Blazer – Faded Jeans

A favorite combination is a blazer with faded jeans. This combo can be more casual or somewhat elevated with the type of fabric and the accessories chosen.

We were in downtown Asheville to enjoy dinner at the Lobster Trap yesterday. The sunny temperatures were in the fifties.

The blazer is here. The cashmere sweater is dark navy here. My crossbody bag is sold out now. Similar bags are here and here.

I like the look of a double-breasted blazer, but I almost always wear them unbuttoned casually.

The booties are now on sale here. I am wearing the Active-X Low-Cut no-show socks in beige here. The ankle jeans are sold out now, but a similar style is here. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

My lip color today is Poppy here.

I hope everything goes your way this week!

  1. Good morning, Susan!

    You look very put together! The blazer is classic, and the booties are modern, and fresh.
    Your jeans are the perfect lenght, a very hard thing to find for me, as a short 5′ 2.5″ . I have to every pair hemmed.

    I’m glad you had some sunshine! High fifties would be a heat wave, here in Massachusetts! Yesterday was only in the low thirties! We had to trek through frigid Providence last night, in the mid twenties at 6 pm.! But Spring is almost here!

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and your dinner in ashville! You look very chic, and your smile is your finest accessory!

  2. What size blazer are you wearing please? I’m just 5’1” and wondering if it will be too long for me. I really like it. Thanks very much. This may be a duplicate comment but my iPad went wonky the first time and would not go through.

  3. I have always chosen dark-wash jeans but think I will get a nice faded pair this season for variety. Thanks for showing ways to make it look presentable!
    Also, I am smiling at the outfit in the background of a couple of these photos. The dark jacket and scarf look like a combo you might have put together! Did you choose that setting deliberately, or was it coincidental?

  4. You always look stunning no matter what you were.
    However, in this look I think a pretty scarf would do wonders. Soften the look just a tad otherwise great pictures. Thanks for all the neat ideas you pass on to us, as this old lady has learned a few new tricks from you.
    Clara Bulens from Iowa

    1. I don’t think a scarf would work well with this OOTD. With all the buttons and the overall look, I think that a scarf would detract from Susan’s outfit. Great look, Susan. Classic, with a bit of trendy mixed in with the boots and animal print cross body bag.

  5. This is one of my favorite looks that you have on. It can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going. Now I need to find a blazer. Thank you so much for the post.

  6. In Minnesota this weekend it was 50 degrees and sunny! People were out and about in shirtsleeves and smiles. I am trying mightily to get on the jeans and blazer bandwagon. A number of years ago it seemed we quit wearing formal-look blazers, substituting casual jackets and knit wear. Seeing you and others wearing this look makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of several well tailored wool blazers. I’m sure you don’t always feel as put together on the inside as you appear on the outside, but even on crazy or casual days putting a bit of effort into our appearance gives one a lift. Thank you for modeling that for us.

  7. Hi Susan! I’ve always liked the look of faded jeans paired with a darker top. The navy blazer and fawn colored booties are icing in the cake! ..The hubby & I are looking forward to enjoying Asheville this summer. Thanks for including interesting spots to visit there!

  8. Love your outfit , and I hope I might get to wear something similar in a couple of months time. 3c and hailstone showers today, and I live in the “English Riviera” on the south coast of the UK, where it’s supposed to be mild.

  9. I have a question. One of the biggest challenges for me is shoes. I notice you don’t always have matching shoes with your jacket or sweater. How does one determine what kind or color shoe to wear? Thanks.

    1. I try to keep the tone of my pants in the same range as my shoes. If I wore long black pants, I would wear black shoes or boots to continue the line. The faded jeans were lighter in color, so I wore light-colored boots. I don’t always relate my bag to something in my outfit. The bag may be orange, for example, to contrast with a blue top.

  10. Enjoyed your packing video, Susan & so glad that you had a great Florida holiday. Just a thought about swimsuit cover-ups. I burn easily & now invest in Cabana Life cover-ups which have UV protection. I have bought them at a chain, Everything But Water, on Sanibel close to the original Chico’s store. The style I favour is long sleeved knee length dress which can also be worn as a casual dress or with white pants, capris or cropped pants. They are expensive, so I try to buy them on sale (successful so far!). Stretchy, comfortable and I think, classy, like you!

  11. May I ask the color of your booties? There are so many options with link. Thank you again. I love your outfit!

  12. Great look. Interesting that you chose faded jeans as you said in a prior post that faded jeans are not for you or older ladies.

    1. Slightly faded jeans are cooler than dark wash ones, and they allow me to pair them with my dark navy blazers. I don’t wear torn ones, but slightly faded ones with crisp jackets create elevated casual looks. I am trying to be more flexible. Too many rules can make us look dated.

  13. This is a really cute look. Casual but not too.
    Live your hair. Thinking of getting mine cut similar.

  14. Hi Susan
    I was at Baltimore on a girls trip to see the Downton Abbey exhibits. I spend sometime in Asheville and I loved it so much. I’m hoping to visit again in November to see the Christmas decorations. We ride the hop on hop off bus in Asheville and I can’t wait to bring my husband back. I will try the Lobster Trap on my next visit to Asheville. Love your outfit!!!

  15. Kudos! This is one of my favorite looks! I am also two sizes larger on top, due to broad shoulders. I always try to wear darker colors on top, and lighter colors on the bottom, to create a visual balance. The open double breasted blazer look is soo flattering. Navy can’t be beat! Wonderful post 🙂

  16. I sincerely appreciate your opinions. May I ask if you would please demonstrate the half tuck again? I hate to be a nuisance but I simply cannot remember correct procedure. Many thanks.

    1. Now that higher waist pants are in style, it might be a better look to tuck the shirt in all the way around and then raise your arms and pull most of the shirt out at the back to fold over the behind. The half-tuck is gathering up the front of your shirt and tucking it into your pants and then folding the edges over to cover the hips and the bottom with the shirt.

  17. You look terrific. Loving the booties that show a bit of ankle. The navy sweater and navy blazer remind me of a problem I have with black. How do you manage black trousers and a black blazer that are not the same fabric? When I try, it always looks like I tried to fake having a suit, and failed.

    1. Different textures in one color will look intentional and evident that they are from different tribes. Silk, denim, and cashmere all in black and worn together will look elegant. Three knit pieces in black will not make such an impact.

  18. I’m so sorry for your haircut. I admire you so much for your youthful approach snd look, but this haircut ages you. Not meant to offend, but just a “bern there” with stylists. Kerp up the great inspirations for all of us over 70…er, 60. Lol

  19. I have always loved the black blazer and jean look. It is such a classic. Thanks for showing it. Love it with the boots!

  20. That bootie has an almost 4 inch heel. You’ve advocated so much recently for lower heel styles. Do you find them to be comfortable?

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