A Clear Day

A winter day without the threat of rain is rare here in East Tennessee. I celebrated with the brightest combination I could find when we enjoyed seeing the sky on Wednesday.

When cousin Elizabeth got out of school, we stood in my neighbor’s driveway to get some photos of what I wore for the day. You can tell it was very windy, but we were determined.

I always dress for the weather first, so I never wear light-colored pants when we might get rain. That means these pants have been waiting for their debut for several weeks. The Juliet pants are from Chico’s.

The navy blazer is several years old by Tahari. The white double layer cami came from White House|Black Market last year. Belting a long boxy top avoids the tent effect.

The beige loafers are from last year.

The silk twill scarf pulled the look together and kept me warm. The short video below shows how I tied and draped it.

An easy way to wear a large square scarf.
  1. In the top picture in front of the garage, it looks like you are wearing one of those conical birthday party hats. , but once I took a closer look, I figured it out. Your scarf is really beautiful!

  2. It’s Spring in Central Texas today with a high of 89, so I got out the white jeans and my cobalt blue Covered Perfectly tee. I was wondering “what bag would Susan use today”. And just in time…..

    Thank you.

  3. Your pants, top, and blazer look so nice and that beautiful scarf is perfect.

    Like commenter, Susan, above, when I was scanning through the smaller pics to find today’s post, I came to a quick stop when I, too, thought you were wearing a birthday hat. When I took a closer look I realized it was just the shape of the garage roofline and bricks. Maybe it’s closer to time for my vision checkup than I thought.

  4. Susan I want to thank you for all your great fashion suggestions and tricks! I have a wine colored dress. What accessories would you suggest I wear with this dress.
    I’m petite size if that helps.
    Thank you!

  5. Here’s an FYI for scarf tying so the knot will look pretty. I always use the rule for tying a sailors knot. When holding the scarf in my hands, you start tying by right over left and continue thru then left over right and pull thru to make the knot. It shows the large knot and not the other side which shows the cross overs. Hope this helps. I tied my new scarves from Susan After 60 this way and it works every time. Thanks again for all the help.

  6. Susan

    Don’t know where in East TN you live but I live in Marshall NC and enjoy your Pinterest posts…some of the “mature” women postings make me crazy…trying to be something they aren’t. I also enjoy learning from the French about simple style…spent 10 days in Paris last year (alone…it was great). Anyway..if you get back down to the Asheville area on a Thursday night my husband has a great jam session at Zumas coffee house in Marshall, you can see what it’s like on Facebook (JoelFriedman). My husband’s name is Bobby Hicks…fantastic fiddle player if you like that sort of thing.

  7. Oh gosh! When I saw the first photo, it looked like you had a “brick hat” on! Then I realized you were perfectly placed between the doors! Thanks for the scarf tying video….always helpful!

  8. Susan, I know you did an earlier article showing you wearing a pair of jeggings but the weather must have been warmer as you had sandals on.

    I just bought a pair of grey jeggings from Chico’s (they do have pockets so not true leggings) and was wondering what shoes/boots to wear in February which is still considered winter.


    1. Jeggings are great looking with tall boots or even short chunky boots. Just remember to wear a long tunic or a short coat with them. The proportion is best when you have on a long top with them.

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