Which Scarf To Wear

How do you decide which style and color of scarf will complement the outfit you are wearing?

The black sweater tank and jacket with jeans above were OK, but when I added the suede shoes and the bag, the scarf colors pulled the whole thing together, making the entire look more polished.

We were attending a church function in the evening, so I wore a nice pair of dress pants with a Covered Perfectly top and my Officer Blue Topper from White House|Black Market. The vibrant jewel colors and satin texture of the scarf significantly dressed up the basic pieces.

I wore an old black faux leather jacket from Stein Mart with a Covered Perfectly top and black pants to dinner one evening. The soft, supple black, white, and gray blanket scarf has the same “attitude.” It isn’t too dressy or silky. The jacket requires a more architectural design and fabric against the toughness of the faux leather.

The Covered Perfectly top and pants were dressed up slightly with a vest and a colorful soft cotton scarf. The casual fabrics relate to each other well.

I wore the Officer Blue Topper again on a snowy day with a bright fuchsia warm scarf. The looks above and below include scarves worn for warmth more than style.

I added the soft gray cashmere scarf/wrap because it related to the same tones as the gray overcoat.

The soft cotton rectangle shape scarf above was tied into the infinity style. The colors of the scarf relate to both the jeans and cashmere sweater. I wanted to fill in my neckline because the V of the sweater is a bit too low.


The scarf above has the same soft blues and tans as my jeans and the boots, so wearing the scarf book-ended the colors to tie the whole look together in a cohesive way.

  1. Really appreciate this blog. I love scarves as well and now know how to improve my ensembles. LOVE the purse in the first pic. Is it current? Thanks Susan! Roseanne

  2. I’ve started to wear more scarves because of your blog (I actually had a bunch in a drawer but had sort of forgotten about them). They have given my outfits a whole new life. Thanks so much! By the way, the tan high-heeled booties in the last picture are FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Some really great tips – of course it helps that you have a true artist’s eye with colors and style! Many years ago, when I was young (not really that young!) and foolish, I had to have an Hermes scarf and a mother-of-pearl and wood large rectangular scarf holder. Of course, the scarf turned out to be in oranges (which I can’t wear as a cool color person) and the ring turned out to be not really wearable. I have kept these items because they were so expensive but have never worn them. Any suggestions? I generally wear shoulder bags so tying the scarf to the bag doesn’t really work for me.

  4. Just went to my mailbox and there was the beautiful paisley scarf in muted colors that I recently ordered from your site. It is truly luxurious and the muted blue color really makes my eyes stand out. When I put it on my husband even commented how “awesome” I looked! Thanks for offering us these affordable scarves -this is my second one and I will be coming back for more. Love the blog today and all the different scarves that add so much to each outfit. You look sensational in each one!

  5. Susan – Which Scarf or scarves from your site are you wearing with the blue jackets? Thank you – I love your site and wanted to order the scarves! Gina

    1. The blue is shown at the top of the page and I am wearing the same style in the second photo. I have another shipment of those on the way. Some of the others are old ones that I have had for a couple of years.

  6. I also received my scarves from your shop today. I am madly in love with them. The fuchsia, navy, and gold scarf is gorgeous and will compliment a cashmere sweater set in fuchsia that I have never worn. I also ordered the delicate flowers pale muted colors square scarf in mostly grays. I am extremely happy with both of them. The square size is perfect for me as the larger scarves quickly overwhelm my small frame. They feel so good against my neck and provide that spark of color and warmth I was looking for. I will be ordering again soon. I saw several others that will work with other outfits. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  7. I love scarves! I wish you would do a post on different ways to tie silk scarves. Thanks for a great blog!!

  8. And I, too, would love a post on on to wear a blanket scarf. I received a beautiful plaid one for Christmas, but am struggling to wear it. It is quite large and I can’t seem to drape it or fold it attractively.

      1. I watched the video and it was great!! You have a lovely presence and a beautiful voice. I hope you’ll post more about silk scarves. I love them!!

  9. Susan,
    You look stunning. I love how you illustrate which scarf to wear with which neckline/coat.
    I recently wrote a blog about a wonderful book I received from my daughter at Christmas. 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman. I LOVE THAT BOOK. I only thought I knew how to tie scarves. Many of my friends say, “I have dozens of scarves, but I never wear them.” I could relate.
    Wearing a scarf that complements your outfit/coloring is like wearing fine art.
    And when you find that perfect scarf, your look is “one of a kind.” C’est magnifique!
    Sharon White

  10. I have noticed you usually wear a single breasted coat or jacket either open or closed with a scarf – but when you wear your blue double breasted coat it is always open with a scarf to bridge the gap.
    Having a similar coat that is slightly too big,so thought to close it with a see through popper so that I could wear it open or closed (and it takes in some fabric on the waistline by slight overlapping the fabric ). With a long thin scarf or thicker pashmina when weather is cold to cover the overlap? Any other solutions so as not to bulk up my look? Being short I try not to wear blanket scarves, they add too much bulk.

    1. I try not to close any jacket because they rarely fit across my bust when closed. The blanket scarves on my site are very light weight and almost sheer. I can’t wear the regular blanket scarves either because my neck disappears under them. (Not a good look for me!) I always try to create a long, lean look with the scarves and also blocks of color worn on my body. You are wise to wrap the scarf across your bust and then put your coat over it so that there is V there instead of a volume of fabric from a large scarf wrapped in another way.

  11. Susan,

    Loved this post on scarves. However my question is about those great looking burgundy and black, tasseled flats. Would you post the brand and purchasing info on that shoe?

    Always look forward to reading your posts!



  12. Hi I was wondering what you thought about women over 60 wearing black leather moto jackets? Are they only for the 20 year olds? Please advise! Thanks! (The one I had in mind is by Madewell and it zips it doesn’t have a belt at the waist. )

    1. I like the look of a leather moto jacket forever! They look best on us when they are worn in contrast with softer more sophisticated pieces. Think gray flannel slacks, suede flats, and a gray cashmere sweater. You could add a pair of small silver earrings and maybe a burgundy paisley scarf just draped loosely around your neck. Enjoy!

  13. Hi! I let my hair grow out this last year and am so fortunate that it is really beautiful! Rich shades of white, silver and even some black streaks. I get compliments all the time and asked how I get it “dyed” to look like this. I used to use the jewel tones of clothing which worked well with my skin tone and auburn hair, but now I find that black, greys, white & navies really make my skin glow with my new hair color. Other than scarves and jewelry, I really am loving the new colors which I never wore with my auburn hair. What do you think?

  14. I know you favor a casual approach to scarves without intricate knots, which makes me happy since I have found myself to have no talent in the scarf tying area despite having taken a class–yes, a class, in scarf knotting. But I wondered what you think about scarf clips. In the 70s they were quite the rage and every store had a rack of them in the jewelry department. I have several beautiful scarf clips, old enough now to be called vintage. I know they aren’t currently trending, but are they so out of style that they are hopeless. I rather like them, and the make “scarfing” so easy.

    1. Hermes makes great scarf rings, and some of the most elegant women I know do use them often. I have never owned one, so I have been on the lookout for a neutral one. They do make scarf ties look neat and easy to wear.

  15. Dear Susan,
    I love your style and admire your lifestyle. I am presently trying to eat healthier to lose weight because I have such a passion for fashion. Can you help me on how to and what to wear while going thru this process of losing weight? I am also retired, and my social life is limited in evening wear. I am 5″2 apple shape. I would also like to purchase one of your beautiful scarves; I have so many blue scarves. Can you suggest a different color? I am olive complexion, brown eyes with silver gray hair. Oh, and I am 66 years young.

    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Doris, While I was losing weight, I wore loose-fitting tops and pants that I bought on sale. I would wear the same two pairs often because I was hoping I would only need them for a few weeks. As I lost weight, I bought two more pairs and donated the first ones. Pants are the one thing that shows your weight loss first. You can get away with oversized tops but not pants. Keep up the good work! I know you can do it!


  16. Chicos held a wonderful sale–70% off when ordering three sale items so I stocked up on scarves. I got them for less than $12 each. So, today I had a wonderful time testing them with different outfits. It was as if everything came alive. I have learned so much from you about putting things together. Thank you Susan!!! I started thinking maybe I should have ordered two of each scarf–and then I had to tell myself no.

  17. Not related to scarfs. However, why do you wear some jackets and shirts with the collar turned up .

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