A Colorful Look

When there is a clear blue sky, I am inspired to wear my brightest color combinations. It feels odd to wear bright colors on a gray day. Do you dress in harmony with your weather?

I anchored my bright colors with a neutral taupe-grey color faux leather moto jacket from Express (now sold out) and my Heather Grey V-neck cashmere sweater from Everlane here. I purchased the turquoise earrings at T.J.Maxx last year.

I purchased these Malibu Punch ankle jeans at Chico’s in the early spring of last year. The nude color Franco Sarto loafers are also from last year. This was my casual Sunday afternoon look to visit my parents. My father teased me about the bright colors. He asked, “Are you on your way to Florida?”

Mr. Mickey and I enjoyed the sunshine with a stroll around the Johnson City VA Center campus (Mountain Home). One hundred years ago, on such a spring day, his father, Jubal, asked his mother, Pearl, to marry him as they sat courting in that gazebo behind me.

We hope you have a happy, sunny weekend!

  1. Sweet story about Mr. Mickey’s parents!
    I wear colour often and dress according to my mood so the more lighthearted I feel, the brighter my clothes. I do add more colour in spring and summer to match the brighter colour of the seasons.

  2. I sometimes wear bright colors or patterns to cheer myself up on a gloomy day. I remember I wore a bold striped sweater and red cowboy boots for an MFA program interview when it was absolutely rainy and miserable. It is rainy here today in New York and will add something colorful to my outfit to add some joy! I wear a lot of black so additional color is essential at times…

  3. Spring certainly gives our spirits a lift! Your pictures are very pretty — love the earrings! I live in Central NY where it is grey & overcast about 185 days of the year; I dress in bright colors because of that. Figure it gives others something fun to look at, too.

  4. When I was teaching primary students, I always wore red on rainy days to cheer things up. I still like to add a dash of colour to gloomy days. My current bright pop is a fushia scarf.

  5. I love fun happy colors. That is one reason I enjoy buying your scarves. My favorite that I own is the one with chili peppers. It is so cheerful.

  6. I’m with you. I absolutely look at the weather report before I look in my closet. And what a wonderful little tidbit about Mr. Mickey’s parents.

  7. I was taught at a very young age to make a point of wearing bright colors on a very cloudy dreary day. It would lift your spirit and others around you.

  8. I liked seeing your touches of turquoise echoing each other.
    Scarves are just wonderful aren’t they?
    It inspires me to see you use them as a major component of your “well-dressed-ness”.

  9. Your scarves are works of art unto themselves. I should know, I own four of them! My favorite is the carousel silk scarf. Your outfit is stunning and I love the story of Mr. Mickey’s parents, so romantic. 🙂

  10. Susan, I own the exact same jacket you are wearing and I also purchased the mauve Portofino blouse from Express. Which scarf would you recommend that I purchase?

  11. Susan, you look fabulous in your colorful outfit and short haircut. Just a comment – I try to wear my most colorful outfits on rainy, dreary days because it cheers me up and those around me! I wear yellow on those days…..

  12. Dear Susan, I have been enjoying your blog for some time. It gives me a sane view of the USA during what seem to be turbulent times. I have been drawn to leave a reply by your mention of your family and mention of your grandparents’
    planning their future in the gazebo many years ago. I have also had the pleasure of viewing your CD which I purchased some months back. I wish you well in all your endeavours. My regards to Mr. Mickey and my very best wishes to you.
    Sincerely, Thelma Ferris, Bootawa, Australia.

  13. Just a beautiful day and your colors matched the mood. So perfect to see pretty colors with the emerging season. Thanks.

  14. Hi Susan, I am a little bit contrary to the weather-I always try to wear something bright and happy on a rainy day. It’s my little touch of sunshine. Bonnie

  15. I love your casual and modest style. I am at the age where I want my upper arms covered and heels of a sensible height. I also love the extra color near the face.i noticed that black and navy seem to pull energy from my face. The scarves are wonderful so I can still wear my basics but they don’t drain color from my face. Thank you for this blog. I’ve learned a lot.

  16. Dear Susan, I know it’s important to have the right length of jeans with specific shoes but how do you keep your jeans the right length after washings? Do you dry clean your jeans and pants so the length stays the same?
    Patricia in Kansas City

    1. I rarely dry clean anything. The pants and tops get washed in cold water and tumbled on low until they are about half the way dry. I hang them on a hanger and shape them straight and neat to finish drying overnight on my rolling rail.

  17. I found a pair of slacks in this beautiful color at Steinmart yesterday, Peck&Peck! They are so happy looking, I couldn’t resist!

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