Why No New Items?

This week, I received an interesting question, “Why don’t you shop at Chico’s anymore?”


The truth is I am not buying much at all these days. If I need one thing to fill a hole in my wardrobe, I will buy the best quality I can afford, and it will not be memorable. That means no prints, no beading, no standout details.


I have spent the last five years rebuilding my wardrobe after losing about forty-five pounds. Not even my shoes fit afterward! I made a tremendous number of mistakes while buying what I thought a lady my age should be wearing. For a while, companies and boutiques were sending me boxes of clothes to show on the blog. My closet was no longer my happy place as I stood before a vast collection of things that did not reflect me. I had a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.


Over the past year, I have been letting go of the items that do not serve me well. I also stopped accepting items to review on the blog. It all became overwhelming, and I was no longer authentic or believable. Most women do not get something new every single day, nor do we want to. Being surrounded by clutter and things I rarely use does not give me a sense of peace. I prefer to have a few items that I can wear many times in several combinations and always feel true to my style when I wear them.

Several features must be checked off before I make a purchase now. The first must be that it is an item that I have been looking for, not an impulse buy. The item must be in the color and tone that looks good with my complexion. The item must be a solid color neutral that goes with everything else in my wardrobe. I look for things that have no details, zippers, ruffles, or gathers, which would make my upper body appear more substantial. If I can check off all these points and the item is on sale, it might be coming home with me. It must also fit and flatter my shape with few if any alterations required.


I enjoy wearing accessories to complete and complement my neutral combinations. At one time in my life, I believed I needed a standout tunic or jacket, but it was wearing me in reality. People saw the standout piece, not me.

So there you have it, a very long answer to a concise question. I don’t shop much anymore because I already have plenty of items I enjoy wearing. A lot of them came from Chico’s, but the things I have kept do not scream from across the lobby of a theater, “I bought this at Chico’s!”

I hope that what I share helps you create a wardrobe that serves you well and allows you to get out there and enjoy your second fifty years as much as I am.

In these photos, I am wearing an old white tank from Chico’s, Jag pull-on jeans from last year, an old scarf from the Banana Republic, and a long cardigan, which is also old from Saks Off 5th. The bag is by Zac Posen via Saks Off 5th last year. The shoes are old by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

I meant no disrespect to Chico’s with this post. That was simply the question that started the conversation. Chico’s is an excellent company, as are its sister stores White House|Black Market and Soma Intimates. I have been a loyal customer for years and will continue to shop in all three stores when I need something new.

  1. I applaud you Susan! So many bloggers have fallen under the spell of always showing new clothes and chasing the trends and it really does not serve us so well in real life. We need someone like you who can help us use the most of what we already have and learn what to buy to make ourselves look and feel better. I have learned so much from you, thank you!

  2. This is so true, I think we are all quilts of buying things that don’t reflect us . I know I occasional buy impulsively, then realize I really didn’t like the way I looked in it.

  3. Susan,
    First of all, thank you for your wonderful blog! I look forward to it daily!
    Second, I, like you, have lost 45 lbs and regained a life after divorce. I’ve always tried to buy classics and then throw in a little something off the wall just for something different. Since my weight loss, I’ve been going through my closet and think how did I ever wear half of the items in there! Huge coverups of what was going on in my life and health. Now, I enjoy some of the timeless pieces and just look for ways to re-acessorize them!
    Thank you so much for encourage women of our age…and you are right..these are the best years!

  4. I LOVE this post, Susan. It reflects where I am, as well. We have become “snowbirds,” spending winters in the southwest, so I must have a wardrobe that fits in the car! With your help over the last couple of years, I have built exactly what I need, consisting of mostly jeans. My style differs from yours, but the tenets translate perfectly. Thanks for the guidance!

  5. I totally agree with you!!!! I am 71 years young and need a size 00. It has taken me years to find clothes that work for me. Very few new items now pass the test to be added. Your basic look comes the closest I have ever found to my style. Thanks for the encouragement not to keep up with fashion but to create our best style at this season of our lives!!!!!

  6. I sooo agree! I am in the process of doing what you so beautifully stated. In fact, inspired, I’m gonna do more today! Love the new blog!

  7. This is spot-on, Susan. I hope that Chicos and other retailers serving “mature” women will learn that we don’t want garish patterns, glitter, and gimmicky designs. Nor do we want shapeless, boxy designs in funereal shades. I want to look sleek and
    sophisticated, not like a 4-year-old dressed me. I love your timekess elegance.

  8. I like what you say about the overwhelming closet and nothing to wear. I feel that way but your advice is very helpful and will save me tons of money. Thank you for all you do.

  9. Good looking outfit. Love the JAG pull on jeans! What a difference it makes not to have the button and flap sticking out and making little holes in the top. I’m also a fan of the long sweater. Enjoyed your analysis of too many clothes and nothing to wear! So true.

    1. So true about the little holes! For the longest time, I thought I had moths eating my tee shirts, but always in the same place. How dumb! When I figured out it was the zipper sticking out, I started looking for zipper-less pants. Problem solved.

      1. Oh my….yes! I’ve had the same issue for a long time. So many shirts ruined with little holes. Now it all makes sense!

  10. Susan, I share your thoughts about no longer need to buy unless I am replacing an item. With that thought I mind, I do need to replace a pair of jeans. I would like to try the Jag pull-on jeans but noticed they run large. When you purchased these jeans, did you size down and how many size down?

    1. The Jag legging/jeans I am wearing here are my usual size four. I did buy another dark wash ankle length pair by Jag in size four, but they are much smaller. I would suggest trying each pair on before buying if you can.

  11. Oh who are you kidding? You just want to spend more money on your fabulous shoe collection! LOL Just kidding but really, less bling leads me to look at shoes and you have some of the best. Keep rocking it!

  12. Everything you said in this response is exactly what I discovered myself. At 67 now I find the bold prints and huge accessories do not flatter me any more. I also still love chicos but wish they would offer more basic pieces in easy wear fabrics. I used to love the travelers fabric but now it only shows all my lumps and bumps. Solids, perfect fit and quality are what I look for now. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  13. I love your philosophy! I am almost 60 and read several fashion blogs for outfit inspiration and to stay current. I hate when I see new items constantly on a blog or hear a blogger say she purchases something to photograph and then returns it! It is just as bad when the majority of her outfits have been gifted by a company. Most of us wear the same pieces over and over, you show us how to do this stylishly.

  14. Susan, That was an awesome explanation. I’m currently losing weight via plant-based diet. You’re an inspiration for me! I am also hoping to “rebuild” my wardrobe as more weight comes off. I love your philosophy on better quality, multifunctional items in colors that compliment me. Keep on sharing! God bless you…Teresa

  15. Susan, I meant to ask a question. I’m 53, petite (5’0″) and love scarves and want to incorporate some. My issue is being petite with an apple shaped body and having a short neck. The way I’ve worn scarves doesn’t complement me. Is there a recommendation about how I can wear a scarf? Or should I avoid them altogether? Thank you! Teresa

    1. Try them worn as an accent worn long around your neck and peeking out from the lapels of your jacket. A good look for an apple shaped body is to draw the emphasis up to your pretty face and small waist. If you tie a smaller soft scarf at your neckline keeping the ends above your bustline, you would accomplish this nicely. Never tie the scarf snug around your neck. Always keep them relaxed and comfortable.

  16. I so like your way of thinking. I completely agree with you. I personally am trying to lose 15 pounds and the main reason is I’m fed up about having a wardrobe full of nice clothes that don’t fit my body anymore. When I look in the mirror, naked or even dressed, I sometimes do not like what I see. So, when I shop for a new item, I apply some rules that are important to me: the style, the colour, the size etc. And of course, the price.

    Keep on the good work Susan.

  17. I love your shoes….and I also love your answer. I’m trying to do the same. actually following all kinds of blogs has helped me see who I really am as a dresser and person. I too like neutrals without fuss and prefer to keep color or patterns on my purses or accessories.

  18. I’ve been transitioning my wardrobe over the past year to one based on warm neutrals. Before, my closet was filled with random impulse buys, no cohesiveness and, thus, “nothing to wear.” When I brought out my fall items, some new, some old, and culled anything that I felt uncertain about, I was thrilled with the result. A pared down closet with so many different combinations. By following your advice, I now have a wardrobe that works and getting dressed is fun.

  19. Thank you for this post. As I am changing out my closet to fall/winter , you have been an inspiration! You provide a model of timeless elegance.

  20. Susan I’ve been following your blog for a number of years now and one of the things I like most is they are not sponsored. I’ve stopped following so many bloggers because most of the posts are sponsored. I’m sure it must be tempting for many but they loose credibility. You look great, always an interesting read and you just seem so darn nice! Continued success with the blogosphere. Gladys

  21. I do not like the clothes or quality anymore. the last 2 items purchased there stretched out & pulled.The sales people at my closet store were also less than friendly when I cam into do a price adjustment on 6 items purchased the following week. I will not be back.

  22. Thank you for such an honest and thoughtful answer to the question you received. This is really what I love about your blog. In truth, I am a bit older than you with a different body shape, coloring and lifestyle (I live in NYC). However, I still receive so much worthwhile information and positive inspiration from your posts.

    I have stopped following many other bloggers because I noticed they were becoming advertisers for specific brands which I resent this trend.

    Keep up the great work you are doing!

  23. I love your fashion philosophy and I love your lipstick! Can I ask what it is? I’ve had difficulty finding a red that isn’t garish against fair skin.

  24. Susan, it is so refreshing for us more mature women to be able to utilize you as our stylist. The outfit you are wearing today would have been the exact outfit I could have worn yesterday when my husband and I went to an afternoon play – casual yet chic. I do have a question for you, however. The long cardigan that you are wearing – does it stretch out in the back after you have been sitting for awhile? When you put it away, do you fold it, hang it up, or drape it over a padded hanger? Enjoy your day.

  25. Hi Susan – whoa, the mystery of the tiny moth holes solved! LOL, what a hoot – I had just figured this out as well. What I love about having a core wardrobe is that even random impulse purchases fit in. 3 years ago I bought some strappy sandals in an autumn yellow that is a cross between mustard and chardonnay – then last year I bought a linen tunic that turned out to be the exact same color, without planning or thinking about it! With jeans and a scarf they fit together as a perfect outfit! Love your new site -keep up the great work 🙂

  26. Besides a flattering fit and versatility, any new wardrobe piece that I add to my closet must be comfortable and preferably machine washable. No more scratchy fabrics or garments that must be constantly adjusted.

  27. Hi Susan, Once again you added fabulous information to your blog. What a wonderful philosophy and great tips to help the rest of us to create a beautiful wardrobe that is chic and timeless. I love the idea of paring clothing items down to basics that can be mixed and matched. I do have a question–I love scarves and have noticed that you tie your scarves in the most magical ways. Is there a book on tying scarves that you have gotten your ideas from? If not, I would love to have a few helpful hints on techniques. I have so many scarves and always end up tying them the same way over and over again–very boring! I love your site so much and it has become part of my daily routine.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mary Ann. I consider many things when I tie a scarf, the neckline of the top, the size and shape of the scarf, what part of the scarf I want to show and also what tie is comfortable for me. I like soft scarves that are not too bulky right now. When it gets cooler, I will be reaching for warmer ones. I’ll do lots more posts about wearing scarves. I have always enjoyed them.

  28. So well said . The constant push to consume leaves one empty and overwhelmed . Thanks for the courage to say this and stay true to your beliefs. I am a fan of your integrity.

  29. Susan, you look very chic in this outfit! I admire your stylish handbag and have thought of purchasing one with a similar doctor’s bag shape, but would like to know what to do with it in a restaurant. It seems too large to hold on my lap or put on the table, and I’m not a fan of handbags on the floor or against a baseboard. Where do you place yours?

    1. I agree with you, Ann. I try not ever to put my bag on the floor. If there is an empty chair beside me, I will put it there. Sometimes I put it on the top of my feet while I am eating. I do not like to hang it on the back of my chair unless I am against a wall or completely out of the path of others. It is too easy for someone to take it while you are not paying attention if it is on the back of your chair.

  30. Thank you. It was difficult to compare myself to you when you got new things all the time. I believe I will know who you are and do far you look a lot like me.

  31. Thank you for this honest posting. It is so refreshing and admirable that you want your blog to continue to be authentic. Your journey through life and your informative styling advice is far more interesting and valuable than trying to pass off the latest promotion. Best wishes and many thanks for maintaining your integrity.

  32. Susan, Your best post yet! You’re a great role model of mindfully building a wardrobe that fits one’s body, coloring and lifestyle.

  33. Susan, recently discovered your blog and find that your fashion sense is impeccable. Would you consider doing a post on your closet??

    1. I have done a few of them on my old blog, FiftynotFrumpy.com but I will do an updated one here soon. I am working on a shop which will offer some things from my own collection as well as new items I am buying for you.

  34. As always, you look fantastic and I can relate to the purging of the closet. After I had my breast cancer experience I lost all my hair through chemo and had reconstructive surgery so my entire body from head to toe was different. I (at first) did as you did, and tried a lot of new things (new hair color – a huge mistake that took me almost a year to fix) and lots of new clothes. None of them worked, none of them felt like the authentic me. Then I found your blog and it helped me tremendously as I gained confidence in buying classic, simple things that fit the real me. So….please know that you make a difference for many women, including myself, with your posts every day. All my best to you and the wonderful Mr. Mickey!

  35. This is why I love your posts. I can tell that other bloggers just wear whatever was sent to them, regardless of whether it flatters them or not.
    Thanks for being authentic. I’ve learned a lot from your blog.

  36. I have loved all the pieces/clothes you have worn. Hope I can take this information and start putting more outfits together. Trying to put together an outfit for tonight for the Rogersville parade. We are driving our old 53 Ford truck through the parade but then will park on the street and walk to eat. Look in the stores some. Tents will go up after people leave for the Harvest Festible held on Sat. & Sun.

  37. I had.no idea that Chico’s and White House/Black Market were sister stores. I love Chico’s, the store and the outlet. It presents my taate and what I consider to be age-appropriate for me. I invite you all to also take a look at soft surroundings.com for clothing and home decor. They are marvelous. Thanks for all the great ideas, Susan!!

  38. You look great!! And I totally agree about looking for things in solid colors with no beads or ruffles or gathers or zippers etc. I like simple things. And I make jewelry, so I accessorize with my handcrafted items — but they still tend to be more subtle and less “statement.” I need to do another sweep through my closet and remove the things I haven’t worn in ages. I am convinced that a small wardrobe with reliable mixable pieces is best. Thanks for illustrating that for me.

  39. Susan, I follow several bloggers. You being one of them. Many look fabulous and are wearing so many clothes and accessories that the blog is just a push for what they are wearing. I understand they want to make money. But in the process it seems like they loose themselves a little. You post today really hits the mark. Keeping it simple so you have the time to enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you for your post today.

  40. Excellent post! When I see you, first of all I notice that you are healthy and well-groomed, which is key to a chic look. Women can buy all the expensive claptrap in the world and if they are not healthy and/or unkempt, the clothing and accessories look terrible. I love the way you are willing to share your journey (and mistakes) with us. Of course, your shoe wardrobe keeps us all coming back…

  41. Thank you Susan!! I have stood before my overly full closet so many days and said those exact words, “I have nothing to wear!” Nothing that made me joyful that is. I now, after reading your blog for over a year, realize I didn’t need more, or newer, or flashier items, what I needed was items that were true to my style. And I have been discovering that less can be better!!! Thank you.

  42. Your comments are right on! I agree shopping for clothes you need or shopping for the sake of buying is something I have definitely changed over the years. I first shop my closet….and usually that does the trick. I enjoy your blog.

  43. I enjoy all of your posts, but this one particularly resonated with me, and rang true. I always admire your outfits and even though I am not your body type and can’t wear heels, I aspire to have a similar wardrobe of clothing that works together, fits great, and has lasting power. I also love that you do show how to combine your current wardrobe in ways that look fresh and stylish . I also love Chicos style. I am a larger woman and I like the fact that I can look great in their size 4 . Your new line looks great too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. What a great reply. I have come to the same conclusion in my life but unfortunately it took me until I was almost 70. For the first time in my life I am enjoying wearing the clothes that I have and I probably have fewer now than I have had for a long time. Keep up the good work, Susan.

  45. I echo all the above comments. It took me nearly 3/4 of a century to be free of the “what to wear syndrome” while looking at a very full closet. I also fell under the spell of the bloggers who showed new items, whether trendy or classic….I bought way too much instead of shopping my own closet. Thanks as usual for a thought provoking bog post. XO

  46. Susan, you are so right. I too no longer wear prints and embellishments. They are aging! Keep up the good work, you are such an inspiration to me. I look forward to your posts. You are always so put together and I have taken many of your ideas for my own wardrobe.

  47. Your decision is admirable, but the most I admire you for having lost 45 pounds. Maybe one day you will tell us about.

  48. I love your new blog as I loved your FiftyNotFrumpy blog. Question: There was lots of good stuff on FiftyNotFrumpy. Is it all going to stay there so we can go back and refer to it; or is it going to migrate here somehow in an archive? I don’t want to lose all that good advice from FiftyNotFrumpy.

    1. The FiftynotFrumpy.com blog and Facebook page will remain as they are at the usual location. I am just moving forward with respect for the fact that time marches on. Several people commented that I looked older than fifty and also mentioned that they felt I was telling them what to do or what to wear. For those and many other reasons, I wanted to create a fresh new project that was clearly me sharing what I have learned for anyone who is interested in reading about it. Take what you need, and please know that it is shared with love and admiration for women of every age.

  49. I like your attitude! It is so refreshing to know that if you choose carefully you can look great wearing simple clothes that are not always new.

  50. That is the kind of wardrobe I am also striving for but I’m still having a hard time letting go of things. How did you go about creating it? Did you clear out your closet and declutter first? I just can’t seem to get it together!!!

    I love your blog!!!

    1. Thank you, Darlene. As I try things on when I am getting dressed, I often think, “This isn’t right.” I take it off and put on something else. When I do wear the questionable item, it always feels wrong. I now keep only what makes me feel happy and comfortable when I wear it. If I have to force it to work, out it goes.

  51. Susan, I have the utmost respect for your anti clutter philosophy. Too much ‘stuff’ is indeed stressful and claustrophobic. It’s one of the things I think about most when I shop-is this simple, solid, neutral…not to say I don’t sometimes give in to a trendy top, but it won’t last and is soon cleared from the closet. Now I look for classic shoes, bags, and add color with a necklace or jewelry. I definitely do NOT want sequins, glitter, embroidery, (most especially across the rear end–what are these designers thinking???) huge statement jewelry that wears me, or even fringe (mayb a tiny bit on a scarf like yours). I do want to combine textures, patterns, and colors in attractive, appropriate ways. I travel a lot, all over the world, and I do NOT want to be the print sequin top lady! Or the acetate spandex lady either!
    Thanks so much for all your help. I am slowly but surely getting a wardrobe together that will serve me for any occasion and I will be well dressed without the clothes wearing me, and without looking like a someone’s grandmother (which I am, but why would I want to look like it?)

  52. Thank you Susan for reminding me to continue to define my style and really wear what I love. I don’t think I’ve ever read a better blog post and you inspire me!

  53. Your answer to that question helped me a lot. I never realized how limiting a pattern or bling on a piece of clothing is. I like bling but am noticing I only wear it when I feel a little wild and crazy. I do appreciate how put together you look rather it be casual as in this picture or more business like or dressed for a special get together. I wish I could pull of the high heels and high platforms, kills my back.

  54. What an honest and refreshing answer. I am in the process of losing 25 lbs that I have used as an emotional ‘wardrobe’ for many years. Your blogs are a great example of staying authentic.

  55. So refreshing to read a blog that is authentic and super helpful. I had begun to wonder with other bloggers that their recommendations were only to increase their free supplies. I respect your real ness and look forward to buying your staple black range as it really ticks all the boxes.
    Pauline (Australia)

  56. I love to shop at Chico’s because it is close to my house and I can drop in frequently to see what is new, and visit with the sales people who all know my name and my style. I have a pretty narrow window of what I like to go home with me, as you do. I like to shop at this one store because the colors match each other, the jewelry is designed to match and there are always several different jewelry options from conservative to large statement pieces. I find it difficult to mix items from a variety of stores, at least it is harder and more work to make an outfit.

    Shopping mostly at one store also limits what I buy because I do not see all the other things on the market to be tempted. To me it simplifies my life, and helps me make groupings of clothing that go well together in many different ways.
    I find I can update and add variety to my classic collection of favorite clothing at home by adding new jewelry, a scarf, or a current color of their wonderful tee shirts, that are not so heavy as cotton, and a bit more dressy. Lots of times a stylish new sweater in my colors will give me a real pick me up. But then I must be willing to give away a sweater I have that is that color and I am getting tired of.
    I admit I am one that does not spend hours shopping for the perfect piece. I like having several options in matching colors all available at one stop. For example, I added a totally new color this fall: cinnamon jeans. It is not a color I can wear near my face, but I wear black with it and leopard shoes, or scarf and it feels like a very fresh combination with my multiple black items at home.I have you to thank for making me aware of what colors look best next to my complexion and hair color. You have made my life even simpler and better organized by making thoughtful not impulse choices in buying. Thank you for sharing your journey and things you have learned.

    1. Those are all the reasons I have shopped at Chico’s for years also Becky! They do make it easy to put together a wardrobe when you are starting over. Thanks for your comment.

  57. I believe I may have fallen into the trap you describe. Six months ago I changed careers and can now wear beautiful clothes to work rather than a uniform and steel-toed boots. I bought WAY too many clothes in bright colors. I have a jewelry chest stuffed full of costume jewelry that in many ways just don’t fit the look I’m trying to get. In time I’ll revamp the wardrobe as I gain a better understanding of what looks good on me.

  58. Life becomes more about living and less about trying to acquire, trying to chase the latest trend, etc.

    We all know that we gravitate to certain items in our wardrobes over and over again. So what’s the point in having more of the same, or just more? There are bigger, more important issues in life. Clothes don’t define me. I want to look my best, but my clothes don’t make a statement. I do, with my presence, my voice and my actions.

    Thank you for helping me find the path to a simpler way of dressing, with thoughtfully-considered additions to my closet being the things I pursue. These things need not be expensive, but well-designed items that are worth the price per wear…longevity matters here. I have a long way to go and much to learn, as I do in life (I hope!).

  59. I appreciate what you said about authenticity. I have stopped following a lot of bloggers because it seems like their posts turn into nothing but commercials for various companies who send them free things in exchange for promoting their facial creams or jewelry or clothing or essential oils or whatever.. I understand that people want to make money from their blogs. But the constant endorsements do hurt credibility. Just my opinion.

  60. I have been sort of following your blog fifty not frumpy for a while. I think you always look put together and classic. I agree with you that solids always are the way to go. But I feel like I sometimes look like I am missing something for that finished look. Maybe the accessories are the key and I have to admit I have never been good choosing the correct ones. Yours always look great.

  61. I would like to thank you for your honesty and integrity. It is very seldom on a lot of blogs. I have learned so much from you especially when it comes to what doesn’t suit me at all. If you don’t mind saying me this, your looks look much more put together and elegant since you do not add constantly new items. Nevertheless you look always great.

  62. You are obviously a beautiful women and a lovely person. Just my two cents! I hate the heavy wedge shoes,although comfortable. I think they are a distraction from your complete look. Sleek flats would look so much better.

  63. The shorter tops do make legs look longer- thank you for the side by side photos. I think it is a more flattering look when layering. Enjoying your new website and valuable insight.

  64. “That means no prints, no beading, no standout details.”I am completely a soul sister ,
    the best post of you until now.

  65. Susan, Thanks for the honesty. I could always tell when you were modeling comped clothing. It didn’t seem to suit you. I often wondered why a woman who appears to be comfortable financially would compromise herself for a few free items of clothing. I guess we all like what at first appears to be a bargain. I do not trust bloggers who take freebies. Many try the line, “I received these in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are my own.” Research shows, however, that we are less critical of things given to us than of those we pay for.

  66. Thanks for that absolutely sensible and clear explanation. I like your attitude, and that’s one of the reasons I keep on reading your blog.

  67. It is refreshing to hear your reasoning for a small, sensible, delightful wardrobe titled! I enjoy reading your blog even more! Thank you for sharing!

  68. This post resonates with me right now. I am still cleaning out my closet and only purchasing items I love. Thanks!!

  69. I agree totally! I feel like if an item is heavily embellished it ages me and limits the use of the item. I love your style!

  70. Hi! Have you ever done a blog on wearing a jean jacket with a pair of jeans? Can it be (successfully) done?? Thanks

    1. Mary, I did do such a post on the old Fifty, not Frumpy blog. My tip is to keep high contrast in your look of denim on denim. Wear a light wash with a dark wash to keep it interesting.

  71. Thank you Susan for your honesty and great sense of style. I also believe in quality over quantity. I too have started to rebuild my wardrobe and I’m so glad to have found you. Keep being you.

  72. It seems to be the season for cleaning out our closets and our lives. Getting down to basics is a recurring theme on several fashion / lifestyle blogs I follow. Thanks for your perspective on this, Susan.

    As someone who’s about to turn 71, I’ll gently observe that you are doing yourself and your readers a favor by focusing on what is important to you and honoring those things. Naturally, we won’t all find the same things “important,” and that’s as it should be. But honoring what nurtures our own spirit elevates each of us and, in some magical way, elevates those around us, too. Authenticity matters.

  73. Thank you Susan for your candid reply.
    It has helped me as I am fighting an addiction to buying without purpose or need.
    It is difficult to let go of a closet full of clothes that I no longer wear or look good in.
    You set a good example .You always look well groomed and chic.

  74. I am so tremendously glad you have ceased showing every store’s treasures. I liked your blog much better in the past and got tired of everyone’s things they sent to you. I could tell they weren’t you, often. I am a loyal follower again. Thank you for staying true to yourself and your many followers.

  75. I was a Chico’s devotee for 20 years and then they migrated to younger customers. I guess they don’t care that we 50+ ladies have fashion money to spend! BA-bye, Chico’s.

  76. it is always great to see an older woman comfortable in her acceptance of self and style.your comments are sensible and are the lessons we learn over the years. we all need reminders. thaank you. val from new zealand

  77. After losing 100 pounds and working very hard to maintain a stable weight, my clothing acquisition strategy has totally changed. Before, it was occasion or season based, picking things because they fit and didn’t look too tragic. My closet could not have been said to contain my “wardrobe”, but a series of compromises or “good enough”s.

    These days I have a mental list of classics I would like to add to my current wardrobe of basic, well fitting items. Because my size doesn’t change I can wear things for years, not just a season. It is worth looking at investment pieces (on sale), and to hold out for things I love.

    This month it was a red v neck cashmere sweater. Last month it was my taffeta ball skirt. Both will still be in fashion a decade from now.

    This is so, so much more fun than endless “settling” used to be. I’m always so pleased to have your blog to be inspired by, and reflect on as I mature on my journey.

  78. Susan, you also have fabulous handbags and scarves.
    How do you store these items? I have three wardrobes but can never find a great way to store my handbags, scarves , or shoes for that matter.

  79. Very good advice. I will try to remember those points the next time I go shopping. I still have too many items & still in the process of editing. Still enjoy shopping though.

  80. Your style tips are very helpful,Susan. Thank you so,so much! My family can tell a noticeable improvement in my dressing/accessorizing.Can’t thank you enough! God bless.

  81. I tuned 60 this year,and you have inspired me to let go of the latest trend and be myself. I very much enjoy your blog, please keep going, I get lots of ideas and tips from you. You make 60 look fabulous. THANK YOU

    Terry from Canada

  82. You make 60 look fabulous. I turned 60 this year, and I also feel I am the best I have ever been. I get lots of ideas and tips from your site, so please keep on with your blog. I absolutely love it.

  83. I love the put together outfits.
    I am always looking for styled pictures if I like the
    Outfit. I check my closet for items in the picture.
    Since I ‘m in my late seventies I want to look up to date.

  84. Hi Susan,

    I l;ove this outfit and your blog. I know this is an old one but I saw it on Pinterest and subscribed to your blog. I retired in December and love all of your styling suggestions. I have just donated a bunch of clothes and shoes I don’t wear any longer and now that I’m not working I love all of your ideas t work with what I have.

    Looking forward to more new posts,
    Marilyn Webb in Miami

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