What, Why, and Where?

What items are you buying? Why did you choose that style? Where did you find it? Readers often ask versions of these questions every season, so I’m sharing some of my longtime favorites, why, and where I buy them. Additionally, keep reading to learn about a fabulous new giveaway!

I have the same jeans in black, white, light and medium blue. I have the shirt in three colors and the sweater in seven colors. The boots are likely my tenth pair in the same style. I’m always happy to find items that fit my body and my lifestyle.

It’s no surprise that I opened this discussion with jeans since I wear them almost every day. Straight-leg jeans are a classic style that can look very polished with low block heels and a blazer. They are also the perfect option to wear with a cashmere sweater and short boots.

The jeans I buy here are slim-fitting through the hips and thighs. The curvy fit here is perfect for gals with hips and thighs. Plus and petite sizes are also available here. As I mentioned earlier, the jeans are available in several colors. I am pleased with the quality, style, and fit, so, of course, I keep purchasing these jeans.

Dark and medium washes and black versions are perfect for sometimes wet fall and winter weather. On the other hand, white jeans are perfect for sunny days all year round. I wear my jeans with blazers, cashmere sweaters, button-up shirts, tees, and sweatshirts. Jeans are a favorite type of pants since I can dress them up or down, and the thick fabric is much more forgiving than soft fabrics, which show too much jiggle and dimple.

Denim shirts are almost as easy to style as a favorite pair of jeans. I have this shirt in every color and love to wear the washed black version with, black, blue, white, or olive jeans. However, denim-on-denim can look smart if you vary the colors of the top and bottom. Like denim jeans, a denim shirt skims the body without showing every roll. The denim shirt is here. (I am wearing a size medium.)

Cut to flatter the feminine shape; this shirt isn’t too long or tight, and the button placement minimizes gapping. I sometimes turn up the cuffs, leave most buttons open, and wear a lightweight tank underneath. If you are busty, styling button-up shirts in this way may be the best option for you.

A warm, soft cashmere sweater is perfect to wear with a great-fitting pair of jeans. I style my sweaters with scarves, necklaces, blazers, and vests. So, when the temperatures drop, I reach for the style found here almost daily to keep me warm. I wear the Heather Ash often, but the sweater comes in twenty-five colors.

Dry winter skin needs a little help! I always have an extra bottle of oil and jar of nighttime moisturizer because I never want to run out before my next shipment arrives. The oil I’ve used for a few years is here. The best nighttime moisturizer I’ve ever found is here. I pat the oil on my face and neck several times a day, followed by the moisturizer.

Waterproof Chelsea boots are the perfect option when rain or snow is a possibility. I’ve owned many versions, but I love how these look modern and yet timeless. The comfortable boots come in three colors, and you can see them here.

One of the most often worn necklaces in my collection is the freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat. The necklace as pictured above is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

The very talented designer, Suzanne, has agreed to allow me to give away the lariat of your choice to one lucky person. These beautiful pieces of art are created right here in east Tennessee! Leave a comment below to share your favorite work from the Beauty in Stone Jewelry website. Mr. Mickey will randomly choose one of your comments, and I’ll announce the winner in the next blog post.

My recent outfits are summarized here. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. There are so many lovely pieces but I really like the Freshwater Pearl & GOLD Link Bracelet.

    Barb Drouillard

  2. I have several of Suzanne’s pieces and always want more. My current favorites are her belts. Thank you for giving us so much information today about the jeans and the denim shirt. I am glad to know that you also buy multiples of pieces that work for you.

  3. I really love the freshwater lariat in ivory. They have so many beautiful necklaces, but I keep coming back to the lariat. I always admire it when you wear it.

  4. I really like the lariat in grey . Susan your taste gives me great ideas how to spice up my wardrobe as I head into my 70’s

  5. Hi,
    I would love to win any of the lariat necklaces — I already have the pearl on aqua leather – It is my favorite necklace and I get so many compliments. Also have a pearl bracelet from Beauty In Stone. Thank you so much for turning me on to their innovative but classic jewelry!
    I Love your blog and most of your clothing choices… I love classic clothes, but I tend to go with bright colors, so thanks for telling me where to find the berry cropped jacket a while ago (They were sold out, but I found a new never worn one on an auction site online).

    Keep up the good work– you are an inspiration!
    Judy A

  6. I love all the silver…I am cool toned like you, Susan! Would love to have the big link charcoal suede with silver beads. Would go with everything I own!! I enjoy keeping up with your style and travels!!

  7. Hi Susan!
    I love the freshwater pearl ivory laret! I’ve been wanting to order it for a while now but haven’t done so yet. I have been reading your blog for a couple years now. You inspired me to purchase a couple cashmere sweaters!

  8. There are so many beautiful pieces but the freshwater pearl lariat always catches my eye in your photos. Love it and it’s such a versatile piece. Thanks for the opportunity to win one and thanks for continuing to post your good ideas. In today’s post, I really like the denim shirt with the washed black jeans, a color combination I would not have thought to put together. My wardrobe is so much better off since I discovered your blog.

  9. I have admired your pearl lariat necklace every time you’ve shown it! I think I would especially enjoy it in black – the contrast is striking!

  10. I really like that tan/beige lariat necklace the best. I also find myself drawn to the simple pearl earrings.

  11. Love, love , LOVE the Freshwater Pearl Lariat !! I watched the video and had no idea a single piece of jewelry could be so versatile!! Wow !!
    I believe I would get the most use out of the gray .

  12. I Love the Beauty in Stone and have purchased 2 lariats from them. The simplicity of the style and different clothing articles they go are right up in my line of jewelry. I receive several compliments on them ….thank you for your designs

  13. The Freshwater Pearl, Gemstone And Dragonfly Bracelet caught my eye. You both bring to mind the duet “Smile” with Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand…Barbara (Susan), I love your style. Tony (Mr. M.), I love your smile. I’m going to bookmark this to my Favorites. Have a wonderful day!

  14. I love the chunky big link bracelet in silver from the beauty in stone collection.

    You have a great blog!


  15. I have always admired the versatile Freshwater Pearl Lariat that Susan wears. It would be great to win one in gray!

    There are so many pretty choices in all price ranges on the Beauty in Stone Jewelry website

  16. I love nearly all of the designs, but especially the Three Graces Coin Necklace and the Pearl Tassel necklace especially appeal to me.

  17. There are so many beautiful pieces that it’s hard to choose just one. I love the freshwater pearl and silver link bracelet.

  18. I love the three graces coin necklace. It is such a classic that can be worn for years to come.

    Thanks for the time you spend on these posts.

  19. The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat is just beautiful! I love that you showcase artisans from your beautiful state!

  20. I love all the pieces, but my favorite is The Three Graces Coin Necklace. Thank you for giving one of your readers the opportunity to win a lariat necklace.

  21. All of the jewelry is beautiful. But I really like the lamp work beads with a blue heart on a gold chain.
    I will be saving for a special purchase for myself.

  22. Pearls. Pearls Pearls. You can never go wrong
    I especially liked the Blush Pearl Lariat Necklace on Suede Leather. All the pieces are beautiful!!

  23. Susan, have been following you for a few years and look forward to every post. Your classic and easy style
    is just right for my retired life style. My favorite piece from Beauty In Stone piece is the pair of pearl on wire
    drop earrings I ordered after seeing you wear them. Thanks for all your tips.

  24. Hi Susan, It’s very nice of you to host a give away: Thank you! I am always drawn to a soft pink, so my favorite is the pink pearl lariat. I, too, am now hooked on cashmere. I love the way it looks. Thank you for the reminder about lightweight fabrics on the lower half; it really does show the flaws. Enjoy your day!

  25. Love this! I had one but somehow misplaced it. Would love to have another! Thank you much for all the tips!

  26. My absolutely favorite item from the Beauty in Stone jewelry site is the Three Graces Coin Necklace. But, lariats are so versatile and add various changes to one’s look. The tan/beige lariat would be a super addition to my jewelry!

  27. I love my pearl and tan lariat necklace! I wear it almost every day. I sure would love to have the chunky big link bracelet in gold

  28. I’ve had my eye on the beauty in Stone pearl and tan leather lariat for months…finally a sale! Thank you…Kay

  29. A friend asked me who I am most fashion related to Frankie or Grace in the TV show Grace and Frankie. I said on the inside I was Frankie but on the outside I was Grace. A pearl and lariat necklace definitely expresses my inner and outer style.

  30. Thank you for your attention to detail in sharing your favorite clothing pieces. The pearl lariat is a work of art and would look lovely with almost everything.

  31. I have the ivory lariat and wear it all the time. I love it!
    I would love to have the tan/beige lariat as well!

  32. Very beautiful pieces. I love the lariat necklace in tan/beige. I really enjoy your fashion posts as well as your pictures of local travel. My husband and I like to go on day trips in the area and I have started to take more pictures!

  33. I can’t wait for your posts. I’ve learned a lot from you, and absolutely love beauty in stone jewelry. I’ve bought several pieces from her.

  34. What a nice surprise to read about a giveaway today! I have so enjoyed seeing you and Mr. Mickey on your wonderful explorations and dinners out. I started following your blog for fashion but the ‘drives’ you take and beautiful photos have kept me reading. I appreciate you show many ways to wear the same items in different ways and find when I get something I like the fit of, I also purchase in different colors. Looking at the Beauty in Stone website I was so impressed with the pieces. Starting with the double chain rhinestone in the opening header! Favorites include the mixed metal cross chain, Valentine pearl and the beach glass and pearl lariats. The crystal beach glass pendants and on and on. Not to miss- Links to your styling items.

  35. I love the single pearl necklace in antique silver! It’s a simple classic piece that will go with everything! Thank you Susan for sharing classy styling tips for all ages!

  36. Choosing just one is difficult because they’re all pretty. However, one caught my eye because of its unique design. That’s the Amber Beach Glass & Pearl Lariat Necklacre. The colors of the beads remind me of fall, which happens to be my favorite season.

  37. I think the tan leather freshwater pearl lariat would add the right glow and pizazz to my very basic wardrobe. My Texan granddaughters and daughter in law wear their pearls often and Iook so polished. I need to join them and this would be a perfect choice to show them I am a cool gramma wearing pearls and ….leather!

  38. No interest in the jewelry (it’s all lovely).

    I’m downsizing, re-tailoring (I sew) and having some old jewelry re-designed, rather than adding new to my closet!

    This is a terrific look, I have the same shirt and really like it, as well as a similar grey cashmere pullover (it is 70+ years old, it was my Mom’s and is still going strong!).


  39. The fresh water pearl earrings in the wishbone style are classic and a simplistic beauty. These can make any woman of any age feel elegant.
    Thank you for sharing your time-honored style for we older women. You look wonderful.

  40. I love the tan and beige lariat necklace, it always looks so stylish when you wear it and is such a versatile piece. I love your blog.

  41. I love the Wishbone earrings — so simple, elegant and timeless. But it wasn’t easy to pick just one favorite!

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your sensible approach to creating a wardrobe that really suits one’s lifestyle and in a way that solves the problem of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

  42. Always feel informed with your posts on your style. I have enjoy making them my styles. Thank you for sharing.

  43. A haiku for you……

    Susan and Mickey

    Daily chic weekend travels

    Sooo kind to share it.

    Donate necklace to someone in need : )

  44. I really enjoy your blogs. You wear merino wool and cashmere for warmth and they are such classic styles I would like to wear them, too. Could you comment on how you wash these items. My experience with cashmere especially was a disaster. Even washing by hand in cold water, the sweater shrunk beyond ever wearing it again!

  45. I just received the Three graces necklace a few weeks ago just before I came on vacation and I adore it! My next piece is definitely going to be one of the lariats!

  46. Love the 3 Graces Coin Necklace! I have the freshwater Pearl earrings and wear them constantly. I would love to add to my collection!

  47. I have several of Beauty in Stone lariats. I love them. One of them was a gift from you and Suzanne. I hope that whomever wins this time will love it as much as I do. I have noticed that Chico’s is now selling a version. A simply wonderful and versatile piece of jewelry that everyone can wear and it goes with more outfits than you can think of. Thank you so much for picking me previously!

  48. These suggestions are wonderful, with their ways to combine a few pieces into many looks. I would love to wear the Beach Glass Lariat in Deep Blue/Navy With Pearls!

  49. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for introducing me to Beauty in Stone Jewelry. I have made three purchases in the past months. Suzanne always places them in a sweet bag and writes Thank you.
    My favorite piece at this time is my lariat. It truly is very versatile and I have gotten compliments on it. Thank you for inspiring me to change up and enhance my wardrobe. I have passed your Blog on to many.

  50. I have learned so much from you. As a retired professional, I have a hard time giving up my very expensive and very structured suits. But, with your help, they are being pushed to the back of the closet. Hopefully some day soon I will be mentally and emotionally ready to donate them to a local charity that helps disadvantaged women trying to break into the workforce. Meanwhile, I’m trying to develop wardrobes designed around black or white bottoms or blue jeans. Your blog helps me keep the look fresh by combining different tops, scarves and jewelry. The freshwater lariat in gold would be a beautiful addition. Thank you!

  51. I love the fresh water pear lariat with the tan leather. I prefer the neutral colors like Tan, Camel & Black since that is more my style. I plan on ordering the ETSU lariat for my niece that just started college there this year. Is the Three Graces Coin necklace included in the 30% off sale? I love your blog Susan!

  52. Wear as necklace or as bracelet? What color? Shall I get earrings, too? Those are the tough questions I’d have to answer if Mr. Mickey chooses my email!

  53. All these pieces look very unique. That is why some made from an artist is jewelry I like to wear.
    What I like about her pieces is that they can be casual or dressy. I really like the Big Link Silver beaded necklace for that reason.

    Also your blog subject today was very good. Thank you for this advice.

  54. The Turquoise Gemstone Necklace is my favorite piece today. I have purchased several times from Beauty in Stone and it is always difficult to make a selection. It is a treat to read your suggestions about clothing pieces you wear. The best is to read that you buy multiples in different colors when you fine something that fits your body and lifestyle. Also appreciate that you are not always suggesting expensive items. Obviously your real interest is life is not to spend lots of money and endless hours shopping. Friends, family, nature are some of the more important things in life. I have gained a better knowledge of what I should add and take away from my clothing. While spending a lot of time sitting while recovering from a hip placement I anxiously wait for your post and pictures. I am ready to get back to the active life I had. At 73 I have a lot more to do with my grandchildren so I am working hard in physical therapy.

  55. Even though all the jewelry is gorgeous, I do believe the pearl and tan leather lariat is my favorite. It is so classy but still feminine.

  56. Good morning! Long time reader from Canada. I so enjoy your blog and have taken many of your hints on moving towards a more classic and enduring wardrobe.
    Thank you!
    Pat C

  57. I love the Freshwater Pearl Earrings on Wishbone Wire. They are so versatile!

    Suzanne’s designs are beautiful.

  58. I love the lariats as well especially the tan leather and pearl. Also enjoy your timeless style and advice.

  59. Hi Susan—you’re always an inspiration. Thank you for your hard work you put into your blog posts. If I were so lucky to win, I would choose the lariat with grey leather. Susan—how’s the sizing in that sweater snd does J Crew make it in a

  60. Hi Susan! I love the Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace in aqua color. The jewelry is both beautiful and affordable. I signed up for the email list and hope to enjoy pieces of this beautiful jewelry. Kathy.

  61. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite items! I prefer a causal chic style with quality pieces that I can mix and match and these would all be prefect for me. The necklace is lovely and would be perfect for me…I do like my pearls!

  62. Pearls have always been one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of this freshwater pearl and tan lariat.

  63. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for sharing inspiration through outfits that look and feel great and through your travels and adventuresome spirit.
    If Mr. Mickey chooses this entry I would love the freshwater pearl lariat in gray.
    Becky King

  64. What a hard decision. Everything is so lovely. After
    much window shopping I picked the beach glass lariat deep blue/navy with pearls. I could wear this with a dressy black dress and also with jeans.
    I enjoy your posts & always read them first.

  65. Do you find that these jeans stretch out a lot as you wear them? Some of the reviews mention that they do. If so, do you order your usual size?

  66. I love the Freshwater Pearl and Gemstone Dragonfly Bracelet. The combo of black and pearl is so versatile. I could wear it with a little black dress, a work outfit of tan and red, as well as denim and a crisp white shirt for causal events. This bracelet is a beauty!

  67. The pearl and leather lariat is beautiful! I would love to add this piece to my collection. Thanks to you and Suzanne for offering this wonderful giveaway.

  68. What a fun website to check out! So many creative items. My favorite is under the beach glass section. The Navy Blue with Crystal Pendant. I have collected beach glass for years so to have a piece of jewelry with it would complete the circle!

  69. I’m so happy to read your blog! Let me count the ways. You always have an eye for styling simple everyday pieces into a cohesive look. All your outfits are always comfortable, attractive and very doable. I have passed by 70 and find I have to curtail my eating even more. I realize from reading your blog that others have done the same if they intend to keep a healthy weight. You inspire me and show how it can be done in a healthy way. I love my cashmere sweaters too. I’ve learned to take good care of them by storing them in plastic bags and brushing them occasionally to remove pills. I always feel pampered whenever I put them on. I’m grateful for your help in moving through these over 60 years. You’ve even influenced my husband by giving him gifting ideas. I love the easy elegance of the necklace you’re featuring. Have a splendid week!

  70. Hi Susan,
    I love the classic, simple way you put a wardrobe together. My husband and I are now eating plant based by your example. I love the hot cereal for breakfast and enjoy mixing up grains and fruits to make it interesting. As I go down in weight and get healthier I want to use your wardrobe guidelines to build a lifelong closet. I’m 68 and retired from healthcare, lived in scrubs for 43 years so basically have to learn how to dress.
    Thanks for your work on this website and guidance.
    P.S. I love the cascading pearls lariat. Dale

  71. I’m a pearl girl, as a June baby. I like the casual feel of the suede leather in Suzanne’s designs. My favorite is the blush pearl lariat necklace on suede leather.

  72. I love the look in today’s blog! Thanks for the links—it’s nice to know from someone who has used the clothing and products you mention.

  73. I really enjoy your newsletters for retirement as I am already retired but did a lot of volunteering before Covid. Since the virus, I am not volunteering as much as I did. My husband is retiring in February of 2022 and we will be more casual than before. Thank you for showing outfits and giving suggestions.

  74. I am a frequent straight leg jeans wearer but, because my legs are short, I always buy ankle length ( which are full length on me) so no alterations. These fit me better than buying petite version.

  75. I would love to be chosen to win the lariat necklace. It looks so versatile to be able to wear with so many outfits. I love Suzanne’s creations. She is one talented lady!

  76. Classic, timeless, age appropriate, with a fresh approach, and always stunning. These are just a few of the words that come to mind to describe your style. You have taught me so much. On another note, you look sassy in those glasses. Sassy, yet another description of beautiful Susan.

    I got lost looking at all the lovely jewelry. So many pretties to see but I absolutely love the Pearl Tassel Necklace and the way it comes in two lengths to accommodate us busty ladies. Brilliantly designed.

  77. I’ve always admired your necklace and if I had to choose one item that would be the one. It’s simple yet elegant and classic and looks perfect with some many outfits.

  78. Such pretty jewelry, lots of favorites. I do like the Freshwater Pearl Lariat in Ivory. Also thank you for the links to your favorite classic pieces!

  79. Great advice once again for a mix and match wardrobe. Solid colors makes getting dressed very easy!

    My favorite jewelry item is the chunky big link bracelet in silver that Susan often wears. It looks good with everything and is always stylish.

    Thank you for the advice!

  80. What a generous giveaway. I see Father Christmas getting into his role early to choose the lucky winner. I love the Freshwater Pearl Lariat in grey but it’s so difficult to pick one, they are all lovely. Thank you Susan for all you do.

  81. I just love the Three Graces Coin Necklace. It adds that special touch to any outfit. Love your commentary on ageless style.

  82. I love the beaded cuff bracelet! When I wear bracelets I feel like I am treating my eyes with love. I love earrings & necklaces but I can’t see them without a mirror! So bracelets are my preferred eye candy

  83. The tan/beige lariat, like the one pictured in your post, is lovely. As always your stylish report is a hit!

  84. The amber beach glass and pearl lariat catches my eye! These are beautiful pieces. How fortunate that you live close to the artist!

  85. I live in Canada & I love the Beauty in Stone jewelry. After reading one of your posts Susan, l ordered the pearl lariat & absolutely LOVE IT! It took ages to come,( 21/2 months!) possibly due to slow COVID mail, but l kept in contact with Suzanne & she was awesome!

    Thanks so much for introducing me to BEAUTY IN STONE!


  86. I have admired the Three Graces Necklace since I started following you on SusanAfter60.com. It is beautiful and timeless. The necklace is charm, beauty, and elegance. It is my favorite necklace that you wear.

  87. Is it possible to be specific as to what brands you ate recommending? Due to security settings on my iphone and ipad, I am never able to open the links when you say, for example, “..jeans are here…”
    It would make things easier if we could have the brand info and then go to the appropriate web sites. What do you think? Thank you for your consideration.

  88. Thank you, Susan! I SO appreciate seeing how you mix and match only a few items, yet achieve totally different (and event appropriate) looks! I’m inspired!

  89. The pieces are all lovely, so hard to choose! The ivory pearl lariat looks very classy and is a piece I would love to own.
    Susan, thanks for this giveaway, your posts and inspiration. I am recently retired and have followed your lead to transition from a career to fun wardrobe. Cheers!

  90. What beautiful art! I checked the lariat designs under Susan’s selection and love love love all the colors with the freshwater pearls! All the colors but the red matches all that I own perfectly! I can’t get past red being such a seasonal color – and I am more of a spring/summer girl – so love those colors.
    I’m sure there will be a happy winner! Having grown up in a family of artists I can appreciate the time, attention and love that went into each piece – and for that reason – I don’t want to be selected as the winner – I just wanted to praise her work and her generosity! I am sure there will be a happy winner wearing a stunning piece through the holidays and beyond!

  91. I love your style.. I have recently lost 30 lbs and in the market for some new clothes. This post came at just the right time.
    Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Mickey

  92. I’d love to proudly wear a beautiful East Tennessee handmade jewelry necklace. I grew up in Jonesborough but haven’t lived there in years. My heart still loves those beautiful Tennessee mountains.

  93. I love all the jewelry you design and am glad it is made in USA!! Would love to wear one of your pieces.

  94. Hi Susan
    and Mr. Mickey! I enjoy reading and seeing for photos. You visit so many interesting places and the food photos make my mouth water! You both always look so stylish. As I am recently retired, your advice, Susan, is so helpful to me in my new lifestyle. Thank you! I would love to win a big link lariat with silver beads on tan suede. I love the versatility of the necklace. It is also important to support small businesses so whether I win or not, I will be purchasing from this business in the future!
    Enjoy the holiday season! Leslie Thaler

  95. Thank you for all the tips., Susan. You always look so put together no matter what you wear. I love all the pearl jewelry on the Beauty in Stone Jewelry website- bracelets, lariats, etc. They have quite a beautiful collection.

  96. One cannot overlook the the big link silver lariat in suede leather modeled by Susan. Grace and elegance with a touch of edgy, classic style defines Susan’s joie de vivre- that’s my selection. It’s super elegant with the black suede detail! Thank you Susan for being a role model!

  97. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love the wishbone earrings and the pearl and the lariat in all the colors. I’d probably most often wear one of the ore neutral choices though.

  98. Oh my!!! Such exquisite jewelry! The piece that jumped out to me was the Beach Glass Lariat in Deep Blue/Navy with Pearls. Blue is my favorite color and I have always enjoyed wearing pearls. A few years back, I realized that my beautiful pearls, that were gifted to me by my beloved husband of 50 years, were only worn on special occasions. So I decided to start wearing and enjoying them with my more casual outfits. I even wear them with jeans!
    Beauty in Stone Jewelry is some of the most unusual and classic jewelry I have ever seen. Susan you always look so put together and your jewelry choices always make such a statement. I look forward to each and every one of your blogs.

  99. I would like to give the Lariat bracelet to my Mother as a Special birthday gift. This is an excellent choice for my 90 year old Mom.

  100. I have admired the freshwater pearl lariat ever since you first showed it on the blog. Sadly I don’t have Pay Pal so have not acted on my admiration. Love your blog!

  101. Hello Susan! My favorite lariat is the Amber beach glass and pearl lariat necklace. Thank you for sharing your style and wise words in your posts. I look forward to them and hope that you continue for a long time! Many thanks!

  102. Your skin always looks so luminous – I’m tempted to try Beauty Counter after seeing your posts. Thanks so much – I always learn something from you.

  103. Love all your posts and save tips on Pinterest. They are a huge help to me in my 7th decade and I often pass on tips to friends when applicable. I would love a fresh water pearl lariat on ivory. Thanks

  104. Susan, I misread your instruction at first, but my favorite jewelry from Beauty in Stone are all the lariat.

  105. Thank for another fun give away! I love the fresh water pearl lariat in lvory or tan. So beautify and versatile!

  106. So many beautiful pieces! Three Graces Coin necklace is my favourite, but I also love the lariats.

  107. These lariats are so pretty and a bonus is that they are locally made. Not sure I have a favorite, but I would choose the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather.

  108. Hi Susan, you help us all to dress and behave with elegance! Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas with us. My favorite lariat necklace is the ivory colored one.

  109. I love the beach glass and patina lariat necklace. My second choice would be the freshwater pearl lariat on ivory….or maybe the silver beaded lariat on soft pink. Also love the pearl and faceted cube earrings in blue. It’s difficult to decide; there are so many beautiful choices!
    Thank you for sharing your fashion and beauty tips.

  110. All of the lariat pieces of jewelry are beautiful,, but the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat is classic, stylish, and eye catching, all at the same time. I love the ways that Susan styles this necklace in her posts, and I would love the opportunity to showcase and wear this unique piece of art also.

  111. Hi Susan! Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to win the pearl and tan leather lariat. It looks so good on you.
    Thank you!

  112. Everything in the pearl collection is a winner in my book! Classy, simple, timeless….and looks amazing with jeans or with more formal attire!!! Love your website. All of your tips are extremely helpful. And I enjoy your adventurous and positive outlook! Thank you.

  113. What a beautiful necklace! The tan neutral that you are wearing is so versatile, and compliments everything!

  114. I love your classic and practical style! I am especially fond of the tan/beige lariat in gold.
    Please know your blogs are so helpful! Keep them coming as you are able!

  115. Susan, you always do a wonderful job showing your outfits. I love the freshwater pearl lariat from Beauty in Stone!

  116. I love the tan/beige and pearl lariat necklace you’re showing. Pearls are my June birthstone and I love anything with leather accents.

  117. My favorite is the ivory/camel. You design such pretty, timeless jewelry yourself. Do you think you will do it again? I love creating jewelry designs but the actual work would take younger fingers and eyes than I have now. at 79.

  118. Love so many of the necklaces at Beauty in Stone! You’re so sweet to give one away. Fingers crossed! Joyce

  119. I love the freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat necklace that you wear. I am trying to add more pieces to my wardrobe that are interchangeable with different outfits and have a timeless look. All of your blogs inspire me to shop smarter and dress smarter. Thank you for all of your advice! You’re awesome!

  120. I love many of the necklaces at Beauty in Stone, but my favorite is the pearl tassel necklace with double pearls. It is elegant and has almost a medieval flair.

    Thanks for introducing your readers to so many wonderful and beautiful things!

  121. Aaaaahhh…the Beach Glass and Brushed Gold bracelet is my favorite. My childhood summers were spent on Cape Cod, collecting shells, beach glass and various bouquets of dried seaweed. I can almost smell the salt & hear the waves, such a perfect bracelet!

  122. I’ve looked at this lariat every time you mention it. Now that it’s on sale I need to put myself out of my misery and buy the darn thing?

  123. The pearl lariat is always been a favorite and the chunky bracelet. You always look great when wearing Beauty in stone jewelry.

  124. Love your necklace. I also have the Talbots denim blouse. I like how it does not have chest pockets which most denim shirt have. I enjoy your blog and helpful hints.

  125. They’re all beautiful but my favorite is the beach glass and patina lariat necklace. It is beautiful!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. The Beauty in Stone lariat collections in Pearl and beach glass are gorgeous. They touch me in a very personal way because they remind me of my late son’s love of the beach. We lived in California when he was a child and he went to university there. Pearls and beach glass always keep me close to him knowing how much he loved the sea.

  127. I’m from E. TN, too, and would love showing off my own pearl and leather lariat. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  128. My favorite is the beach glass and pearl bracelet. I collect beach glass and enjoy the peace and serenity that I gain when walking on the beach.

  129. Thank you for your recent post of your Christmas favorites ideas. I have picked your Wishbone Pearl earring as my favorite item from your collection. I love your column.

  130. Good morning Susan. Thanks for writing this article about jeans. I love to wear jeans as well. Like you said, correctly, you can dress them up or down. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I always look forward to reading your posts and learn! Love your clothes and how you put them together!!!! Thank you !

  131. You look wonderful in this lovely casual outfit. The pearl lariat necklace is so versatile and perfect with the outfit. I’d love to win the tan/beige necklace.

  132. You always look so classy without much effort. Thanks for sharing your style. I love the lariat necklaces, especially the freshwater pearl with the gray leather cord. So easy to wear with so many different outfits!

  133. One of my favorite wardrobe choices is mixing up my jewelry. I love all her pieces! I also enjoy all your dressing choices and advice. Thank you.

  134. I love the versatility of the pearl lariat necklace. There are several ways to wear the necklace as well as the belt and a bracelet. It would be an amazing addition to a jewelry wardrobe.

  135. Susan, I absolutely love the pearl and tan leather lariat necklace and all the many ways you can wear it.
    So creative and unique. Would love to own one. Thank you for your many blogs. You have been a tremendous help to me these past few years.

  136. Wow, her jewelry is lovely! Picking a favorite is not possible- but I will pick the freshwater pearl lariat necklace, it is so versatile. Thanks for resourcing it is great to get these new finds!

  137. Finally, Sensible, sunny, sensational advice for practical purchasing and sustainable style.
    A refreshing approach to a trend driven world of often unflattering fluffery……you Susan are a blessing!

  138. Susan, I love your casual, elegant style and am also a Carolina girl whom enjoys dressing in a relaxed but chic appearance. I often look to you for guidance. The Three Graces Coin necklace that you wear is a favorite look of mine although the warm tone suits my coloring better.

    It’s refreshing to find a lifestyle blog that focuses on wearing what you have and ways of mixing it up. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  139. My favorite works from Beauty in Stone are the pieces with coins. Especially the pearl necklace with Liberte coin. Love it!

  140. Love the dark gray beach glass necklace! Also, really love all the help you’ve given thru the years I’ve been following you and Mr. Mickey! Thank you!

  141. I’d love to be the lucky winner from Beauty in Stone Jewelry. Here’s my favorite; Blush Pearl Lariat Necklace On Suede Leather …. so gorgeous. I’d be honored to be chosen.
    Thank you for the opportunity, Susan.

  142. Love the ivory or gray freshwater pearl lariat. They both look elegant. Love your tips for a great retirement wardrobe. They are most helpful.

  143. hi susan!
    I love following your blog. I discovered it during the pandemic. I’m from madrid Spain. You are always elegant and you have helped me a lot to choose my looks.
    Thank you very much!!!!


  144. I love my Chunky Link Bracelet from Beauty in Stone. I would love to have one of the new lariet necklaces. Please pick my Mr. Mickey. I love Beauty In Stone jewelry. I woukd love to support that website.

  145. I think my favorite piece is the pearl necklace with Liberte coin. Thank you for the chance to win a lariat necklace!

  146. There are so many beautiful pieces to love at Beauty in Stone Jewelry, it’s hard to choose just one. However, my absolute favorite is the Long Double Strand Gemstone Necklace. The colors perfectly match my wardrobe. I love the leather bow tie at the end, especially how the model wears it in front!

  147. I would love to win this necklace. I have always admired it when you wear it. Thank you for this chance to own one.

  148. Thank you, Susan and Beauty in Stone for offering this free giveaway. My favorite piece from the Beauty in Stone website is the Three Graces necklace in cool tones. I love that it can be worn long, or doubled. I also love that it was designed as a birthday gift for you!

  149. I love the freshwater pearl and tan leather lariat. It is such a versatile and wise choice for many looks and years of dressing smart. I have watched you wear it and style it many times since it was introduced. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  150. I am loving the silver on gray suede lariat today! So versatile. It looks casual enough for T-shirts and can certainly add a bit of bling to dressier outfits. Thanks for your kind offer and for showing up on my email regularly. I enjoy following your adventures and advice,

  151. I have not had the pleasure of wearing Beauty in Stone jewelry, but this lariat would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Mr. Micky please give me the opportunity to wear this.
    Thank you Susan for posting your blog. I like your style very much

  152. I love these lariat necklaces! They have such a fun classy look that dress up an outfit just enough. I would love to win any but I’m partial to the sea glass and navy with pearls. Searching for sea glass is a passion of mine. This necklace would be the ultimate treasure.

  153. Love your basics especially the cashmere sweaters. They make a perfect layering piece. The lariats are all beautiful! I think my fav is the Vintage Style Pearl & Beaded Lariat Necklace in black. Gorgeous!

  154. Love the blog today, need to look into water proof footwear. The tan/beige pearl lariat would be my choice, all lovely jewellery. Would be a nice reminder of the many wonderful trips my husband and I had to Tennessee and Kentucky that started with our honeymoon almost 45 years ago. Enjoy the rest of your day, Susan.

  155. Hi Susan. I really like the denim shirt with dark jeans look on you. I’ve ordered the dark wash denim shirt for myself! Thanks for showing it. Choosing one item from Suzanne’s collection is tough. I’ve always admired the three Graces Coin necklace you have. I do love pearls too though and the freshwater pearl lariat is a perfect way to dress up a casual outfit. Thanks for posting even while “retired”. We all love to hear from you. Your weekend jaunts around the beautiful countryside are so fun to see. I really want to get my New England husband down there to how wonderful the mountains are in that region of the country. Thanks again!

  156. Hi Susan,
    I so enjoy your site, you have revolutionized my style! I own the lariat in tan with silver beads and get more complements then with anything else I wear. The white pearls you’re wearing are beautiful! Whoever wins will really enjoy it. Thank you again for this news letter, so informative and folksy at the same time.

    Cathy Coffman

  157. Hi Susan, I would love the big gold black leather lariat!

    Thank you! Love your style and copy it lots!

  158. Hi Susan, You’ve inspired me with the Talbot jeans. I am going to order a couple of pairs today
    and see how they fit. Thank you for all your fashion tips!

  159. I love all the lariat necklaces but the blush pearl is truly stunning. Thank you for your emails. They are so interesting and helpful.

  160. Thank you for these tips! I have already purchased the Talbot’s jeans from a previous blog but will get a black pair. ( Have the white) I love the freshwater pearl wishbone earrings at Beauty in Stone. May treat myself to a pair, because my 70th birthday is Christmas Day.

  161. Hello! I love the freshwater pearl lariat because it’s classic. You can wear it dressy, you can wear it dressed down but still wanting to look nice; it’s bright and eye-catching!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Christine Miner

  162. I used to subscribe to multiple fashion blogs but I’ve gradually eliminated all of them except yours! I really can’t even explain why – I guess it’s relevant to my age, lifestyle, etc. And we have the same hair color! Love all of your posts.
    And I adore the jewelry in your giveaway. Thank you!

  163. After see you in Talbots jeans I tried them. I love them now have 6 different colors.
    The pearl lariat necklace in silver.

  164. I have two of the stone bracelets and they are among my favorite pieces. I would love to have the tan/white necklace for my collection. Thanks for helping me be the best version of myself through proper styling. It has been a true confidence booster!

  165. I love, love, love these Lariat necklaces because they are so versatile. I couldn’t pick just one so my 2 favorites are the Beach glass and patina necklace or the Vintage style pearl beaded Lariat in tan. I’m a pearl girl at heart so of course I picked pearls 🙂

    Susan – as always, thanks for your timeless fashion and hints to keep looking fabulous at any age!


  166. Hi Susan,
    I’ve never seen a more beautiful lariat! I’d be blessed to wear one and tell everyone how I received it!
    Thank you!
    Mary Scarpa

  167. I need the beaded cuff bracelet. Because of all its parts, it will go with almost all of my wardrobe. Having the initial attached just makes it better. I love the personal touch. And since all four of my initials are S, showing them off here is great!

  168. I really love the freshwater pearl lariat necklace! It’s versatility to go with dress up or casual wear is perfect. I love your posts to help me maximize my wardrobe and save money by buying clothing with purpose.

  169. I love the pearl lariat because of its versatility., and I can see myself sporting about in a convertible with this on!

  170. Thank you so much for informing your readers of the Beauty in Stone jewelry. The handmade jewelry pieces are all beautiful. I purchased the Three Graces necklace and love the quality, so now I intend to add more pieces to my collection. I look forward to wearing a lariat very often. Thank you for the giveaway offer.

  171. Simple, elegant jewelry is my favorite. The Dainty Pearl Earrings are just what I like. They’re simple, but have a bit of flair and movement. Perfect! It’s really hard to choose just one favorite from all the lovely pieces!

  172. Okay, first I love the Blush Pearl Lariat Necklace from the Beauty in Stone Jewelry website. That is something that would go with most of my wardrobe and I love the longer necklaces.
    Now what am I buying this year? Like you, I have a pretty solid base in my wardrobe, but have ordered two Lo and Sons handbags, and going out this week for booties. I have not worn booties in more years than I can count, but now am wanting something dressier than my Vionic tennis shoes, so going for a low heeled dressier bootie. Am looking at the Journee Collection and, of course, Vionics. Wish me luck.

  173. My pick would be the Freshwater Pearl Gold Link Bracelet. It is unusual and something that would fit me!

    Love your blog and tips!


  174. I’m with you on purchasing multiple pieces in different colours. Once you find the quality and fit that you love, buy it in every colour if possible. I have the same style of cashmere sweater in 6 different colours, jeans in all the washes. It’s all about the quality of the items you buy, not necessarily purchasing trendy items that will be out of style next year. Classic pieces will always be in style.

  175. I love the ivory freshwater pearl lariat necklace. Because it’s so neutral it will go with just about every outfit.

  176. I have bookmarked the Beauty in Stone site since you shared it several years ago. I like the tan and beige necklace.
    Can you remind me of the pull on jeans that you wear that is on Amazon?
    Thanks as always for your recommendations

  177. Dear Susan,

    I just recently found your blog on Pinterest. Being a Sue over 60, I’ve enjoyed reading your styling advice to those of us now enjoying our retirement years and also how to dress well each day. As I spent time browsing through the Beauty in Stone website, the gold pendant necklace with a cutout pendant just jumped out at me. It’s a great item to put on my Christmas wish list. But then I had to go back to look at the freshwater pearl lariat necklace in tan. After watching the video and seeing the variety of ways to wear the lariat necklace, I realized how wonderful that would be to add to my travel accessories as well as for my casual or dressy looks.

  178. Hello Susan: I viewed the website and found the Freshwater Pearl Coin necklace to be my favorite. Pearls are a staple and always add a touch of elegance. I have 3 granddaughters and hope one day in the far distant future they will enjoy wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry and pass them on to their granddaughters. Much love- Jennifer M

  179. I really like any of the lariat style necklaces. My favorite is the one you’ve shown today. It’s appealing because of the juxtaposition between the lovely, feminine pearl and the more masculine leather and metal. It dresses up or down and the warm colors suit me. Love your blog, Susan! I’ve read all the way back to the beginning. It’s been fun to watch you refine your style to this season in your life.

  180. I love the simplicity of these items. They would be easy yo accessorize and make them my own. The bracelet is lovely, and I always love pearls.

  181. The glass and stone necklace beaded necklace with the drop pendant is my favorite! What a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry. Just eye catching to be sure.

  182. My absolute favorite is the pearl and tan lariat pictured above. I wear some type of pearls every day! I love them and as a southern girl I think pearls are perfect with every outfit! Love your blog.

  183. My absolute favorite is the pearl and tan lariat pictured above.. It is absolutely beautiful I wear some type of pearls every day! I love them and as a southern girl I think pearls are perfect with every outfit! Love your blog.

  184. I always learn new things from your blog and love that you style good quality but not with a high price. I love the same jeans from Talbots and have several. Thanks for your blog.

  185. Unfortunately I do not own any Beauty in Stone jewelry, though they always catch my eye on your blog. Who knows maybe I’ll be the winner and experience the joy of owning a piece of this beautiful jewelry.

  186. I have been looking for a cross necklace for a while and have finally found it! The freshwater pearl and cross would blend with both casual and formal outfits. I’m adding this to my Christmas list!

  187. I am in love with the Band of Glam bracelet in blue/beige edge. The neutral colors would be a perfect accent piece for a denim shirt of any color or lovely with a crisp white blouse with cuffs up. I can think of many outfits to showcase this beautiful piece.

    ordered the denim shirt shown by Susan and hope it looks as classic on me as it does Susan. She inspires us to make the most of our God-given assets. Best wishes! Gail Sides

  188. Simple jeans look so sharp on you. Love the gray with denim too. Beauty in stone favorite is the pearl and gemstone bracelet! I try to wear a bracelet everyday, as well as earrings. Awful to leave home without earrings, but a bracelet is always a fun addition! Again, always happy to see a blog post from you!

  189. Hi, I like the pearl lariat necklace in ivory or gray. It looks great when you wear it! All there items are lovely. Thanks for gifting!

  190. Susan—you have great taste! I love the freshwater pearl lariat necklace! Mmmh…might have to have it! Also, I recently bought a French Kande necklace since I coveted yours.
    Love your blogs! Hello to Mr.Mickey.
    Another Susan

  191. Another informative blog! I love your J Crew cashmere sweater so much, l just ordered three! I was so delighted to see so many beautiful colours it was hard to choose, but I kept in mind your former advice to buy colours that work with your warm or cool skin tone. So a huge thank you for all your style advice. The lariat necklace is beautiful, it would look very pretty with the heathered camel sweater I ordered! Love from Canada!

  192. Denim is my go to favorite for weekend wear. Any of the lariat with pearls and silver would be a delight to wear!!

  193. Hello Susan,
    What a lovely giveaway! I love the Matte Gold and Pearl necklace. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  194. Dear Ms. Susan,

    All of your accessories, especially your jewelry, finish your outfits with pizzazz and style. My all-time favorite is the beaded lariat on suede in silver that you use in many of your photos. This necklace is changeable as casual or dressy. I love the different ways it can be worn as a necklace but wearing it as a bracelet was a real surprise. Where else can you find such a versatile piece of jewelry at a great price. Thanks for the link.


  195. I just learned something new….I had no idea that the cashmere sweater comes in so many colours and some a re just what I have been looking for. And that necklace would look fabulous on my sweater! 🙂 so thank you for a chance to win. You always look fabulous and are a reassurance that Classic is the way to dress

  196. My favorite necklace is the three graces! I have kept an eye on it since I first saw Susan’s picture wearing it. It’s lovely and it looks lovely on her!

  197. I love your column. Finding jeans to flatter and fit my 70 ish figure is hard. You’ve been a big help.
    I love the fresh water Pearl lariat.

  198. There are so many pretty pieces it is really hard to narrow down a favorite to just one. But, I have really enjoyed wearing bracelets lately, and I could really see myself frequently wearing the Leather Cuff Pearl Bracelet in brown.
    Leather cuff pearl bracelet in brown

  199. So many pretty pieces makes it hard to pick a favorite. I have admired the lariat necklaces when you have styled them in the past. I would enjoy wearing the gold beaded lariat on tan leather.

  200. I especially like the pearls with the leather since I am allergic to some medals, and the colors are perfect for my skin tone and colors I like to wear in clothing. I also like the faith inspired jewelry! Enjoyed the website ! Thank you, Gwen

  201. The freshwater pearl lariat is my favorite piece. I have admired it for awhile now. I may have to treat myself for Christmas if I don’t win it ! Thanks for your blog. I look forward to reading it and I have learned so much from you!

  202. Love your blog and your style! Classic, practical and affordable. Loved looking through the Beauty in Stone website! I’m drawn to the Beaded Coin Bracelet in blue gemstone/bronze accent.

  203. I have enjoyed seeing you wear this jewelry so much, that I am going to buy some for myself for Christmas this year. You wear it well Susan…Mary Casady

  204. Agreed…when you find something that works buy it in every color. I love the Talbots curvy line…and here in PA am now using my Talbots corduroy jeans. So cozy! Would love to win those gorgeous pearls!

  205. Your blog is always filled with great style, travel, lifestyle and beauty tips. I hope I can age as gracefully as you and Mr. Mickey.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
    I love the three graces necklace.
    The Pearl lariats are also versatile and lovely.
    Hard to pick a favorite piece with so many beautiful choices.

  206. I am so glad you posted options for dressing jeans in a variety of fashion styles. I retired recently and find myself wearing jeans more often than not.

  207. Hi Susan. Thank you for all the information you have shared. I found you on YouTube a month or so ago then migrated to your blog. I’ve gone through most of them by now. At 66 yrs old I had lost my style mojo and just really did not try that hard. Muck boots, flip flops, old T-shirts, beat up pants and an old cowboy hat were (and still are) my natural style. I have a nice wardrobe but since I retired had very few occasions to use those clothes. Since reading your blogs I’ve shopped my closet and rearranged it. Using your ideas to inspire my own I am wearing my clothes in a new way. Made a purchase at Beauty in Stone (a bracelet), found a scarf or two on Etsy, and now bugging my husband to go out to dinner or take a short trip. You are a doll. Thank you again. Jan.

  208. Hi Susan, I would love the pearl lariat necklace! I have admired it on your site for a long time, and it would be such a wonderful surprise to receive one. I have enjoyed your blog for many years now, and appreciate the many tips and recommendations that you share. My wardrobe has certainly improved a great deal. Thank you very much!

  209. I am 64, and pearls have always been my most beloved jewelry piece! It is so simple, but so elegant with everything from the way you styled it with jeans for flair to more dressy ensembles! Love, love love the tan lariat you have on with the denim shirt!! That would be the way I would love to style it as well!!

  210. I look forward to your posts! My style is much more classic thanks to you. I have a few Beauty and Stone items and like how they go with so many clothes.

  211. Love the jewelry — beautiful designs. It is all presented so well, with real life models and styled in so many different ways but all relatable. Love the blush pearls on suede lariat as well as the sea glass with patina lariat. The colors are soft and elegant.

  212. I swoon when I see you wearing the Freshwater Pearl Lariat!! It is so beautiful, and I especially love it in black!!

  213. Beautiful jewellery on her site. No wonder you have so many pieces! I would love the aqua lariat.. Been following you for years, so classic of a style, age appropriate but keeping up with current trends all at the same time!


  214. The lariat is not only beautiful but versatile in length. I struggle with necklaces, as they always seem to hit the wrong spot and it’s “on/off” until it’s usually “off”. This piece is a winner!

  215. Hi Susan, I look forward to your weekly blog. They brighten my days. I especially like your comments about life and fashion. You are very fortunate to have Mr. Mickey to share your life with. Blessings to both of you. I love the tan lariat with pearls. Thank you Beauty in Stone for your generosity.

  216. The Freshwater pearl Lariat necklace in grey is my favorite, love that you can wear it so many ways!

  217. I love your classic style. I’ve been looking for a denim shirt, but I haven’t found one that fits the way I want it to—yet!

  218. I love the Long Pearl & Rope Link Necklace Trio. Now that I’m nearing 70, I find I need necklaces to distract from my wrinkly neck.

  219. The Beauty in stone collections are simple but elegant! The pearls and beach class are grounding and add a earthy touch to an outfit which I just love! An excellent way to complete a look!

  220. What size jcrew cashmere sweater do you wear? I always hesitate to buy on line because I don’t know how things fit. I wish jcrew carried petites.

  221. One of my favourite Beauty in Stone pieces are the baroque Pearl earrings I purchased. I get so many commments on them.

  222. I love the collections she has the race coin Necklace is beautiful. I wear a greek coin necklace form St Thomas all the time. My father gave me a $5 dollar golf coin necklace when I was still in graduate school. You make lovely choices for your posts.The lariat style is great. Thanks for all your tips.

  223. I’m new to this phase of life: “new” body shape and abilities; “new” hair; kid away in college; career phasing out (‘transitioning”)… and I am finding your blog inspirational and helpful in reinventing and honing a better, more polished and confident look for this new me! I had not given a lot of thought to accessories and how important they could be. This lovely lariat really seems to be a “go-to” piece that could pull together and elevate items I already have in my wardrobe (with your styling advice). Thanks for providing the link!

  224. Love the outfit and accessories that went with it. Being 60ish and finding clothes that look great and not like old lady clothing.It’s nice to be stylish and trendee.. Would love to know where I find the jeans and shirt. Thank you for providing classic and basic outfits for a treding 60ish woman. Thanks, carrie

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