A Stop Along The Way

We always plan time for side trips to discover something new or revisit a favorite place we haven’t been to in a couple of years. Black Mountain North Carolina is a delightful village located about fifteen minutes outside of Asheville.

Pure luxury for me is not to be in a hurry. Mr. Mickey always waits so patiently for me to take as many photos as I want.

The picture above is of the McDowell County Rest Area. We often stop during our journeys to walk around, stretch our legs, and take a break. There is no less pleasant trip for me than traveling with a partner who refuses to stop along the way. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Sunday’s comfortable travel look included a waterfall top by Clara Sunwoo via ShopMyFairLady.com over a soft pair of white ankle jeans from Chico’s. My most recent order from them was delivered yesterday. I can’t wait to show you those items!

Tote bags are the best travel or running errands accessory ever. I have a black leather one by Coach, which I have been carrying for many years. I drop my wallet, keys, phone, and lip color inside, and I am ready for the day with extra room for packages to ship, bills to mail, purchases, camera, and receipts. A tote helps me keep up with everything, and it looks so smart while your hands remain free.

On Friday, my travel look included a no-iron shirt and a soft pair of ankle jeans, both purchases from Chico’s a couple of years or more ago. A styling tip is, never button all the buttons on shirts. It looks more modern and relaxed, but it also keeps them from wrinkling as much when you travel. The garment bag behind me is about thirty years old. I always use a hanging travel bag to protect the clothes I do not want to fold. The shoes are by Halogen via Nordstrom a couple of years ago.

Time for the next adventure! I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  1. My hubby favorite saying is: “It’s all about the journey” and when we had a boat that was the name on it.

  2. I always enjoy your posts. Your photos are great ! Do you use a camera or phone for your photos ? I am thinking of purchasing a camera and want one that is easy to use.

  3. I love your blue Chico’s blouse. I have the blouse in white and one in black, colors I do not buy for tops anymore. They’re making the collars a little smaller so I stopped buying them altogether but after seeing your outfit, I might buy one or two.

  4. Evrn the rest stops make you want to stay a while. We only have a few where I live, amd there’s nothing attractive about them. Get in, get out, and fon’t look back.

  5. I love it : A pure luxury for me is not to be in a hurry.
    My favorite picture is :pansies flowers coming out of the wall !

  6. Question for you, Susan. I like the monochromatic look of your jeans and shirt, but blue is “not one of my colors” and I love jeans! Keeping that in mind, what color (s) would you suggest?

    1. Olive and khaki or even lime green look great with jeans. Those are colors I can not wear near my face, but I do enjoy seeing others wear these colors with jeans.

  7. It’s lovely to be able to really take your time & savor your travels. Thanks for your tips & cute tote. Enjoyed!

  8. Lovely pictures, and you look beautiful, as always. Did you know that nice little pansies is also called Johnny-jump-ups. It’s such a descriptive name for their way of growing out of nothing. In my mother tongue (Afrikaans) we call the bigger varieties of pansies: Gesiggies. In English: Faces.
    Susan, I know you don’t wear palazzo pants that often, but can you perhaps show us some more ways to wear it. Here in South Africa where we have summer for about 3/4 of the year, loose fitting pants like palazzo’s are more preferable than tight fitting jeans. Last year in September you had a nice post about wearing the right top with palazzo’s…I’ve read that post a ‘million times’ apart from pinning it on my Pinterest board!

  9. I’m just loving your blog, Susan! It’s also refreshing to not hear about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You prove that life exists without Nordstrom!

  10. You look GREAT in that color blue! I love no-iron shirts – a Southern staple along with linen.
    Love that part of NC. So beautiful.

  11. Just got back from vacation on Florida’s gulf coast and used your ideas for my trip- easiest packing ever! White and dark cropped and ankle pants with covered perfectly tanks and tops – kimonos and scarves made it simple and versatile. Thanks for all your tips!

  12. I love the Chicos no iron shirts. They are the only shirts that I’ve found that are truly no iron. I have them in white and lime green. Blues are not my best colors either, but I love olive green and oranges.

  13. Another Susan, but in Houston. I have visited your area and always enjoy the photos you include in your posts which carry me back to such a beautiful part of our country. We visited Asheville 7 years ago (gasp!) and actually stayed part of the week in Black Mountain at a very lovely bed ad breakfast situated on a small lake. It is one of my favorite vacation destinations ever. So much to do and see, as you have shared over time.
    I love the Chico’s shirts and just may have to stop in over there! The look is so fresh for our typical hot and humid summers. Thanks for all you share with those of us who are young in spirit, yet wise enough to want tips for dressing with a more mature sense of self. And kudos to Mr. Mickey for his patience! He is a gem!

  14. I so enjoy seeing your photos of the towns and countryside – such a pretty area. I also have to say that I love that blue waterfall top on you – tres chic.

    We are having a cooler than usual summer, so I have been able to wear my white jeans and silk shirts … feeling very cosmopolitan.

    Have a great weekend Susan.

  15. Thanks for the tip on Clara Sunwoo and Shopmyfairlady. Am loving my top I ordered–a lovely and becoming new wardrobe addition!

  16. I don’t know if you ever noticed the wooden “quilts” you see on the outside of buildings in the McDowell County area, but my husband’s first cousin and his wife make those. (Mike and Jill Lucas)

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