Trendy Shoes

If a trend suits you, it’s great to have a varied selection while the item is popular and widely available. Very flat shoes such as ballet flats are not suitable for me because I have short legs and small feet compared to my upper half. I need to wear pointed toes, heels, platforms, or chunky soles to balance my shape. So when the lug soles and chunky loafers became trendy, I was on board.

A large silk twill scarf can keep you warm and add some color near your face. I folded this fifty-one-inch scarf into a triangle, placed it behind my neck, and tied a knot, then moved it to the side with one end hanging down on the front and the other on the back in an effortless casual way. I have used scarves to spruce up my classic basics since I visited Europe in my early twenties.

The loafers are here and the shirt is here and another similar shirt is here. Similar jeans are here. The bag is here. A scarf in similar colors is here.

While these loafers are not extreme, they are more substantive than the other loafers I own. In addition, they are comfortable and the right choice to wear with ankle or straight leg jeans and socks for fall. I am also pleased that they feature pewter-colored hardware.

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Mickey and I visited Rocky Fork State Park to bask in the beautiful sunny weather. We enjoyed the sound of the roaring creek and the dappled light through the trees. Similar men’s clothing and shoes are here.

I wish I had always known how important it is to protect and care for your skin. My current skincare routine is here.

The link bracelet is vintage. A very similar one is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) My new eyeglass frames are here. Recent outfits are summarized here.

When I roam through the woods, sit by a stream, or walk on the beach, I am in my element. Mr. Mickey grew up in the city, but I have inspired his new appreciation for nature. He thoroughly enjoyed standing beside the creek, taking in all the beauty.

I share my retired lifestyle, some local travel, and style inspiration using classic basics with accessories on this site. Therefore, I no longer accept products to advertise nor participate in any collaborations. After more than ten years of blogging, I just chat with you now and share what I’ve learned. We love reading your comments!

    1. Thank you, Kim. No magnets, but when the scarf moves with me during the day, I push it back to the shoulder. Heavier silk twill scarves stay in place much better than polyester satin ones.

  1. Beautiful scenery as always. Shoes are the hardest thing for me to buy. I also have relatively small feet and short legs, but can’t do much heel (nothing over 1/2 inch). I also have never found a pair of pointed toe shoes that has worked. Right where the shoe starts to narrow is the widest point of my foot so they don’t fit. Any suggestions on how to achieve balance with my limitations?

  2. Even knowing you are retired and posting less frequently, I still look for you daily. Love your articles…you and Mr. Mickey are an inspiration. Thank you for continuing!

  3. Love all of your posts! I love to hike and was able to do so last week on Lookout Mountain. Please adjust the posting of the blouse and bag as they lead to the incorrect products. Thank you so much!

  4. Love, Love Love that scenic walking! If you ever need a walking buddy, I’m here! What a beautiful close up of you!!

  5. Love where you live. I have good friends that live in Hendersonville NC and I have always enjoyed that part of the country.
    I also like your style.

  6. I always enjoy reading your posts, Thank you for taking your readers along with you and Mr. Mickey on your outings. I too, like your style.

  7. Hi Susan; Your short, inspiring posts are better than coffee in the morning! Besides gaining a refreshed closet, I learned to appreciate exercise when I clean house and edit what I put in the shopping cart. Next up: more walks outside and hopefully my hubby will join me. Thanks again for sharing your healthy lifestyle.

  8. So look forward to reading your Blog every week. Our basic coloration is the same so I always look forward to your fashion choices as they are usually similar to ones I would make. Would it be possible for you to repeat the series you did last fall where you showed us what you wore in a week for various activities? I so enjoyed that. Mr Mickey is a wonderful adventure partner and always looks so dapper!

  9. I love it when you add the scarves to your outfits as they just make you “shine” so prettily. Brings out the color of your eyes when you use blue close to your face and softens the look so much.
    It is always great to see some of the wonderful pictures you share on your jaunts/trips and makes me want to see them in person as well. But seeing them through the lenses of your camera is a nice second option!
    As always, your insights to fashion and what to wear with different body types is certainly helpful to many of us and we do so appreciate your sharing this knowledge with us. I hope you will keep up your blog for a very long time.
    Clara from Iowa

  10. You and Mr. Mickey look wonderful and it’s great to see folks outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature! Your posts add a smile to my face. You are truly celebrating the goodness of life and spreading joy! Thanks. Liz

  11. The scarf adds so much to the outfit. I have one of yours and love it. When I click on the link to the shoes, it takes me to Dillards website for Birkenstock. I love seeing the areas you visit. I have been there in the spring and equally as beautiful. Thank you!

  12. Such wonderful photographs, beautiful scenery, I look forward to your blogs to see where you and Mr. Mickey meander next. The close-up photo showing your glasses is a lovely one. I was looking at loafers the other day and thinking I ought to buy a pair for late Fall and early winter here in Ontario, there are some lined ones which look especially inviting.
    Looking forward to a coffee break as I read your posts.

  13. Susan, you have inspired me to wear jeans and a white shirt more in the past month than probably the whole last year! You always look so put together and are just glowing in that closeup shot! Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

  14. What a nice post! A great mix of chic style advice and gorgeous scenery. I really like these loafers – they look classic and stylish and very comfortable and practical. In 2016, I realized I could no longer wear high heels, so I sold those. Since then, I have purchased a lot of sneakers and loafers, both of which will serve me well when I retire in a few years. I have one luxury pair (Gucci) and several pairs of the Sam Edelman loafers you have featured plus a couple of traditional loafers from Sperry and a few platform loafers that are really great for travel (feel like sneakers, but look dressy enough for dinner out). I am on the lookout for a lug-sole version and have two I plan to try. I am working on getting my wardrobe ready for retirement and really appreciate your posts as it helps me to visualize what I want to keep and what to declutter and sell.

  15. I love the close up. You are always beautiful, but that photo has a vibrancy about it that shows your personality too. I appreciate your comments about how you choose items. It is so important to select items that compliment your particular features. I try to apply that to find suitable looks for myself rather than follow a trend. Since I certainly don’t have anything in common with the models! My husband and I are taking a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in early spring, so I’ve been busy buying some things. One selection was something I was very surprised at how nice it looked when it arrived. It was an evening jump suit! I’m petite and this particular garment fit wonderfully and was so slenderizing. So I guess it doesn’t hurt to try new things once and awhile too. You and the fabulous Mr. Mickey have a wonderful week exploring the gorgeous area you live in.

  16. Well Susan, I must say that you’re the two best dressed hikers I’ve ever seen on the trail 😀
    I like the loafers and agree that the pewter hardware is quite nice. I’m not too fond of garish gold hardware on my shoes ore bags. I recently purchased a small Carrie Clutch on sale at Levenger and although I love the clutch, I really dislike the gold zipper. Oh well. It’s a wonderful clutch to carry alone or in my tote.
    Glad that autumn is finally here in eastern VA.

  17. VERY beautiful picture of you near the tree. You look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog. Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  18. Hi Susan, I hope you never stop writing your blog. I always look forward to it. Your great style tips and beautiful photos!

  19. Gotta like a gal who is stylish on a hike! The scarf made me smile. Enjoy your retirement. Well deserved! Mr. Dapper Mickey too! Love the scenery!

  20. Love all the beautiful scenery pictures you post. You live in a beautiful part of this country. You and Mr Mickey make such a handsome couple and you both enjoy good food, nature and each other. I always look forward to your posts and love your style. You are so natural and pretty.

  21. I so enjoy your blog. Love the ideas you share. I am sort of house bound with a bad knee, but feel like I travel with you and Mr. Mickey! Thank you!

  22. Thank you for your posts. I love seeing you and how classic and lovely your clothing choices are regardless of the seasons. Blessings

  23. Susan, that picture of you by the tree is just beautiful. Tell Mr Mickey that looks like a professional portrait shot.
    After seeing all the ways you wear your white button down, I’ve ordered one and can’t wait to wear it. Love you two for inspiring me to keep trying to look my best. It feels much better than sinking into frumpiness!

  24. Mr. Mickey looks great. He can really pull an outfit together!!!!
    Susan your skin is beautiful!!

    Unfortunately your shoes are too chunky and heavy for my arthritic/rheumatoid feet. Softer shoes with a pointy toe, kitten heels (not too walking) slingbacks, slip-ons, mules and/or a small heel entirely works best. Even tennis shoes are too restrictive. I like to look kind of hip even with my problems as well as safe walking. If you ever wear those choices I would love to see them on you. Thanks.

  25. Hello Susan,
    Some time ago you posted a link to a video for Pilates. I had saved the link however, I cannot seem to find it now. Could you possibly send it to me? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  26. What a beautiful day to enjoy outside together! You look gorgeous in that closeup! It looks like a perfect Fall day enjoyed together.

  27. I do feel that your blog is a chat with me. Although there are so very many of us readers, you make me feel a personal connection. It is a gift you have. Well, one of many gifts that you have. Thanks.

  28. Your life and wardrobe style are lovely to see. I so appreciate that you are continuing to share with us in your retirement. May I ask what type of sock you wear with this style of jean/shoe? I have had sock droop so often!

  29. It’s chatting that’s the nicest, Susan. You and Mr. Mickey live in a lovely part of the world which is worth reading about (so far from my own little patch). It’s also refreshing to follow a blog that doesn’t ‘influence’ to sell brands. There’s something crass about ‘influencing’, I think. If you influence at all, it’s your elegant image, your freshness and your subtle use of colour.
    I turned 70 two weeks ago and have made choices to suit, in all facets of life. Thus I would much rather read about other’s quiet lifestyles than be lectured to about brand names and what I should and shouldn’t be doing.
    Seeing chic you and your dapper partner enjoying the glory days of retirement is a pleasure. Best wishes.

  30. I have a friend who calls a walk in the woods, forest bathing. It lifts your mood and brings peace. I love your blog and Instagram. It’s like visiting with a friend I’ve known for a while. A,ways learn something and the photos are beautiful.

  31. Do you have a particular brand of trouser socks that aren’t “eaten” by your shoes? I have the Sheec no show socks for Spring and Summer but need a recommendation for cooler days. Tights can get too hot sometimes.
    Thank you,

  32. Hi Susan. Once again lovely pictures. I have a recommendation for socks – Bombas. I wear a few styles from their collection and like the crew socks that are compression. They won’t fall down. Plus if you buy a pair, they give a pair to someone impacted by homelessness. it’s a win-win.

    I’m planning a trip to Florida soon to visit my sister and I will go back in the “files” to check out your packing blog to help me get things packed that all go together.

    Take care of each other and Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  33. Hi Susan, It is Gina Van Dyke from West Sussex, England. I enjoy reading your emails and seeing the lovely places that you go. I have Relations and Friends in the USA, My friend is in North Carolina, and cousins in California, I am Lucky enough to of traveled to the USA all over the place….and love it. I have also been to Las Vagus 21 times, I am a Dance Teacher, I have had a Dance school ever since I was 21 years old. and have worked for Summer Seasons, Pantomimes, and also on Cruise Ships, Teaching the Dancers and supplying all the costumes….I have just given up my big Dance School in Surbiton, Surrey, after this terrible Virus…. But I now Teach Adults…TAP Dancing… in the Village where I live. Hope this is not too long a message,

    Best wishes From, Gina Van Dyke….

  34. I “stumbled” on your site through Pinterest. So very happy I did as I enjoy the emails, blogs, photos etc. you have great style , although sometimes they won’t work for me as I am rather tall, but I truly appreciate your blog/ emails. Thanks!
    Debbie C
    Central Missouri

  35. Hello Susan. Thank you! I own three pairs of ballet flats that I never wear. I used to wear them everyday until I saw a photo of myself and thought “ That does not look right!” Now I understand why and I can move the ballet flats out of my closet. As always, I so appreciate your insights and look forward to every post.

  36. I love your posts! I enjoy the pretty scenery and the adventures of you and Mr. Mickey. Your advice has helped me transform my closet which definitely needed to happen. So I’ll say thank you for posting Susan. I always look forward to the next!

  37. I love your blog and your great style. I’m so glad that I found you. Your style is very similar to mine as is your love of nature and appreciation for the outdoor life.

  38. Susan I love your casual attire & the scenery is just beautiful especially this time of year. Thank you for posting your travels & styles.

  39. What a beautiful park! I enjoy following along with your travels and adventures.
    You both look healthy and fit and of course very stylish!

  40. Thank you so much for sharing peeks into your daily life! So nice to see a retired couple thoroughly enjoying local drives, events, restaurants, changing seasons without the fanfare of oversea travel. And you both look so smashing as you go!

  41. Good morning Susan. Happy Friday! I enjoy reading your posts and learn so much about putting together an outfit. I’m newly retired and I’m enjoying it! Your pictures from your trips with Mr. Mickey are amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your expertise!Have a great weekend.

  42. Susan and Mr. Mickey…I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the beautiful sites the two of you visit in addition to the wardrobe suggestions. I have always preferred the classic look and find it to be the most economical way of dressing. Well made classics remain in style and compliment every body shape. Thank you for showing different ways of combining the basics.

  43. I love that Dooney purse!! I have looked at it to purchase several times but I have one that is similar so I can’t justify another one yet.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  44. Your love of loafers takes me back as I’ve always loved the look, and in fact, when I was in junior high school in the late 60s, early 70s, I started wearing brown leather flats with a double strap and block heel, which seemed similar to loafers. When I worked in Manhattan in 1980 during a subway strike, there was a sneaker brigade of female office workers wearing white sneakers and ankle socks with their dress clothes to get in and around the city and five boroughs. I never liked that look and instead wore sleek looking loafers in either black, brown or navy and carried my heels in a bag every day to the office. I received a lot of positive comments, as if I had invented a look, lol. I’ve been wearing them ever since with dress pants and jeans.

  45. I love your style and your posts. I have learned so much from you over the years I have followed your site. Beautiful couple, beautiful clothing, beautiful scenery!

  46. Hi Susan,
    I really enjoy your blog and I get a lot out of it. I just today delved into your Fifty, not Frumpy blog and found some real gems in there as well. Curious, do you still make the original ” Susan’s Power Porridge” every day? I’ve copied the recipe, but am a little intimated by the large ingredient list.

  47. Thank you for your continued blogging! I just love your shorter haircut and I so enjoy reading your wise words and wisdom from life! I too find my happy place in the woods. I spend every free good-weather moment lately in the saddle astride my Tennessee Walking Horse. My life long passion of horses is still with me at 64 y/o! My furry best friend is tall, dark & handsome and is always willing to listen if I need to talk. Would love to share a photo of he & me with you but don’t know how to attach it. Oh well — think of me gliding along in the wondrous fall colors on board Gator! He was born in Kentucky but now lives with me in sunny California. Cheers!

  48. Wow! What a great close up shot of you, Susan. I really enjoy reading about your adventures with Mr. Mickey and you continue to inspire me. Thank you!

  49. Susan as always I love your blog.. it feels like a next door neighbor sharing her experiences views! As for socks..check out the running stores! I am a runner and need socks that stay put. They come in many colors including neutrals and… don’t have to be a runner to enjoy them

  50. Thank you for inspiring us to enjoy
    the fall nature like Mr Mickey does.
    I like the simple outfit ,elegent with the silk scarf.I am also a fan of loafers in the new sty

  51. Thank you for you great blog! Love to see how you put outfits together. i also enjoy your blogs on what you eat. Thank you for sharing with us.

  52. Susan, I have been meaning to write about your porridge recipe, and Robin’s post above reminded me. Although I’ve been on statins for years and am careful with diet and exercise, I have never been able to reach under 200 for my total cholesterol count. So in January I started using your porridge recipe, combining 1/2 a serving with Bob’s Red Mill Organic oatmeal. In October I had bloodwork done and to my delight, the count was under 200! The recipe did seem daunting at first (so many ingredients) but I make enough for 4 servings and since I mix it with oatmeal, it lasts 8 days. Thanks so much for inspiring me!

  53. How do you keep your scarf in place? I love this look but don’t want to be adjusting the scarf all the time. Thanks

    1. The scarf is heavier silk twill, so this knot style stays in place reasonably well. However, scarves made in less substantial fabrics may slip and slide a lot more. You can use a brooch, magnets, or a safety pin to keep a scarf in place, or you can accept the fact that it is going to move around with you. I choose the latter most of the time. There are several options, but here are some magnets on Amazon.

  54. Hi Susan,
    For some reason your blog is not being sent to me anymore.
    I noticed this in early October and re- subscribed, but still…not getting them.
    Would you kindly put me back on your email list?
    I have checked my spam folder and there’s nothing there.

    Thanks for your help…although it sounds like you’re winding down? Hope not too soon!

  55. Susan, I just returned from Paris after enjoying a 10 day visit with my young adult granddaughter, who lives and works in Paris. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful Paris fashions in the upscale stores and the quality of French made clothes. However, walking the streets of Paris and traveling into the countryside, the French , in general, could use a bit of style advice from Susan Street. You have been my inspiration!

  56. After several years, I’m no longer receiving your blog. I’ve gone back and subscribed several times and still nothing. I so enjoy reading about your adventures with Mr. Mickey.

  57. What a beautiful spot! And you both look marvelous. And happy. It’s a pleasure to share your adventures with you. (And, of course, the outfits are impeccable!)

  58. Didn’t know you where retired now, always enjoy the pictures and info on clothes & such you give us. Thankyou for ten years of caring we get it right or at least look like we do, lol. Best regards to retired life- Nora H.

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