eat it then think damn, I should have photographed it! BTW, LOVE the string top.

  2. We have had halibut several times when in Alaska, sometimes freshly caught that day, but it is seldom on the menu at restaurants where I live. I love it. The string top is an interesting idea, but I’d have to think about wearing it as it appears that it would still show my upper arm sag, if you know what I mean.

  3. Susan, I love the top and how you paired it with just the right shoes to compliment it is genius!

  4. I’m in love with the string top…It’s a great look and I’ll bet puts a smile on the faces of viewers…What tank do you have underneath?…I like the way the armholes (of the tank) fit snugly…It’s hard for me to find tanks that fit that well…

  5. Wow! When I saw the photo of you I just thought to myself, “she did it again – perfection”. I’m in awe of the looks you put together for an evening, outing, or an event.

  6. Just love following your blog! Hope to meet you one day. Do you have any events scheduled? I am close to Charlotte, NC.

  7. I am a big fan of your blog !
    I have learned the dress myself how I am feeling, much like you I am grateful to you.

  8. Susan you look so glamorous the string top and shoes are perfection . Love the tour photos as always.

  9. Susan, what is it about that string jacket paired with those shoes that just makes me smile? Maybe it is knowing how happy you must have been when you realized how well they would go together. What a delightful outfit!

    I received my latest purchases from your site today: the white and the black sheer cardigans (to join the gray one I got a few weeks ago). Heaven! They are truly “sheer” perfection. (Yes, I couldn’t resist.)

    And you might be amused to know that those extra-thick ziploc bags that you use to ship items in are being recycled as travel bags; I always put ALL of my clothes in ziplocs (the extra-large 2 gallon size I find at Target) after having my luggage left on the tarmac during a thunderstorm at an airport many years ago and having everything inside soaked. Your smaller bags have gone to Florida, France, and England in this last year. Even the lovely gray tissue paper you wrap everything in is put to good use as stuffing in my purses, as I’ve learned from you the importance of helping them keep their shape. Please keep all these tips coming!

    1. Thank you so much for mentioning those bags. I spent extra to get thicker sturdier bags since I use them in many ways. I thought customers might find them useful as well. I am glad you are enjoying your purchases. Thanks so much for shopping with me. You are a treasure!

  10. Thank you once again Susan.

    I am interested to see how you would dress for an evening at the ballet, concert or opera. I enjoy these evenings but cannot afford a new outfit/different outfit for each event. And of course my evening wear gear never wears out as it has little use.

    Many thanks

  11. Susan: I love that top paired with your shoes. The two together give the outfit a 1920s Flapper vibe. Very chic. This is so tough to see! I’m in my “no” year. this year I’ve committed to buy nothing new for myself. It’s a challenge to see if I can pare down and get ready to down-size but, oh!, this top makes it tough! Great choice. Love it! wonder what it would look like in a bright color? Fun, you think?

  12. Susan, thank you for creating this blog! I recently subscribed and I am enjoying your daily messages, tips and pictures! You are a beautiful and very stylish woman. I just turned 59 and am questioning my style choices. I have taken some of your tips and applied them. Recently my grandsons were visiting and I love the photos that were taken of us because I used your photo tips. What a difference! Thank you!!


  13. Your pictures are awesome, Susan! And, I am in love with this look for you. My husband and I have been to Shelton Vineyards several times and we also stay at the Hampton Inn there. It is nice and accommodating.

  14. love how you put this outfit together! I don’t wear heels due to an ankle problem, what flats would you wear instead of heels to achieve the same headturning effect?

  15. Susan your top with your shoes is so very classy/chic! I too love black and wear it often even in sunny San Diego, just because I love it, and am not into trendy things but instead what works for me.

    I love your beautiful scenery and food pix too in TN. We went to the World’s Fair near Knoxville when we were young newlyweds and we both thought the landscape was beautiful around there.

    I read with interest how you no longer wear dresses or skirts and said to my nearly 59 year old self: ME TOO! And how can I still look dressy for an outing at night but forget the dress?! And so, I bought some wide leg flowy crepe pants and tank top as a core outfit, and paired it with 2 sheer silk kimonos that will take me anywhere in SoCal since our weather is the same pretty much year ’round. I also have gone to all solids other than things like the kimono coverups in light prints and couldn’t be happier. I agree with you that our style evolves and I was no longer interested in wearing floral dresses at this stage of my life, either. You look fab; keep up the inspiring posts as I am sure many women are getting nice ideas for how to look better in their 60s.

  16. That top is very creative and unique. Good choice. Suits the place your at. Again the scenery and food look astounding.

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