Weekend Snapshots

On Saturday we visited the newly remodeled Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace located in Abingdon, Virginia. It is a showplace for regional art and music. From home decor to fashion jewelry, the location houses one of the area’s largest eclectic collections of art from some of Southwest Virginia’s most talented artisans.

My look had to be appropriate for daytime activities as well as dinner in the Martha at Sister’s American Cafe. It was sunny and warm during the day but much colder and windy in the evening.

We love a traffic jam at the Martha! These mallards consider the fountains on the property theirs.

There are several beautifully appointed rooms in which to hold your special event.

I shopped ’till he dropped. Mr. Mickey is holding my packages for me while he takes a rest in the library.

We had our usual top-notch dinner in Sister’s.

I enjoyed the pasta but couldn’t even finish half of it. Thanks for helping me with that Mr. Mickey.

He had the salmon and couldn’t resist his favorite dessert, bread pudding.

Meeting followers of the blog in person is a great joy for me. Ali and her husband Jim, could not have been more pleasant. I hope our paths cross again soon. If you would like to move to one of the most beautiful places in the world, contact Jim at Re/Max here.

You’ve likely noticed that I wear the same items on repeat for years. Nothing I wore on Saturday is new. The shoes and bag are from last year. The Versace scarf is a few years old. The ring and earrings are also from a couple of years ago. The links below share similar current items.

Jacketpantssweaterscarf or my scarvesshoes or shoesbag earringsring. Return to this space on Wednesday if you would like to see a post with a video on how I build different looks using the same clothes with a variety of accessories. Enjoy your day!

  1. Your look was lovely and the weekend fun was perfection. The food in this lovely place was also perfect. I love enjoying these excursions through you both. Spring naturally makes me want to travel.

  2. The Cultural Center & Marketplace looks so interesting! Love your outfit; the purse and scarf just make it pop!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. I used to lhave ve travelling until illness hit me out of the blue. I’m very limited where I can go and the Internet gives me a window on the world when pain is too bad for me to leave the house.
    Make the most of every minute, everyone.
    Love seeing your outfits and the places you visit.

  4. Thank you for sharing your outing. You look perfect for the occasion. I also share a great fondness for bread pudding and think Mr. Mickey has great taste. Have a good day.

  5. I laughed out loud with your comment about shopping ’till he dropped! But I’m sure that yummy looking dinner made it all worthwhile for Mr. Mickey.

  6. I so wish I could visit this area – we seem to travel either around or in the opposite direction given our needs and obligations. Hope to make a long, relaxing road trip someday. You and your beau look as smart as ever,

  7. Susan, can you comment about your haircut? It looks fantastic on you! And your outfit, not sure if it’s the Vneck or the Motto style that really set your whole look into motion! Wonderful as always. Wishing you the best.

  8. Loved this and you and Mr. Mickey look terrific. Thank you for showing us lovely places and plants. You do live in a charming part of the country and make me want to head out there.

  9. The mallards remind me of the 6 geese that live in our quiet neighborhood. They think the street is theirs and consider it quite an imposition to move for cars. I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing with us. As always, tell Mr. Mickey hello.

  10. You look great! I so enjoy your snapshots of the places you go. I feel like I’ve been there, too! Thanks for all the great tips.

  11. Susan, I appreciate that you said you wear your clothes again and again. It means that these are your real clothes, not just clothes for a fashion shoot. I see other blogs and the women have a new outfit on in each photo. They aren’t sharing their working wardrobe. They are sharing one time outfits. That’s why your blog is my favorite. You share what is really in your closet. Thank you for sharing your life.

  12. Love your look. Also enjoy learning of places to visit. May you both have great health for many more years.

  13. I missed the haircut blog, but got mine cut also. Almost the same do, but with wispy bangs and not as much curl. Time is not kind on our hair is it?

  14. As an older “fashionista”, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I must say the VanEli slings are the most comfortable, pretty shoes ever!! Thanks for the inspiration to always look our best!

  15. I follow many women bloggers of a certain age and I must say Susan you are the most honest and relevant. I cannot understand how someone can say everyone needs to own a “Luxurybrand” white shirt. The link was to a $500 shirt. At my age I always think just because you can should you?? Same day two different pieces of advice. You are amazing and I choose your sage advice.Enjoy!

  16. Looks like a really lovely place to visit. Mr Mickey reminds me of my husband on a shopping trip! Love the versatility of your outfit.

  17. Hi Susan, I love that you show us lots of things you already have in your closet and not all new things all the time like other blogs. It pushed me to keep realising I need to shop my wardrobe first, instead of going shopping all the time. Thanks so much. You look fantastic.

  18. That looks like a beautiful place to visit! My husband would be resting with Mr Mickey,but I would be sitting next to him with a spoon for a taste of that bread pudding! Isn’t Spring lovely.I always look forward to your blog.

  19. You always look so beautiful! I’ve never worn many scarves because I don’t have a great neck like yours but I find if I’m careful with the colors I can get away with it. Lighter scarves are best for me. Mr Mickey looks like a person I would love to talk with. I’ll bet he has a wonderful sense of humor. I love your blog & look forward to it all the time. I wish I had your energy to travel.

  20. With every post, you look thinner, younger, and even more beautiful. Love how you simplify yet remain so versatile and elegant. You have managed to learn how to turn the clock Backwards!

    Thanks for sharing your expertose and tips.

    Mary Lou Hawkins

  21. Gorgeous outfit! These vibrant, distinctive colors are perfect for you. Pastel pinks and shades of lilac add at least 10 years–even to a beauty like you. Please stay with your tried and true basics: black, navy, red, royal blue, white, etc. You’re too classy to fade away!!! Thank you for being an inspiration to me at age 61.

  22. Thank you Susan for sharing your fashion insights as well as the beautiful photos of your destinations. We live in the Mid Atlantic so many of these locations are within our reach. I had to giggled at the photo of Mr. Mickey guarding your package as I have seen my husband strike the same pose (with a major sigh of relief). Susan, several months ago I left a reply saying that I had adopted a more plant-based diet similar the one you have shared. Well, I received my lab results and the change was wonderful news. My cholesterol was down 60 points to 151!!! Best of all, the test that measures inflammation showed results completely out the “red” zone and now only one stubborn point away from “green.” I still need to lose weight, but my doctor turned to me and said, ” I really don’t have any thing to say — keep doing what your are doing.” I felt very powerful that day! I just wanted to report back to you. Thank you and please continue to post healthy lifestyle information.

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