Flowers and Chocolates

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in Asheville on Sunday with a delightful brunch at Posana.

The weather was unseasonably warm at almost eighty degrees!

Brunch is my favorite meal for dining out. We thoroughly enjoy Posana’s brunch because there are so many healthy options and all are very beautifully presented. Every meal we have shared here has been a work of art.

We shared a few items from the menu, including the fabulous Pot de crème with a glass of Sauternes. I almost forgot to take any pictures of the food!

Asheville’s street performers are varied and entertaining to watch. You never know what you might encounter on Pack’s Square.

We often stop at the top of the mountain at the Visitor’s Center to walk around a bit and enjoy the view. Highway 26 between Asheville and Johnson City is a beautiful scenic drive with endless mountain views in every direction. The photo below is from an earlier drive in the mountains.

I wore dark wash ankle jeans by Michael Kors with black shoes by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s. The short Bowie jacket is old from Sak’s Off 5th. I always pair it with a longer top, such as this tank from White House|Black Market. The handbag is old by Ralph Lauren.

Mr. Mickey arrived on Tuesday evening with an armload of roses, chocolates, and cards. One of our favorite ways to spend a holiday evening is with a glass of wine, appetizers, and soft jazz playing in the background. Cheers!

  1. Susan. You are my inspiration! I am working with a personal trainer now to lose 50 lbs and get back in shape. It’s so hard at 63 though! But I’m determined to look good when I retire! Hope to meet you one day!! God bless you!

  2. I absolutely love your French Kande necklaces. They’re a little out of my price range, but if you were ever to make those available on your online shop, I definitely snag one (or two)!

  3. I’m with you. I’d much rather spend a wonderful evening at home rather than facing the crowds at the restaurants on Valentine’s Day. Love that Ralph Lauren bag. My friend has one just like it and I have one that is different. His creations have great quality.

    Hope you enjoyed your evening with MM!

  4. It looks like you and Mr. Mickey had a super Valentine’s Day. I have never tried Sauternes wine – maybe next time out I will do so.

  5. Thank you again Susan for a thoughtful sharing of your life. You and Mr. Mickey sure have a lot of fun together. I love that! You enjoy yourselves and help others too… nice way to live!

  6. Beautiful — I love those open-toe booties. A little chilly for them here in Michigan, now, but they’re on my wish list! Happy Valentine’s Day (a day late)!

  7. Nice to see you online again, Susan. I lost track of you when you switched up your website. You look vibrant and youthful, and thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I love the shoes!

  8. How romantic your Valentine’s evening looked. We have been to Ashville several times, but I seem to have missed all the great eating places you have talked about. You look stunning, again!!! I know you have posted about your hair before, but when and how did you transition to gray? If you have blogged about that, I missed it. I’m trying to decide if I want to do that yet. It appeals to me but I’m a little scared!!!

    1. Going gray again… I did blog about the process of going gray a few times. I first let it grow out enough so that the stylist could tell what my true color was and then she used a similar ash color to lessen the skunk line of transition. I also got it cut rather short. Good luck to you! This was the best thing I ever did for my hair. I look much better without the color.

  9. Flying from Minneapolis to Charlotte on 3/4 to visit Asheville and then on to Savannah and Charleston for the rest of the week. Never been there before and can’t wait! Love your postings and will take advantage of your travel tips. Your “style” is most admirable and something I strive for. Keep them coming!

  10. Lovely post, as usual. I keep telling my husband I want to move to Johnson City, just so we could be close to all of the wonderful mountain areas. Just ordered a couple of your scarves, the pink and leopard silk and the pink and grey blanket. Can you guess that I love pink? Looking forward to receiving them. Thank you.

  11. That tank is perfect! I love the way it fits! Is it a recent purchase? I have just turned 50, and found your original blog, and then followed you over here! You are an inspiration! I live in the south also and never really embraced jackets due to the fact that I didn’t really “need” them. But they are so flattering and classy! I am re-thinking my wardrobe at this new stage of life!

  12. This is possibly my most favourite outfit. I love the simplicity and elegance. It is a look we can wear in Australia.

  13. Great look. Love the necklace and shoes. Your style is definitely what I like. Very classy and chic.


  14. I LOVE YOUR SITE, So nice to have someone over 60 to show us how to be classy! I love your taste !
    You are so classy I love it. I’ve learned a lot from you

  15. Very sweet…you look beautiful … casually favorite ..
    Just enough information about your outfit.
    Just enough information about your Valentine’s celebration.
    I enjoyed reading and thank you for sharing.

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