A Long Scarf

I always wear scarves nonchalantly and accept the fact that they will move with me throughout the day. Some of the creative ways I’ve seen them held in place include antique brooches, scarf rings or clips, fashion tape, and antique dress clips. You can also use magnets, as shown here.

Similar earrings $$$ here and $ here. I always use the Countertime skincare line from Beautycounter. The lip color for today is Girl’s Night here. I’ve been using and selling the products for almost three years. I’ll be happy to help you determine the right products for your skin.

The scarf is here. A similar jacket is here. The Simple Comfort long-sleeved tee is here.

Similar pants $$$ here and $ here. Similar boots $$$ here and $ here. Similar bag $$$ here and $ here. The rug is vintage. A similar rug is here.

Each time I wear a scarf, readers ask how I tied it, so I made a video to demonstrate this tie.

  1. Just call me an old fuddy-duddy but, due to carcinogenic properties, I highly question the idea of using magnets that close to one’s body (especially the breasts). I will just pin, thank you. I can replace a scarf!

  2. Good morning, Susan.

    I love this classic, and elegant look! The scarf adds that note of proper, and ladylike good looks missing from many of today’s outfits! This is why I love your posts so much! They affirm my love for looking like a woman who cares about being interested in putting my best foot forward.

    The video is great too!

    Looking forward to more wonderful posts from you, Susan! Happy Monday!

  3. I just love it when you show how to tie a scarf. Video’s are great to see but once you had a scarf with directions and pictures we could copy, paste and have on hand which was perfect for me. Thanks for all your clothing advice and videos.

  4. Thank you for all of your beauty and dress tips, Susan. You are an inspiration to me and I appreciate you so much. Have beautiful week!

  5. Thank you for this video, Susan. Wanted to share a brief story. Recently somewhere you talked about being presentable between 8 and 8. I’ve been doing that, but last Thursday I broke my foot at 5:30 a.m. Fail!

    1. Oh no! Here’s to a quick recovery. A few years ago, I tore ligaments in my foot. I was in my not-so-flattering swimsuit ready for water aerobics.

  6. That video is so helpful! Like you I find I always want something around my neck in cooler weather, but I have just one tried and true way to wear a scarf and need more options. Thank you.

  7. I follow several blogs from women 50+ about fashion because I felt the need to educate myself about fashion, which I felt was important for my self worth, but I also didn’t have extensive funds or time to get it right. You have continually given me information I can apply to my wardrobe. Thank you! I can just use the same principles whether I’m getting dressed to work as a floral designer or if I’m going out to dinner with friends, or attending a formal event. Quality over quantity, limiting the influence of trends but still being creative. I love it!

  8. I have some such scarves. Now I know how to wear it better and it’s not that thick around my neck. Thanks a lot!

  9. My you look nice. That outfit is a keeper. You look so good in Black and White. Love this outfit. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. I totally love this scarf and just ordered it. Thank you for the links you provide to make it easy. I have been looking for a black and white scarf with no luck and this is perfect!

  11. This entire outfit is really beautiful and the slacks are very becoming on you. The scarf tying tutorial is very helpful.

  12. Love the video — very helpful! And I HAD to order the scarf, too! We have similar coloring and I’ve found that many of your style suggestions work very well for me. I’ve been wearing scarves for 40+ years (started wearing them after I had a fairly disfiguring surgical procedure on my neck, many years ago – I was blessed to have a good medical outcome but the scar seems to upset some people, even today). I thought I knew every possible way to tie a scarf, but I never saw this simple and elegant way to wear one. Thank you so much!

  13. Thank you for the video, Susan. I never would have come up with that by myself, You look fantastic, very elegant and classic in the outfit. I, too, jumped onto Talbots site and ordered the scarf. Did not have one in black and white. And what is this about being presentable from 8 to 8? I missed that one. Presentable by 8:00 AM would be a big challenge for me. I’m slow to wake up and get the brain moving. Admirable goal. Love your posts and videos! Thank you again.

    1. That was my working from home goal, to be presentable between the hours of 8 to 8. I never knew who was going to show up. I’m not so strict with that now that I have more privacy.

  14. A Talbots Outlet is going out of business near me because they opened another one that is really closer to me. I stopped by Monday but didn’t have time to shop, told my daughter about it and she went today since she was off work for MLK day. She found some great buys! I am heading there in the morning! They close this weekend! She bought $80 girlfriend jeans for $9.99! Plus tops and sweaters, all under $10!

  15. Nailed it again Susan!
    Perfect outfit for inverted triangle shape. Elongated scarf, check. Nipped in jacket, check. Flared slacks, check. Pointed shoes, check!

  16. Another inspirational post! I do have to say I had to look twice when you posted about your rug and provided a link. I have always been curious about your home decor and thought it would be nice if you might incorporate some ideas in that regard on your blog. Even if you don’t I will always look forward to your fashion posts.

    1. Much of my home decor is many years old. I’ve always collected things during my travels, and many things were given to me by my family. I blogged about the upgrades I made a few years ago here.

  17. Thank you for the scarf-tying video. I was able to buy the scarf at Talbots today for $20. It’s warm enough for cold weather and adds a fun element for those of us who are so tired of winter.

  18. Thanks, Susan, for the tutorial. I just bought the scarf magnets, same size, on Amazon. I love my Beautycounter products, and just purchased more from you. You have vastly improved my skincare regimen and my fashion sense. Plus, I’ve slimmed down, and look and feel great! You inspire me tremendously! Thank you!!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the little tip about holding a corner of a rectangular scarf and then wrapping it. I tried that with a pashmina. What an amazing difference that little change made! Now you scarf has that looseness and less bulk that makes it lay so much more attractively.
    Thank you very much.
    I love your fashion advice. Keep up the great work.

  20. Liked seeing your video of how to tie a long scarf. I l have several but never feel comfortable with how I wear them. Thanks to your video I know how to tie one properly. Much appreciated, Susan.

  21. I feel that when I west a scarf it is too close to my face, I am a plus size with a double chin, Shouldn’t I try to elongate my face. My face is round and chubby!

    1. You are correct to minimize what is going on around your face. Long verticle lines such as those in a long necklace or an open simple jacket or sweater or plain vest will serve you well.

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