Items that I can wear in several ways and over three seasons are worth adding to my wardrobe. Tanks or camisole tops fit into that category. I have several in my collection since I love to wear jackets and cardigans.

Many of my pieces are a few years old, so I try to share something similar that is current. My navy and black moto-style jacket is about four years old. Similar here. The shoes are by Sasha London a couple of years ago. A similar style and color are here. The evening bag is also old.

The surplice top is from White House|Black Market. A current similar style is here. During this time of year, I wear this type of top with a warmer jacket. Later in the spring, I will wear it with a cardigan sweater and white jeans. On a summer evening, I may wear it with black gauze palazzo pants and sandals. In the fall I could wear it with black jeans and a faded denim jacket.

Those are the Lior Paris pants here. I showed them in the video from my last post here. They are very comfortable, and I have worn them a hundred times (at least!). I bought them at

These fun earrings are from Chico’s. I’m wearing a sheer lip color called Orchid (Cool Berry) from Beautycounter here. I am gradually switching to my warm weather routine which includes cleansing my T-zone with toner pads (here) a couple of times per day. This was my date night look on Saturday. We enjoyed another lovely meal at the Blackthorn Club.

My entree included vegetables, rice, and sauteed sea scallops.

Mr. Mickey was determined to have this special dessert for St. Patrick’s Day, so he had a spinach salad as his entree. The dessert is an Irish Coffee Cake, which includes chocolate cake, espresso custard, Jameson caramel sauce, an Irish shortbread cookie, and Bailey’s whipped cream.

  1. Your hairstyle is gorgeous and suits your face perfectly. Love the outfit and will certainly take inspiration from it!

  2. Very useful versatility tips! – 0h that meal! And cake! Yum! – your hairstyle is very flattering with the bangs styled forward toward your face. – Happy spring, Susan & Mr Mickey

  3. Love this look and you look great. Please talk about shoulder pads sometime. I look better with them in a structured jacket, but I thought they were falling out of favor.

    1. Small shaping shoulder pads are a tailoring detail that will always be important with a jacket. It is the obvious oversize pads from the 80’s we should avoid.

  4. I know you use Bauty Counter exclusively. Could you tell me what blush formula/color you use? Thanks in advance.

      1. I love your blog. I love your hair natural & curly but this style today is adorable. Can you please tell us curly girls how you achieved this look? Thanks

  5. I don’t comment very often but I do you read your blogs. They are very helpful. Love your new haircut!

  6. Your new hair style is a winner! Looks great on you! Have you tried a blow dryer brush? Wow, has it made my life easier! I’m happy the sun has returned and I’m ready for lighter hair, colors and clothing! Best to you and Mr. Mickey!

  7. Wow — that’s a perfectly wonderful haircut for you. I love the shorter length in the back and the longer side swept bangs in front. It is very flattering and stylish. So many women insist that long hair makes them look younger, but I disagree. Shorter hair — with the right cut, like yours — is very uplifting and fresh. I am tempted to print out this post and show your haircut to my own stylist. That’s how much I like this haircut!

  8. Hi Susan!
    Your hair is extra cute today! Also love the earrings! Have a great day! There’s sunshine in Delaware…yay!
    Marie Dee

  9. When it is hotter are there any short sleeved tops you can suggest for those of us who no longer want to have bare arms?

    I only wear tanks when I can keep my jacket/cardigan on without burning up.

    Your hair always looks amazing.

    1. I showed some cute tops by Clara Sunwoo in the previous post. Those are the types of tops I wear when it is hot, and I can’t layer. I also wear the Portofino shirts with roll-tab sleeves from Express. Those are lighter than air and work exceptionally well with white jeans in summer. When I wear a simple cotton T, I look for the thick ones that stand away from the body. No clinging for me.

    1. Susan, I got my order from you today. I love everything, and the extra scarf you included is perfect for my trip. Thank you. I have enjoyed your shop so much. I don’t want to think about it eventually closing. As always, tell Mr. Mickey hello. That dessert he ordered looks and sounds delicious.

  10. Your hair looks adorable like that -with bangs and hair tucked behind the ears. This was a good blog post on versatility. Thank you for teaching us!

  11. It think I read in one of your posts that you don’t wear shorts. Do you ever wear a dress or skirt?

    I love the short hair style and berry lip. Very pretty.

  12. Susan,

    I love your blog, and wanted to comment particularly about your hairstyle. It looks perfect on you! You just look better and better!!

  13. Beautiful, Susan! Your new way of styling your hair is very, very becoming. These versatility tips are really good and useful, as well. Thanks so. much!! I always look forward to your new posts. Sharon

  14. Susan! This hair style suits you beautifully. Really brings your face more alive and sparkling, I can’t believe the difference in your overall look. Lovely.

  15. Perhaps I’ve missed a post regarding your new haircut. I really like how it looks on you and the cut seems so modern. Would be interested in finding out more about that. Thanks for all that you do in advancing style and fashion for us mature women. I try to always read your posts. I find them inspirational and fun. Thanks.

  16. I live on the MS Gulf Coast so we have mixed weather in the Winter & Spring. Today is beautiful in the seventies but next week could be cooler. This is what I depend on for our weather 9 months out of the year. The other three are just plain hot. What do you think about the tencel fabric? I have a couple of shirts and they seem to be a good choice for tropical like weather.

    1. I used to live in Gulfport and Pass Christian, so I remember your weather well! I found that tencel fabric clings and loses its shape too much for my taste. I wore a lot of cotton and some linen items when I lived down there.

  17. Susan, how do you wear your potofino shirts from Express? Tucked in? Loose with a belt, or just loose? I love those shirts but can’t decide how to wear them in order to get a few.

    1. Thank you for the reply and link to this vacation article you wrote. Somehow I missed out on that one! Very unusual because I get excited when I have an email from Susan After 60. This one is chock full of information I needed.

      Susan, I have to tell you again how much everything you share has meant to me. I am in the process of tearing apart my wardrobe, discarding things in there, and seeing myself in an entire new light. This winter I have been studying and on a quest to figure out what colors and shapes look good on me. It’s been a struggle. I’ve reached out to you for advice on how to learn this info about myself. You have been patient and so kind responding and guiding me to where to go for answers. After months of frustration, confusion, walking away from it and coming back, process of elimination, understanding, and finally learning, I now know where I fit in on the color spectrum. In the early 80’s I was diagnosed as a spring. Nope. I have little to no spring characteristics. I’m definitely a cool and clear person. My whole world has opened up as far as clothes go. Many of them I already have in my closet. Those are the ones I get compliments on when I wear them, All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place studying the Color Me Confident book. Thank you for putting me on the path to this journey.

  18. Good morning Susan,

    I have followed your site for a while now, however, my first time writing to you. First of all, thank you for inspiring all of us gals to stay current and classy! Great combo…….. that being said, I am a young 63 yr. old and sing in 3 different bands. I would be interested in what you think would be a current and classy performer’s outfit. I’m the lead singer so I can stand out a bit. It’s funny, the fans that were used to blow my long, thick, curly hair on stage in college now are used to calm the hot flashes! Lol –

    I normally wear black leggings, high boots (in winter) with a black leather mini skirt- only an inch of leggings between boot and skirt and white top with a longer black vest to keep the lines long and hide the bustline. I have never shown a lot of skin, however, I am tone and could show more. My main drive is to stay classy. You and I have very similar tastes- however, being on stage……. how can I look the part but remain age appropriate?

    I hope you receive this email and are able to provide some feedback. Thank you again for your time and attention.
    Best Regards and have a VERY BLESSED DAY!


    1. Thank you for the comment, Deborah. It sounds like your look is both appropriate and dramatic enough to make you stand out. Which performer’s stage style do you like most? I would use her as an icon and let her style guide you as you update your own. Have a lovely day.

  19. Hi Susan, I enjoyed your post as usual and love the outfit you’re wearing. I just wanted to comment on your haircut….I LOVE IT! I had my hair cut like this a while back but my hairdresser moved to Hawaii and I was never able to find anyone who could duplicate it. Seeing it on you makes me wish even more that I could find a good hairdresser…it seems to be a daunting task here in Arkansas! I also wanted to thank you for your gifts when I placed an order with you a couple of months ago. The scarf you sent was perfect and I’ve worn it many times and so is the scarf that I ordered. It was even prettier than in the photo’s. So thank you again. Have a wonderful weekend!

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