Color Combinations

Frequently, I use a scarf to help me decide which colors to pull together for my look of the day. This practice makes it easy to combine colors and pieces in unique ways.

The square silk scarf measures thirty-five inches. It has been in my collection for several years. A similar scarf is here. I found the jacket on sale at Talbot’s a few months ago. A shawl collar jacket in plum is here. The perfect lip color to wear with plum is Orchid – Cool Berry (here).

A simple scoop neck long sleeve tee (here) in white and a dark wash pair of jeans (here) completed my Sunday brunch look. The shoes and bag are from last year.

Similar bag $$$ here and $ here. Similar shoes $$$ here and $ here. Similar sunglasses $$$ here and $ here.

If you plan a casual getaway to a warmer climate this winter, don’t miss the blog post for Friday. I will share lots of pictures along with my packing strategy for my upcoming vacation.

  1. Another beautiful colour Susan that suits you so well and a great tip to use the colours in a scarf to ground an outfit. I shall have to try that one.
    Thank you for all of the useful tips you share with us. X

  2. Good morning, Susan.

    This is such a beautiful combination of cheerful winter colors. It certainly compliments your coloring! I could wear that combination as I have blonde hair,and blue eyes. My skin tone is fair in winter, so I do wear reds, and berry colors.

    The scarf looks spiffy too!

    Looking forward to Friday’s post already!

    I hope you enjoy your day, Susan!

  3. It’s interesting to me that the scarf colors blend, but don’t exactly match. Perhaps I am too rigid when using scarves to pull an outfit together. It looks lovely!

  4. That color on you looks beautiful and I love Talbots clothes. I have been following you for years and love your blog. I would like your opinion when there are pockets on the chest area of jackets as I am small and tend to stay away from them as I find that is where my eye tends to go. How do you avoid that problem as a scarf doesn’t cover that problem.

    1. If the shirt or jacket has breast pockets, I am mindful that they don’t draw too much attention to that area. I may wear a loose camisole under a shirt and go up a size in the jacket so that it falls straight instead of clinging.

  5. Over the past decade I followed many bloggers, you are the only one I follow now. You go directly to my Inbox, and have for years, just like a trusted friend. I even felt the need to defend you from a negative comment in the Fifty Not Frumpy days, as I would defend a loved one. You have gifted me knowledge which equates to a new found confidence. Thank you Susan, my dear cyber friend!

  6. Susan, were you concerned about the pockets drawing unwanted attention to your breast area, or are the pockets high enough to not add bulk? I love this color combo!

    1. I didn’t feel that they added emphasis to the bust since the wool jacket is structured, and the pocket details are well above the bust line. When a blouse is in a soft, flowy material, and low cut with pockets, it can sometimes make the bust seem more significant.

  7. I’m excited to hear about your upcoming adventure! I can always use packing tips! One of the best tips was to take a few cashmere sweaters. They are light weight, warm and pack well. I wore them hiking, to dinner and out for the evening entertainment. I just changed my accessories and footwear. I love them!

  8. Do you ever take cruises for at least a week or two? What clothes do you pack if you do? I am 76 years old and I have learned a great many ideas in choosing clothes from you. Thank you for your advice and help.
    Clara B

    1. I haven’t been on a cruise in about twenty years. As I recall, I took a couple of long dresses to wear on formal nights and classic summer separates to mix and match as required for the event.

  9. Another wonderful blog post. Thank you so much for explaining and not just “showing, “ which is what so many other bloggers do. I learn something new from almost every single post. Looking forward to reading your packing tips.

  10. Thank you for continuing to share with us your gift of style with simplicity. I’m being encouraged to pare down my closet to the basics and work with those to create outfits that will be stylish for me, comfortable and give me a sense of confidence in my dressing.

  11. The color of this jacket is very similar to one I just got from Talbots. Never thought about it going with denim, will have to try it! Also excited to see you post on Friday!

  12. I was told when I made up a potted plant to have a thriller, a spiller and a filler. I think that could be said about a scarf too. It usually has a couple of neutrals, a pretty main color and then an accent color. I am looking forward to the next post.

  13. As always, you look lovely. I appreciate how the scarf is a subtle, but important element to your outfit. Currently, I wear heavier and more textured scarves in chilly Colorado, but I enjoy your classic style too. You inspire me to stick with the updated classics instead of giving into fads. Thank you Susan.

  14. Susan,
    You always look so put together! You wear the winter season well. Question…. how often do you “cull the amount of clothes in your closet”.
    Also, when doing so do you get rid of/donate the items that are not in your season or do you wear them to get some use of them.
    I find it overwhelming and not sure how to go about it or how many clothes do we need ? Aargh… what’s a girl to do ?

  15. dear Susan
    I would like to ask if you ever wear caps. I mean simple knit caps in color .(for the cold days )
    Thank you so much

  16. Hi Susan,

    I love your posts; they are very helpful.

    A couple of questions about scarves:
    *The scarves you write about are silk. Do you ever wear chiffon scarves? If so, do the same tips you share for silk scarves apply to chiffon scarves?
    *What are the most versatile scarf sizes? Do the most versatile scarf sizes change if you are very short?


    1. The most versatile scarves for me are silk twill and fifty-one inches square. (I am 5’6″) I don’t have any chiffon scarves, but I do have a couple of tissue weight cashmere ones. I believe that scarf preferences are purely a matter of taste and that you must feel comfortable wearing them. I’ve enjoyed wearing them for most of my adult life, so I have an extensive collection, and they were the first items I offered on my (now closed) shopping site.

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