A Scenic Drive

The drive from Johnson City, TN to Asheville, NC, via Interstate 26 Scenic Highway provides stunning views of the Appalachian mountain ranges. We stopped at one of the rest stops to enjoy the rhododendron blooms and to take some photos for you.

My look for our first visit to downtown Asheville in many months included white straight-leg jeans with a high waist here and a white shell similar here. The cotton blazer with ruched sleeves is here. The shoes are here. My bag is several years old. Here is a similar style. Similar sunglasses are here. My skincare routine is here.

We decided to have our once-a-week dessert treat at a new place on Lexington Avenue called Crave. Mr. Mickey had the bread pudding, and I ordered a peanut butter and chocolate confection that we both enjoyed immensely. Remember, the first few bites taste the same as all the others. My adventure partner is always willing to help me with the remainder of my desserts.

I will be away from computers for a few days, but I will share lots of new images with you when I return. Please sign up for my newsletter to get an email each time I post new content. Cheers!

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  1. The rhododendrons are beautiful. We enjoyed Asheville very much and plan on returning there at some point. Beautiful area of the country.

  2. Enjoy your time off. Thanks again for the gorgeous shots of your trips. I hope to be able to see this area again in the not to distant future.

  3. A very fresh look. It definitely reminds me that summer is on its way! I like the ruching effect on the sleeves. I never am able to push my sleeves up and have them comfortable and stay in place. This jacket solves that problem.
    The desserts, yum! I have to be careful with dark chocolate. It sometimes has too much caffeine and wakes me up at night.
    Enjoy your activities and I’ll look forward to your return.

  4. Susan, you look stunning, classy, and chic. Thanks for all you do to educate as well as brighten our lives.

  5. You always look especially good in blue – it just suits your complexion so beautifully.
    LOVE those shoes!

  6. Glad you like your mountains.
    We live in Florida and at ft Lauderdale this week enjoying the ocean no muzzles or social distancing required. Grew up in Tennessee left the mountains for the beach.

  7. I always get a chuckle when you say all the bites taste the same as the first. That’s exactly why I want the rest of the bites. My father-in-law always used to say “it tastes like more” when he really liked something. LOL!

  8. Lovely photos, thank you. Your rhododendrons are a lot further ahead than ours in north England!

  9. I’m using this outfit idea this spring and summer. Can you share more dress ideas for hot summer days I can wear in public?

  10. Love seeing those pretty rhododendrons! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing another classic outfit. Enjoy!

  11. Love your photos. Hope you didn’t have a problem getting gas! We were in Black Mountain this weekend and that area, including Asheville, seemed to be completely out.

  12. Love your outfit! Enjoy your time off, please stay safe. Wondering what yor thoughts are on cropped pants rather than capri’s? Ontario Canada gets some humid weather. Thanks again for terrific tips.

    1. I like cropped or ankle-length pants as a cooler option to full length in warmer weather. I always wear nude sandals or shoes so that the line is extended rather than cut off by a dark bulky shoe.

  13. This look on you is so refreshingly spring. Brings to mind sunny days and summer outings are coming soon. This will be another picture to add to my photo album. Each picture helps to remind me what to pair with one another in clothing ,style and or accessories. Thanks for the tips, pictures and a glimpse of lovely areas to visit.
    Clara from Iowa

  14. Very nice outfit! I love the cotton blazer styling.
    I was wondering if you might be interested in a post on summer skin care…do you change your products or routine for warm (especially humid) weather?
    I’ve always done the same thing all year long with the exception of lighter moisturizer in the summer. But this isn’t working as well now.
    Hope you and Mr. Mickey have have a fun week planned!

    1. I did a summer skincare routine post a couple of years ago. The only thing that changes is the oil and moisturizer. I use less oil and lighter moisturizer and toner more often in the summertime. I use sunscreen or the tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 here all year round.

  15. Lovely outfit that suits you perfectly, Susan. The scenery in your photos is gorgeous. Lucky you to be able to travel about & eat in restaurants. We’re in the 3rd lockdown, now extended into June. Basically, everything shut down except grocery stores & pharmacies. There are vaccine shortages, so I just got my first vaccine & I’m in my 60’s. But, bad news aside, reading your blog is a joy & very uplifting.

  16. Hi, Susan!

    May I just say you look fabulous! What a perfect style for a springtime trip to Asheville. White pants and top with a blazer can take you from a day of touring Biltmore to dinner at a nice restaurant and is one of my own go-to choices for our Asheville trips. You look comfortable but at the same time very classic. I like your use of the nude shoes and handbag. They’re another must have for warmer months and go with everything. The structured handbag is very ladylike and suits your look perfectly.

    Your photos of the parkway are lovely. This is one of my favorite times of year to travel through the mountains. The rhododendrons and mimosas add fantastic pops of color in the sea of greens on the newly leafed trees. We’re finally heading up to Gatlinburg for a week over Memorial Day and I’m beyond excited to get on the road. I can almost smell the beautiful blooms and hear lush green mountains with their cool rushing rivers calling my name.

    I admire your attitude towards dessert (which looks absolutely scrumptious!). You employ moderation so you can enjoy those special treats without sacrificing your waistline. I do wish I had your willpower—I’m definitely improving. Right now for the sake of my own sanity (because I have literally no willpower if it’s in front of me) I’m staying completely away from sweets, though there is an ice cream shop (vegan and made on premises) in Charleston where I admit to treating myself to a scoop a couple of times a month.

    Thank you again for the wonderful style inspiration as well as the photos of one of the most beautiful places on earth. I always look forward to your posts!

    P.S. Do you have a link to your pearl earrings? I love them! They’re the perfect ‘southern lady’ finishing touch.

  17. I have never wowed so much at a post! You look amazing ant the landscape is so pretty. The desserts just made my mouth water. Thank you for a great post.

  18. Susan, you always look lovely. My husband and I are looking forward to visiting Asheville and your Johnson City looks wonderful too. Ahhhh…….that cake! I would not be able to stop at a few bites!
    Enjoy your time off!

  19. Great outfit, all white and this blue white stripe blazer!
    I wonder if it is ok the same color of shoes and bag !

    Beautiful pictures of landscape and desserts!
    Dear Susan have a nice vacation , don’t forget us !

  20. No wonder they call it Crave – I craved everything on the menu! Enjoy your time away and thank you for the link to the earrings. Beautiful!

  21. Appreciate your excursion as the Appalachian area is one that I always wanted to visit. (I live in Canada.) As to your blazer I do own one very similar which I have had for a number of years and just find that it is a style/colour/pattern that never appears outdated and can look fabulous with a skirt/dress/shorts as well as most styles of pants.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. -Brenda-

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