Concert, Cider and a Chateau

On Saturday, we attended the Black Dog Americana Music Festival held in a meadow venue just down the road from Chateau Morrisette Winery in the mountains of Virginia. They host many such events all year round.

I dressed for the sunny day in a sheer white Portofino shirt from Express over a white tank top and lightweight white jeans from Chico’s. The straw hat is also from Chico’s. The shoes are by 1 State via Dillard’s.

Along the way, we often stop to snap photos of interesting spots.

These ladies were having so much fun together.

Mr. Mickey got a chuckle out of his accessory for the day.

After a couple of hours of puppies, people-watching, and great music, we decided we had had enough sunshine for one day. We learned that Foggy Ridge Cider was just a few miles down the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we were off on a side trip.

This award-winning hard cider is made from a large variety of apples grown right there in their orchards.

White quartz jutting out of the ground was common here. It was used to create many structures along the way.

I wonder if my Home Owner’s Association would mind if I added a few alpacas to my back yard?

We returned to the Chateau just in time for our dinner reservations. I slipped into a pair of Antonio Melani Ferrah sandals to look a bit more appropriate during dinner.

The Chateau has a new chef named Jon Papa. He has traveled the world perfecting his craft, and it was evident in every delectable course from the ever-changing menu.

Visiting with these women was such a treat! Annette Tarpley is the dark-haired lady in the center. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a jewelry designer for fun. She so generously gave me this stunning bracelet as a memento of our delightful encounter.

We are on a mission to experience every exciting thing there is to do within a two hundred mile radius of our homes. Later this week, I will share more photos from our peaceful weekend away.

  1. Another delightful post! What a perfect day.

    I see some ladies in your travels wearing the cropped flare pants that I have fallen for this summer. I like them so much I now own multiples in different neutral colors. We’re having extreme heat this summer, so I’ll get lots of wear from these, perfect for someone who never wears shorts.

    1. Cropped flares are ok if you have the height to carry them off. Otherwise they make you look squatty.

  2. I adore your blog!
    Today it is like a good book where I get to travel to interesting places, meet lovely people and admire delicious looking food.

  3. Just curious if you have been to most of the wineries in that area? Live close to the AL/TN line close to Chattanooga and was thinking this would be a good weekend trip to visit a few of these.

  4. Do you have your tank tops shortened? Mine are usually long and sometimes lay longer than my overshirt.

  5. What a lovely day/ evening. Being from California I don’t know much about that area. The people, pets and scenery were just stunning!

  6. I read that flare capris are not complimentary and I realized I agree! They usually hit at an uncomplimentary spot of leg. I decided to purchase the tapered Capri which I like and are still a little cooler than pants. This is my opinion only and seems to work for me as yes, shorts are only worn now at home and then length has to end at my fingertips. This was helpful to me and maybe someone else.

  7. Nice trip & photos! Amazing how changing the shoes elevated the look for dining out. You look fab & thanks for sharing.

  8. A lovely day for you and Mr. Mickey! You look lovely in all white. It should be an easy thing to see that all you needed to do was change your shoes to make your outfit appropriate for a more formal dinner date. But I needed you to show me how that could be done! Anyway, you two know how to enjoy yourselves. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a delightful outing! Does hard cider have alcohol? You can tell I’m a city girl. I like your idea of checking everything out within a 200-mile radius. I think doing that in Los Angeles would simply mean more cities.
    But something to aspire to.

  10. I think Annette’s bracelet is lovely, BTW. Maybe there’s a future partnership for your shop here? Sounds like Annette is one of those super-talented, super-busy people.

    Thank you also for never telling us what to wear.
    There is truly something for everyone. Even a pear is not just a pear. There are tall pears and short, skinny and plus size. In my case, I’m thrilled about cropped flare pants because they balance my hips and work with my long legs. Capris, minis and shorts don’t work for me anymore, so it’s nice to have an attractive hot weather option. I love the skinny white jeans on you, but I’m better off in my cropped flare pants. Your choices inform my choices, with a better understanding of the principles of balance and proportion for my shape and size. Keep on keepin’ on.

  11. Susan, I just love your blog! I’ve learned so much about how to dress for my ‘new’ mid-fifty body and feel good about myself from reading your posts over the past eight months. My comment, however, has to do with your ‘mission’ — I love that idea! I live in beautiful central NH – also a resort area – and sticking to 200 miles is a great strategy to explore all we have to do right in our own backyards! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with others – you are truly a generous and kind soul!

  12. Love it! You & Mr. Mickey are my idols! His grin about his accessory for the day is a true treat!

  13. Where can we contact Annette Tarply to see more of her jewelry? The bracelet she gave you is gorgeous. Can we buy her jewelry online? Thank you for any knowledge of this jewelry. She was so kind giving this to you!

  14. This is my favorite post so far (maybe because I live in VA.) Loved the photos of the ladies and their outfits. Loved yours too, but how did you stay stain free in all white. Don’t know if I could! 😉 JC

  15. Okay, Susan. I have decided that I want your life. It looks fabulous and both you and Mr. Mickey are fabulous, too. The ladies you show look wonderful and everyone seems to be enjoying life. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

  16. Your wardrobe posts are so nice Susan and glad you have fun on your local travels. Very pretty countryside where you live. When we were young marrieds with busy careers, I drew a 60 mile radius circle on a map, and we looked up every single Bed & Breakfast inn that we could drive to in an hour and stayed in them one at a time on three day weekends off. Such great memories.

  17. I noticed that several times you have said you “avoid black” — why is that? I wear lots of black and add splashes of color in accessories or unique jewelry. I’m 65. I do have dark brown hair and black-brown eyes and since I golf, I have a soft tan most of the time. But when I travel, I find packing everything black and white is easiest to mix and match (and not overpack). Why do you avoid black?

  18. I enjoy your blog so much and my style is similar to yours although you have taught me few tricks that work well for me. You often mention Chico’s pants. Chicos is my go-to for pants. However, I have hesitated on the white denim. You mentioned in this blog entry that the white denim are lightweight. Could you tell me the ones you consider lightweight? I just bought a pair that I have not yet tried on. They are the girlfriend style and I am not sure if they are lightweight enough or the style I prefer. Please advise and thank you for your great blog.

  19. I love your blog. I am creating a site myself (for lifestyle via yoga and Ayurveda) and you are a real inspiration. I also strongly believe that having a personal style makes us feel better about ourselves and your tips are easy and so accurate. Thank you!

  20. Susan:))
    So lovely to meet you and your wonderful traveling partner. I admired you from afar, your grace and lovely presence, and shared about our Winery Tours from the Hillcrest Bed & Breakfast. You met my sister, Annette and we sang together to her “Happy Birthday”, do I have your permission to post this picture, and I would love to talk to you about all the above! My sister’s bracelet gift that you received that day was chic and parfait “pour vous”! Angelia

      1. Bien sur! But of course. I shared your blog on my New World~Old World Winery Tours Facebook page. We shall see each other soon!

  21. As much as I enjoy looking at your clothes and style I also enjoy the great scenery shots (and the food pics). You look like you had a great time and got a lovely bracelet for a souvenir. Yes, I got a chuckle of Mr. Mickey’s wristband. He looks good so he needs to prove his age.

  22. I have never liked hats as they ruin my hairstyle. I’ve noticed that you often keep your hat on for dining. That would work for me. If you choose to wear a hat that day, does it just stay on until you’re back home?

    1. You are correct, Donnella. A lady never removes her hat. I wear one most often when I know I will be home before dinner. A hat worn after dark should have a veil. (That is an old fashioned rule, but one I can’t seem to put aside.)

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